I'm Still Breathing

I'm Still Breathing

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


In 1950's Louisiana, Tina and the family servant find love.


In 1950's Louisiana, Tina and the family servant find love.


Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



New Orleans, Louisiana – March 1955

 “Tina, could you come here a moment sweetheart?”

“I’ll be there in a second father.” Tina was the type of girl that never talked back to her father, never rebelled or cursed, yet she was beaten

 daily by the man. Today was the day it ended. On her way through the house she picked up a rather large table knife and hid it in the folds of her skirt.

“You called, father?” He looked up from the piece of paper he’d been reading to glare at her.

“Tina, do you have any idea what I hold in my hand?” Tina shakes her head. “It is the paper that will change your life forever my dear. Today is the last day you will ever walk this world.” Her eyes never even flicked a second to the fear she felt.

“Is that right? I have something for you father,” she produces the table knife and holds it in front of her face, letting the light shine off it into her father’s eyes, “Are you scared yet?”

With that she lunges toward him stabbing with the knife right into his jugular vein. He staggers back holding the knife and staring at her in disbelief. He stumbles toward the rope that rings the bell in the servant’s quarters. Tina walks slowly to it and before he can pull the rope she does it for him.

“Do you really think they’ll help you? They’ve seen what you do to me; they will cover me before they ever consider helping you!” With the evil glare of hatred in her eyes and a cruel laugh on her lips she removes the knife and pushes him to the ground. The blood from his vein splatters all across the room, even some landing on her clothes and face. She wipes it from her eyes and leans over to see if he’s still alive. He grabs her hand as it touches his neck.

“I’ll see you in Hell, bitch,” he barely gets out. She looks at him with wonder and then glances down to the knife in her hand covered in his blood. She looks back at him and plunges the knife into his back again and again. She’s insane with rage that this horrible, cruel man would even dare compare himself to her and says she’d go to Hell for what she’d done. She keeps stabbing him, causing more blood to splatter the room and her. She has a tune in her head matching the beats to her stabs; over and over she keeps stabbing him. Finally a pair of hands comes from behind her, wrapping around her arms to keep her from the continual stabbing.

“Miss Tina you can’t do this,” screams her servant, Jacob. In an instant the knife she was holding drops to the ground along with her, sobbing and clutching Jacob’s sleeves she looks at her father. The last time she’ll ever see him and he’s on the ground, covered in blood and dead.

“How could you do this to me?” she whispers into Jacob’s neck. Jacob couldn’t look at Master Blaine, not in this condition and certainly not with Miss Tina crying in his arms. He’d always wanted her to be in his arms but not like this, this wasn’t the way he’d imagined.

“Miss Tina, please let me clean this up,” he whispers in her ear. She doesn’t move at all, just keeps crying. He sighs and picks her up in his arms and carries her to his servant room using the back hallways in the house to avoid anyone’s prying eyes.

They get to his room and he sets her on his pallet on the hard stone floor.

“I’ll be right back Miss Tina,” he says as he begins to walk toward the door.

“He hurt me… Every day… And you did nothing,” she looks up at him, “Why?” His face turned scarlet as he turned around to face the door.

“Because, Miss, he was the master. Wasn’t anybody’s place,” he says while trying to send the lump in his throat back down. “I’ll be right back with some warm water and rags so you can wash off Miss,” he turns and shuts the door behind him as a single tear rolls down his tanned cheek.

With Tina left to herself in his room he quickens his pace to getting the water and rags all the while rehearsing everything he’d always wanted to say to her. He gathers all he needs and returns to his room. He slowly opens the door and pokes his head in to see her sleeping on his pallet. His heart suddenly feels so warm and like it has risen to his throat; he couldn’t love her any more than he already does.

So without making any noise he sets down the bowl of water and the rags then searches for a pencil and paper. Upon finding it he sits down on the other side of the room and writes a note to her. He lays it in her open hand so when she wakes it’ll be the first thing she feels and sees. Slowly he leaves the room and goes to tend to the mess on the other end of the house.

She begins to move and open her eyes only a few seconds after he shuts the door behind himself. She feels the paper in her palm and turns to it and begins reading:

Miss Tina,

I have grown with you all these years since your father hired me as a boy. I always knew that something was going on but until today never knew exactly what it was or what there could be done to stop it. I don’t quite know exactly what I’m going to do after I come back from cleaning up and you’ve read this, but I know whatever happens will be God’s plan. Tina, I love you. I have always loved you. I’ve always wanted you to come to my arms and my chambers, but not because of this. That is why whatever happens will have to be true to your heart alone. I cannot and will not make you love me back. I’ve needed you to know how I feel for many years, so I left you this note. Please, don’t think of me as odd or repulsive.



She sets in disbelief as she finishes reading the note he’d left. Suddenly she felt a little less alone in the world. This boy, one she’d never given a second thought, loves her without ever having to see who she really was. The only Tina he’d seen the whole time he worked for her father had been selfish, democrat Tina. Truthfully she had thought him to be quite cute all these years, but she had never considered that he might like her. She decided to wait for him to come back to the room and she would talk to him about it and see what else he was thinking about her, that thought gave her the need to cry more so she indulged.

Jacob comes down the corridor after cleaning the mess Tina had made of her father. Just as he reaches his door, he hears her softly crying inside his room.

“Miss Tina?” He knocks on the door but she doesn’t answer. He turns the knob and slowly opens the door again. “Miss Tina, are you okay?”

“Jacob, I read your letter. You should come in so we can talk,” she says shakily and wet with tears.

He enters and starts taking off his shirt while reaching for another. She blushes and as she begins to turn away she notices his chiseled back.

“Jacob, how did your back become so perfect?” she asks still blushing.

He turns slightly to look at her, “A lot of hard work.”

She expects he would be looking her over by this time but his eyes never leave hers. A warm sensation begins to grow in her stomach as he turns around with his shirt still off and she sees his abdomen and chest. Her blush deepens and his starts as he notices her blushing.

“Miss Tina, don’t be embarrassed, I would never do anything to abuse your trust,” he says softly while pulling his shirt over his head.

She can feel that sensation growing warmer and moving farther down her body to her womanly area, a feeling she’d never had before.

“I’m sorry Jacob, I don’t know what to do now,” she says, still embarrassed.

“We talk, that’s all I require,” he smiles and she feels her heart begin to beat faster.

“I want more,” she says while looking at the ground, “More than talking. I believe you must know what I mean. I don’t even know what I mean.”

He raises an eyebrow and motions to his shirt, “Take this off?” She nods and his blush deepens to her surprise.

“I’ve never done anything with a man, but I want to now,” she says with a strong voice.

He nods and begins to remove his shirt, then tosses it aside, “Are you sure Miss Tina?”

She chuckles, “Jacob you don’t need to call me Miss anymore, just Tina,” she says still smiling. He nods again and smiles bigger as he begins to remove his pants. Meanwhile she removes her blouse and skirt. Soon they’re both in nothing more than their undergarments.

“You want to do this?” he asks.

“Yes, I really do,” she says as she pulls him down to the pallet with her. He ends up on top of her and they’re both out of breath from excitement.

They both take a deep breath and she leans up to kiss him. He meets the soft curve of her mouth with his own and they kiss once, then again. The sensation in her woman area becomes much more intense with every meeting of their lips. He slowly trails kisses down her cheek and neck; while she slides her hands down his shoulders and back. He continues to kiss down to the gentle slope of her breast, stopping to lightly lick at the tip, then continues down the rest of her body feeling her start to tremble and squirm beneath his mouth.

As he gets down to her navel she rises up and pulls his mouth back to hers frantically, she removes her underwear and feels that he’s ready beneath his. He slips his underwear down and shakes them off and then they both stop and look at each other. He looks for assurance and she looks for doubt.

“Are you sure Tina?” he whispers. She looks into his eyes and nods then begins to smile again. He smiles back and slips her legs apart with one knee. She closes her eyes and bites her bottom lip in anticipation as he slowly eases inside her. The pain comes sharp and sudden, taking her breath away. Her eyes shoot open to meet his as her continues to slowly ease in.

“It’ll go away, I promise Tina,” he says with his eyes mimicking the pain she feels. He pulls out a small bit and she feels the pain weakening. He pushes in again and then pulls out a little more with her pain is fully gone. She smiles at him to let him known and he smiles in return. He begins to pull out more and more each time, thrusting harder and deeper as well. She can feel herself being stretched to fit him all the way inside of her. He moves his hands right next to her head and leans down to kiss her. She lifts her legs up and wraps them around his waist, locking them tight she brings him deeper and harder inside her.

He feels himself getting close to climax and tries to think of things to keep it back until she could be there herself. He uses one hand to play with the tip of one swollen breast and she arches to his touch, moaning his name. He nips at her bottom lip and kisses her deep, running his tongue along hers. She feels her body getting tense and wraps her arms around his neck; she can feel herself right on the edge. He feels her walls begin to tighten and as she cries out he lets go and they climax together. Thrusting hard, he spills every drop deep inside her as she clenches around him and her juices flow to meet his. He kisses her again and they feel their hearts matched beat for beat.

“Jacob, I love you too,” she says. He lies beside her and she moves her head to his chest, where he can smell all the perfumes she puts into her hair. He twists a lock around his fingers and lets his body relax as he feels her drifting off to sleep.

“I’d hoped to hear that for many years, Tina,” he says as he settles himself down to sleep, holding her tight in his arms the right way that he had always wanted.

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