Don't Look Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Eliza Maehler visits the circus with her heartbroken uncle, but ends up dealing with a lion tamer who can't get off unless his pet tiger watches.
Eliza is a misanthropic 18 year old youth imagining the love life she wasn't having. Happy reading.

Uncle Carter was a fun Enough guy, for a six Year Old. His long time girlfriend left him, and now mom's Been pushing me onto him. "He needs somebody to talk. To, and at least if it was Somebody younger he would at least try to look tough in front of his nieces. Our Day was Spent looking through toy's are us for an hour.I would have been  interested ten years ago, But it wasn't All bad I got a new shirt with a rocket on it that said "she is out of this world." 

Carter had a big surprise Though, planned for the end of the day, the showstopper.."Eliza, I pulled some strings... and got us tickets to the circus." He felt so proud in that moment i could let him down."  I know a guy who works there so. He gave me a deal" I grounded my Teeth into a smile, and tried my best not to let my confusion, and disinterest show. He was a good guy, but he made it hard sometimes to deal with his needs.
For most of the show I said wow, or how do they do that, Once or twice, and he seemed pretty happy for most of the show, other then quick reflections of how different his life will be now, but hey! Aren't we having fun. The acts went through nothing special, but an Hour in, and they rolled out a Large Benguela tiger. The roar of The tiger shook awake the Entire Arena. Little squeals of crying hovered over the half empty stadium, and rolling out from the Opposite end was a large man built like an even bigger beast than the tiger dressed up like some kind of classical duke. His. Whip cracked in the air HHssss. The tiger stopped, The crowd stopped, my heart even skipped a beat. He dragged behind him a cold and shimmering silver all metal chair. "Thank you folks, but i must have complete silence for this next portion." 

The metal bars slammed in, and was naked in the middle of the cage trying to cover myself while staring down the man with a whip. SShhh he cracked the whip again, and i tried to cover myself more, and look smaller like he wouldn't see me, but then I heard the low growl of the tiger from behind. I tried to turn around, but only got a peek at the bouncing whiskers before Sshhh. "Look at me." The tiger roared this time inches from my back. Sshhhh. He rammed me against the bars of the cage with bottom of his chair. My arms caught by the chair legs. The bars behind me were nearly freezing, and the chair legs weren't much better, but Tiger violence as a possibility is a pretty warming thought. "I can't not look at the tiger. It's a tiger!" It glared at me, and left a huge sopping wet lick across my face. "Don't! You." Sshhh. "I'm looking at you!"

"You don't talk back." He swung me off the bars, and threw me to the ground. Joke was on him though it loosened up my shoulders, and I was just about able to pull my arms out, but he grabbed legs, and pulled me tighter into the death chair. "Why?" 

Sshhh. I tried to look at him, but he was behind the back of the chair, and the legs were too small to see anything, but that damn tiger hovering around my neck. The man was quite for about a minute, and I even tried to speak, but the tiger would glare at me like it knew what I was thinking. "Tiger. What's in this for you?" Then she either yawned or was showing off her teeth. Sshhhh. "What!?" 

His entire dick ripped into me. I couldn't breath, and he just stayed in me without a word for a full minute, and slowly pulled himself out. 

I gasped for more air. Sshhh. He rammed into me again. He stayed in even logger this time, and I felt every bit of him getting bigger and bigger inside me. Sshhh. Again. Sshhh. Again. Sshhhh. Again. 

"God, please don't stop." Sshhhh. Sshhhh. As it went on the tigers jaws nearly unhinged as she gripped my entire skull, and soon i didn't even mind, and the whip cracks Sshhh started to get quicker and quicker.

The man yelled out, and my entire body went numb.

The crowd of the circus started to run from the stands screaming all around me. Uncle Carter was gone. While I wasn't paying attention the tiger started tarring into the man's crotch. Everyone was scrambling from the bleachers, but all i could think was "that's a damn shame."  

Submitted: December 21, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Tom Tom. All rights reserved.

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