The Weekender

The Weekender The Weekender

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A traveler in need of a little R and R, gets more than he ever thought possible when he rents a room in an out of the way motel.


A traveler in need of a little R and R, gets more than he ever thought possible when he rents a room in an out of the way motel.


Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



After several days of being on the road ,I found myself in a small town just outside a huge state park.

The night was getting cold and up ahead I could see the flashing lights on a board that said Motel.

Not needing to be anywhere for three or four days,I decided to spend at least one night not moving..

  As i walked into the lobby of the motel out the back window I could see what looked like log cabins

on the edge of a beautiful mountian range.

At first I thought it was a mural ,but talking to the clerk I found that I could get one for the same price as a room with it being off season and all. So I rented cabin G-3. which had an amazing view of the valley.

By now It past dark,and I'm really hungry. As I walk through the door to the local diner I can hear the waitress

and the cook talking " We both know buisness will pick up again in March." Said the waitress, "Good Evening!"

She said energeticly.

  I ordered chicken fried stake , baked potatoe, black eyed peas,and one glass of sweet tea, which was gone in

fifteen flat.

  I returned to my by 8 pm .I turned on the T.V. . Nothing but static. "Digtal Television, Crap tv."  I decided to take a shower.

Hot water running down my back had a soothing effect. "I'll turn in early." Door locked and chained,

window locked down. Can't be to carfull in strange places, off to sleep.

  Aloft in a large bed ,warm and cosey it wasn't long before I was in a deep sleep.

Some time after midnight I was awaken by what could have only been some-one moving around the room.

My first thought was to check the door . It was still locked and chained from the inside. I made my way to the

window which was still locked down tight.

  The water in the shower came on. I walked into the bathroom to find a young woman getting undressed.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?"  As she continued to take her clothes off, and step into the shower

she said nothing.

  She looked to be about twenty-five years old or so, very good looking ! What should I think in this moment ?

The best I could think of was to give her a towel.

 I said, "If your planning to rob me you would just be praticing on me I don't carry cash!?" That was the best

I could come up with?

I leaned back on the bed,flipped on the lamp and waited. After half an hour or so she stepped out of the

bathroom with nothing on but the towel. Then she headed streight for the bed.

 " Hold on there." I said. "If I'm giving up my bed I'd like to know somthing about you, like maybe your name ?."

  "Geana."she said. "How old are you?" I said. She said "I was twenty-six."

  I stood up and took hold of the spread and started pulling it to the floor.

She pulled it back to the bed pushed it back around the courners and said, " stay."

 She then took my hand and pulled me back down next to her. For some-one that just had a long, hot shower

she was still cold..

  I pulled the comferter up over her .She pulled me down next to her.  I pulled her up close to me in (what I thought

at the time was first aid.)a warm embrace. I soon realized there was no danger and drifted back to sleep.

At some point I felt a surge of warmth around my mid section. Geana was licking my shaft, Now and then it would

sink into her pretty lips ,with a slight vaccume effect that felt great !  I switched the side lamp back on so I could

see her as her pretty face went up my shaft to the tip then half the way back down.

  I pulled her up over my mid section, she guided my stick into her tight spot . I felt like my rod was going to break off before

it went in . She forced the issue and it finally sank in. She was so tight it almost hurt but as she kept going it got easer,

but I could swear I felt her heart beat with each stroke. Soon enough we were in sinc down and up in what felt like perfect time.

Her moans increased, mine too, I felt her legs quake a little .Then a lot.  I felt her juices run down my sack,

she falls forward on me,kissing my cheak ,then my chin, then my chest.

I grip her hips, raise her to the tip of my shaft, and pull  her down . My tool slips out and makes contact with her brownie button,

 She finds new energy , up again she aims my pole for the other hole,which is much tighter than the first. Franticaly she drove herself down on me till I can't contain myself any more." I'm about to blow I tell her !" but it changes nothing. She continues to ride me hard. I feel her mucsles tighten again. This time I gush into her .Wave after wave .

"I can feel you splashing inside me!" she said.

  I got up to clean off .  As I walked into the bathroom I reached over the sink to get a clean hand towel, to clean  myself

I found the soap and applied it to the area that needed to be cleaned . She came in while I stood at the sink.She took handfuls of water and scrubbed me clean then by the same prosses she rinced it off dried it with another towel then promptly

put it back in her mouth. It was standing on its own already anyway. She did her best to make that a night I wouldn't forget.

  As I poured the last drop of my spice down her throught I knew I'd never forget her.

That night we tried a lot of diffrent ways to make love ,or have sex or what ever you want to call it .We both blew our wads

many more times that night.

At some point we were on the bed side by side. I looked over she was asleep. I laid my head on hers and it wasn't long before I

was out too.

  When I woke up, she wasn't there. The bathroom floor was still wet. The towels were still on the sink. The door was still locked from the inside. the windows were latched, but Geana was gone.

I turned in my key in at the desk.The guy behind the counter told me to have a good day . I started walking back to my car and something in the newspaper box caught me off guard.

There was a picture of Geana On the front page of this three month old small town paper,  and this is what it said,

Ms. Geana Jenson 26 years young of Willow Heights Died wednesday of injurys sustained in a skying accdent.

our prayers are with her family.. ( I paid for the paper)

  This may sound strange to you all but this is my life








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