Ontara in Peril Chapter 2

Ontara in Peril Chapter 2 Ontara in Peril Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


The Saga Continues


The Saga Continues

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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The Saga Conitnues

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 2:


The reprieve that the Sylvan and Llianari enjoyed lasted for just over a century, until what has been termed the 'Modern Era', and more especially the reign of King Brand the Third. He was a direct descendant of Byorngar. The King of old had only one child, a daughter. She married into a rival noble family from whom Byornder seized the throne. Brand the Second was only fifteen when his father died of a mysterious illness. Foul play was suspected but never proved. Although his son would have normally been considered too young to take over the throne, he was sworn in at his father's dying request, with the condition that he be guided by his High Chancellor.


In the early part of his reign, a trend began that angered the male dominated human culture. For various reasons, a large portion of the human female population began to favour llianar partners to having relationships with their own male counterparts. The first was, that although the Llianari were known to be sexually aggressive, many of them were also gentle - more so than the men of Ontara, the majority of which believed that women existed to please them. In llianar tradition, the object of sex was intimacy, and the goal was to satisfy one's partner rather than demand that he or she satisfy you. This was especially true about the she-males, and even more so the she-femmes, but even the most robust of she-men possessed a tenderness that most men seemed to lack.


Of course there were many other reasons why llianari, especially the more developed she-males and even more so she-men, were so highly regarded amongst these women, one of which was their superior virility and sexual prowess. Alas, it was true - size did matter! And there was not a human male alive who could match either a well-hung she-male, or even an average she-man. There were two erotic oil paintings that depicted a nude woman standing between two equally naked figures. On her left was a llianar. She appeared to be a she-man. On the other side was a human male. The woman in the middle was holding both of the male members, one in each hand. In the first picture, she smiled appreciatively up at the tall llianar, but in the second she looked down in utter disdain at the man's comparatively diminutive member.


Another reason for this preference was the legendary potency of the llianari, especially again the she-men. Although the average she-male was capable of becoming a sire, she would be no match for their hyper-developed sisters. Because of the sheer size of the male member, it took a long time for a she-man to ejaculate, but when she did, it was like a flood. Research later discovered that, unlike the average human male - who produces approximately five hundred and twenty billion sperm cells in his lifetime - a she-man's capacity was over seven hundred billion. This accounted for the larger testes and the she-man's skill at siring children.


By some trick of nature, she-men - and in a few cases some she-males, were able to climax more than once before going into the resolution stage. These multiple orgasms were said to be extremely intense, because instead of the individual returning to the plateau phase after cumming the first time, she would begin again at the start of the climactic. Then the next orgasm would follow. This cycle could be repeated twice, three - and in some cases even four times under natural conditions.


This fact, as well as the time it took for a she-man to cum, meant that their partners, llianar or female, were more likely to reach climax themselves than with the average male, sometimes with multiple orgasms. By sheer volume, the possibility of successful impregnation was also greatly increased, and it seemed that their virility was strengthened by the potency of their sperm cells as well. So not only did they produce sperm at greater volumes, but each of them was more active than normal. Their prowess became so renowned that she-men were fondly called 'Stallions' by the women who loved them.

This trend became so much in demand that some she-men actually offered their services as professional sires. Their clients were usually either women whose husbands were incapable of fathering children of their own, or those who wanted to have a baby, but struggled to commit themselves to one male partner. Siring had long been in place in the Llianar community, as many partnerships occurred in which neither members were able to impregnate the other, and thus a third party would be called upon.


Another factor that contributed to this trend was due to the advent of the Ontaran equivalent of the Industrial Revolution. Large scale industrialisation had taken place without any regard for the pollutants that were being released into the atmosphere. Some of these chemicals, such as cadmium and benzene, were directly responsible for a severe decrease in male fertility. Because of male arrogance that was so prevalent in Ontaran society, it was assumed that the fault lay with the opposite gender, although technology had not yet reached a point where the medical profession could really do anything about it, regardless of where the problem lay.


This did not seem to impact the Llianari at all, a fact that was later attributed to them being non-human. Although this was true, it was used as an excuse for prejudice and discrimination. The situation became even worse when it was discovered that these defects did not occur in the Sylvan male population either.


Naturally, the result of the relationships between women and she-men was a sharp increase in the number of children born. Under normal circumstances this was desirable, because Ontaran society held a woman in high regard if she had a large brood. But these were not normal circumstances, and their offspring were not always so welcome. The reason for this was the growing population of human llianari.


From the middle of the Modern Era, the Sellyeran Empire had grown to encompass most of the four continents on Ontara. Soon the name Sellyera referred to the capital province, and the name of the Empire became the Ontaran Empire. Against this massive world power there was no rival, and it spread its influence throughout the globe. The successor to King Brand the Third was crowned Emperor Ordin the First.


Ontaran society was still dominated by two forces: Male supremacy and religious bigotry, both of which felt both threatened and insulted by the trend that favoured llianar lovers over human men. One individual that began to use this to his own advantage was one Vorn Reese, a direct descendant of one of the most prominent members of the old Order of the Crux. His father was High Chancellor when King Brand was young, and ensured that this office was held by his younger son Vance. It was these two brothers' influence that saw the rebirth of the Order, over which Vorn eventually ruled as Primate. Using his priers, he started a campaign that encouraged men to: 'Take back that which belongs to you, and seek to teach those who stole it from you a lesson.' By this he meant that men should regain the loyalty of 'their women' by force.


It began with a series of artworks, just as before, making derogatory statements about the Llianari, and especially the she-men. This was the first time the name 'Horse-Dick' was used as a means of mocking them, and emphasising that which distinguished them from other folk in such a way as to make them out to insult them. One picture that was even more degrading was a poster of a woman having sex with a horse behind her while preparing to suck another's penis. The caption said it all. It said: 'You might as well do it with a horse or two!' It was from this that their nickname originated.





Thus it was hardly a surprise when a spate of horrendous abductions and rapes were committed in Hykis, but what alarmed the Sylvan and Llianar population was, that instead of clamping down on the perpetrators, the government at the time passed legislation that outlawed sexual relations between humans and the other races. Later they revoked the right of Sylvan and Llianari alike to Ontaran citizenship, as well as the right to free trade in human cities and towns. This reduced the non-human population to slaves once more, and it was not long before the old atrocities began as they had one hundred and forty years earlier. It was said that the person behind the clamp-down was High Chancellor Reese himself.


One shocking turn of events was that many of the women who had taken llianar lovers now began treating them as 'Fertility Slaves'. Unlike sex slaves, these were usually she-men whose role was to ensure that their mistresses became pregnant, often without their husbands knowledge. Some of them were so determined that they would call upon the assistance of a group of her friends, to subdue the llianar while her mistress had her way with her. Alternatively, she would drug the llianar, and when the slave awoke, she would find herself shackled or tied to a bed, and at the mercy of her mistress. These measures were taken if the woman was unable to seduce her slave into having sex with her freely.


The mistress would then insist that her husband was the father, unless of course her child turned out to be a llianar. If this was the case, then the wife would claim that she had been raped by, or forced into having sex with one of the llianar slaves, a false accusation that often resulted in the husband murdering the innocent victim in an act of vengeance. More often than not, the llianar child was also disposed of.


Another practice that raised its ugly head at this time was the demand for eunuchs. For those slaves who were to be purchased by the very rich, the emasculation procedure was performed under more sanitary conditions, and by a professional - albeit corrupt surgeon. But alas, some of the less fortunate were forced to endure the most primitive and unhygienic of circumstances. Some llianari were just taken out into a secluded area and castrated in the open air.


What was even worse was, that even the professional surgeons had either forgotten about the danger that castration posed to she-men - let alone a total penectomy, or believed that their modern medicine had overcome it. Nevertheless, many she-men suffered a slow and agonising death as the blood gushed out of the mess where their male genitals had been, and even the most skilled of doctors could not do anything to save them. And the shock did not end there! Under different circumstances, in other words if the patient had been a human male needing the procedures done for medical reasons, the surgeon responsible for the botched operation would have been charged, and at best lost his or her license to practice. But because these were considered non-human, regardless of their origin, little or nothing was done to bring these butchers to book. This was because many influential rich people made use of their services. These included a number of government officials, and even judges, lawyers, and other court officials.


The old slave markets re-opened, and eunuchs were put on show once more for the affluent members of society to view before purchasing them. Unlike the eunuchs of old, the trend was to emasculate the males completely, but to only castrate the llianari. Both of these had devastating psychological effects on the victims. A llianar's pride was in her sexual prowess, and to spend the rest of her days without the ability to enjoy sex seemed to take the spark out of their lives. To add insult to injury, they were more often than not sterilised as well, especially once the practice of castrating she-men proved unprofitable, and the Masters concentrated on she-males and she-femmes. For the lanu, they were left with only a haunting memory of their former sexuality. Even if the desire was still there, they had no recourse to fulfil it. Once again, many of their mistresses would taunt them, and even force them to perform oral sex on them, mocking their inability to enjoy it themselves.


Those llianari that escaped emasculation were not spared the disgrace of sexual abuse. Some of the llianari were tied to trees by their masters, and left there for the sport of their children, who would toy with them until they climaxed, and then laugh as they watched the semen run down their thighs. Others were dragged into bars and taverns, where they were stripped. Their wrists were shackled to a bar stool, and they were bent over. For a price, the tavern guests were invited to do whatever they will with the slave, whether it be fondle with her penis until she came, ravage her maidenhead until the wretch's semen poured out of her, or shag her in the butthole until it bled.


Alas, the lanu did not fare much better. They were more often than not sold to men who had no qualms treating them as male whores. Even though the male sylvan had no desire for intimacy with another male, their cruel masters had concocted any number of preparations that were brewed not only to make their victims more compliant, but could make them ejaculate over and over again until many of them passed out from sheer exhaustion. The less fortunate found themselves in the hands of sadists, and were raped, beaten, and even mutilated, their mangled bodies discarded in trash heaps and deep in what remained of the once rich and peaceful forests. Evidence showed the agony of their last minutes before they were finally granted the mercy of death.


Not even the young were spared. There was a saying concerning the wynim: “If her tits are more than a mouthful, she is ready to breed”. Human males old enough to be grandfathers would purchase sylvan girls barely in their teens, ostensibly as maids and helpers, but many of them found that their masters were nothing more than paedophiles. Hardly a day would pass without these filthy old men fondling, pawing, and fingering their so-called servants.


A similar idiom was about both young lanu and llianari alike. It said: “If his or her balls have dropped, he or she is old enough for sex”. As with the male and llianar eunuchs, their young males were sold to inhuman brutes who took pleasure in sodomising them, watching their clear semen shoot out of them, either from the stimulation of the prostate, or under the influence of the same narcotics as were used on the adults, sometimes with fatal side effects. When it came to the llianari, these rapists believed that they had struck gold! They could violate their virgin maidenheads and watch them cum at the same time. The problem with some of them was that they were still too young, and the attacks would often end up dead from having their reproductive system ruptured. Again, their lifeless bodies were either buried secretly, or disposed of in some other way.


A large number of adult wynim suffered the same fate as the rest of the Sylvan slaves. They were raped, beaten and suffered the most unimaginable brutality. Sometimes being taken to the most unsavoury of taverns, where some were even subjected to the sport of their violators' pets while the patrons watched. Again, many of them were either deliberately murdered, or succumbed to the cruelty they were forced to endure.


Despite the evidence that heaped up on the desks of the law enforcement agencies, nothing was done to end this onslaught. Indeed, any non-human - whether male, female or hermaphrodite - that had the misfortune of spending time under the so-called witness protection program, would find that the very people who were supposed to be guarding them were also culprits of the very same crimes as those from which they were seeking refuge.


Soon there were too many cases for the authorities to merely ignore or hide from the public. Apart from a few hard-liners, most of the human population - while they still discriminated against those they considered to be less than human - did not approve of the way they were being treated, and began to demand positive change. Finally the worst offenders were charged and found guilty of their crimes. Even the so-called Chop-Shops were closed down - or at least those that did not comply with new stringent regulations with regards to hygiene and professionalism - although the practice of emasculation still persisted.


There was some legislation passed that allowed llianari and sylvan to either find work in certain trades, or start up their own businesses. The only problem was that their options were degrading to say the least. The first, of course, was the burgeoning sex trade throughout the empire where wynim became popular as prostitutes. The situation was not ideal, but at least it was properly regulated, and abuse was rare. When it did occur, the new authorities would deal with it instead of turning a blind eye.


Male sylvan were also sought after, some of them as toy-boys for rich male and female clients. They preferred the latter of course, but compared to the way they were treated while they were still slaves, even having to endure being fondled and more by males was still preferable.


A number of the men who employed lanu were attracted to them because of their youthful appearance. It was common knowledge that the Sylvan enjoyed an extended lifespan when compared to that of the average human, and thus remained young for much longer. This caused them to be desired by those men who relished the idea of having such a young male as their companion. This gave rise to the name 'She-Boy'. The title was especially given to a lan who had just entered puberty, before he became fully developed. Sometimes they were even made to dress up as females, although this was rare. Although a few of them were hired as sexual partners, the majority acted as consorts. This became a popular career for young lanu even though it was somewhat short-lived, more often than not ending once they reached adulthood. Even then, quite a number of them continued to serve their employers in other ways.


Even some women preferred she-boys. Among them were those who either did not have children of their own, or had only daughters. These women would employ a young lan to be treated as the son or child they never had. Sometimes the relationship would change as the youth grew up, and become sexual, but normally this was curtailed before he entered manhood for obvious reasons. After all, the mistress could not risk her servant making her pregnant.


For some of the llianari it was much the same, especially the she-femmes. Many of the she-men were able to resume their previous role as sires, paid to impregnate women, while others had male employers who were turned on by the contrast between their feminine grace, and masculine strength and sexual drive. In both cases, some of their clients hired them full-time. They often grew fond of the servants, and treated them kindly. Some even secretly fell in love with them …


… Lezanne was a young she-male who had been abused terribly by her previous master. Now she found herself struggling to find work as a call-girl because her face had been burnt when the man of the house had attacked her in a drunken rage. He had thrown acid at her, almost causing her to lose her eyesight. He claimed that she had been sleeping with his wife, and allegation that was false. When the laws changed, he was arrested for beating his own spouse with an iron rod, nearly killing her in the process.


She battled on until she was spotted at a bar where she worked. A middle-aged man called her over, and asked her how much she charged to sleep with him. She gave him her price, and they started talking. Somehow Lezanne knew that he was different. Even as he began to caress her, his desire escalating, she felt that his touch was gentle for a change. He reached down between her thighs before she could inform him that she was a llianar. She was afraid at first, but felt his fingers close round her turgid member, and saw a smile come across his bearded face.



They ended up in his camper. He told her to undress while he poured a drink for both of them. As Lezanne stood naked in front of him, he smiled, his eyes feasting on her sensual body. He took her in his mouth, and gently sucked until he felt the head of her cock swell, her legs almost giving in as she came. So many of her customers were more interested in their own needs, and couldn’t care less about her own, so the experience was quite new to her. The man, whose name was Derran, took her in his arms and pushed her onto her back, her knees over the foot of the bed. He lifted her legs until he could see her ripe quim. Slowly and carefully, he pushed himself into her. His pace quickened as his climax approached, and he took her own member in his hands, jerking her off in time to his own movements. The result was that she came until his hand was covered in her warm sticky semen.


His face came close to hers, and he kissed her lips. Then he asked her: “Why do you wear so much make-up? You have such a pretty face.”


She told him what had happened, and a look of pity came into his eyes. “That bastard!” He exclaimed, “I can't stand people like that!”

Derran became one of her regular customers, and always paid her more than the going rate. Eventually she was able to save up enough to have re-constructive surgery to remove the scarring caused by the acid burns. Later she was able to see again, having had cyber-eyes implanted …


… The rain pelted down on the windscreen of Fran's vehicle as she drove through the countryside. At one stage it was so bad that she had to stop and wait under the cover of a row of trees that grew next to the road. Although she could not be certain at first, Fran was sure she could hear someone crying in the underbrush, but the sound of the rain was too loud.


“There it is again!” She thought to herself, “I'm sure of it now.”


Fran went back to the sedan and took out her torch. She did her best to follow where the sound was coming from. Finally she came to a small clearing in the forest. In the torch light she spotted a figure crawling on the ground towards her. It was a wyn. She wore only a pink top that had been almost torn off her. The lower part of her body was naked. Her butt, upper thighs, arms and legs were covered in bruises and cuts that bore testimony to whatever had happened to her. All that mattered at that time was to get her to a hospital where she could be treated.


As they drove towards the city, the wyn related to Fran what she had escaped from. “I work in Gildengard as a sex worker.” She began, Gildengard being the city closest to where Fran found her, “One of the guys there was new, and he said that he wanted me and two of the other girls to act as escorts at some swanky party he was holding. I didn't like the look of him, but his dough looked good, so we accepted. He took us in a van to a cabin about half a mile away from where you found me.


At first, when we arrived, everything seemed to be cool. But when the other guys got pissed, things very quickly went fucking south! The one grabbed me and tied me so that I was bent over one of the tables. He then tore off my jeans, and began by sticking his finger into my butthole. And then it was two fingers! Once he felt that I was stretched enough, he shoved his filthy cock into my ass. By god it hurt! He then called one of his mates over to watch as he pounded away inside of me. The other guy laughed at me screaming until I felt the first one's gism pouring out of me, his cock making me bleed. He almost strangled me at the same time. He withdrew at last, but it wasn't over yet!


His buddy then forced my legs open, and when I tried to fight back, he started to hit me with a fire brand until it cut me all over my body. I could not do anything but lie there while he violated me. The only thing that I was glad for was that he fucked me the proper way, so that my ass didn't have to take any more punishment. As his gism filled my pussy, he sank his god-damned teeth into my cheek until I felt the blood running down my face. All the time, I could hear my colleagues screaming and crying out as the other so-called guests were giving them the same treatment as I was suffering.


Then I heard one of the guys shout: “You bit me - you fucking whore!”


There was a loud bang, and I realised that the bastard had shot her, probably for biting him on the cock as he tried to stick it in her mouth. The rest of them panicked, because now they had murdered someone. They left us there, and ran out of the cabin. Soon I heard the van speeding away down the dirt road. I struggled until my wrists bled, but at last got myself free. I went over to where Lyndill lay, only to find her lying there, a hole where her face used to be. There was blood everywhere, and I nearly puked at the sight of it. Sera was lying unconscious on the floor, and had something sticking out of her, between her thighs. I pulled it out, and found that it was a steel rod. As blood came pouring out of her, I knew that I needed to stop it, so I tore off her top, rolled it up and stuck it into her like a tampon.


There was no phone in the cabin, so I decided that the only thing I could do was to escape and head for the main road. And that's when you came along.”


Fran was left sickened and speechless by what she heard, and they drove in almost total silence, broken only by the wyn's coughing, and the woman was afraid that she might be choking on her own blood. Some of the marks on her back were across the ribcage. Fran feared that the beating the young wyn - whose name was Grita - had been subjected to had broken her ribs, and in turn damaged her lungs. But in the half-light it was difficult to see, and Fran was not going to stop to check.


They arrived at the nearest medical facility, and Grita was rushed into the emergency room as a priority red patient. It took over two hundred stitches to deal with the lacerations that resulted from her ordeal. In the meantime, another ambulance was dispatched to collect the unconscious Sera. Luckily she was still alive. A massive investigation followed, and after just three months, the criminals were arrested. It was discovered that they were members of a gang, and were implicated in a number of similar atrocities. The one responsible for Lyndill's murder was handed four life sentences. The one that got off the lightest was given forty five years.


As Fran said when asked by the media to make a statement: “If this had happened fifty years before, these horrific crimes would have probably gone largely unnoticed.” …


On the whole, the new legislation went a long way to protect those in the sex trade from such abuse, although they could not rule it out completely. There were also strict laws that were in place to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and more especially the contracting of sexually transmitted diseases. Special medicines were distributed to the various agencies and brothels throughout Ontara, and regular medical examinations assured that the sex workers remained healthy. They also had the right to refuse a client they suspected of being ill or infected. It was not an easy life, but it was better than slavery - a lot better.


Along with the sex trade a new industry grew, that of sex entertainment. Review bars and strip clubs had opened all over Ontara, and there was an increasing demand for sylvan and llianar dancers. The lanu were popular at these venues, and attracted the attention of certain male patrons and female visitors. Their lean muscular physiques and naturally graceful movements gave them a sensuality that appealed to many customers, and kept them coming back for more. Llianari offered an intriguing paradox. All of them were extremely feminine, but with the strength and prowess of a male. Watching them close-up spurred the imaginations of many a satisfied client. And as for the wyn dancers, suffice it to say that many a hot-blooded male, and more than a few women too, fantasized about being intimate with the luscious figure that strutted her stuff on the stage.


This was preferable, on the part of the sylvan and the llianari, than turning to prostitution to make a living. Although it was still degrading, the contact with clientèle was minimal, and the pay was reasonable. Some even became famous as stars in erotic dance shows, both on stage and on the big screen.


One trend that emerged from the sex entertainment industry was known as 'Cum-Petitions'. This was popular among the llianari, although a few male contestants also took part. There were two competitors in each match. In one form, they would stand on either side of a referee, usually female, who would stimulate them until they ejaculated, hence the name 'Cum-Petition'. Tavern patrons would place bets, depending on which type of competition it was. One variation was to see which contestant would outlast the other before he or she climaxed. The one who came first was the loser. In another form, it was not how long one lasted, but how much semen one could produce that made the difference between success and failure.


Because of obvious differences, these competitions did not mix their participants. In other words, llianar would be pitted against her own kind, lan would go up against lan and so on. There were even a number of human males that participated as well, but they were few and far between. Not only that, but many of them chose to remain anonymous. Thus the stage would have two closed cubicles facing each other, with what was termed a 'Glory Hole' in the one side. The contestants would sit or stand in these booths, and push their erect members through the holes. Seated in the middle were either one or two referees, who would perform various acts of stimulation upon both of them. Bets were placed, the parameters of which were the same as with the aforementioned competitions...


… The Red Tavern was packed, and the patrons expected their money's worth. A scantily dressed woman stood centre stage as the lights came on. Over the P A system a voice spoke, saying: “Ladies and gentlemen - Welcome to the third and final round of 'Milk Galore'. Yes folks, this is the night! Our finalists are: Magic Mac, who we saw eliminate - nay annihilate her opponent, Buster Betty, on Saturday night. She is up against Wanda. A relative newcomer to the profession, she has made short work of all the opposition thus far. Can she do it again? We can only Wanda.”


Two half-naked llianari took their places on either side of the referee who immediately went to work, stroking their massive organs with oiled hands, and then gently sucking the tips while caressing their balls. Wanda, on the left, began to moan as her hips moved back and forth, and her face became red and contorted as she tried to fight her urge for release. But her defeat seemed all the more inevitable as a steady strand of clear fluid began to ooze out of the tip of her penis. By now the referee had stopped her movements as the llianar's hips did all the work, and in the end she moved her hand down to cup her balls that had pulled up tight against her. The cheering of the spectators drowned out her moans as she felt her member jerk wildly until milky white strands shot out of her as if from a pressure hose. Her opponent hardly had time to enjoy her victory though. Scarcely had Wanda relaxed once more, when Mac herself came with an even greater deluge.


“We have a winner! If only by a split second, the prize goes to Magic Mac!” The voice over the speakers announced...


The majority of the escort agencies, brothels, review bars and strip clubs were owned by Firyen business men and women, who hired sylvan and llianari to work for them. Those who were truly talented were well paid, but as with every business, not everyone succeeded. There were very few other options. These were careers which involved high risk, such as in certain military posts, usually in areas where there was ongoing conflict, as the Empire was embroiled in a number of bloody uprisings. Rather reluctantly, the armed forces employed sylvan and llianar troops as covert operatives. The reason for this was, if the agent was caught, the Ontaran authorities would not necessarily have to embark on any rescue mission. This in turn would mean that they would not have to accept any responsibility for the agent's actions, claiming that he or she was not under their command, not officially being an Ontaran citizen.


The same applied to certain areas of law enforcement. Over the decades, a number of very militant gangs had arisen, dealing in drugs and other vices. Many of them were extremely powerful, with very influential members, such as business executives, and even certain politicians and other civil servants. Thus it was very difficult to root them out, so the authorities hired sylvan and llianar agents, once again to work undercover and to bring these criminals to book. As was the case with the military, if the operative was either captured or killed, they would be able to deny responsibility, saying that the individual was a free agent, possibly even in the employ of a rival gang.


Heavy industries also employed mainly she-men to work on sites considered too dangerous for normal workers. The motivation behind this was, that usually these labourers were denied the normal insurance against death or injury that the average human enjoyed, merely because they were not considered to be citizens, but 'special workers'. Thus, as long as they were involved in those industries and trades that involved sex and smut, the sylvan and the llianari were catered for, whereas if they were employed in other fields, they were not.


One career that was open to them was that of masseuses, more specifically the art of sensual massage. This was primarily the arena of the wynim and the llianari. They would perform traditional massages on male and female clients, and then concentrate on the genital area. Under their expertise, the individual would become more aroused than during a normal sexual encounter. Using sensual oils and lotions, they would stroke, caress and tantalise their patients until they were squirming and crying out in a state of utter rapture, some of them pleading with the masseuse to let them cum. Only when orgasm became unavoidable, would they allow them release from the pent up sexual tension. Once they had rested, the clients would be taken for a shower, sometimes undergoing a second treatment as the warm water washed over them. Men and women alike were served in this way by the female masseuses, although on the odd occasion, lanu also worked in the profession.


By far the most bizarre of trades was due to the growing demand for what became known as 'Merka Milk', meaning 'Wild Milk'. This was not milk at all, but llianar semen. The trend began when women still regarded llianar lovers as being preferable to men. Having performed oral sex on their partners, they claimed that drinking or swallowing the cum acted as a stimulant, not only increasing their desire, but giving them a lift, similar to that of caffeine but much more potent. Hence the legend of merka milk began, and like all legends, it was embellished over the decades that followed.


During the era when llianari were enslaved once more, it was easy for those who craved this milk to obtain it. All they had to do was to demand that those under their command submit to being jerked off, until they came into a glass or some other container, and as often as they desired it. For the average she-man, this was not difficult, she could provide much more than one woman could ever want. Even she-males did not struggle to provide their owners with what they required.


But the she-femmes more often than not found that the demand was too great. Instead of this acting as a deterrent, it made the almost clear offering from their diminutive members even more sought after. So much so that it was given the name 'Wild Nectar' instead of mere milk. In both cases, the tradition was to enjoy it warm and fresh, preferably having just spurted out. In the case of she-femmes and those she-males less endowed, this would mean being stimulated orally on a regular basis, their semen swallowed as they came.


When slavery was officially abolished, the demand did not merely go away, and soon enterprising - if not greedy humans began bars that specialised in serving this craze. In some establishments, llianar servants would be waiting for customers to order their serving, either as a topping or in a glass on its own. Either one or more waitresses would go into a back room and masturbate until they had provided the required amount, or she would stand next to her customer, who held a glass in place, and jerked her off until she came into the container. Alternatively the client would place an order at the bar, and the barmaid would go to the cellar. There she would order her 'milkmaids' to provide her with the required amount, and then return to the customer with the glass full. The only way that was not allowed in these establishments was for the patron to have oral sex with the maid until she came in his or her mouth. This was in an attempt to make sure that the maids did not contract any form of infection such as herpes …



… Daisy's Diner was popular with those who had acquired the taste for merka milk. She had twelve maids who served customers at the tables. They all wore white collars with red bow ties, and little waistcoats that left their breasts bare, so that the clients could fondle them while they became aroused. The Diner's star maid was a she-male named Aylia. On this particular night she was on her third round, having rested for half an hour so that she could recover. Being a llianar, she could cum three - and on a good night four times before she needed to recuperate. The previous round was difficult to recover from as the last customer was rough, and forced her to produce milk twice. Now her member ached more than a little from having his course fingers clasp around it a little too tightly, and she was not looking forward to going out again.


The first two clients were average, but the third one was special. She was in her mid forties, and the way she dressed showed that she was wealthy. She called Aylia over, and the maid complied. The woman began to stroke the llianar's bum and upper thighs, then pushed her legs slightly open, just enough so that her soft fingers could reach her vulvae. Her soft touch as she caressed Aylia's upper thighs caused the llianar to shiver with delight. She closed her eyes and moaned as her whole body tingled. Slowly the woman parted the maid's outer labia and ran her middle finger gently along the crease in between. Voluntarily, Aylia's legs parted a little more, and her client pushed her finger into her quim, using her index finger to stroke the small grape that protruded from its hiding place.


With her other hand, the woman worked up and down Aylia's rampant cock, stopping every now and then to savour the pre-cum that coated her fingers. As the llianar felt her climax approach, a warm sensation ran up her thighs and over her lower abdomen. Her client's movements caused the heat to rise until she knew that she was going to cum twice, once from her male member, and the other from her female parts. As her orgasm overtook her, the woman inserted her index and middle finger into her pulsing maidenhead, the added pressure pushing her over the edge. She could hardly stay on her feet as her body reacted to the stimulation, and when her cock finally erupted, it was all she could do to make sure that it landed in her client's cup rather than all over the carpeted floor of the diner. She filled the wine glass until it almost overflowed. Her one hand was on the woman's shoulder, and she gripped tightly onto it in order to steady herself.


Her client looked up at her with a seductive smile, and said softly: “I like a little spice with my milk.”


She put her fingers into her mouth, and savoured the moisture on them before draining the contents of the glass, her eyes closed in a state of bliss. Then she reached into her purse, took out a twenty, and stuck it under the maid's collar. “Here is something extra. For a job well done.” …


… It was this strange practice that was instrumental in the development of what was later termed re-stimulant. It began because the demand for merka milk, as well as nectar, was exceeding supply. Thus a group of corrupt doctors were paid to research ways of increasing the amount of semen a llianar could yield per ejaculation. Several drugs were eventually brought onto the market. Most of these were either rubbed into the llianar's genitals, or given orally …


… Sherise arrived home from work. On her way she had been approached by a young man dressed in a cheap suit. Almost straight away she could tell that he was a salesman of some sort. Normally she avoided them, but she was too tired to, so when he approached her, she did not turn him away. He was selling a product called 'Mystic Sage'. It was a stimulant that increased the potency of both male and llianar. He claimed that it was really effective, so she decided to try it out. She bought a bottle, and after a light dinner, went into the bathroom. She applied it on her balls as directed, and soon felt a tingling that told her it was already working. By the time she got to her bed, she was horny like she had not been in a long time.


She lay on her back, and could not get her clothes off fast enough. She got down to her pantihose, but her need was too great. Her cock was like an iron rod that throbbed with the fiery heat. She began to jerk off, feeling the nerves come alive. As her whole body seemed to react, she felt her nipples grow hard. Her entire being was in a state of ecstasy. She closed her eyes, her hips bucking so violently that she felt as though she would lift right off the bed. She felt as though the urge to cum began down at her feet as a rush of energy surged through her. For once Sherise was glad that she lived alone, because it meant that she could cry out aloud, and even scream if she wanted to, without anybody complaining. Finally, with one mighty wave, her semen erupted from her throbbing member with such force that it landed on the sheets as well as coating her lower torso. And it didn't stop there! No sooner had she caught her breath when a second wave coursed through her, and even a third, until at last she lay still, covered in her milky white offering.


Out of breath she laughed at what she had just experienced, and said: “That was insane!”


Her body shuddered as she began to relax, and eventually fell into a blissful sleep. During the night she awoke from an extremely erotic dream, and felt a huge spot of wetness under her hip. She lifted the sheets and saw what was left of her wet dream oozing out of her. Again she whispered: “This is fucking insane!”...


… A new substance called tridenazine was discovered. It was a potent steroid, that was best injected directly into the epididymus. Tests were carried out on various llianari, and the results were astounding! The subjects were instructed to masturbate without the drug first. They were filmed as they reached climax. Then they were injected with tridenazine, and instructed to do it again. Both the developers and their clients were thrilled, and the drug was immediately released on the market.

For a while, the owners of the milk bars, and even the maids who worked there, believed that their prayers had been answered.


But that was before the side effects set in. The first was, that after repeat doses, the llianar's penis grew to such an extent that she was incapable of sustaining an erection without suffering from dizziness. Some even fainted soon before ejaculating! Later it was discovered that the oversized member was taxing the blood supply to the rest of the body, thus causing the black-outs. But that was not the worst of it: There were a number of cases in which llianar patients were treated for massive penile haemorrhaging, some of them even having to undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage. Alas, not all of these were successful, and the only other option was the removal of the affected organ.



For a while the drug was banned, and those that demanded merka milk had to make do with the supply as it was. This resulted in the price becoming so exorbitant that it was out of the reach of all but the wealthiest clients. Soon the milk-bars were forced to close down, but the drugs and aphrodisiacs that resulted from this fad remained in stock, for it seemed that those who developed them had another use for their products.



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