beast world

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

cast into a new world after almost being raped by her boyfriend, charlotte finds herself surrounded with men begging her to be their partner. this is a strange world indeed, men can turn into beasts, women are limited in this world and collect multiple males to service their needs and desires to become stronger. shortly after arriving charlotte is saved by derik, who yelled at her stating he was a wild beast, does that mean he doesn’t like or want her. his body appears to say otherwise. how and why did she get to this world and will she ever get back home?

Table of Contents


Her chest was forced down by a heavy weight, she could not fill her lungs even as she gasped at the air. Charlotte’s long dark brown ha... Read Chapter


Eyes wide in shock Charlotte stared at the man now standing over her. He must have stood nearly 2 meters tall, his wide chest and shoulde... Read Chapter

Tiger Touching

Solitude brought him comfort since young he had been on his own, a wild beast was his title. Someone who had been abandoned at birth due ... Read Chapter


Derik could feel his own heartbeat increase as hers did, his member painfully stiffened as her breaths fanned his neck. This was almost u... Read Chapter

First Kiss

Read up to Chapter 56 on as well as gain access to early chapers, all my other stories and wed... Read Chapter

You will go to the village and be mated

Realizing her body had been covered with the fur Charlotte worked her arms through the holes before turning around in quite a flustered s... Read Chapter

Cries herself to sleep

“WHAT!” The word ripped out of her throat with a threatening intent. “Are you telling me that you want to sell me to some random ma... Read Chapter

Guardian Beast

By the time Derik reached the other side of the village at Johnston’s house both Johnston and the tribe leader Astro were present and w... Read Chapter

Hands of Wolfy

Startled awake by a roar, Charlottes heart jumped a mile in the air. She studied her surroundings, she appeared to be in a makeshift cott... Read Chapter

Scars of the past

“Can anyone change the choice of a female?” Trying to tactfully change the topic and avoid his question not understanding how he coul... Read Chapter

Time to go

Feeling a little bad for the male who still sported a faint mark where she had bitten him on his arm. Charlotte took a step forward leani... Read Chapter

Pick Me

Read to Chapter 56 on also early release chapters, my other stories and wednesday erotic o... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - Heat

Charlotte realized in that moment that Derik thought he was rejected and to some point he was. Charlie threw herself into Derik’s arms.... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Sex

Read to Chapter 56 on also gain access to early release chapters, my other stories and erotic on... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - Taken

Charlotte woke up warm and comfortable. Blinking her eyes a few times she realized Derik was in his tiger form curling his body around he... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - Scared

Charlotte couldn’t help but look down. High, way to high Charlotte thought to herself looking at the trees below whooshing past at the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 – Is he here?

He watched and was almost captivated as realization seemed to hit the little female in his arms. Immediately reaching up she held her mar... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 - Reunite

Okay guys so you can read up to chapter 56 on my Patreon also gain access to early release chapters, m... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 – Arron’s Mark

  “I must mark you now little princess or Derik will be killed and you taken for Tantore”. A tear escaped Charlotte as she h... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 – Lion or Tiger

After a hunt and finding some new furs for Charlotte as he heard hers getting ripped Derik headed into the now quiet cave. Charlie lay as... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 – I have Two Partners

  Suddenly a loud squawk pierced through the forest, Charlotte flew forward into Arron’s body seeking protection before she ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 – Journey Home

Were they going to fight? Charlotte felt a sense of panic and unease. She pulled herself out of Derik’s grasp looking between the two m... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 – Second Partner

Arron left the cave early to find something for Charlotte to eat. When he returned to the cave with fruit he could see Derik was struggli... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 – Kiss Me

  Taken by surprise Charlotte face hit Arron’s chest hard as she lost balance with a high-pitched squeak. Derik’s eyes narro... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 – Six Partners!!!!!

Upon opening her eyes, they widen instantly at the four figures staring at her in confusion. Johnston broke the silence, “Charlotte thi... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 - Jazz wants my mates

  Pulled from her thoughts Charlotte’s arm was clutched tightly by Ava, “come on Charlotte”. Charlotte turned back to Aust... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 – Don’t Touch Me!

  Noticing Charlotte’s instantaneous change, Ava followed her line of site settling on Arron. “Looks like Jazz has found ano... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 – Do I belong here?

Catching up to Arron, Derik gripped Charlotte’s hand and said with a growl, “what is this?” Charlotte and Arron both turned their a... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 – Who Hurt You

Charlotte woke only a few hours later to find herself in the arms of Arron, his shallow breaths fanning her neck. Looking around she noti... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 – My Nightmare is Reality

  Charlotte clutched tightly to Derik with her face buried deep in his neck. His arms held her close as possible while lightly r... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 – What’s in the Package

Charlotte felt emotionally drained pulling back from the kiss when she could no longer breath. Looking around the cave there was still no... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 - Passions

Having released Charlotte’s arm Arron quickly found a fur to cover his still erect manhood. Charlotte continued forward taking the book... Read Chapter

Chapter 33 – Uncontrollable

Charlotte’s stomach gurgled signalling her hunger. Arron dressed and settling her down by the fire to eat. Charlotte laid back from her... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 – My Choice

Charlotte had lost control, she couldn’t think anymore. Everyone was her enemy, they wanted to hurt her. Everyone was going to hurt her... Read Chapter

Chapter 35 - Gone

  Twenty minutes had passed. Silently Derik and Arron’s eyes were still locked on the last position Charlotte had been between... Read Chapter

Chapter 36 – Asher’s Obsession

  … What was going on? Charlotte gasped, her hands shook as she held onto her rounded stomach. She was not huge, but Charlotte... Read Chapter

Chapter 37 - Home

Derik and Arron had so far stuck together. They searched for Charlotte, if she returned to their world she couldn’t use their marks to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 38 - Awake

Pulling back Charlotte looked around wildly searching the room snagging on Hector. A small gasp left her as she pulled herself closer to ... Read Chapter

Part 39 – Charlotte wasn’t what he searched for

Okay guys so you can read up to chapter 56 on my Patreon also gain access to early release chapters, m... Read Chapter


Hey don't know if I am going to continue updating on this platform. If you don't want to subscribe to my patreon here are some options if... Read Chapter