Loony Tunes

Loony Tunes

Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir


Status: Finished

Genre: Memoir



A whole new meaning for GarageBand



A whole new meaning for GarageBand


Submitted: August 02, 2007

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Submitted: August 02, 2007



Hi folks, I'm Tina and this is one my strange but true stories.


What was Dirk going to do with a ten inch black dildo? I was about to find out.

Dirk was just a friend who managed a local garage. I knew one of the mechanics Pablo better, mainly due to his huge dick, but that's another story.

One day, after my regular service Dirk seemed really interested in me. Maybe due to my tight black skirt that rode way up as I stepped out my truck. He knew of my friendship with Pablo so we started chatting.

"I've an apartment round the corner. Why don't you come round after work Tina and check out the Jacuzzi? It's so hot today," he said.

It was unbearably hot and this sounded like fun.

When I got to his place he had beer and shots ready. We started drinking and messing about.

"Where's the Jacuzzi," I asked " I've a new bikini to try out."

My bikini was black with purple hearts and had a halter top that kept my chi chi's high and a thong that disappeared past my clit, eaten up by my hungry concha.

Dirk smiled "Sounds great. Let's go down."

No one else was at the Jacuzzi in the center of the complex. Dirk got in and I could see his boner bulge in his briefs.

"Come on down" he said "the waters safe. I've scared the alligators away."

"I bet there's one big crock left" I said.

The water felt good bubbling around us. I like the feeling of the jets shooting up my ass. Dirk came real close and started hugging and kissing.

"Everyone can see us," I said.

"Who gives a crap" was his reply. "Anyway with the steam and foam no one can see anything."

By this time he had one finger in my pussy. The Jacuzzi was getting really hot and I was getting horny. I felt his hardness against my leg.

"Like my dentist says, open wide, baby," he said.

I teased Dirk's dick as if I was going to give him a hand job.

"Is it me or is it hot in here," he joked.

I let him enter me slowly feeling every inch of his throbbing cock. He was under control to begin with. If anyone was watching they wouldn't suspect a thing.

But then he got to the short strokes and was pumping me harder and harder. I let out a gasp as he hit the money shot. Nothing like a wet ‘n wild quickie to start the evening.

" Wow, Tina," he said, "Now we need to go in and dry off."

Back in his place we stripped off our wet things and I toweled him dry.

"Rub away" he said, "I'm still wet there."

But I was the one getting wet again. I lay back on the bed with my legs open. He was on me in a minute.

Maybe he'd been a missionary, as he liked that position. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and was enjoying him thrusting into me.

Then he said, " I've got a great toy. Would you like to see it?"

"OK" I said. He pulled this big black dildo out from the side drawer without missing a stroke.

"Could you reach around and fuck my ass with this while I'm screwing you," he asked.

I was blown away. Gotta be lonely in that garage. Butl I'll do anything for a friend. I took the fake dick and pressed the end into him in time with his strokes into me.

He was getting off as I fed the dick into his ass like I was feeding ducks. I could feel his pulse quicken inside of me and even my clit was hot and excited.

We got into a rhythm; I played his plastic pecker like a Stradivarius in time with his balls slapping my ass. As it was nearly to the hilt, I could feel him harden, tighten and then explode into me. That tipped me over the edge and my pussy clamped to his rod as I joined in the crescendo.

"You're a little different, Dirk," I said, "from the average guy."

He laughed, "That felt good, you want some of it, Tina."

"Not now" I said, " I don't know where it's been."

After this we sometimes hung out for a lunchtime nooner but, as I already had Pablo, Dirk asked me if there was anyone else I knew that he could meet.

I suggested he hit on my co-worker Juanita the next time she came to the garage. Her marriage to a supervisor was over maybe because she was doing the big boss as well.

"Just don't let her know about us." I asked.

My tip worked as they have been married now for three years and I sometimes wonder if she's playing a tune on his wind instrument.

For sure her marriage is not top of the pops as a few months ago he called me up and wanted me to go out with him and toot his flute.

That time I passed on the chance to play second fiddle in his one-man band.

Somehow I get this same old song from married guys all the time.

They all want to be one-hit wonders.


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