The Enslaving of my lover

The Enslaving of my lover The Enslaving of my lover

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The is the tale of a man who has always wanted to live as a master of a 24/7 slave. It follows what happens when he decides to make his girl friend that slave. You follow them from the first night forward as they both experience this new life style.


The is the tale of a man who has always wanted to live as a master of a 24/7 slave. It follows what happens when he decides to make his girl friend that slave. You follow them from the first night forward as they both experience this new life style.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Enslaving of my lover

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The is the tale of a man who has always wanted to live as a master of a 24/7 slave. It follows what happens when he decides to make his girl friend that slave. You follow them from the first night forward as they both experience this new life style.

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Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 23, 2012



The Enslaving of My Lover

Written by Tlcbytom


What follows is the events that accrued when I first enslaved my lover.  I will call her Amanda.  Since that night our sexual lives has changed greatly.  Both she and I would agree that we are much more sexually full-filled and happy.  We have lived the roles of master and slave for almost 6 months.  Although Amanda will tell you that her life now requires her to do things that she would never have thought about doing before that night, she will also tell you honestly that she has no regret about giving up her freedom, nor would she change it.

Let me start by giving you a little background information on our sexual lives before that night.  We had been seeing each other for two years.  For the first year we strictly had what I guess most would call normal sex.  I had read several books and articles about bondage and one night suggested to her that we try it.  During the next 10 months we experimented off and on with it.  This was mostly restricted to securing her arms behind her or to the bed, maybe using a blindfold, nothing really heavy.  From the first night I tied her arms, she talked about how exciting that was.  I had always wanted to try the full master – slave experience and listening to her talk I know she was the one.  I rented a few movies about bondage and let her browse through the magazines I had.  Each time we watched a film or she flipped through the books, she got turned on.  After a few months although she did not say it with her voice, her body said I want to live that life.


Chapter 1:

Our 2 year anniversary was coming up in 2 months and I had decided that would be the night.  I spent the next couple of months making plans and preparing for the big night.  I purchased or made the items that would be required for your new life.  I typed up a contract for us both to sign and attached a set of rules that you would be expected to live by.  During the process I made sure that you are not aware of my actions.  I wanted that night to be a total surprise.

That year our anniversary fell on a Friday which would work great because that would give us the entire weekend before either of us had to be back to work.  As usual we made plans to go out that night.  On the Monday before I go by your place of work and give you $100.00 to buy a sexy new outfit for Friday.  You might call it an early anniversary present or a down payment on her purchase.  I tell you that I have a very special evening planned and wanted you to look especially lovely.  All week you try to get me to tell you what we were going to do on Friday but I refuse.  All I will say is be ready at 6:30 Friday evening.

Friday arrives and as planned I arrive at your house at 6:30.  You answer the door and I have the first opportunity to see the new outfit.  I am very Bpleased; it could not have been a better purchase.  You look more beautiful and sexy than I have ever seen you.  The dress is a sleeveless black lace, with very narrow shoulder straps.  The front of it hangs down about half way between you breast.  The length stops less than half way to your knees, with slits cut up both sides almost to your waist.  Underneath the dress I can see that you are wearing a black laced bra that makes your firm breast stand out against the tight fitting dress.  I cannot see what kind of panties you are wearing but by the dress I know they must be very skimpy.  The black 4” heals make not only your legs but your whole body look ravishing.  In fact I think the only way you could look sexier would be if you were wearing nothing.  I smile knowing that before the night was over that would be the case.

I say “Good Evening” and explain how lovely you look in the new outfit.  You thank me for buying it and give me a long kiss.  Pulling the door closed, you say “I am ready to go”.  As we get in the car, you ask again were we are going but all I say is you will find out.  When I turn right onto the main road running throw town you say “I should have known we are going to our favorite restaurant.  The one we went to on our first date and each anniversary after that.  The restaurant is on the edge of town and takes about 10 minutes to get to.  By the time we get there you can already taste the king crab legs that you order every time we go there.  As I drive past the turn in, you look at me and say “you just missed the turn”.  I don’t answer you but keep on driving.


Chapter: 2

We drive down the highway for another 25 or 3o minutes and then turn off onto a dirt road.  After about 5 minutes, we arrive at a large outdoor dinner theater.  You have heard they put on very elaborate plays and serve outstanding food, but had never actually been there.

As we pull into the parking lot you look up to the marquee to see what Broadway play we would be watching.  These are not done with simple sets that you would see if it was done inside.  But use full size buildings some with clear walls to allow the audience to see inside.  All it says is “Fantasy”,You think to yourself “I don’t recognize the name”.  You turn to me and start to say something but then decide not to, figuring that I would not answer you anyway.  We drive up to the entrance where a gentleman greets us and offers to park the car.  As we walk through the gate we are meet by a beautiful lady wearing a very, very skimpy dress.  The opening down the front goes clear to her navel.  Its’ length is barely long enough to cover her.  You are sure that if the lady was to bend over any at all, that everything would be exposed.  She has what must be five or six inch heels and is not wearing any stockings.  She is also wearing what you take as a necklace and bracelets on each arm and ankle.  She introduces herself as Jane and I gave her my name.  She looks down her list and then say’s “here you are Mr. Brown, “I see this will be a very special night for both of you, if you will please follow me”.  You have not heard a thing that we have said.  You are still staring at the revealing outfit that she is wearing.  In the back of your mind you imagine what you would look like wearing it.  Jane turns and heads down the aisle.  As we follow her you notice a sign that reads “No One under 21 Allowed beyond This Point”.  We are lead down to a box seat in the front row.

Jane waits for us to be seated, then says that Kim will be our servant and enjoy the evening.  You look around the dining area; you can’t see the stage because a large curtain hangs down in front of it.  There must be at least 100 table & chairs sets.  Most of them are either a 4 or 8 foot tables with either 2 or 4 chairs.  However the ones in the front row (15 of them) are boxed seats.  Instead of chairs they have padded benches.  The tables also are very heavy looking.  They are secured to the floor and why you don’t know but there are enclosed hooks attached to the tables.  Sitting at most of the box seats are couples like us, however at the both on our right is a husky single man.  He is around 45 years old has a short beard and is dressed more like a hunter.  As his server comes by you hear her say “good evening Bill, are you conducting business tonight or just watching”?  Bill replies I hope to find and add one or two.  You figure that someone must be joining him.

When the server is done with Bill, she comes over to our table and introduces herself.  Good evening sir my name is Kim and I will be your servant this evening.  She is wearing an outfit like the lady at the gate.  She takes a long look at you and then turns to me and says “She is a very beautiful lady, you are a lucky man”.  I reply “thank you, I would have to agree with you”.  She than glances back at you for a minute and then speaks to me again, “Would it be alright if she becomes part of the cast after the intermission”?  I look over at you to see you smiling and reply “I would love it”.  She says “Thank you Sir”.  She turns to you again and finally speaks to you.  Good evening and welcome to your special night.  You look puzzled but say “good evening”.  She than says “you look amazing to night and will fit into the cast perfectly, would you like to join us during the second half of the show”.  You act as if you are thinking about it but you already know your answer “Yes”.  All this attention about your beauty has made you excited and wanting to show yourself off to others.  Kim takes our drink orders and moves on to the next box seat.

You slide over on the bench next to me and lend against me.  You look up with a big smile and thank me for buying you the outfit.  I give your forehead a kiss and say “It was my pleasure, but I just gave you the money, you were the one that did the shopping”.  That makes you grin and laugh a little, “That is right I did” you say.  You sit there in my arms for five or ten minutes, thinking about how lucky you are to have me.  Once or twice during this time you wonder when I will ask you to marry me.  But you say to yourself, that will come, right now I am going to enjoy the way he treats me.

A gentleman’s voice comes on the loud speaker and says “Welcome everyone to this presentation of the show ‘Fantasy’ and hope everyone enjoys it.  Just a reminder that no one under the age of 21 is allowed in the theater during the show.  Now if everyone is ready, your servants will bring dinner around and then we will start the show.

  In the next couple of minutes you see Kim coming toward our table holding a tray of food.  You almost drop your drink when you recognize that she has changes cloths and the new outfit is extremely limited at best.  She has on a black laced bra with a heart hanging from the middle of it.  Down below she is wearing only a pair of black panties that is little more than a G-String.  She is wearing a pair of 5 inch black heals shoes.  She is still wearing the metal collar around her neck but it is now secured by a padlock.  Also her wrist and ankles bracelets are now padlocked on.  Each is connected together by a chain about 18 inches long.  When she reaches the table she says “Sir I have your dinner.  May I serve it”?  I answer “Please go ahead”.  She sets the tray down on the front of the table and begins to pass out the food.  She places a plate of T-bone steak, loaded baked Potato and Corn down in front of me.  To go with it she put down two dinner rolls, a small salad and a piece of Apple cobbler.She then turns to you and puts down a plate full of king crab legs and white rice.  To go with yours she give you a bowl of grilled veggies two cheddar cheese rolls, some pecan tarts and to your delight some crab stuffed mushrooms.  After everything is set on the table she looks at me and ask “Does everything look OK sir”?  I look over to check with you and you are very happy.  I turn back to Kim and answer “yes you may go”.  As Kim turns to leave I glance over to see you staring at her as she walks away.  I know what you are thinking “why is she wearing just panties and a bra as a waitress and why the chains.  But even more you are thinking about how sexy it would be to be in her place.  You can feel yourself beginning to get wet and your nipples are getting hard.  I don’t interrupt you but smile and turn back to my plate and began to eat.  A couple of minutes later you relies that you have been in dream land for some time and try to casually start eating like nothing had happened.  A big smile comes across my face as I think about later and the knowing I have made the right decision.  After you eat a few bites you look over and say “Thank you for bringing me here, the show has not even started but I am already enjoying it and the food is fantastic”.  I say “You are very welcome but the night is just beginning.  There are still lots more to see and experience.”  You lean over and give me a kiss before I return to eating.


Chapter: 3

Just about then the curtain hiding the stage begins to rise and the gentleman’s voice comes across the intercom again.“Is everyone enjoying the food”?  Everyone claps.  “What about your servants are they to your liking”?  There are shouts and applause.  You even find yourself applauding, although you are not sure why you are applauding at skimpy dressed ladies wearing chains.  You mind flashes back to the server and how seeing her made you feel.  Was it that you wish you could be her or maybe because they are not afraid to show off their feminism / submissive side.  The gentleman continues “We are glad to hear that and hopefully the rest of the evening will only get better.  And now for what everyone came for.  We are proud to present for your pleasure and imagination “Fantasy”.

As the curtain rises it revels one large two story cabin in the middle.  The front walls are clear plastic so the audience can see inside.  The top floor has several small bedrooms, but they are not furnished like most.  Each has a small two draw dresser and folding cot.  There is a closet about the size of a coat closet that can be padlocked shut.  Each of the room’s total size is not any larger than a large walk-in closet.  Each room has several places to secure chains to.  The down stairs looks pretty normal with a living room, Kitchen, dining room and a master bedroom.  The only thing you see different about these rooms is that once again there are metal hooks located around them.  There is one other room located on the first floor.  It looks like a dungeon out of a medieval castle.  Out the right side of the cabin are two what looks like enclosed animal pens.  Out front is a sign that reads

“Jack’s House of Training”

Where we help

Make her be all she should be

On the other side is a road leading toward the back where in the distance you can see what must be a town.  Although the play has not even started yet, just seeing the house and the way it is designed makes you start to get wet again as you remember the times we have had together.  You slide over next to me and lay back against me. 

Over the next hour we are treated to the daily activities of the house.  We learn that “Jack’s House of Training” is actually a place where women learn to relish their female submissive side.  The training covers many areas, dress, walk, several different positions that they may be asked to assume, how to satisfy the male in their lives among others.  You notice that there are different levels of training.  Some women are being trained more severely and are required to be submissive wherever they are.  Their training applies 24/7.  Others are trained to be what you might call a bedroom submissive.  Because although their new life requires them to be fully submissive in the house, especially the bedroom and at times other locations, normally outside their home their lives carry on as normal.  Either way they all have the chance or misfortune to experience each item in the dungeon.  They learn what it truly means to be a female and that any wrong doing will be dealt with severely.

Shortly into the play you reposition yourself.  You move so my hands and arms are able to more easily reach the front of you.  As the show progresses you are now very wet and your nipples are erect.  You look up and smile at me, give me a kiss and say “thank you again for bringing you here”.  I say “you are welcome” and return the kiss.  The play is about women forced in to being submissive to men and in today’s world women are to be equal and as strong as men.  You think about it and wonder if something is wrong with the way you feel.  You push those ideas out of your mind; all you know is that you like the way it makes you feel, it feels natural.  You like having a professional career and doing things outside the house.  But when it comes to your man, you want to be completely under his control. 

I slide my hand up under your dress and discover your wet panties.  You look up at me ashamed of them being wet.  I smile and place my hand up to your nose for you to smell.  You turn you head away because of where we are but mostly because of where and what made you wet.  I whisper to you smell it; this is your body’s natural response to what it wants or needs.  As if you were in the play being trained by jack you do as I say and smell it.  I whisper to you to use your mouth and tongue to clean my hand.  You look around the room and then up at me with a look of hesitation.  Hoping I will laugh or say something to indicate that I was joking.  But neither happens and you open your mouth and begin licking my fingers, hoping no one sees you.


Chapter: 4

Just then our attention is brought back to the play as the curtain begins to lower and the voice on the speaker says “There will be a 15 minute intermission before the second half.  Your servants will be around to refill your drinks and pick up your dishes.  Please feel free to get up and move around if you would like”.  As Kim starts toward our table you quickly adjust your dress to make sure you are completely covered.  She drops off a fresh drink for me, picks up our dishes and says to you “I will be back in a minute to take you back stage”.  Then turns and heads over to the next both.

You had been so enthroned with the play; you had completely forgot that you had agreed to be a part of the cast in the second half.  A hundred thoughts run thru your head.  What are you going to be required to do?  Are they going to make you one of the women being trained?  If so will they chain you up, punish you or make you take some of your clothes off.  Fear comes in to your mind.  If I take my dress off jack will notice my wet panties.  What will he say or do?  Will he make a comment to the audience about it?  Although the clothes issue brings fear to your mind and you reassure yourself that surely they won’t, your body is responding differently.  You instantly get wet and your nipples stand straight out.  When you notice your bodies reaction, you think to yourself “Here I am worried about what they are going to do and if jack will notice and yet my body is betraying me.  After a couple of minutes you smile and begin to think how much fun it will be under the control of Jack.  Being trained to pleaser him, not being able to say no, forced to wear what he says or maybe nothing at all, being tied up so he can have his way with you or being punished for not doing something correctly.  All these thought although running thru your head and your brain is saying that is bad, your body and the rest of your brain are saying I want it.  You only wish it was me and not jack that would be controlling you.

I don’t know what you are thinking about but by the facial expression and other body actions I sit there and smile.  I ask if you would like a sip of my drink before you go back stage.  Not even realizing it you say “yes sir” and reach for the glass.  I smile and give you a kiss.  I ask “did you hear what you just said”?  “What” you reply.  “You answered my question with yes sir.  Are you practicing for the play”, I ask and then laugh.  You are a little embarrassed but hurry and say yes.  We both laugh knowing that is not the case.

The words “Excuse me sir” brings our attention back to the room and there in front of us is Kim.  Sir is it all right if I take the lady with me.  The second half will be starting soon and there are a couple of things they need to go over with her before it starts.  After I drop her off back stage I will bring you your bag.  Yes by all means take her. Kind of joking I add and tell them to train her well, lots of discipline.  Smiling, you lean over and give me a hug and kiss saying “wait till later you will be in trouble”.  I give you a light slap on the ass as you walk away and laughing say “have fun and we will see about later”.


Chapter: 5

You along with 4 other women from the front row are taken back stage and introduced to the cast members.  Then each of you are taken aside by one of the ladies and quickly shown a standing position and a kneeling position.  You must learn these two positions and assume them correctly whenever told to.  You jokingly say “Why will I be punished if I don’t” The lady teaching you comes back not in a joking manner “Yes”.  She also explains a little about what is going to be happening during the second half of the play and tell you to just go along with whatever is asked of you.  “Think you can do that” she ask?  You are both excited and scared but say “Yes, I can do that”.

She leads you up stars to one of the small bedrooms.  On the top of the dresser are a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, and padlocks for each and some lengths of chain.  She first puts the collar around your neck and snaps the lock closed.  On the collar it says “I proudly belong to“ without a name following it.  It fits snug but not tight around your neck.  Although you know it is simply a play, when you hear the lock close, in your mind you are suddenly a little afraid.  Your body responds completely differently.  Juices start to drip from between your legs, your nipples are instantly firm and very tender to any touch or movement and you fell almost week in the knees.  You feel ashamed and embarrassed by the reaction of your body.  The lady with you says “don’t worry about it.  Most women have the same reaction to the collar as you did” “how do you know my reaction” you ask “Well let’s see I bet your pussy became intently wet, your nipples are firm and tender and you felt like you were going to fall over. Am I right”?  You smile and say “yes, this is just a play and yet just the thought of that happening to me is so intense and exciting”.  She than puts both the ankle and wrist cuffs on and uses the locks to secure the chains between each wrist and you ankles.  She then ask you to assume the kneeling position she showed you earlier and then fastens a chain from you collar to a ring on the floor.  When done she tells you to stay like that and enjoy the rest of the show.  Before you have a chance to say or ask anything she has gone out the door and closed it behind her. 

Trying not to move your head you move your eyes to look at your current situation.  Wrist and angles chained together and with the chain attached to your collar and the floor makes it impossible for you to change your mind.  You are sitting back on your heels facing the curtain, in a few minutes 2 or 3 hundred people will see you.  It is impossible for you to even stand up and although it is not as short as the outfits worn by the servants and hostess your dress is very short especially in the position you are in. You can’t even stand up to hide yourself.

You don’t have to wait long after the lady leaves and you see the curtain begin to rise and the gentleman’s voice is once again on the load speaker.  Is everyone enjoying the show?  Everybody claps and yells, showing their liking.  You find yourself clapping and shouting also, not realizing that the curtain is now high enough for the audience to see you.  The announcer says “we are privileged to have some of the ladies from the audience agree to take part in the second half of the show.  Now that is a lady that really loves her collar”, to the loud applause from the audience.  You quickly put your hands back on your thighs where they were supposed to be.  “But I think she needs a little more discipline.  She hasn’t learned to do as told yet”.  The theater is full of laughter and applause.  You think about leaving but then remember that you are chained to the floor.  The play resumes and you are glad that they are not involving you right now at least.  Your mind is thinking about so many things all at once.  Why did I clap and applaud, will Jack know it was me and if so will it matter.  What is going to happen to me next, how long will I be left like this, am I going to be able to please Jack.  Even though it seems strange and he is just an actor you really want to show him that you can be a good submissive.  Mixed in with all these negative thinking are positive ones like my body is so alive.  It seems like every little thing makes me horny, I really wish I could reach down and play with myself right now.  You think about how little you have actually had to do and yet your body is constantly wet.  You try to imagine what it must be like for the servants and the other actresses in the play.  Then you think about Jack, what a lucky man to be able to see so many women in a state of arousal.  Not only does he get to see them, he gets to help make them that way.  At times they are secured and have no way of stopping him or making him continue if they want to.  Your imagine yourself secured to a device in the dungeon, helpless before him.

All of the sudden the door opens and standing in the door way is jack.  He looks larger standing right in front of you then he did when you were sitting out in the audience.  But then it might be because of your current position, chained, sitting back on your heels, hands on your thighs knees spread a little apart and your head looking right at his man hood.  Although you quickly clear your head, for a second you think about what is would be like to unzip his pants and take his rod deep into your mouth right now.  Even though it was only a second the smile on your face tells Jack what you are thinking.  “So you are the one that loves the collar” is the first thing out of Jack’s mouth.  You find yourself blushing a little but answer him “yes sir, I guess I am”.  Although you were not told that you had to say sir to him, it seemed natural.  He laughs and says “is there anything else that you would like to tell me”?  What you would like to say is no but what you say is “yes sir, When I was put in this position I was told to stay like this.  I must tell you that I didn’t”.  You think to yourself what made me say that.  He and the audience both laugh.  He looks directly into your eyes and says we will have to do something about that.  Your future owner will not think much of my training if you cannot follow instructions.  With that he gives a slight tug on the chain fastened to your neck.  Suddenly your smile turns to a fear, the thought of being punished by this man.  You have not been punished like this since you were a young girl.  It makes you want more than ever to do everything he says so you do not have to hear that again.  But also he said “you new owner” hearing those words sends a shiver inside your body.  You are not sure if you are suppose to answer him but you reply “Yes sir I need to learn better”  He smiles and says “you will defiantly make the lucky man tonight happy.  He then leans over and undoes the chain from the floor.  You wish now that you could have seen what happened to the other ladies that came from the audience but because of the position you were in, that was not possible. 

He orders you to assume the standing position.  You try to clear your mine to remember how the lady showed you to stand.  You rise up and just as you do it pops into your head.  You come to a straight upright position, head facing straight out and down to the floor about 10 feet in front of you, your legs are about a food apart and your hands are as far behind you as possible.  Normally you wrist would be crossed behind your back but due to the chain you are unable to.  You were told never to let your hands fall down to cover your ass.  You think to yourself how this position put your whole body on view for inspection.  You think if I did not have my clothes on he could see or examine everything. 

You feel a jerk on the collar around your neck.  Jack has started to lead you out of the room and down the stairs.  When you take the first step you almost fall but Jack catches you.  He says “Be careful you must learn to take small steps to accommodate the chain.  I will walk slow until you get more accustom to them, but you must learn to keep up with your man”.  With all the thoughts that were racing thru your head you forgot that your ankles were chained together.  You are quickly learning that to please your man / master will not always be easy.  You answer him “Thank you sir and I will learn”.  You quickly add “and sir thank you for catching me”.He replies “that is what a master is for to keep you safe”.  In your mind all this has only made you want more to please him and to do things right.  He turns and again starts walking; you quickly follow him this time making sure that you take small steps so you do not fall.  The chain that is fastened to your neck is not more than 30 inches long so you must stay close to him.  He leads you down the steps watching you closely to ensure that you do not fall. He leads you thru a door.

You are relieved to find that it is the bedroom and not the dungeon.  But in the back of your mind you kind of wish it was.  That way your punishment would be over and you would not be worrying about it.Just a little way inside the room he comes to a stop.  You quickly stop and assume the standing position.  He turns around and smiles saying “very good”. He then slowly take a look at you up and down, front and back.  When he once again returns to the front of you, he says “Yes you will make your new owner a very happy man and I have not even seen you without your clothes on”.  With that you smile and even giggle a little.  The audience and even Jack a little bit, laugh.  When he looks at you, you think oh I shouldn’t have giggled.  He says don’t worry, I am not mad.  It is natural for a woman to be excited when someone gives her a compliment like that.  We do not want to stop you from that”.  You are thankful that you are not in trouble again, you haven’t even received the first punishment, you don’t need to have a second waiting also.

He begins to explain about the bedroom.  This room is the throne room of a man’s home.  More than anywhere else he is in charge here.  As a female / submissive you must learn your place here.  Over time you will learn to relish in the fact that when you step into this room you are at your man’s mercy.  This does not mean that you will not enjoy your time here; in fact you will find that this is one of your favorite places.  Because although you are completely under his control here, you are doing what you truly love and born to do, Serving and satisfying a man.  When in this room your mind will be free to enjoy the time.  And having experience it tonight you are aware how your body reacts to that.  By displaying your beauty to him and making your man happy you actually make yourself happy.  Remember he is the man and you are the female, your first responsibility is to make sure he is satisfied and in return he will make you satisfied.  But I must warn you a man that truly loves his submissive will also punish her if she does wrong or does not satisfy him like she should.  This is not to be mean or hurt you but to correct bad or inappropriate behavior so you can be a better submissive and please your man better.

He stops speaking for a few minutes and then ask “Do you have any questions about the bedroom”?  You look around the room for a minute and then ask “sir what is the rug on the floor there for”?  Jack looks at you and then says let me show you.  He tells you to lay down on the rug.  You hesitate just a second but then do as he says.  He takes the chain that he is holding and locks it to a ring on the floor leaving only about 18 inches for you to move.  He then climbs on the bed and lays down.  This is one of the punishments I use when my sub has not pleased me.  She is not allowed to sleep on the bed but must sleep chained on the floor next to my bed.  One or two nights down there and she is quick to change her ways.Your master is sleeping on a very soft bed next to you and you are lying on the floor unable to even sit up.He leaves you there for maybe 5 minutes, during that time he talks to you about what he expects from his sub in the bedroom.  but also during the whole time he is moving around on the bed where you can see and hear it.  This and the fact that he also keeps looking over the side of the bed down to you, these both help drive home to you how degrading and inferior it make you seem.  Finally he gets up and releases you from the floor.  Now that is over it is time to go take care of a little discipline problem.  Although you hear what he said and should be afraid, your body actually becomes a little aroused by it.  He turns and heads out of the bedroom and into the dungeon.


Chapter: 6

You saw it from the front when you were sitting in the audience, but being this close to the equipment in the room, they look and you feel different.  Also you have had the chance to experience the collar and some of the other aspects of being a submissive and you understand their purpose / importance of them.  Jack looks around the room and then leads you over to a wall where there are cuffs up high for your hands and also along the floor for your ankles.  You can tell that when you are placed in them your arms and legs will be spread wide apart.  Also because of the height of them you will not be able to move your body very much.  You notice that you are getting wet again and your nipples are responding also.  Jack unlocks and removes your arm and leg cuffs.But the freedom is short lived as he attaches one of your arms to the chain on the wall.  As he lifts your other arm and begins to secure it to the wall he says “Just so you know normally this would be done without the dress and depending on the reason for the punishment maybe nude”.  He had hardly finished speaking when you speak up “Sir” Yes he replies, “Will you punish me without the dress on”.  He says “are you sure that you want that”? “Yes sir, I did wrong and that was a simple rule to follow, I should be punished properly.”  He smiles and begins to undo your arm.  Sitting in the audience I can’t believe my ears, I am not mad but surprised.  But I also smile and laugh as I think that by the end of the night I will be the benefactor of all this.  You are truly becoming a complete woman.  You hold a degree with a great paying job and now are accepting your submissive side.  Jack instructs you to assume the standing position but to place your arms down at your side.  You quickly obey.  He walks around behind you and as he starts to undo your dress he whispers quietly so the audience will not hear “You do remember you are performing in front of a live audience”?  Smiling you quietly reply “Yes sir, so we should make this as real as it can be”.  He finishes undoing your dress and slides if off your shoulders.  It falls to the floor and he instructs you to step out of it.  Reveling your black laced bra and a pair of bikini black panties.  The cheers and applauds.  He attaches your arms and legs to the cuffs on the wall.  You try to move and as you thought you can move a little but not much.  When he is finished securing you to the wall, he gives you a lite slap on your ass with the palm of his hand.  He then walks over to another wall and talks a small paddle from it.  You are able to see him and memories come back from when you were a young girl.  Not being tied up but the paddle.  He slowly walks back toward you letting the paddle hit his palm.It is not hard but it has the desired effect on you.  You tense up at first and then your body begins to respond.  That all too familiar moisture between your legs and your nipples are beginning to notice they are touching the wall.  When he gets back to you, he lightly touches your ass with the paddle.  He runs it up and down your back side sliding it between your legs a couple of times.  Then he holds it up to your mouth and instructs you to kiss it.  You obey his request.  This kiss is to show you that it is not to bring harm but love.  Then he gives you 5 spanking, some lightly but other hard.  You squirm in the chains each time the paddle hits your ass but your body is fully alive now.  Your pussy is soaking wet and you are actually enjoying it.  After he is done he once again has you kiss the paddle.  He undoes you from the wall and quietly says thank you for removing the dress.  You feel so proud that you made him happy. 

He instructs you to take the paddle back over to the wall and hang it up.  After you hang the paddle up you look around at the other items hanging there.  You try to imagine what it would be like to have each of them used on you.  Jack speaks to you “I did not tell you to take all day”.  You quickly return to where he is and say “I am sorry sir I was looking at all the punishment tools you have.

He instructs you to face the audience and assume the kneeling position.  Your quickly do as he says.  Once you are set you begin to think about the way you are on display and you remember that you do not have your dress on.  But you don’t move, in fact you smile as you think about what Jack said earlier about seeing you with your dress off.  You are glad that you are not very close to the audience because they might see or smell your wetness.  He leaves you like that for about 5 minutes.  Ok it is time to put your dress back on and then he reattaches your chains.  When done he says “would love to have time to use each of them on you but it is time for the auction.”


Chapter: 7

He leads you outside and to an open area about 30 feet from the front row of the audience.  Already out there are the other four ladies from the audience along with 5 other ladies from the cast.  Jack orders you all to line up in a straight line across the stage and to assume the kneeling position.  Once everyone is in position the announcer comes across the intercom “Ladies’ and gentlemen that brings us to the last part of the evening.  We have only one thing left and that is to auction off of our submissive females.  The audience applauds.  The Announcer says” all those people that purchased auction coupons you have 5 minutes to examine the ladies.  Remember there is no touching”.

Fear enters into you mind.  What are they doing, they can’t just auction us off to whomever.  Then you see me get up and your mind is relieved.  This must have been preplanned before and I would buy you at the auction.  You notice that there must be about 15 people including the gentlemen that was with the other 4 ladies from the audience and also the gentleman that was sitting by himself next to you.  Then the fear returns as you remember the conversation between him and the servant.  When asked if he was here on business or just to watch.  He had answered I hope to add one or two.  Surely this is just part of the play.  You feel extremely sexy kneeling in the position you are and having men walking around examining you.  After five minutes the announcer says if you will all please take you seats so we can get started.

The men go back to their sets and sit down.  At the same time you and all but one of the ladies are lead over to the pens out to the side of the house and locked inside.  The other lady is left where she was but instructed to assume the standing position.  All of you in the pen watch everything that goes on.

Alright gentlemen you all have had a chance to inspect the ladies and new it is time to pull you money out and take one of these lovely ladies home.  The first lady up for action is name Brenda and has measurements of 34-28-34.  Let’s start the bidding at $300.  The man she come with raises his paddle, indicating a bid.  The bid goes back and forth between three men, but as you were expecting her date wins the bid.  The announcer says “Lady is sold to the gentleman for $700.  Please come up and collect your property.  Jack steps up to her and begins to remove Brenda’s collar, ankle and wrist hardware.  The boyfriend removes from a bag a dog collar and leash.  He attaches them to Brenda and after shaking Jacks hand he leads her back to his table.

The next two auctions go just as you expected each being sold to the person they came to the show with.  Next is Judy, the last lady that came out of the audience besides you.  The biding begins and after a few minutes it is down to two bidders.  The gentleman she came with and Bill, the single gentleman sitting in the box set next to me.  When all is done to your shook Bill is the highest bidder.  The only person more stunned then you is Judy.  She begins to protest as Bill gets up from his seat and come up.  You can’t do this she screams as he places his collar on her and leads her to his table.


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