Operation Alfur Chapter 3

Operation Alfur Chapter 3 Operation Alfur Chapter 3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Following on Chapter 2


Following on Chapter 2


Submitted: March 01, 2016

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Submitted: March 01, 2016




Chapter 3.


Having finished breakfast, Shael took Caroline on a tour of more of the village. This time they went to the Temple. It was on the edge of town, near the well from where the water supply originated. Next to it was a smithy. Although it looked old-fashioned from the outside, constructed mainly out of raw stone - as were most of the buildings in the village, on the inside, the small shop was equipped with very advanced machinery, including a furnace powered by the Talseratine crystals.


The Temple was the second largest structure in the village, the biggest being the central market place. The lower part was built out of stone, but about three quarters of the way up, this changed to treated wood. The part where the entrance was situated was about five stories high, whereas the edges were only just high enough for someone to walk under. Above the simple double doorway was a stone structure rather like a battlement, on top of which was a small room with open windows looking out over almost the whole village. Although not as elaborate, it reminded her somewhat of the prayer minarets in Islamic mosques.


"That is where the high priest and priestess stand when there is a call for the whole village to pray." Shael explained, "The last time that happened was when our water supply dried up five years ago. We had a flood that caused our stream to change course so that it no longer fed our well. Our engineers had to re-divert the channel so that the water flowed back along its old course. Now we have a system where, normally the stream flows along its new channel, but when we need to fill up the well, we can redirect it until it is full once again. Come, let's go to the forest, and I will show you our stream."


They headed westward out of town, the opposite side to where they had entered after Caroline had been rescued. Soon the outskirts of the village gave way to dense forest. The path they followed, according to Shael, had been made when the engineers were working on the water supply. Soon they came to the stream. Caroline could clearly see where the channel had been shifted, and why: The only obstacle that had prevented this from happening was the roof of what once had been a cave. Below the narrow system, there was a natural channel leading away from the river's old course. Obviously, during the flood, the roof of the cave collapsed, and the water - following the course of least resistance - began to flow down through the cave and into the new channel.


Some distance away from where this had taken place, obviously where the roof of the cave used to be, the engineers had built a weir with a sluice gate. When they needed water to fill up the well, they closed the gate, and the water followed its old course. Once the well was full again, the gate was opened, and the stream followed its natural path.


The weather began to heat up, so Shael suggested that they go for a dip in the stream.


"But I have nothing on underneath this robe." Caroline protested.


"Neither have I." Came the reply, "No-one comes here. And in any case, there is no shame in nakedness among our people. There is a saying: 'true beauty needs no adornment.' Don't be shy. The water is so cool and refreshing, and it would be a pity if you can't feel it wash over your whole body."






At first with a little hesitation, Caroline slowly let her gown fall down around her feet. She was too slow for Shael, who stripped off, and was soon splashing around in the shallow water. As Caroline watched her, she couldn't help but smile at her playfulness. Like a child, she laughed and giggled as she sat down and allowed the water to flow over her midriff. As she turned to face Caroline, her legs opened slightly, and the woman caught the slightest glimpse of her honeypot. Her own loins began to stir at the sight, and she strode into the water to cool herself down.


Shael came up behind her, and put her arms around her waist. At first the cold water on her dry skin sent goose-flesh down Caroline's body, but soon she relaxed as she felt the tender warmth of Shael's skin against hers. Shael nestled her head against her partner's neck, and then began to kiss the part where the neck muscles meet those of the shoulder. Caroline's head rocked back as her eyes closed. Her hands went back, and began to stroke Shael's upper thighs. They stood there as if frozen in time, just enjoying the touch of skin on wet skin.


Abruptly, Shael's mood changed, and she goaded Caroline until she too was frolicking in the clear water. Once she had become accustomed to the cold, she relished the tingling sensation that it caused to flow through her. She lay on her back, and allowed her head to become submerged in the water. To keep her balance, she lifted her knees and steadied herself with her feet. As she was enjoying getting her hair wet, she felt Shael's soft fingers lightly brushing the inside of her thigh. She sat up again, and kissed her companion's smiling lips.


Embracing each other, they climbed onto the riverbank. Caroline sat with her back against the trunk of a large tree. Shael knelt in front of her, and they kissed. As their tongues met, the she-elf gently pushed her partner's legs open, and her hand began to caress Caroline's maidenhead. The woman's eyes closed as she felt the warmth that Shael's touch was generating. The she-elf slowly made her way down so that her head was between Caroline's legs. With her tongue, she laved the tiny shaft of her clitoris while she inserted her middle and index finger into her quim.


Shael said softly: "Don't worry about me, my sweet. I just enjoy watching you as I pleasure you. I don't mind not cumming with you. As long as I can give you pleasure, that's more important to me. Just relax, and enjoy the moment."


Caroline was about to argue with her, but the waves of pleasure that washed over her prevented her. She sat back and let the moment of bliss overwhelm her as that gentle tongue, and those soft fingers made it impossible to do anything else. Shael seemed to be relishing the experience of pleasuring her, as was evidenced by her own sighs and moans of appreciation. It did not take long before the woman's body was seemingly ablaze with the fires of a mighty climax, that elicited a small giggle from the one who continued working her magic, until the flames had subsided.


In spite of Shael's protestations, Caroline insisted that she lay on her back. As she opened her legs, the woman could see that her own vulvae were inflamed, longing for release. With the index finger of one hand, she gently pulled back the prepuce of Shael's clitoris, and with the other she began to stroke it in a light circular movement. The she-elf smiled, her eyes half closed. Soon Caroline's attentions began to take effect. Shael's vulvae convulsed slightly, the pulses gaining momentum until her whole body writhed. Her head went back in a swoon of bliss, as her orgasm overwhelmed her. A small trickle of clear fluid began to ooze out of her quim and trickle down to her butthole.


She let out a whimper as her clitoris became hypersensitive, and gently pushed Caroline's finger away. Her climax still continued for a while without any stimulation, and then faded, leaving the she-elf feeling more alive than ever before. Even the events of the previous night did not come near to what she experienced then. Shael reached out for Caroline, and pulled her down on top of her. As the woman lay there, the elf-maiden's hand gently stroked the upper part of the back of her thighs, causing a shiver that spread over her butt, and down between her legs. The sensation gave her a warm feeling that radiated from her midriff, but seemed to permeate throughout her whole body.


Softly, almost in a whisper, Shael said: "Thank-you my sweet, because you didn't listen to me. But I feel so alive now." After a brief hesitation, she then asked: “When was the first time you were intimate with another.?


Somewhat embarrassed, Caroline responded: “Oh, you wouldn't want to know that.”


“Oh, but I would.” Shael insisted, and made her point by tickling her.


“Okay! I give up. I'll tell you.” The woman laughed, “I was about sixteen years old. Even then I was not very fond of boys. I found them narrow-minded and more than a little immature. My parents had sent me to a girls-only boarding school because they travelled a lot. We used to have outings every so often, and one of them was to a big park near the school. A friend and I sneaked off on our own to a remote part of the park. We agreed to play 'I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours'.


Her name was Janicka, and she was very beautiful. Soon we were in each other's arms. She put her finger inside of me, and I came with such intensity that I squirted all over her. She just laughed and carried on. I returned the favour, and although she seemed to enjoy it, she did not cum like I did. Luckily none of the teachers saw us, or else we would have been in big trouble. We got dressed again, and joined the rest of the girls. I always suspected that some of them knew what we had been up to, but no-one said anything. Now that I've told you, let me ask you the same question.”


Shael laughed, and replied: “My first time was a disaster, and did not end well. It was with a young male from our village. He no longer stays there. His name was Tanyl. I quite fancied him, as did many of my classmates. One Senek'Tama - our Spring Feast, he and I had drunk a little too much wine, and ended up naked in his sitting room. My whole body ached for him, but I was still a virgin, and when he tried to enter me with his stiff penis, my quim hurt from the pressure against my hymen. I screamed for him to withdraw, but he wouldn't listen. So I lashed out, and kicked him in the balls. Clutching them, he rushed out of the room. We never even spoke to each other from that day onwards.”


“I don't blame you for doing that. If the cad had any sense of decency, or had any real feelings for you, he would have listened and stopped.” Was Caroline's response.


“I agree.” Added Shael, “But the whole incident reinforced my preference for my own gender. At least they would not force themselves on me.”


“In my world, that's not strictly true unfortunately. Some lesbians are almost as forceful as men.” Stated the woman. “One more question: When would a young elf-maiden be considered as having 'come of age'?”


“At the age of nineteen.” Shael answered, “There is a big celebration called 'Kentonmen'. The same applies to our males as well. It is against the law to have sexual relations with someone younger than nineteen, and it is considered almost anathema.”


“Ah - Alas. If only that were true in our society. Some of our girls lose their virginity before they are even teenagers. And then there is the horror of child-abuse that is all too rife still.” Caroline said.



“Here no-one would even think of abusing a child!” Retorted Shael in horror, “There is no written law against it, because such a thing is unheard of! Some people in your world seem too barbaric to even be called monsters.” Shael's head came up, and her eyes were wild with fury, her forehead creased as she frowned in rage and disgust.


“Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.” Apologised Caroline. She wiped the hair from the she-elf's pretty face, and kissed her brow. Shael relaxed once more, putting her arms around the woman's waist, and running her fingers softly up and down her back. Once both of them had been relieved of all the tension, they rested for a short while.


Having calmed down again, Shael asked: “How did your people react when they found out that you preferred females to males?”


“Many of them were shocked. My mother nearly disowned me, but my dad and my older brother were thankfully very supportive of my choice. Once my father even told me: 'I would rather you go with a woman that loves you, than with a man who would just use you.' I loved him even more for that. He stuck with me, even though it eventually cost him his marriage.” Caroline replied.


“That is how we see the issue. It is better to be true to your own feelings, than to have to live a false life just to please others.” The she-elf concluded.


They lay like that until the soft grass under Caroline's back began to make her itch. Then she sat up and watched Shael dress herself. Her eyes took in those petite breasts, that flat stomach, those rounded hips with the dark triangle in the centre, that tapered down to her mound, that Caroline knew to be soft, ripe, and succulent. She smiled as her gaze fell on those soft but firm thighs. "So young! So beautiful!" She thought to herself. "Surely I am the luckiest woman in the world!"


She put on the robe again, and the two of them headed back to the village hand in hand. On the way back, they spotted a small bird in the pathway. Slowly the two of them approached so as not to startle the creature. As they drew nearer, there was a mighty commotion in the trees on either side of the path. It was obvious that the bird's parents were voicing their distress, because their young chick had fallen out of the nest and could not get back in. Caroline took her handkerchief from the pocket of her gown, and wrapped it around her hand. She then stooped down and picked the young bird up in it, so as not to get her scent on the creature's body. She put it on a branch near where its parents were still fussing about, and they continued down the path.


“How did you know to do that?” Asked Shael.


“My father taught me.” Replied Caroline, “Once we found a young starling at the bottom of our garden where we had a row of huge fir trees. I wanted to pick the young one up with my bare hands, but my dad told me that it would mean that my scent was on the bird's body, and the parents may refuse to help it because of that.”


When they arrived at Shael's cottage, the she-elf prepared a simple lunch for them both. As they ate, Caroline said, almost with a touch of hesitation: “You know I said before that I was not sure whether I was in love with you or not. Well I'm almost certain that I can say this now: I do love you.”


Shael smiled, and replied: “There is no doubt in my mind. I love you too.” She leant over the small table and planted a kiss on the woman's smiling lips.



“This does cause somewhat of a problem though: You are aware that I only planned to stay here until we can find a way for me to get back. I can't expect you to come with me. Even though Iceland is more open to your folk's existence, I don't think they are ready to meet one of your kind face-to-face.” Caroline remarked.


“It matters not to me. I know how I feel now, and that is enough. As one of your sages of old once said: 'It is better to have loved, and lost, than not to have loved at all'. If we can stay together, that would be far better. If not, then let us enjoy whatever happiness our relationship can afford us.” Came the response.


“You are very wise, even though you are considered young by your own kind.” The woman stated. Shael just smiled, and kissed her again.


“I must go out for a short while to arrange for this evening. Stay as sweet as you are until I return.” The she-elf jested.


She left the cottage, and Caroline sat on the sofa. Her heart felt as though it would burst with the emotions that filled her. On the one hand, she felt so comfortable with the new relationship that had blossomed in such a short time. On the other, she was a bit saddened by the prospect of having to terminate it when she was able to return to her own world. But then she recalled Shael's words of wisdom: “Let us enjoy whatever happiness our relationship can afford us.”


The inside of the cottage was quite warm, so Caroline stripped and lay naked on the couch. Soon her mind began to wander back to the incident in the forest. She could almost feel Shael's gentle touch, and it aroused her so much that her hand automatically strayed down between her legs. She inserted her own finger into her quim, and began to pleasure herself. Although it did not come close to how it felt when Shael was fingering her, the climax that came as a result eased the tension that had built up in her loins. She fell asleep, her finger still inside her.


“Wake up, lover.” Shael said in jest, kissing her open mouth. “Get ready. Lindstra, our storyteller has agreed for us to go and hear the story of Buren later on. We're going there for dinner.”


Caroline went to the bathroom and ran herself a bath. Her body was still tingling from earlier on, and the warm water felt even more stimulating than normal. After washing herself, she climbed out, dried herself, and dressed in a clean gown. Shael then went and bathed in the same water. Soon they were ready to meet the storyteller.






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