Mate Protect Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"A fucking girl are you serious?" Baden flipped his desk in a complete rage. Papers flying everywhere, "they wasted a year of man power on a little girl".

Baden a Pack Master, the Alpha of Alpha's.
Gemma an abused Beta’s child made to run from her Alpha and the life of a breeder wolf
Once he has her, will he be able to protect her

Table of Contents


Gemma had been running for 3 years. A rogue, dirty, disgusting, that’s what packs called her. She had nearly become a breeder at the ha... Read Chapter

Got Ya

Zac was furious, “what do you mean you lost him? Stay there I’m coming and bringing back up, he couldn’t have gotten far with his i... Read Chapter

Mates Meet

Baden threw the door to the dungeon open, alluding everyone to his presence. Then it hit him, a scent he had never taken in, in his whole... Read Chapter

Scared (replay scene different view)

Gemma was screaming inside her wolf as cold water doused her body, she was so cold. A bang erupted from the back of the dungeon, not the ... Read Chapter

Unconscious and Naked

Baden audibly gulped after Derick left the room, slowly Baden removed his mates clothing. Trying his best not to linger on key areas that... Read Chapter

Don’t Leave Me

Unsure what to do Baden pulled her onto his lap ignoring her chanting. He placed her head in the crook of his neck while petting her back... Read Chapter

Intimate Moments

If he kept going they wouldn’t even finish the shower, in a rush to finish so he could get back to satisfying both his and his princess... Read Chapter

Hurt or Help

Gemma woke finding herself on the floor. The floor underneath her was stone cold and hard. The room she was in was dark and she could hea... Read Chapter

Touch Her and I’ll Kill You

Baden spoke to Derick about the nightmares, Gemma’s eating and her overall condition while he threw on some clothes. Derick listened sa... Read Chapter

Baden’s Fiancé

  As soon as Baden left the Kitchen a woman approached Gemma. Long black hair flowed down her milky white skin, she had a pretty... Read Chapter


read to chapter 27 on also get early release chapters, read my other stories and get access to... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 – Princess Luna you should be mine

Blue eyes clashed with his red eyes. A lick left saliva down the side of his face as a light playful growl left the wolf. Reaching his ar... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 – Be Mine

Read to Chapter 27 on also gain access to early release chapters, my other stories and erotic o... Read Chapter

She belongs to Me!!

Weeks past, Gemma was finally getting used to her new life. Baden had never been so happy, he woke with his Gem laying in his arms. Pulli... Read Chapter


Alex walked nervously followed by his newly found mate into the office of Alpha Master who headed all the surrounding packs. When walking... Read Chapter

What Bond!

Alex halted watching her blue eyes which matched his own. Shifting back watching his little sister who was shaking uncontrollably clingin... Read Chapter


“Baden you know part of the council is coming tomorrow?” Ian knew he hadn’t forgotten, but it was important to think about what the... Read Chapter


Heart beat still erratic Gemma backed up the bed into the head board soon as she was freed from his grip, eyes wide with unshed tears she... Read Chapter

In the Wardrobe

Baden lost total control of himself. Unable to get the relief needed from his rampage in the office, Baden’s body vibrated violently fo... Read Chapter

my future is you

Zac looked on in shock. He had phased, Baden had phased yet somehow from another room this girl got through to him. Brought him back to h... Read Chapter

My Luna, My Mate, My Queen

Baden continued at his even pace not allowing a centimetre of distance between Gemma and himself. Atop the stairs reaching the plat form,... Read Chapter

High on You

Gemma couldn’t even relay her feelings, she was simply, high on life. The smile gracing her face could not be taken away as she watched... Read Chapter

You are all I want

“Mine” the word ripped from Baden as he stood back staring at Gemma, erection standing proudly between his legs while his eye swirled... Read Chapter

Just Once More

Baden easily spun Gemma’s body lifting her into his embrace. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as her head fell into his should... Read Chapter

Wake her Gently

It was around midday when Baden finally went to wake Gemma, they had the ball tonight and she needed to get ready. Plus Alex had gone to ... Read Chapter

Up and at ‘em

  After the door closed with a small thud, Gemma couldn’t help but smile. Everything was finally falling into place, this was ... Read Chapter


Hey don't know if I am going to continue updating on this platform. If you don't want to subscribe to my patreon here are some options if... Read Chapter