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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


music and love


music and love

Chapter1 (v.1) - First glance

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First glances....

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2016



Anna was working the front

desk of the tattoo shop, Gothic Widow she worked at almost

every day when the door bell chimmed letting her know she had a customer.She looked up over the counter and saw that it was a returning customer, Matt Sander, the lead vocalist from Avenged Seven. 

"Hey!  Back for more ink?" She greeted Matt as he approached the counter ad propped his arms on the bar.

 Matt was beautiful. That's all there was to describe him Anna thought.  Definitely not her type, but she could appreciate Matts gift to women all day.  He was built, not overly muscled but big.  He had tattoos all over him and the most amazing smile.  Today he came in all relaxed jeans, sneakers, and a black fitted T-shirt that defiantly showed he worked out. On and off stage.

"As if I need anymore, but yes I'm hoping Nick can come up with something for the remaining neck piece I'm wanting.  I was hoping to catch him before it got busy." Matt said. 

Matt had came in earlier in the week and had a neck piece done. Matt had actually been a returning customer every few months actually.  Being a rock star, you could never have too many tattoos.  He had been coming in for a few years now, so he was no stranger with Anna.  She enjoyed when he came in, they always talked and he was just a laid back rockstar, he didn't come across as the cocky "I'm a lead singer of a platnium selling rock band, bow down to me," He was more your guy next door, but "I rock!"

"Let me check his schedule." Anna said typing into the laptop.  "Hey Nick!" She turned her spinning chair around hoping he heard her as he was in the other room.  

Nick came out from the back room with his hands full of new ink to set at his station.  Nick was gorgeous, blonde, blue eyes, covered in full sleeves on both arms along with his neck mostly covered in ink. He also had several piercings along his face and ears. He was definitely eye candy to any woman who walked in.   He had been Anna's boss for nearly ten years now and has yet to be able to talk her into one small tattoo.

"Hey what's up?" He asked her placing the packs of ink down and walking to the front towards her.

"Matt was hoping you had some time to work on his neck this morning and you don't have an appointment for another two hours." She said.

"Sure man, come on back," Nick leaned over shook Matts hand and motioned for him to come through the slinging gate. 

Meanwhile. Anna decided to text her best friend, Hayley.

Want to have lunch around 1, or will you be working through? 

Sounds good, diner next door?

Yep, See ya then!

"Anna, how many scheduled for the day?" Nick hollered across the room and he was prepping Matt's neck.

Anna took the laptop and rolled her chair up to them. 

"You have 8 on the schedule, all small touch ups or shadings to finish, nothing big for today." 

Anna was 29 years old, she had been working at the tattoo shop since she was 19.  She was an only child and moved to Atlanta with her best friend several years ago when her best friend Hayley moved there to become a PA for a pediatric clinic.  She had gone to cosmetology school, but didn't put that into practice only on her friends or sometimes Nick would have her cut or highlight his hair.  Fact was, she loved the scene of being in the tattoo shop more than spending the day curling hair for old women. 


Hayley was finishing up the last of her charting today, she worked at a pediatric clinic  and every Friday they closed at noon.  She was looking forward to the weekend.  After this morning already having to give shots to screaming toddlers she was ready to sit down with Netflix and a bottle of wine. 

Hayley was 31 years old and adored children, she always dreamed of working with them some way.  She had such a tender heart when it came to children who were feeling bad, but when she got the stubborn brats in the office who fought kicked and screamed, she was tough enough to get them settled and get the job done.  She had gone to nursing school, but then decided to go on and work on her NP and and then go on to get her PA, she knew she didn't want to spend anymore time in school after all of that, she was happy with her career. 

Hayley and Anna lived in Atlanta.  They actually lived next door to one another in a nice condo.  But recently Hayley had purchased a home, it was her weekend to move in.  She and Anna had spent the last month cleaning and painting the nice two story ranch style.  She had plans for movers to move her in this weekend.  The girls were gonna miss living next door to one another, but Hayley worked hard to get where she was, she was ready to have her own home.  Hayley had begged Anna to move in with her, the house was plenty big but Anna was comfortable in her condo.  It was only about four miles away anyway. 



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