Gender Bender in a Blue Blender

Gender Bender in a Blue Blender

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Cursed to be female during the day and male at night, Adain fights against his own blossoming feelings for his male best friend.



Cursed to be female during the day and male at night, Adain fights against his own blossoming feelings for his male best friend.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mom, I Miss You

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Talon hated his best friend's bed. The thing taunted him with its size. It was almost as if the bed laughed at his frail efforts to deny the fact that he was in love with Adain and that he could never join Adain in that bed in the ways that his mind, and the head between his legs, wanted to. He leaned on the door frame of Adain's room, his light brown eyes searching for a sign of his short friend's whereabouts. "Aid?" He called cautiously. Talon began calling Adain 'Aid' when they were children and he realized just how many times their parents had to hunt down the first aid kit for the little imp.

"Hold up, they've gotta be around here somewhere," Adain called from his closet.

Talon looked on helplessly as pants, shirts, and socks were expelled from the closet. So far, his day was turning out horribly. He had been awoken at four in the morning by a nightmare that left such a deep impression on him that he decided that, as soon as Adain woke up, he was going to confess his love to him. Instead, he found out that Adain had left their apartment at three in the morning to go to the local twenty-four hour supermarket in pursuit of supplies for some supposedly brilliant idea.

Ever since they were eight years old, Adain and Talon were forbidden to go anywhere near the room across from Aid's father's work study. As soon as they were eighteen, Adain and Talon had moved into an apartment together for easier access to their university and part-time jobs. One would think that at twenty-one years old, the imp would have long since forgotten about such things...

"This time, I'll break through that ward without a problem!" Adain declared as he continued to rummage through the messy floor of his closet.

Of course, he wouldn't forget. Talon ran his hand through his chin-length dirty blond hair as his patience began to fade. Adain had always made fun of the fact that he liked to keep his hair long in the past. The fact that his hair had about three different tones of natural highlights didn't help, either. As children, Aid loved to relish in the fact that Talon looked like a girl. Unfortunately for him, Talon grew to be a tall and well-defined young man...where-as the imp remained short and looked younger than his age.

"Let's do this!" Adain cried fervently. He emerged from the closet wearing camouflage cargo pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, and black leather, fingerless gloves. His short black hair was slightly ruffled from his dive into the closet-of-no-return, and his light blue eyes held a glint of mischief and determination. Beneath his eyes were a set of eye black strips.

"Does it have to be right now?" Talon asked as his last attempt to convince Adain to hold off on doing something crazy. "What's with the get up? Want me to get this on film? I'm sure it would garner a couple of thousand views on u-tube."

Adain gave Talon an unreadable look before looking at his digital clock. It was still only ten in the morning. "Heh," He huffed as he began to take off the gloves. "Guess you're right. We've waited over ten years to find out what's in that room. I guess we can stand to wait until the afternoon." Adain's family were descendants of warlocks. Though most of the power that allowed for such things as wards and curses diminished from generation to generation, some of it still ran in their blood. Aid's great-grandfather had placed a ward on the room across from his father's study. Neither his father nor his grandfather cared to tell him what was so important about the room. They refused to tell him why his great-grandfather chose to protect it. Adain's mother had died when he was only a toddler, but perhaps even she would have refused to tell him the truth about the warded room.

The room was as entrancing and mysterious to Adain as Pandora's box. If it wasn't for Tal, he would have risked his life to open the door in his early teens and would have probably been electrocuted, turned into a chicken, or worse. Luckily, he had spent most of his free time researching wards and their symbols. It had taken him many years, but he was certain that he finally figured out a way to break through his great-grandfather's particular ward. The blue-eyed young man bent over to grab a bag full of snacks, his real reason for visiting their local supermarket at such an ungodly hour, and followed Talon to the kitchen.

Once his friend set his mind to something, he went through with it until the end. In a way, Talon was glad that Aid had somehow found a way around the ward to the elusive room. He figured that an impromptu confession wasn't quite as impressive as opening a door that had been sealed for over ten years. So, he decided to wait until Aid's curiosity was sated first. The curse of having a personality as eccentric as Adain's was that it managed to draw others to him on a grand scale...however, it also managed to repulse the same amount of people in the very same way. Talon never knew how to handle the situation whenever the imp's mood changed chaotically. He could handle Adain's energy when it was in its normal levels. But, he could never handle his moods whenever something truly upset the blue-eyed boy. As a friend, he could only look on, all the while worrying about one day being the cause of such grief. So, it was with great effort that Talon somehow managed to convince Aid to hold off on his experiment until later on in the evening, while his grandfather and his father were physically in the house, should anything go wrong.




Adain had a feeling deep in his gut that his plan was going to go without a hitch. He could feel it in his bones. He felt that he was finally going to triumph over that blasted ward. The short-haired man tugged Talon's wrist as he all but hauled the blond to the hallway that housed the warded room. His father was in the kitchen and his grandfather was out in the garden. Neither of them even noticed them sneaking into the house. He could think of no better time to go full speed ahead. His blue eyes narrowed as he began a chant that centered around each of the invisible symbols around the door. "Sel loq sie prem as mante ni doafu era." With each phrase, a symbol became outlined in black and faded into the wall around the doorway. "Per mea briel cami yens namela era deh ash lo..."


When the final symbol faded away, the entire hallway wavered as if it were a disrupted hologram or a mirage. Though Talon reached out an arm to try to stop him, Aid all but dived through the wavering door...and was tossed right back out as if he were a rubber ball being thrown at a wall.

"Are you alright?" Talon asked in a quivering voice as he took the boy's elbow and upper arm to help lift him to his feet. He hadn't expected for Aid to just dive right in so recklessly. One would think that the boy had learned his lesson from years before.

"I'm fine," Aid drawled. He coughed a few times and tried to clear his throat. "At least, I think I am. I don't know, I feel the world spinning beneath my feet." He admitted, his fingers raking lines down Talon's shirt as he struggled to find his balance.

One of the buttons on the blond's shirt popped off and fell to the ground. Talon took it as a sign that Aid was definitely not alright. Not wanting the blue-eyed boy to clatter to the floor like the button, he bent his knees slightly and carefully hefted Aid into his arms. The blond had never been more grateful that the kitchen wasn't too far from the warded room. As he approached the counter, Aid's father rushed forward to help sit Aid down into a chair.

"I didn't realize that the two of you were even in the house," Mr. Calistro said in a chiding tone. "Start talking."

While Tal explained everything to his dad, Adain felt his vision blur. His ears felt muffled and he could barely move. He saw his grandfather rushing towards him with a kerchief still tied around his neck before he blacked out.




"You should tell him."


"He's your son!"

"Shouldn't you both take responsibility, you are his remaining guardians after all?"

"Ah, but you're the one that lives with him now, he should hear it from you."

"But, I'm telling you that..."

Heavy eyelids slowly fluttered open as the conversation roused Adain awake. As he slowly took a deep breath, he felt a strange weight on his chest, but he paid it no mind. The first thing he noticed was that they were no longer at his parent's house, but at their apartment. It wasn't until he sat up and felt a sharp pain on his head that he realized that something was very, very wrong. He looked behind him, still feeling drowsy, and noticed that he was sitting on some blue sheet that seemed to have tangled on his head. On closer inspection, he realized that it wasn't a sheet at all, but long, light blue hair...long blue hair that seemed to be attached to his own head. He looked down and noticed that the weight on his chest was due to two lumps of fat that certainly weren't there before. Almost in a trance, he reached a hand down to his crotch. "EEEEEEEEEEK!" He shrieked in a girly voice. The voice sounded strange even to his own ears. "What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck!" Adain's eyes automatically sought the set of brown eyes that he trusted the most. "Talon?" He squeaked in the same unfamiliar girly voice. "Get your blond ass over here and pinch me."

Talon approached the bed and unceremoniously pinched his best friend's arm. "I DID warn you. I warned you that something odd would happen for breaking through that barrier." Just before Aid had the chance to scream again, Talon clamped his hand over his feminine mouth. "Your father and grandfather are already seeking ways to break the curse. You shouldn't have to suffer this for long."

Adain glared at his friend and tried to speak past the warm hand covering his mouth. "How long is 'not for long'?" He asked in a muffled voice.

"We don't know, but rest assured that your father and grandfather will go through great lengths to get you back to normal." Talon explained. When he saw the building panic in Aid's black eyes, he sighed. "Your grandfather says that these kinds of curses only affect you during the daytime. During the night you should have your male body back."

What the hell was he talking about? Adain looked at his friend as if he were trying to understand some alien language coming out of his mouth. Did Tal mean that he would be stuck in a female body during the day and his male one at night? "Wh-what do you think this is? SHRIEK?" The last time he checked, he wasn't some redheaded princess stuck in some dragon-guarded tower. "This is bullshit." He muttered aloud, still struggling with denial.

"All we can do is wait for things to get sorted out," Talon finished.

Adain's black eyes swerved to his father's. "See what happened!?" Aid growled angrily. "If the damn magic lock on that stupid door didn't exist, none of this would have happened!" He frowned for a moment as his anger gave way to worry. "Listen, I'll tell you what...if you guys manage to fix me, I promise that I won't ever go near that room or door ever again!"

Talon could only look on as his best friend burned through the first three stages of grief rapidly. He exchanged concerned glances with Adain's grandfather, but the aged man only shrugged in response. Until they could find a solution, Talon was on his own when it came to keeping Adain in a sane state of mind.

Without any warning, Adain shot out of the bed and dashed into the bathroom. He locked himself inside, closed his eyes, and braced himself to witness the damage done by the curse. When he opened his eyes again, the first thing that he noticed was that he was still the same height. His short black hair was replaced with long, baby blue hair that fell in cascades on his shoulders and down his back. His light blue eyes were replaced with black ones, of which he could barely see the pupils of, and his lips were a little fuller. Aid carefully poked at the round flesh on his chest. Though he could barely feel the poking, he could definitely feel their weight. His hands moved down to his hips. They were wider than his hips ever were before. But, the biggest difference was...Adain gulped as he tugged out his pants and boxers to peek inside. Yeah, that was definitely a vagina. He had never even seen one so up close and personal before.

He glanced at the toilet. Since he only lived with Talon in the apartment, the toilet seat had been permanently left up, so it was odd for him having to put the seat down. With some careful maneuvering, he pulled his pants and underwear down and straddled the toilet. He slowly bent his knees and relieved himself. Even the sensation of urinating felt different. Feeling proud of his accomplishment, and of not making one big mess, Adain dried himself with toilet paper. He didn't have to worry about such things as keeping dry before, but it was obvious that he couldn't shake himself dry with a female body. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands, realizing for the first time that they were a bit smaller and softer than his usual ones. Could he really deal with all of this throughout the day? A creeping doubt began to slide around in his head. He wondered just how much he was going to put Talon through and if his father and grandfather could even find a counter-curse. He hadn't thought about his mother in years, but he really would have liked to have one at a moment like like this. "Mom..." He whispered aloud. "If you can hear me, wherever you are, please guide me to a solid solution."

Before he left the bathroom, Adain dug through the cabinet behind the side mirror of the sink for one of Talon's hair ties and rapidly pulled his hair back into a low ponytail. He then dug into the cabinet beneath the sink for wrappings. If he could figure out how to bind his new found breasts flat, then he could easily pass as nothing more than an effeminate boy. He was going to do what he had to in order to cope with the situation. Before he began the wrapping process, he took one more look at himself in the mirror. A smirk of irony tugged at his lips. He was definitely pretty hot as a girl. Maybe after he got a little more used to the situation, he would take full advantage of that fact. But, as it stood, he had a very long day ahead of him.




Talon allowed his hands to drag down the entire length of his face the moment that Adain's father and grandfather left him with the biggest task of all...keeping Adain in some kind of stable state. And when Aid himself stepped out of the bathroom, the blond couldn't help but groan. "Aid...seriously?" His best friend was a mess. The pants that usually fit him well were a bit tight on his feminine frame. And speaking of things that were tight...


"H-hey! Back off, buddy!" Adain squeaked in the horribly unfamiliar voice when the blond shamelessly pressed his hands against his chest. When he saw the stern disapproval in Talon's eyes, he folded his arms across his chest defensively. "What?"

"Don't you realize that any harm you put this body through will affect your real one too?" Talon explained in a chiding tone. "You can't just stay in here all day and pretend that this is nothing but a dream that you'll soon wake up from."

"I know that!" Adain argued. "This isn't anywhere near a dream, it's a nightmare! I'd like to see you wake up with boobs and a vagina one day and see how you could handle it!" He paced back and forth, randomly throwing his arms in the air in frustration as he ranted. "I just..." With a sigh, he suddenly crumpled onto the floor in a sitting position, his knees tucked underneath him. "I just wanted to know what was in that, I have to know."

"Even at these lengths, you still won't let the room be?" Talon asked in shock. He thought that the days of Adain's obsession with that damn door were finally over.

"Talon, something inside that room has always called out to me," He admitted in a whisper, forgetting for a moment that he was even trapped in a female body. "I don't think it was my great-grandad or even my grandpa that placed the seal on that room at all..." Without warning, tears began to fall from his eyes. "The power of that ward felt's."

Talon fell silent and could only look on as his best friend tried to pull himself back together. He had never seen Adain like this. "How would you know what your mother's power feels like?" Aid always managed to hold back his tears no matter what happened. For him, it was far more alien to see him cry than it was to see him in the form of a girl. And it seemed as if Adain realized it, too.

"This damn body even has me acting as moody as a girl," Adain whined. "And I don't know how I know that it was mom, I just felt her presence!" The excuse sounded pathetic even to his own ears, but he hated to cry; especially in front of others. He stood upon shaky feet and was surprised to feel himself being pulled into a warm hug. Though they did hug on occasion, Adain had never realized just how warm Talon was. He felt strangely soothed. However, as sudden as the notion had been, his friend just as quickly pulled away.

"Let's find you something a little more suitable to wear," Talon suggested.




"No! You can't fucking make me!" Adain hissed as he tried to tug his wrist free from Talon's iron grip. His traitor of a best friend had taken him to the mall against his will. And, out of all the interesting shops that lined the mall, he was being dragged to Shearings first. Talon asked the worst of shop for feminine undergarments.


Aid sighed with relief when he was released in the sportswear section of the store while the blond searched for a female employee for assistance. "Fucking Talon and his stubbornness," He grumbled to himself as he picked up a sports bra and began to tug on the stretchy material. One of his eyebrows rose. The material seemed like it would be comfortable to wear, but sturdy enough to hold place. He was about to holler at Talon to show him when he caught sight of him talking with a pretty employee. Girls had always flocked around Talon after he hit puberty, but for some reason, the redhead that he was talking to drew forth a surge of anger from Adain. He stomped his way over to the two, sports bra still in hand, when Talon's light brown eyes met his.

"There she is," Talon said in a mature tone of voice. Adain didn't like the sound of that tone.

"Ah, so this is your little sister!" The redheaded employee cooed.

Wait, sister? What sister? Adain looked behind him in a moment of confusion, as if he could somehow find the "sister" that was mentioned. "Sister?"

"Hee hee, I see she has quite a sense of humor as well," The employee giggled. "Of course we mean you, silly. Come with me..."

What had occurred afterward was simply too horrible to describe. Adain, for lack of a better word, felt violated. The redhead had stripped him down and measured him in places that he never wanted measured ever again. And, though Aid glared viciously at Talon during the entire drive back, they managed to gather plenty of fitted undergarments and clothes for Adain's female body.

"I'm just as upset as you are Aid, believe me," Talon explained. "But, we should prepare for the worst, even while hoping for the best."

Somewhere deep down, Adain realized that Talon was right. But, that didn't mean that he had to like it. Shit, at least he managed to convince the redhead to steer clear away from skirts and dresses. As Tal drove downhill towards their apartment, he could see the sun beginning to set in the distance. When he was a kid, his father had told him that his mother's favorite time of day was at sunset. He said that she would go out of her way to see or photograph the sun setting wherever they went. For Adain, that particular sunset became the most precious sunset of his life...because, as soon as half of the sun drifted below the horizon, Aid felt his body shift back to normal.

"OW! Son of a bitch!" He yelped when his package slammed against the middle seam of his pants. "But, at the same time, thank God!"

"Are you o...kay-" Talon's words died in his mouth when he saw that Adain's body had finally gone back to normal. Well, almost back to normal. As if it were a twisted souvenir and reminder, Adain's hair became jet black again, but it remained the same length that it had been while Aid suffered the cursed female form. "Why are things never simple when it comes to you?"

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