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Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Another short story I originally posted on AFF. This is a Puck/Kurt story about their first encounter. I hope you all enjoy it. :)



Another short story I originally posted on AFF. This is a Puck/Kurt story about their first encounter. I hope you all enjoy it. :)


Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



It’s amazing really, just how much a haircut can change you.  I mean, it’s not like people here never feared me, but now they’re actually running when I walk by.  Sophomore year’s going to be a piece of cake.

Noah Puckerman strolled through the halls of McKinley High with the cockiest of looks on his face.  He had abandoned his freshman neat, tidy locks in exchange for his new badass Mohawk.  His newfound dominance even had teachers stepping out of his way.  This school was his now, and no one was going to challenge that.

A few hours later and Puck was on his way to Mr. Schuester’s third period Spanish class.  He had already ‘convinced’ some of his fellow classmates to take care of his biology and math homework, and it would soon be time to do the same for his next class.  When he passed through the doorway a bright light on the wall managed to catch his attention.  A seating chart.  This wasn’t anything he wasn’t used too, but it would limit his nerd pool.

He quickly glanced over the screen and found his name, noticing nearly half a dozen girls placed around him, this would easily help him satisfy two of his needs.  He turned around and could swear he felt the students tense up as he stared them down.  In the back center of the room sat one Kurt Hummel opposite of Noah’s own seat.

The kid tried to focus on his notebook as each step brought the jock closer to him, but his eyes quivered in the assumption of only the worst.  Quickly, the chair next to him was brought back and the well-built boy was soon straddling the seat, giving winks and nods to each of the Cheerios who filed in.  The minutes dragged on painfully for Kurt who refused to look up, praying that the teacher would come in from the hall and begin class.

After what felt like an eternity Mr. Schuester stepped back inside, swinging the door closed behind him.  “Hola clase!” Schuester eagerly called out, “Me llamo Will Schuester.”  These were the last complete phrases Noah could fully understand, not having picked up much from his first semester of Spanish.

“Hey,” Noah whispered to Kurt as Will continued giving his foreign introduction, “What’s this guy talking about?”

“Um,” was all he could manage to get out.  Being spoken to by Noah Puckerman?  And without any insults or threats?  This couldn’t be real.  But as Noah’s face began to turn sour Kurt realized he shouldn’t waste an opportunity that could later spare him.  “He’s um, telling us about the class; rules and assignments.”  The jock didn’t stop staring, prompting the young fashionista to continue.  “Uh, he’s saying we have our first assignment due on Friday and that it’s…”

“It’s what?”  Now Kurt truly felt fear.  His mind searched, hoping he had mistranslated or that the teacher had misspoke, but he knew he heard right.  “What did he say?”

“It’s um, a pair assignment… with the person you share a table with.”

“So, everyone understand?” Schuester cut in before Noah had a chance to rebut.  All he received was a silent group of stares and gentle, unsure nods.  “Ha, well just in case, here’s a set of English instructions,” he said while he walked through each aisle, handing out papers.  The two tablemates both began reading over it and saw it to be true, their first Spanish assignment would be done together.

This new preoccupation left Kurt unable to listen to the rest of the lecture which only covered course expectations and a drafted timeline.  As the bell rang and the already prepared to go students stood up, Kurt nervously spoke before Noah left.  “So… when do you think we should start this?”


“Well, yeah.  It is a group assignment.”  Noah was about to teach the delicate boy why no one asked him to do work, but something inside him stopped him.  Something inside felt some sort of compassion for this boy who, without coercion, had already helped him once.

“How’s five o’clock?  I’m usually done at the gym by then.”

“That works for me.”  Noah grabbed a nearby pen and scribbled on the back of Kurt’s syllabus.

“Call me later and we’ll meet up.”

“Okay.  I’m Kurt by the way.”

“Puck,” he responded after a moment of hesitation, using his football nickname for the first time outside the field or locker room.  Without another word Puck left Kurt’s side.  The closeted boy looked fawningly after him even though he wouldn’t dare give away his own secret.  Yet.

It was nearing five o’clock and Kurt, phone in hand, prepared to call his hunky assignment partner.  In the bathroom, the young brunette moisturized his hands for probably the fifth time tonight.  His mind rehearsed and rehearsed his greeting as he imagined opening the door, reaching his hand out, and greeting his potential friend ‘Puck’.  He had only hoped that the kind greeting and delicate touch of his hand would let Puck see that this boy was not worth bullying, but instead someone he could rely on.  On where he came up with this assumption he wasn’t sure, but he knew it was worth a shot.

Back in his living room Kurt sat listening to a soft ringing before the rough voice answered.  “It’s me, Kurt.  I was calling to see if you were ready to start the assignment.”

“Yeah,” he slightly panted, providing the knowledge that he had only very recently finished his workout.

“Okay, well, you can come over here if you’d like.  My dad’s gone so we’ll have some privacy, and, um, quiet too.”  Kurt furiously blushed from the poor choice of words and failure to make up for the privacy comment.

“Sure, where do you live?”

“Right down the street from McKinley.  If you turn onto Whittler Boulevard, I’m the third house on the left.  I’ll have the light on for you too.”

“I’ll be there in five.”  Puck hung up in an instant, leaving Kurt further embarrassed by the short responses he received.  But more than that, the anxiety of being alone with Puck again crept into his mind.  He knew he was… a bit flamboyant, but he couldn’t let his true self be seen by one of the biggest stars in McKinley.  The football team wouldn’t understand if one of their best players was friends with a… gay kid, especially someone who’s already as bullied as Kurt.

Almost right on cue, the doorbell rang out.  Kurt’s eyes opened wide and he stared at the door.  But out of nowhere he shook his feeling of despair off as he stood up and approached the door.  He knew Puck was different, somehow he could tell that the jock didn’t mean him harm.  And instead of causing himself stress, and potentially wrinkles, he decided to face the boy with no preconceived notions.

With a quick turn of his wrist, Kurt unlocked the door and opened it to see his taller, more muscular partner in front of him.  Only wearing a muscle tank and jeans, the porch light created a beautiful glow as it bounced off of his sweat glistening arms and chest.  “Hi, Puck.  Come in.”  He stepped out of the way and let the boy step up into the room.

“Hey, you’ve got a pretty nice place.”

“Thanks.  My dad usually spends all his time in the garage so it gives me a chance to hone my interior decorating skills.”

“It looks good.”  Kurt had almost been taken aback by the second compliment.  The first could have just been seen as courteous but the second one referred directly to Kurt’s style.  “So let’s get this thing started, huh?”

“Okay.  We can sit down at the kitchen table.”

“No, I’m fine in here.”  Puck dropped his book bag to the floor immediately followed by himself in front of the coffee table.  Silently, the still standing boy walked over and slid down between the couch and table.  He reluctantly displaced his perfectly positioned decorations to make room for them.

“I was reading this paper and there’s only twenty short answer questions so if we work quick enough we can probably finish tonight.”

“Okay, but before we do, do you have anything to eat in here?”

“Um, sure.  What would you like?”

“Whatever, I’m just hungry.”

“I’ll be right back then.  You can go ahead and get started if you want.”  Puck looked at the back of his head as he left the room, wondering what gave him the impression that he would be doing the work.  But after a brief moment of reconsideration, he pulled his book out and began looking up the specified pages to search for the first answer.  He was now surprising himself as he took some initiative, simply because he didn’t understand why he would.

Right as the muscular student reached into his bag for a pen, Kurt had returned with a small party platter of fruits and dip.  “I hope this will do, it’s probably good for you after your workout.”

“Either way, it’s food.”  Puck grabbed the nearest bundle of grapes and began picking them off and popping them into his mouth.  “So why don’t you work out?”

“What makes you think I don’t work out?”

“Well look at you, erm, no offense or anything.”

“It’s okay.”  The pair momentarily stayed silent, even Puck was nervously looking down.

“So, I um, finished the first question, I think.”

“Oh, cool.”  Kurt gave him his closed-mouth chuckle in an attempt to put the momentum back in their conversation.

“You can check it over if you want.”

“No.  I’m sure you did good.”  He didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’d for sure look it over before turning it in.  The two continued their work for nearly forty-five minutes before Puck had had enough, stating with no flexibility that they would be taking a break.

“So your dad works on cars then?”

“Huh?”  Kurt took a second to see where that question came from, quickly noting that Puck’s attention had been grabbed by an art piece on the wall.  “Oh, yeah, he runs a shop from our garage actually.”

“Really?  Why don’t we go check it out?  You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, it’s fine.  It’s this way.”  The feminine boy led him through the dining room and the kitchen which opened up the impressively large garage, complete with its own ­­car jack.

“Whoa, this place is fuckin’ nice,” Puck’s voice echoed, initially unaware of how the smaller boy behind him felt.  “Oh, sorry,” he only half-meant his sentiment, “I forgot people like you are sensitive.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you don’t like hearing words like fuck.”  Kurt ignored his oblivious response.

“No, what do you mean by ‘people like you’?”

“Gays.”  The younger brunette froze in place as the muscular one continued glancing around the tool table.

“I’m… not gay.”

“Heh, yeah.”

“I’m not!”  Kurt was much more adamant this time even as his higher-pitch voice worked against him.

“Oh, really?  Why don’t you prove it to me than?”  Puck now began opening drawers and cupboards, seemingly searching for something.

“How do you expect me to do that?”  The playful tone the jock had been using wasn’t emanating from the smaller boy.

“Here we go,” Puck loudly mumbled to himself.  He now turned back to Kurt, displaying an open nudie calendar posted on the inside of a cupboard door, “What do you think about this?”  Kurt frighteningly looked at the woman, straddling a motorcycle with a seductive glance over her shoulder.  “Now tell me what you’d want to do with her.”  The boy stumbled and stuttered to come up with an answer.

“I-I… I mean, um…,” he scoffed as his brow furrowed, “That doesn’t prove anything.  It’s uncomfortable for me to talk about stuff like this with other people anyways.”

“Oh come on.  Look at that ass, and those tits… oh, man.  Can’t you just imagine how tight she must be?”  Puck instinctively reached down and began gliding his hand back and forth over his rapidly growing length.  Kurt too had succumb to his own urges and glances from aside him to watch his hand work.  Being too enamored by the action, he hadn’t noticed when the more active boy had looked back to him.  “Aha,” his voice startled the boy into quickly looking up to meet the buff boy’s eyes, “So this is what turns you on.”

“No, it’s not, I just… I… I don’t know.”

“It’s okay, Kurt.  No one’s gonna care that you’re gay.”

“I’m not!” Kurt reiterated.  Puck, still not having gotten a confession and not yet done playing with his toy, strengthened his efforts.

“Okay, okay.  Well then if you don’t mind…”  Puck shut the cupboard door and moved to stand directly in front of the frustrated boy, not wanting to have any distraction from his next action.  At some point between standing next to Kurt to where he was now, the older boy had managed to nonchalantly loop his thumbs under the hem of his accentuating jeans.  He tilted his head down and watched his fellow classmate with his lips puckered and the most impish look he could manage.

Puck let his fingers come out of his jeans and brought them up to his chest, his shirt following in his grasp.  He watched as Kurt sharply inhaled when his nipples became visible.  Within an instant, Puck’s muscle tank was off and thrown off somewhere to the side.  The suave-haired boy, no matter how hard he tried, was now unable to avert his eyes.

“So?  Waddaya think?”

“Um, uh…”  Again, Kurt was rendered speechless when Puck tightened up his pecs and flexed his arms.

“Does this chest do it for you?”  He continued to tease the boy by bringing his finger up to flick at his nipple.

“Why are you doing this?  I thought you were straight.”

“I am.  You think this is about attraction?  I just like sex, and what with the weather getting colder my pool cleaning business is suffering.”  He let Kurt look him over a minute longer, seeing that both of them were now fully aroused.  “So, are you gonna admit it to me now?”


“Yeah what?” Puck playfully asked.  This new side of him only made Kurt laugh.

“Heh, yeah I’m gay.”

“There you go.”  His hand reached forward to tilt the boy’s head up as his own head moved in.  Their lips met so gently and erotically that Kurt nearly melted in the strong, comforting arms that managed to slip around him without notice.

“Wait,” Kurt said as he suddenly forced the boy away, “I don’t think we should do this.”

“Really?”  Puck’s tone proved his disbelief in the boy’s words while his hand pressing on the constrained package only pressed the boy harder in his urge to resist.

“I just don’t want my first time to mean nothing.”

“It wouldn’t mean anything to you to be with me?  One of the biggest stars in this town wants to be with you and you don’t see that as memorable?  And did you ever think that the reason you haven’t come out yet is because you don’t really know what you’re missing?  Having your first time could finally give you that aggressive spirit to go and get someone.  So?  Waddaya say?  Are we gonna do this?”  Kurt looked at him innocently, knowing that Puck was truly only interested in sex, but also feeling that maybe he was right, maybe his first time could finally help get him a boyfriend.  There was only one way to find out and he was about to let it happen.

Kurt thrust his hand forward and let his fingers timidly caress Puck’s now raging hard on.  The taller of the pair smiled mischievously while his hand brought their lips back together.  This time Puck was much more determined, letting his tongue force its way past the virgin lips.  Another hand on Kurt’s back pulled the two even closer together, their hardened members being only a few thin layers from freedom.  It wasn’t even a minute later that the rough hand had skipped removing any of Kurt’s clothes and softly moved to touch his bare ass.

“Mmm.”  Kurt again pushed him back.  “Let’s at least go to my room first, I want this to be as special as possible.”  Puck brought his hand back up and held their heads together as Kurt slowly led them back inside and down to his room.  His other hand, having become quite nimble, unbuttoned the boy’s fashionable top as they made their way down the stairs, stripping it off the moment the last button came undone.

Next came Kurt’s undershirt which was almost torn off in an instant.  The now topless boy in the meanwhile had paid special attention to the two hardest spots on Puck’s body; his cock and his pecs.  Feeling caught up in the moment, Kurt leaned his head down and took turns sucking on the right and left nipples of the aroused muscular boy.  “Ooh, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Puck asked while being led into Kurt’s room.  The smaller boy only gave him a little grin before pushing him to his back on his bed.

Kurt quickly moved to straddle him, his legs being on either side of Puck’s hips with his lower half grinding into the hardness beneath him.  The toned set of hands managed to find their way between them and undo their owner’s jeans.  The boy atop him shortly moved out of the way to help him strip them off.  It was now that the younger boy realized his new lover had been full-commando, his aching cock begging for attention.

The young boy wasted no time in moving himself down, lining his head up with the second head of his jock.  At first he was a bit shy when he gripped the first erection that hadn’t been his own.  He had already seen how much thicker it was than his, but it felt more so that way in his hand.  He stretched the foreskin up, watching how his large testes were brought with it.  Kurt let his head go farther down, resting between Puck’s thighs, and pulled up again.  In return he got the perfect little view of the jock’s entrance.

The jerking motion had now quickened and become more evenly paced.  Kurt loved watching his cut lover begin to wriggle and writhe below him.  He glanced up to see the boy holding his eyes shut while he played with his nipple ring, but a sudden familiar wet sensation snapped his eyes wide open.  The feminine little schoolboy who would never curse or say a thing against someone was now working on taking the entirety of Puck’s eight inch shaft into his mouth.

Kurt’s eyes closed as he expertly lapped at the dick in his mouth.  Never had he been so enthralled in a moment like this to the point where he completely abandoned his reserved personality.  The first time he lifted completely off of Puck was when he heard a plastic cap snap.  Accompanied by the sound was a movement that pressed Kurt farther down, nearly gagging him.  Puck’s now slicked up fingers had found their way to the entrance of the boy on his hands and knees after nimbly bringing down his jeans.

One finger quickly inside caused him to cringe.  The second had him close to gasping for air, never having been unnaturally stretched before, not even by himself.  But luckily for Kurt, his promiscuous friend knew just how to prep someone for a guy like him.  His fingers tenderly pulled away from each other with a sight that would have made the jock burst in an instant.

Although Kurt felt it fine to relish in their erotic foreplay, Puck was not so willing to wait.  Both ends of the brunette had been emptied while Puck moved to the back of him, holding his hips high up in the air.  A hot breath at his entrance made Kurt shiver in anticipation, but the idea of what was to come was quickly gone when he was only spit on.

“Wait, Puck.”

“Don’t chicken out on me now, Hummel.”

“I’m just saying, don’t you have any… protection?”

“Of course not.  It’s never hurt me before.”  The boy’s snippy grunt showed that Puck’s words weren’t enough.  “Look, I don’t have anything.  And by that I mean I’m clean.  I swear.”  Now there was silence from the other, causing the older boy to bend over him, melding their bodies together with a little whisper, “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.  Trust me.”  Kurt turned his head around and couldn’t bear to resist those big brown eyes.

As his head turned back forward Puck positioned himself.  His thumb ran over the boy’s hole one time with it tightening, only further arousing him.  A soft but firm exhale escaped the receiver as his ass struggled to stretch around the large girth.  Kurt’s body soon felt the radiating warmth from Puck’s member all the way up to his muscular arms that lined up with his own.  Puck stopped after the first inch past his head was in.  His right arm wrapped around the tiny chest of the boy beneath him while his hips lifted up, bringing him nearly all the way out.

Again he pushed in, this time almost his member’s entirety.  Puck loved that inner feeling of taking a virgin.  Everyone always remembers their first time, he figured, and there was no way Kurt would forget this.

Without warning, on his third descent, Puck quickly pressed his whole cock inside, the audible sound of his balls slapping Kurt only being covered by a high-pitched wail.  “It’s okay,” Puck whispered in his ear, “It’ll start feeling good real soon.”  And true to his word it did, even quicker than he thought.  The pain of his cock’s size was easily surpassed by how many nerves it touched at once.  Kurt’s grunts were soon replaced by light moans, accenting each thrust.

Just as Puck was beginning to appear like a true lover, a stinging slap on the ass reminded Kurt just how much it really meant to him.  “Oh fuck, Hummel, this is turnin’ me on so hard.”

“I love it too.”

“Turn over, I wanna see that pretty little face of yours.”  Kurt was happy to oblige, fully knowing that his own view would help him reach his end easier.  “Oh yeah, look at that dick of yours.  I knew you’d love this.”

“Will you touch it for me?”  Puck, against all previous thoughts on the matter, quickly took hold of him.  Along with their new position, Puck’s free hand was able to yank Kurt’s jeans from around his ankles, throwing them carelessly behind him.

“When do you want to cum, Hummel?”

“Call me Kurt,” the usually less than dominating boy commanded.

“When do you want to cum… Kurt?”  The roughness in his voice combined with the loving tone made the answer to his question whenever he wanted.

“When you do.”

“Well I hope you’re ready than.”  Puck’s hand now furious began jacking him, his grip tightening as he rushed to meet the boy’s orgasm with his own approaching one.

“Oh, Puck.  Oh, Puck.”

“Call me Noah.”

“Noah.  Noah, I’m gonna cum!”  Kurt threw his head back as he began spurting.  Each shot landed haphazardly around him, but mostly on his chest.

“Oh, K-Kurt.”  Those were the only words that escaped Puck’s mouth before his own orgasm arrived.  He didn’t bother for some reason to pull out like he usually did with girls, feeling unusually kinky tonight.  Or maybe he was just feeling for Kurt.  Neither boy cared to think about it now as their bodies were drained by each other.

As Puck finished second he collapsed on top of his classmate.  The boys spent their recovering time staring into each other’s eyes.  “That was really good, Kurt.  You’re gonna make a guy really happy someday.”

“Did I make you happy?”

“Of course you did.”  His tone took a sudden change.  “I think it’s pretty obvious, but don’t tell anyone about this.  No one would fear me if they found out I played butt-darts with little Kurt Hummel,” he said as he awkwardly pulled his flaccid member out.

“I won’t, as long as you don’t tell anyone about me.”

“I won’t,” he replied as he nonchalantly pulled his clothes back on.  “I’m gonna leave through your garage, okay?”

“Yeah.  I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, we can finish our homework during class.”  Before leaving, Puck walked back to the naked boy and kissed his nose, asking him to have a good night.  The two parted that night, their romantic interaction being overtaken by seeming obliviousness, but Kurt would never forget his first time with his loving jock.

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