Jaime's Humiliation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

This is re-posting of an old series that was originally posted on the old website, feel free to comment and give me any feedback!

Table of Contents

Part One - Stripped in the Pool

Remember, please leave your comments below for the Reveal Yourself contest, so you can vote to see me stripped naked for all to see! ... Read Chapter

Part Two - Stripped in the Pool (Continued)

"Now Let's begin" Cody said and both him and Colin moved closer to Jaime, who had shifted from shocked, to furious. "Alright you two yo... Read Chapter

Part Three - More Pool Shenanigans

Colin pulled Cody aside and whispered to him of what he had in mind to further humiliate Jaime, and when he was down Cody pulled a grin... Read Chapter

Part Four - The Humiliation Continues

Jaime was lying in his bed, inside his room as he brooded over what had just happened to him, he rubbed his now smooth pubic region and... Read Chapter

Part Five - Thomas joins the fray

“Ah, that must be Thomas” Colin said and left the room to greet and invite him inside the house, while Jaime attempted to stop jerk... Read Chapter

Part Six - A close shave

The rest of the day after Jaime had been humiliated once again, was relatively quiet, Thomas hung out with Colin in his room until late... Read Chapter

Part Seven - A way out (FInale)

Jaime went about the next few days without being humiliated past the point where he was commanded to strip naked whenever any of the th... Read Chapter

Epilogue Part One - Underestimating Alice

It was the day after Jaime stripped and played with himself as Alice and her group of girls watched, and Cody went back home as Jaime's... Read Chapter

Epilogue Part Two - A (Nude) Walk Home

Again, just a friendly reminder to leave a comment down below for the Reveal Yourself contest. Sorry to be so insistent but I am just ver... Read Chapter

Final Thoughts

I've greatly enjoyed writing this series, and soon I hope to start posting up Jaime's Revenge, and feel free to message me with any ideas... Read Chapter

I've been Exposed!

You all did it! you've successfully gotten me to 20 comments and have had my embarassing and humiliating nude photos exposed for all to s... Read Chapter