The VPL Meeting

The VPL Meeting The VPL Meeting

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A first meeting ... of many hopefully


A first meeting ... of many hopefully


Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



The VPL Meeting !

Boring meetings about boring issues but there is one girl in the room, the presenter, who is catching my eye and brightening up my day. Dressed in a trouser suit,  I can see her visitors security pass which tells me her name is Karen. As always I check for a VPL. If I can see one ( and it is always better to see something ) I like to look at the shape and work out what type they are, to see the vpl hug a ladies behind ( and its such a sexy behind that I'm looking at ) and disappear round between their thighs, you can bet every man in the room is checking you out too.

Any signs that they could be a thong, with a vpl just running up the centre of the trousers just drives me wild.

I then start to imagine what they look like, colour sumptuous white, sexy lilac, a gorgeous black, almost see through ( my favourites ). I spend all day looking to see if I can see the tops of your panties to confirm the colour.

The texture, I wonder if they are they a nice silky material that is smooth to the touch both on my hand and my lips when kissing you through them.

When your moving around I look to see how the trousers hug you around your crotch, is there any chance of seeing the slight groove of your pussy through your trousers ?  Maybe not, but the thought is running through my head.

Is it possible to see the outline of your bra through your blouse, looking at the shape of your breasts imagining how they look with your blouse off. Is there any signs of the outline of your nipples, what would the outline through your blouse look like when your nipples are erect, will they ever get erect today during the meeting. All the men in the room will be checking through out the day.

My time is spent wondering if underneath your knickers, are you shaved or neatly trimmed.

As luck happens, everyone has left the room but you and me. Approaching you from behind as you sort some papers from a desk.

As your slightly bent over I am placing my hands on your ass and tracing the vpl with a finger on both sides of your knickers, feeling you tense up as my fingers move towards the bottom of the V.

One of my hands rounds and slides between your legs, you bend over ever so slightly more and almost imperceivably move your feet apart to accept my touch.

I press more firmly, rubbing you through your trousers, your body relaxing, I feel the shape of your body, firmly caressing the roundness of your bum, over your sexy thighs and between your legs, pushing and rubbing my hand hard against your pussy.

I feel for the top of your underwear and pull gently so the fabric presses tight against your body while I press my hardening cock against you.

Holy fuck, is that someone outside the door ? We both jump not wanting to get caught and quickly adjust ourselves, but no, whoever it was has gone. Did they see ?

I think that close call will stop our fun , as you walk to the door with out even saying goodbye, I eye up your body this time in a different light, wondering if I will ever get such an opportunity again to feel your touch, your body against mine.

You get to the door and look around. To my surprise you turn around and lock the door so that no one will be able to disturb us again. Both still horny there is no way your stopping now.

You walk toward me, a lusty smile on your face, I feel a tightening in my trousers as I watch you.

You push me back so I am leaning, half sitting against the very table that not long before you were giving a presentation from and kneel in front of me.

You take your hand and rub me through my trousers, this time its your turn to tease. You can feel my cock hardening to your tender touch, following its shape with your hand.

You slowly undo my zip, looking up at my face you see can see my anticipation. You place your hand in my trousers and take hold of my cock and ease it out of my pants still looking up into my eyes, you take the tip into your mouth with me hardening to my full length inside you.

You begin to run your tongue up the length of my shaft and pull back my skin to expose my hard shiny purple head. With my throbbing cock in your hand you lick all around the head of my cock. You look and can see the first drops of my pre-cum and press your tongue into the hole in my shaft, you feel its silky texture and taste on your tongue. 

You look up at me again and can see I am desperate for more and that I need to feel your mouth surround me, so you undo my belt and unbutton my trousers letting them fall to my ankles and pull my underwear down to join them.

Now with the freedom available you take me into your mouth and I feel the warmth and softness engulf me. I run my hands through your hair as you  hold me in your mouth. You take a hand and cup my full balls the other going behind them and and you carress me in the area between my sack and my bum hole. Wow, what a feeling.. You begin to move your head back and forth slowly all the while tasting my throbbing knob. I take your hair in my hands and gently pull to urge you on.

With the ache in your pussy you need to feel my throbbing cock in you, you stand. Still with me in hour hand, gently massaging me, I begin to unbutton your blouse. God I need your breasts in my mouth. I pull your blouse off and bend over to kiss your nipples through your bra, with a hand behind you I unclasp it and free you. Wow.  So much better than I had even imagined when watching you earlier. 

I turn you around so you can now lean against the desk and so that I can lean against you . I remove my clothes, I  kiss you, tasting my own pre cum on your tongue, my hands caress each of your gorgeous breasts in turn while pressing crotch against crotch.

Is the air conditioning so cold that your nipples have become hard to my touch.  I lick around the nipple of one of your breasts  then take it into my mouth and suck hard, the feeling of urgency building up in me. I gently bite not to hurt but to excite.

It’s now my turn to explore your hidden treasures and begin to unbutton your trousers, I push you back so your lying on the desk, remove your shoes and tug hard to remove your trousers as soon as I can.

I can see before me the very thing I have been dreaming about all day. Your black underwear, not a thong but sexy, silky and see through, only just hiding you from me.

I kiss you through the fabric and immediately feel your wetness, the damp material tasting exquisite in my mouth. I push my tongue into you pressing them into you.

I move the fabric to one side, seeing your neatly trimmed pussy for the first timewaiting to take me. Your shaved but with a strip of neat short red hair proving your natural hair colour, . I restrain myself , first I need to feel you come in my mouth.


Holding your knickers to one side, I place my tongue on your ass hole savouring the taste of it, pushing into you,  before very slowly running my tongue upwards.

Feeling the texture against my tongue change to the skin between your inviting entrances, the taste of your pussy as my tongue reaches and enters your pussy from beneath again pushing hard into you feeling inside of you, higher still upto the top of your wet tasty entrance before touching the tip of my tongue onto your hardened swollen bud.

I linger here first, teasing you gently tasting your clit circling it with my tongue before taking your clit into my mouth sucking hard, feeling you move and hearing the first moans of pleasure from you.

I slide a finger into you, god your wet, feeling you with my finger as it slides in and out all the while licking and sucking on your pleasure bud. Another finger slides into your wet willing pussy as I stroke the spot that will get you to cum. I feel you writhing.

I feel the additional juices flowing from you as you begin to cry out with ecstasy as you cum into my mouth.

I am aching to fuck you.My cock is throbbing

I stand and you take my hard cock into your hand, and pull me towards you, you take it’s tip and press it into your clit rubbing it against you whilst wanking me at the same time. I can’t wait any longer and push hard entering you, feeling the warmth, smoothness and the walls of your cunt holding onto me, squeezing me.

Your legs wrap around my back begging me to fuck you harder.

With each thrust, I watch as your breasts move, your pretty face flushed with desire.

I can feel my cum building up, the need to empty myself into you. I try to hold back but the urge is too great as your lying on the table naked, legs wrapped around me, telling  me to fuck you harder, to cum inside you.

I explode my orgasm rips through me, tensing every muscle in my body as I fill you, still thrusting as my strength begins to leave me. I withdraw from the tight hold of your cunt and watch as our juices slowly drip from you.

Not content with leaving it at this I again bend down to take your pussy into my mouth .

I lick you, taking the mixture of  both our orgasms into my mouth and holding them there. I rise back up your body and kiss you ,so you too can taste our cum as we both relax.

Realising where we are we gather our clothes, I watch as you get dressed, your sexy body, savouring the image to fuel all my fantasies forever more, knowing my memories of the heat of the moment will be difficult to recall and not knowing if I will ever have the chance to take you again.

Once dressed we share a smile and both leave the room, people watching thinking they know what we have been doing.

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