Operation Alfur Chapter 2

Operation Alfur Chapter 2 Operation Alfur Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


following on chapter 1


following on chapter 1


Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016




Chapter 2.


Caroline found Shael to be very friendly. There was also no hint of falseness or superficiality about her. She was also very beautiful. Her shoulder-length hair was almost black, her eyes dark brown. Her features were refined and graceful, and her lips full. Her figure was slender and lean without being thin. And it was obvious that she was not averse to physical work, although this did not mean that she lost any of her essential femininity. Her voice was not as low as her own, and it had a musicality to it that made her a pleasure to listen to.


After some time, Caroline's ribs began to ache again. She was forced to slow down. Shael stopped and sat down on a rock, instructing her companion to do the same. She took out what looked like an old water-skin, and offered Caroline a drink. The water inside was cool and fresh, obviously drawn from a spring or reservoir. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but she was too tired and sore, and lacked the energy to do anything else but to sit and rest.


After a while, the two started off again. They had been walking for about half a kilometre when they came to a roughly hewn archway. Although it was rugged, Caroline could see that it was not natural. In the dim lamp light, she could see the marks where someone had been working with an adze. Standing in the archway was another figure, this time a male. He was taller than Shael, but just as slender. He said something to Shael that Caroline did not understand fully, but the gist of it was that he was complaining that she was late, and that he would have to 'open the Door' to let the two of them in.


There was a shimmer across the archway, and the scene changed before Caroline's unbelieving eyes. Instead of the tunnel before them receding into more inky blackness, ahead of the archway was a passage, with lamps on either side that illuminated the way with a soft glow, that seemed to emanate from the crystals that were mounted on top of the metal stands. The light was pale blue in colour.


“Could this be the opening that Sven's brother saw? Surely he didn't go this far into the caves.” Caroline thought to herself.


As though she sensed her thoughts, Shael stated: “The Door used to be closer to the surface. But after the one you call Sven and his brother were made outcasts by their own people, others have tried to follow them. Alas, these carried weapons with them, and sought to harm us. Thus we had to move the entrance to our lands further back.”


“So the wooden structure on the side of the lake was a kind of quay.” Caroline responded.


“Indeed.” Came the reply, “But that is from a much earlier time, when our people used to trade with your kin. Long has it been broken down from lack of use.”


The Door Keeper spoke again, and Shael said: “The Door is open. We may enter.”


The passage ahead of them was not very long, and Caroline was soon met with a sight that took her breath away. They had entered another domain entirely! Where there had been open grassland, she was looking at dense forest, complete with a small waterfall that cascaded into a stream of clear fresh water. The sunlight that filtered through the trees seemed harsh after having to navigate in the dark for so long, but once she had become accustomed to it once again, Caroline was amazed at what she saw before her.



Shael broke the spell by saying: “Come. I will show you my home village. You can stay with me until you have recovered from your injuries. But first I will take you to our resident healer. She will be able to aid in the healing process. It is not far from here, and we should be there by nightfall.”


They headed off down a cobbled path that meandered through patches of dappled light, that shone through the canopy of trees. It was obvious that, whoever built this path, did so carefully, so as not to disrupt or destroy any of the forest. It was also clear that this forest was very old. The roots that rose like serpents or tentacles out of the ground were extremely thick, some being the same size as Caroline's waist. The tree trunks were so wide that it would take three or four, and sometimes even five people joining hands to make it around the circumference. Moss, and a number of massive species of fungus - some of the specimens being the size of a dinner plate and bigger - grew at the base of these forest giants, and the air was filled with the calls of birds that Caroline had never heard before.


In the meantime, back at the opening to the small cave where Caroline's adventures began, Olafson and his crew were trying to secure the large boulder, so that they could slowly break it up in a controlled manner, without sending it crashing down onto the ledge below. One of the local construction companies had lent them a crane to help with the exercise. The plan was to fasten four chains onto the rock to keep it in place. and then try and break it up into smaller pieces, which could be hoisted out as far as the entrance. This was made possible by the fact that the crevice extended above the level of the cave, and came out at the surface about ten metres above it. While the gap was too narrow for anyone to fit, it was wide enough to allow the chains to be lowered down into the shaft.


Once the chains had been secured, to the best of the team's abilities, Olafson gave the order for the crane to take up the slack, and his team to begin using pneumatic drills to dismantle the rock. Unfortunately, before anyone could even get started, the huge rock tilted and broke free from its bonds. As it fell back into the shaft, it was smashed into smaller pieces. The result was exactly what they had dreaded: The pieces went hurtling down, dragging even more debris with them, and crashed onto the ledge. Not only that, but the resulting rockfall completely occluded the shaft, thus making it impossible for anyone to access the cavern system below.


A few days later, there was a report released in both the local papers and those published in Denmark. The headlines were: “Anthropologist Missing, Presumed Dead.” The rest of the report stated: “Doctor Caroline Erhardt, a 29 year old anthropologist from Copenhagen, Denmark, has gone missing while on an expedition in Iceland. It is believed that she was the victim of a tragic accident that occurred when the cave in which she was exploring collapsed. The cave is inaccessible to rescuers, and thus it cannot be confirmed whether Caroline survived the incident or not.


According to one source, there is no other way in or out of the cavern system. Thus it is highly unlikely that Doctor Erhardt made it out alive. The purpose of the expedition was to discover whether the fabled 'Elves' of Iceland actually exist. Our source, Professor Nyle Olafson from Oslo, is quoted to have said: “I tried to tell her that it was a fool's quest in the first place, not to mention that it was extremely dangerous. But she insisted on going through with it. The loss is tragic enough without the fact that it could have been avoided.”


Doctor Erhardt was not married, and her next of kin are her parents, and her younger sister Olga. The head of her department, Professor Harold Sorenson has declined to comment on the tragedy.”





Caroline and Shael came to the small village of Fyedur just as the sun had set. She felt as though she was on a set for a fantasy film. The buildings were similar to the classic elven architecture described in books such as the Lord of the Rings. The only difference was that these were more modern. Instead of oil lamps, the homes were illuminated using the same crystals as the ones that lit up the passage. Shael explained that these were made from a mineral known as Talseratine. The 'Shapers' then imbued the crystals with energy so that they emitted light. The only way to dim this light was to cover it with a heavy cloth. Otherwise the light remained on all the time. It was the same source of energy that had been used in the lantern that Caroline had carried in the caves.


Shael explained that Talseratine was used as a focus for various types of energy, not just light. It could be used to generate heat for cooking. When these were not in use, they were placed in a solid stone jar in order to conduct the heat. The crystals themselves did not degenerate, but the 'Shapers' needed to recharge them from time to time.


They came to a humble dwelling near the centre of the village. Shael called out from the open doorway, and an elf came to meet them. Just at a glance, Caroline could see that she was older than Shael. Her face was similar to that of the Native Americans, with slight crows-feet in the corners of her eyes, and her forehead creased with feint lines. She estimated that the elf might be in her mid forties.


After a short conversation, the elder smiled kindly at Caroline, and said: “Greetings youngling. I am named Lorethven. My sister tells me that you have been injured and require my services. Enter my humble abode, and lie on that bed over there.”


Caroline did as she was told, and the healer began by removing the rough bandage around her chest. As gently as she could, she examined the bruise that had developed where the suspected fracture was situated. Caroline winced as her rib smarted slightly at the touch.


“Hmm - Alas, I can do little about this wound. It must heal on its own. Mayhap I can give you something to ease the pain. You are fortunate young sister, your injuries could have been much worse.”


She washed some of the open wounds with clean water, and applied some sort of salve to help them to heal. Then she took one of the crystals, and slowly massaged her whole body with it. As she did this, Caroline could feel a gentle warmth permeate through her body. Once she had finished, as sense of relaxation and well-being overwhelmed her, and it was all she could do to stop herself from falling asleep there and then.


She thanked the healer, and stated: “You're very good at your craft.”


“If you had practised for over a hundred and twenty years, you too would be proficient in your art.” She replied.


Caroline did not pay much attention to her reply until much later. She paid little attention to it even then, being too tired to give it due consideration.


They arrived at Shael's cottage. It was little more than a single living-room with a kitchenette and a bathroom added on. In the one corner, there was a large bed, and in the centre a three-seater settee with heavy cushions, and two chairs around a heavy wooden table. Dotted around strategically were lanterns, each with a cover to put over it in order to dim the light. There was a bookshelf in one corner and a wardrobe in the other. The kitchenette adjoined the living-room, with a counter dividing the two rooms. Only the bathroom had a door that could close.

Shael closed the front door, and stated: “You'll have to take off your clothes if you want them washed. Luckily you are not very tall, otherwise we would have a problem finding something for you to wear. I have a robe that belonged to my father. It may fit you.”


“I think I would like to take a bath first.” Caroline replied as Shael handed her the robe. She went into the bathroom and ran some water into the step-in bath. Once it was full enough, she stepped into it and lay down, allowing the soft warm water to wash over her. Even though the open wounds on her body stung a little, it felt so good to be clean again. She lay there until the water began to become cool. Then she got out, dried herself, and put on the robe. The sleeves were a bit short, but it fitted her nonetheless. The material was soft and silky against her skin, and it gave her a sense of relief after her ordeal.


In the meantime, Shael began to prepare a light meal. “I hope you don't eat meat like the rest of your kin. Otherwise you will have an issue with the food during your stay here.” She stated.


“Actually, I don't.” Came the reply, then Caroline added: “What did Lorethven mean, if I had 'practised for one hundred and twenty years'? How old is she?”


“Our healer is one hundred and fifty years of age. Of course, you are not accustomed to our longevity!” Shael responded, “I myself am nearly thirty, and I am still considered to be young. We do not live as long as our forefathers did, but two hundred and twenty years is considered average for our people. My grandfather is two hundred and fifteen, and he is hoping to make two hundred and thirty. Looking at him now, he might just make it too.”


They sat down to a light meal that consisted of salads, bread and nuts, followed by a bowl of fresh fruit. The meal was accompanied by a light red wine that made Caroline even more exhausted than she already was. Sensing that her guest was tired, Shael prepared a makeshift bed on the settee for her. It was warm inside the house, and Caroline removed the robe and lay down, covering herself with the sheets.


Shael busied herself dousing the lamps, and then went to the bathroom to have a bath. Caroline was just dozing off, when she finished bathing, and entered the room naked. In her half-sleep state, Caroline could not help admiring the young elf's figure. After more than a few failed relationships with men, she had found that she preferred the members of her own gender. She had not been that close to her female friends either for that matter, but she gathered that this was because she had not met the right person yet.


As her eyes took in the details of the one who went about preparing herself for bed, seemingly without noticing the attention that was upon her, Caroline felt a strange stirring within her. Despite her tiredness, it was as though something had been rekindled in her that she thought had died when she was a teenager. She thought to herself: “Get a grip girl! Surely she already has a suitor, if not more than one.”


As Caroline made a concerted effort to avert her gaze, Shael looked in her direction. She could have been mistaken - after all, the light was dim at the time - but she was almost certain that the elf-maiden smiled back at her. With that thought, she drifted off to sleep.


The following morning, Caroline woke up well rested, but her muscles still ached from her ordeal, and her ribs were still sore. Shael was already up and about, preparing breakfast. She smiled and greeted her. In the dim morning light, the young elf seemed even more beautiful, a pleasant sight to wake up to.


“We must go to the village market and find you some more clothes.” She stated as they ate, “You can't walk around in my father's gown all the time, and your own clothing is too tattered and torn for you to wear them any more. I had to throw them out.”


“That's all very well.” Caroline responded, “But I don't have anything to pay for them with. ”


“Never mind.” Shael insisted, “I'm sure we can find something with which to barter. And besides, I am certain that the merchants would be willing to donate some to you once they have heard about your plight.”


“I don't want to appear as a refugee or beggar.” Caroline exclaimed, “But it seems that I have no choice. As long as it's not anything too extravagant.”


Shael agreed, and they were about to leave when a question dawned on Caroline. She enquired: “How did you know I was near the lake in the first place?”


“I am one of the scouts.” Came the answer, “The Door Keeper told me that there had been some disturbance in the caves, and I was sent to investigate. This door only leads to the caves of Alfarkirkjan, so it was not that hard to find you. Ah - Here we are. My friend Adamar.”


They came to a small shop with robes of various kinds, from elaborate ones like the robe that Caroline was wearing, to plain ones. After some discussion, Shael told Caroline to come and try one on. Once she had found three that fitted her, the shop owner wrapped them up, and gave the package to her. They thanked Adamar, and left the shop.


After their visit to the clothes' store, Shael took her to the house of one of the so-called 'Shapers', the people responsible for imbuing the Talseratine crystals for whatever purpose they required. The elderly male explained the various uses of these empowered stones.


“You have seen how they are used to provide illumination and heat, and you have also experienced their therapeutic properties. But these are but a few of their uses: Our druids use staves containing the crystals for a number of tasks, from water divination to helping diagnose, and even curing sicknesses in animals and plants. Even our warriors have long exchanged their archaic weapons for Battle-Staves. In larger quantities, they provide power for our industry without putting any pressure, or causing potential damage to our environment. Magi use crystal orbs to gain access to information, via magical means, on a number of topics ranging from ancient lore to - in a war situation - intelligence that can be used against our enemies.”


He then showed her examples, or rather pictures of examples, of the many staves and other tools, and equipment that were powered by the mineral. He even showed her a sample of raw Talseratine before and during the shaping process. As she held the latter in her hand, Caroline could feel the energy radiating from it as it sent a tingling sensation along her arm.


Caroline was given a tour of the rest of the village. One of the things she noticed immediately was that there was no livestock. Apart from a few horses and ponies, obviously kept for recreational purposes, and some dogs and cats as pets, the need for keeping animals did not exist in this society that lived primarily off fruit and berries. Indeed, the only form of agriculture - not evident in the village itself - consisted of the growing and cultivation of grain crops.





That night - after her bath - Caroline wanted to try on her new clothes. She put on the first gown and went into the living-room to show it to Shael. As the elf-maiden was admiring the outfit, the cord came loose, and the garment opened slightly in the front. A strange expression came over her face. She said almost in a whisper: “You are very beautiful, even for a human.”


Caroline drew closer to her until their bodies almost touched. The elf put her arms around her slender waist and drew her nearer. As they embraced, a thrill coursed through Caroline's body. She lifted Shael's face towards hers, and kissed her. The difference in height mattered little as their lips and then their tongues met. The next thing was that they were against the wall, and Shael had removed her clothing. Caroline let her gown fall to the floor as her partner began to caress her breasts with her soft hands, the human returning the favour.


They made their way to the bed as Shael began to kiss her lover's throat just above the collarbone. This heightened the waves of pleasure that washed over her. She lay on her back on the bed, Shael straddling her. Their lips were still interlocked as the elf-maiden began gently stroking Caroline's maidenhead with her soft fingers. Forgetting all her aches and pains, she allowed herself to be swept away with the energy of the moment.


She turned Shael onto her back and began to do the same to her. The she-elf's hips lifted off the bed as her vulvae strained to meet her touch. She inserted her middle and index finger into her waiting quim as her legs parted, and began running her lips down the inside of those satin smooth thighs. Caroline continued her coaxing at a steady pace, as Shael threw her head back, and her whole body writhed in a state of rapture. She drew herself up to the elf-maiden's breasts, and began to gently suck her nipple as she increased her pace down below. Shael's body seemed to convulse out of control as her climax overtook her with such force, that she took Caroline's hand, and pushed it away so that her finger withdrew. And still her hips bucked violently as her maidenhead pulsed, until the last wave of ecstasy began to fade.


Not to be outdone, the she-elf told Caroline to lie on her back. The woman obeyed, and Shael pushed her legs wide open. She then went down between her thighs and began to lave those soft lips with her tongue. This was a new and exciting experience for her. She lay as still as she could, and revelled in the sensations that coursed through her. She sighed and groaned as that tongue did its magic on her. Shael pushed her labia open with her fingers and her tongue slipped inside the open quim. Caroline's eyes closed as she almost fainted in her state of bliss. This was heightened when the elf-maiden took her small grape into her mouth, and gently sucked it as she pulled back its tiny prepuce with her fingers. Caroline's whole body writhed as she felt her orgasm approaching. She held the elf's head in place as her head came up off the pillows, and then thrashed back. Again and again her body rocked back and forth as she reached the peak of her pleasure. Slowly she began to relax, but her longing still remained. And so did Shael's.


The couple sat facing each other, half seated, and resting on their hands. Slowly they moved closer with their hips until their honeypots touched. They began to rock back and forth until they could feel themselves reach climax together. As their pleasure intensified, each of them felt her clitoris rub against the other. This pushed them both over the edge. Their pace increased as they threw their heads back and cried out in ecstasy. Once they had reached their zenith, they flopped onto their backs and allowed the feelings of well-being and satisfaction to flow through them.


Shael lay on top of Caroline, her legs wrapped around her. Caroline lazily caressed her partner's back with gentle strokes that soon made her fall asleep. Gently, the woman turned over so that they lay facing each other. Putting her own arms around Shael's waist, she too slipped into slumber.



The following morning, she woke up to find her partner still fast asleep in her arms. As she looked at that pretty face, still smiling as if remembering the previous night, Caroline felt a sense of tenderness that she had never experienced before. As gently as she could, she withdrew her arm from under Shael's body, and tried to get out of bed without disturbing her. But her plan didn't quite work, and as she sat up, the she-elf stirred. “What time is it?” She said sleepily.


“I don't know, but I think its about nine o'clock.” Caroline replied.


“I'm hungry.” Shael stated, sitting up in bed.


“Let me make breakfast this morning. You can just relax and wake up properly.” Caroline offered. In a soft voice, she added: “What I wouldn't do for a cup of coffee right now.”


Shael heard her, and asked: “What is coffee?”


“It's a drink that you make with hot water. I'm used to having it when I wake up.” Came the reply.


“I do have tea.” Shael declared. “It's what I drink in the morning. I'm afraid I don't know this coffee of which you speak, so tea will have to do.”


“Tea it is then.” Was the response.


They sat outside in the small garden and had a hearty breakfast. The tea of which Shael had spoken was a strong herbal blend that was very refreshing. There was something in it that revived one in much the same way as coffee. Caroline remembered that normal tea back home was purported to contain more caffeine than coffee, just in a different form. So she gathered that, although this tea tasted different, the basic compounds were much the same.


Just as they were finishing, Shael placed her hand on Caroline's thigh. She asked: “Do you think you're in love with me?”


Caroline was a bit taken aback by the question. She thought about it for some time, and then replied honestly: “I don't think I am yet. I know I am very attracted to you. I have been since the night we arrived at your village. But I was reluctant to do or say anything, because I took it for granted that you already had someone special in your life, and I did not want to intrude. I think it's too early to know whether I'm in love with you.”


“No my lovely, there is no-one else. In truth, you are the first woman that I have been with. I once spent the night with one of our males, but he was rough and his manner course. Since then I have preferred my own gender. I too am unsure of my feelings towards you. If this is love, you may be the first human female to fall in love with a she-elf. But you are not the first human.” Shael stated, “If you like, I will tell you that story. Or even better, I will take you to our local storyteller, and he can relate it to you. He is much more proficient at it than I am.”


“That would be wonderful. Thank-you.” Caroline exclaimed. “When can we meet with him?”


“Today if you like.” The elf-maiden responded.


“I do like.” Came the reaction. Shael laughed at Caroline's enthusiasm, and then leant over and kissed her.


“I will arrange for us to go there this evening.” She offered.

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