Nothing short of Obiedience

Nothing short of Obiedience Nothing short of Obiedience

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Graphic short story, will be vivid so the easily offended should avoid this entry, no its not finished, based on the views or suggestions I get I may come back to finish it, just depends....on who wants to hear more,(FOR those who want background, settings is for a quiet guy who always had a thing for his boss and especially gets excited on days she wears specific articals, she always notices but never acknowledges, I don't give character names but in the event that it turns into a longer story William has a thing for his boss Sabrina


Graphic short story, will be vivid so the easily offended should avoid this entry, no its not finished, based on the views or suggestions I get I may come back to finish it, just depends....on who wants to hear more,(FOR those who want background, settings is for a quiet guy who always had a thing for his boss and especially gets excited on days she wears specific articals, she always notices but never acknowledges, I don't give character names but in the event that it turns into a longer story William has a thing for his boss Sabrina


Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



He awoke with a groggy cotton mouthed filled feeling,

a cloudy haze filled his head but the last thing he recalled was pulling an all nighter at work at the beheste of his boss whom was always dropping heavy workloads on him last minute and not allowing him the option of waiting till the next work day.  He began to lick strangly at his lips in an effort to get the aftertaste out of his mouth. That was when  he slowly started to become more aware of his predictament.  For instance he instantly was hit with the realization that he was naked and couldn't move his body or rather he couldn't move his limbs freely or for that matter was able to see dispite clearly knowing his eyes were open.  As his senses gradually returned more he could tell he was in his knees something firm binding his ankles firmly together against the ground and not far behind that his wrists were simiarly bound alomst directly behind his legs, a parculiar position that had left his face flat against the floor with no way to put weight under his upper body to sit up.


He began to slowly rustle his face against the ground to brush off whatever was bound over his face to block his eye and that was when he was hit with the voice out of nowhere.

"Finally awake i see, i hope you had a good night sleep because you have much, much work ahead of you hmmm.(soft laugh)"

That was when something firm hit heavily pressing down on the back of his head, though it pressed down at the same time it felt like two seperate object, a small wide flat surface and then a thin almost pointy stick?  He shrugged his head trying to escape the pressure pressing his face harder against the floor, thats when it left the back of his face and he felt a walop of and impact against the side of his head.

"Oh no no, tsk, bad bad boy....STAY!"

Stay?! his mind shouted as he gasped still reeling from the shock of the blunt force impact to his face and thats when the weight returned and really not wanting to get hit again he stayed still if only to recover from the shock.

"MMM fast learner, good boy now doesn't that just feel so comfortable."(more soft laughter)

Comfortable? reeled his thoughts and his lip instectly followed as he tried muttering "Wh Wha..."

Which is all he managed to get out before the back of his head was slammed with another impact that slapped his face harder into the floor and quickly followed my a piercing sharp stab as something thing clintched into his cheek pressing down stabbing is skin into his mouth as he gasped and still more pressure added to his face that slid and scratched along the his head.

"I said Feels good, doesn't it."

Just what was going on, just what did this feminate and stern voice hope to achieve, he thought.  So he did the only thing he had an option in doing

"Y..Ye...Yes", he responded

Still he only recieve more of the same treatment as it seemed like more weight added on to what ever pressed down on his face as the second set of objects pressed down across his neck tried to pinch his throat in between them.

"No, No won't do at all, too meek too soft, be more confidient tell me you love your face being used as my footstool."

WHAT the Fuck did she just say, he screamed mentally.  And still the force driving his neck to me pinched became stronger.

"If you can't say that much than theres no point in you having a voice is there hmm."(wicked laugh)

What else could have been done at this point, his heart jumped at the ideal of this psycho crushing his throat.

"YES", he shouted.

"Yes what? say it and you better mean it bitch", she sneered.

"YES...I LOVE being your footstool I DO I REALLY DO.",he said in a loud strong tone, not quite that of a yell.

"MMMM That iss a Very good boy,,now go on and show me how much you love being my footstool"(soft hum to her voice)


Now a smooth cool surface was rubbing along the side of his face slowly to his lips pressing firmly into his mouth.  Due to the moments pass he could only summize it was the boot that had been jamming its stilleto along his head, still his mind while wanting to try and wrap his mind around the whys and the who was too afraid of what would happend if he paused and so began to softly kiss the surface in front of his lips.

"MMM good boy make me a believer in your love."(soft laugh)

So with that he simply allowed his instincts to take over and reacted in every way he felt would save himself from having his windpipe crushed.  Starting at first to kiss along the side of her boot while still feeling the other one rest along his head.  He kissed along the inside of the foot, over the top of the toes, along to the back towards the stiletto. Then he came back around towards the toes, taking time to nuzzle his cheek along the cool surface then slowly running his tongue over the toes before kissing up the damp moisture, slowly starting to speak between kisses.

"I love (muah) being (muah) your foot (muah) stool, I love feeling (muah) your boot rest on me (muah) and i love (muah) the (muah) taste of (muah) your (muah) boots mmmm." he moaned softly.

"MMM deliciously said, i can believe if you keep going like this, more... show me your passion even more" she taunted.

He felt the whole of his head being pressed up and she dug her boot under his face tilting up under him to hold the weight of is head completely on the toe of the boot.  So he began kissing the toe more with long open kisses sliding his lips across the surface through each closure of the kiss, then moved to kiss the sole of her boot in the same manner even tilting his head, which caused her to move her other boot back along his neck and in a panic stricken moment he moved his lips trying to kiss along the heel tilt back along the ground.

"Oh is that what you want."(soft giggle)

She lifted her foot ever slightly and he immediately responded by wrapping his tongue around the stiletto and sliding his lips back and fourth along its length.

"Now thats a good boy, still to shy though, stop holding back now, we both know you wanted this for a long time"she said tauntingly.

Almost be reflex he tilted his head almost upside down, an extremely wrentching feelin with most of his body bound in place by she clearly wasn't giving him a choice and so he endured to feel the stilettos slip past his lips where he stroked his mouth back and fourth again letting it dig into the pocket of his cheek popping it outward with each stroke until he felt a hand grasp around his hair and pull his face away.

"Thats right you love getting to put your lips all over my boot don't you."she said sternly.

"YES i DO" he replied without hesitation.

She held onto his hair but he could hear movement, feel movement as her hand swayed his head to and fro with the sound of something being placed just in front or him the yank of something scrolling along the floor went hand in hand with there being slack along his bound limbs just enough appearantly for her hand to pull him upright on his knees by the hair and he could feel kneel straddle along side his body as boots toyingly rubbed along his legs.

"Thats right i know you do, i've always known you do, with the way you stare everytime i walk across the office wearing them, your pervy self always kee;ing a hand under the desk when i get files or makes rounds to the cubicals, you've always wanted to kiss ,these boots MY boots haven't you."

The flow of her words hit him like and electric shock and whe went to say her name half in questions, half in shock half in alarm half in pleasure..


And thats all he got out since the slack in his lips as he opened his mouth to utter her name was met with her hand quickly yanking his head down causing a cool smooth.... long shafted object to rush past his lips deep into his mouth.

"WELL THIS is what I'VE always wanted to do to you, you got what you wanted no its my turn fairs fair after all and remember be a GOOD BOY for me MMM"(wicked laugh filling the room)

It was a relentless rush, no hesitation in her movement as the pulled and pushed his face up and down never enough to let it escape his mouth but always slamming his face down to its hilt causing him to gag and slurp and cough, but the sounds only seemed to make her press harder even having her thrust it upwards at the same time she pushed down. Tears began to leak up for under the blind fold and yet she only continued to laugh and twisted his head from side to side taking time to slide the shaft through his mouth popping his cheeks out.

"Yes, yes more you have to show me more,,, suck it like you tried sucking my stilettos it deserves that much attention, yes take it into your cheeks and taste like a blowpop. I love the look, the tears the sounds i have to see more YES SUCK IT LIKE A GOOD BOY YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

Could it have been her tone, could it have been figuring out who she was, could he have really been getting excited at this happening to him.  He doesn't know,wasn't sure just like he wasn't sure how long her hand had only been brushing his cheek or her fingers simply ran through his hair while he threw his own weight into bobbing his head back and fourth humming and drooling at the taste of plastic as her legs came to cross over his shoulders leading her heels to dig,slide even stratch along his back while she was humming in delight and the force of each bop of his head drove the base of the shaft back agaisnt her.  Nor did he ever now when it came to his neck being tired and his throat sore or his lips numb but with one assertive pop she yanked it from his mouth pulling him up and sliding something under him in one swift motion and let go of his hair letting him collapse over the length of some sort of bench, He was so dazed that he only heard sound as his wrists her drawn upward to hang in the air, and a swift kick of a stilettos in his ass cheek yipped him to jump furth over the bench leaving him ass up in the air,

"FUCK YEA time for the main course bitch, remember the most important thing is to take it like a good boy (loud wicked laugh)


He felt a drilling sharp pain run up his spine as her strap on slammed straight into his ass without pause until causing a thunderous slap against his ass as the her waist met his ass cheeks.  The sheer shock sent vibrations of escutiationg pain up his spine to his mouth but at the same time failed to escape his lips.  Her timing was almost flawless as his head jerked up to shout she slammed the cliff of her boot against the back of his head trapping his thought against the edge of the bench his face hung off of.

"No, not yet, you can't scream yet this is just the begining im not ready for the music of your wail just yet"

She kept a sharp press against his neck even using that leg to lift her body weight up pulling the strapon slowly out of his as,a sloppy plopping sound coming along with the withdraw. Cruely she whisped the tip around in a circle around his butt building with excitment as his voice choked under her foot and his body wiggled with panic.  She dropped her weight back down another loud slap echoed as her body met his, bitting her lowerlip as his body froze like rock from the sensation she knew was flying through his body. Again she lifted herself, bolding smiling as her eyes narrowed on his color changing face and the tears flooring from his eyes and growled with extocy as she drilled into him again this time clutching his ass cheeks in her hands and moaning as sensation pushed back against her from the impact and continued to light her high by grinding against his ass.

"MMMM Yesssss", she moaned

Afterwards she lifted herself by raising to her tip toes managing to pull the stiff rubber shaft of his torment to just its tip.  Then she bounced four or five times gasping with deep breaths as she felt herself beginning to drip tilting her head back on the last drop and grinding some more while slapping his as soaking in his short gasping cries.

"MMM soo good" she moaned with a taunting giggle.

So she continued to bounce steadily driving her strapon in and out, out and in, the gripping pleasure of its base continues to permiate back into her wetness, she slowly started to glide her own body with her hands,feeling the arousal swell quickening her heart beat.  She reached out with one hand finding his wrists bound in the air and braced her weight forward blancing herself by gripping his ass and quickened her pace to match her heart rate.  Which she did so, the race of her gasping breath increasing with each thud, ever slightly pressing herself to grind to and fro as she start seeping from behind the harness.  At least until she threw her hands up grabbing her own hair tugging it as she hit with a final thud.

"MMMM fu ck, soooo good" she utterd

She pulled out of him with a solid plop, laughing as she finally took her boot from his neck.  His face nearly purple, eyes flooding with water in such a daze it was as if her wasn't looking anywhere and drool.  The tap of her heels beat against the floor as she strutted alongside him towards his face, glided a fingertip from his butt along up his spine until she grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled his face up.

"Now thats an expression to die for"  she giggled.

Her delight wasn't satisfied just yet, she begain to pop the tip of the strapon pass his lip popping his cheek as she yanked it back out.

"Taste it, love it, come on savor the flavor of your ass i worked so hard fucking you little bitch" she groaned

Was it reflex, he doesn't know but his lips kissed around the strapon as she kept pushing it into his mouth until she stopped.



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