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The Exchange The Exchange

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


My first attempt of writing screenplay. Please ignore the previous one that i had posted because of some format issues. I am reposting it again. :)


My first attempt of writing screenplay. Please ignore the previous one that i had posted because of some format issues. I am reposting it again. :)


Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014




“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”

~Erich Fromm~


Sansbury’s House , 11:00 pm

Shania: You’re late again.

John: But I told you earlier. Today was an important day in our office. So please stop it now. I’m tired. I need some rest.

Shania: Oh!! So you’re tired. From the last one month, you’re saying the same thing. I’m so pissed off with your lies. You’ve got some important work. It’s more important than your wife. Right??

You lier. I can smell the foul odor of lie from your mouth. Why don’t you say that you’re tired of me? You have got new clients, chicks. Now they are your world. Right?

John: Shania, for god shake please stop. It’s just some important work and that is purely professional. It has nothing to do with what you think.

Common Shania, you know I love you the most. Let’s go to bed please.

Shania with anger:

Forget it. I will go insane if I stay with you for one more day. I am visiting my lawyer next day. I want divorce.

John: What??

You stupid lady. No doubt how much I’ve loved you so far, you have been ignorant always. I need to go outside.

Shania: Wait! Where are you going?

John: To get some fresh air. To get rid of you.

John left the house with anger.


Richmond’s Apartment,12th floor,11:00 pm

Gina:  So today is Saturday? Means your fun night. Look at our condition. We have been living as tenant for last 6 years. I told you so many times to save money so that we can have our own house.

Tom: But Darling, I have provided you everything. I am waiting for my promotion. We will have our house soon.

Gina : I’m so sick n tired of you. I have been listening this from last few years. Your friend Charlie got promoted. Why not you?

I’m telling you why? Because you think that you’re still a young man of 25 26 who can live his life with fun, chicks and drinks. You know what? You should grow up.

Tom : if once in a week I’m giving some time to myself, then what’s wrong in that? You never join me when I need you. Still I work day and night just to make you happy.

Gina: No dear. I am not happy. I am getting frustrated day by day because of your kiddo behavior. I want a serious,rich and responsible man to take care of me. If Charlie would be there instead of you, we might be living in our own bunglow.

I need a break. I have decided. I am going to divorce you.

Tom: What??

You didn’t understand me throughout your life. I can’t stay here more. Its stinking now. And don’t wait for me. I know you wouldn’t.


Meeting of John and Tom

John: Hey young man! Watch yourself.

John comes out of his car

Hey! Are you drunk? You wanna die? I could have smashed you.

Tom: Yeah I’m drunk. And what are you waiting for. Smash me with your grand car. I am not going to move from this position.

John parks his car

John: Come young man. You’re high. Lets have a sit here.


Tom: Oh yeah.

Tom washes his face

Thanks. I am feeling bit relaxed now.

John: It’s a cool place. Isn’t it?

Tom : Yeah pretty cool. I love parks. In fact I love greenery.

John: Cigarettes?

Tom : Yeah thanks.

John: So I am John .

Tom: Myself Tom. I stay in Richmond’s apartment.

John: Oh cool. Near Beans and Bread café.

Tom Smiles

That’s my favorite café. The coffee they serve there are simply blissful. Those beans are freshly roasted beans from Jamaica. So what about you? Where do you stay?

John: You know Dave’s art gallery.

Tom: Ummm…. No man. Tell me some café name as landmark.

Both Laugh

John: Okay. There is a café. Not exactly. It’s more a bakery shop. “Bread world”. Its around 8 km away from this park.

Tom: Oh yeah. It’s one of the worst bakery I have ever seen. They keep all old stuffs man. Those breads smell shitty.

Laughing continues……

John: So now we both are in the middle of our destination. It’s Uncle Richard’s Park.

Tom: Yeah.

John: so what are you doing here in the middle of the night? See its 12:30. It’s Saturday. At this time you should be celebrating man.

Tom: What about you man? You also seems to be fucked off. Still asking this question.

Both laugh

John: Yeah man. I’m actually tired of my wife and she is tired of me too. We are getting divorced tomorrow.

Tom: Don’t tell me. What a coincidence? Whenever one fucked off man share things with another same man, the reason behind it always the woman.

John: So you mean, your problem is also with your woman.

Tom: Yeah man. These women are so complicated. I never understand  what they want and how to satisfy their needs.

John: Shake hands friend. So we both are getting divorced tomorrow.

Tom : Say like we are free from these bitches.

Both laugh loud saying “ bitches witches witches bitches phew phew…..”

Tom: Hey friend! Lets celebrate tomorrow.

John : That’s a good idea. Cheers to our friendship. See you tomorrow here in this park at 12 midnight. It’s the celebration time baby.

Both shout “We are free birds. We are friends forever.”


Sunday, Midnight 12:00, Uncle Richard’s Park

John: Hey Divorcee!!

Both laugh and hug each other

Tom: So where to head now?

John: Since, today is the celebration day, lets head to this amazing pub.

Tom: Are you talking about this one that has the posters of 80’s glam stars?

John :  Yes my friend. Let’s wet ourselves with 80’s glam. Fuck!! I love 80’s. You like them?

Tom : Yeah of course man. Who in this earth won’t like Motley Crue and Kiss ?

John : Or Ratt or Whitesnake?

Both laugh and enter inside the pub

“Girls Girls Girls, playing loud”

John: Love this song.

Tom: Look at those strippers. These Crue’s are so lucky man. Especially Nikki is such a badass.

John: So the Vince. I am so fucking jealous of him. He is surrounded by girls everytime.

Tom: I love Tommy’s ass.

John: Do you masturbate by seeing him.

Both laugh

John : Dude make 12 shots of tequila.

Tom : So now you’re challenging me. I was ok with my bloody mary. But now this is going to be tough competition dude.

Waiter : Sir here is your shots.

1,2,3…… Go.

Announcement from DJ

“ Now we are going to play a very popular song of HEART as requested by ladies here. But I am sure that this song gonna drive men crazy too. So pick one lady of your choice and bang on.”

1,2,3…. Here it goes…

Baracuda playing loud

Tom : John, I am gonna eat this lady in black. She is giving me signs. Omg, she is coming towards us.

Lady in black: Hello gorgeous! You wanna dance with me?

Tom:  Yeah sure.

Lady in black: And you young man. My friend was staring you for a long time. But she finds you bit serious. Go and melt her with your warmth.

John with excitement: Yeah Sure.


3:00 pm, outside the pub

John and Tom are in high state, singing Baracuda ,laughing loud

John :  It was a great night.

Tom:  Yeah. I am feeling so young.

John:  What do you mean by young? We are still young and dashing.

Both Laugh

John : Let’s go to the park. Will spend the rest half in a peaceful way.


Uncle Richard’s Park

John: My wife is leaving me. With the sunrise, I can see her no more. I will miss her. I’m going to stay in my big house alone.

Tom: I will miss mine too. I have always been a humble man. I am not a wealthy one, but I did everything what a husband can do to make his wife happy.

John : Tom, if you don’t mind you can stay with me. We will party hard in every weekends. Just like free birds we will enjoy our life. Free from all burdens and tensions.

Tom: We are friends. We are brothers. Then definitely I am not seeing any wrong in this.

John: Are you ready for the beginning of a new fresh life?

Tom: Are you?

Both John and Tom say together “ Fuck yeah. We are”


Sansbury’s house is renamed as SansburyHudson’s house. Both John and Tom spend their time in fun and merry making. Every weekend they party like animal to forget their work loads. Both are very happy with the way everything is going on, until and unless they aren’t going to fall in love again.


John: Tom, do you feel like you’re missing something? I mean look how our life is going? We are enjoying but it’s all going in a very repetitive fashion.

Tom: Yeah I do feel like that. I miss my evil bitch? What about you?

John: Me too. But anyway they aren’t going to come back. They neither even send us letters nor drop any messages from the last one year.

Tom: John, I have an idea. We need to change our lifestyle.  Its been one year we are living the same way.

John : So how we are gonna change this?

Tom: we will taste a new life by adding some spices to it. So, it’s like making it adventurous. This is what life is. Anything can happen.

John: cut it short and temme what’s exactly going inside your mind?

Tom: let’s take a break. I mean let’s take a break from this place. We both will select our destination where we have to spend our upcoming time. Don’t worry it’s not going to be forever. Just for  few years. Let’s lock this SansburyHudson’s house for sometime.

John : You crazy man. But it sounds cool. So, let’s make it possible then.

Tom: ok, so tomorrow we are flying to our destinations i.e. two different locations.

John: After reaching , just gimme a call.

Tom : yeah sure. You too. So good night then. Let’s hope for a safe and great journey.


Tomorrow morning, At Airport

Both hug each other

John: Gimme a call once reached. I will reach 2 hours before you. Have a safe one.

Tom : Sure man. Take care.


Finally John and Tom land on their destination. Surely, this is going to bring some changes in both lives. But in which way? That’s unpredictable .


Tom:  Hey John! I reached. How’s your journey?

John : it’s cool man. So here’s what I’m thinking of the next step to be taken by both of us.

Tom : What’s that ?

John : now we both will live our life. Let it be going on with the way it is. After one month we both will share what changes we feel? So how’s that?

Tom : That’s sexy. I never expect you that cool.

Tom Laughs

John : I will smack your face, you son of the bitch.

Tom  laughs : And that violent too. Ok, but don’t forget that we are friends forever. We are brothers man.

John : I will. Okay! Then we will talk after 1 month. Today is December 15, 2011. Talk to you exactly after 1 month. And that’s Jan15,2012.

Both smile

Tom: let’s see what will be our new year gift.

Take care, Bye.


Jan 15, 2012

Tom : Hello John !

John: Tom bro. How are you? I am dying to meet you.

Tom : Me too. So do you remember what we have talked one month back?

John : Yeah Bro. How could I forget that? It was Dec 15, 2011. I have this memory problem when it comes to dates and years. So I kept reminder on that day and also for the day exactly one month after that day. Sometimes technology saves people like me. So Tom what’s the change?

Tom: It’s a girl.

John : Fuck what? No not again coincidence. It happens again.

Tom: Are you serious? So you met a girl too?

John : Yeah bro. she is damn sweet. I am thinking of extending this relationship. I want to marry her. She is alone now. I want to have my family with her. You know kids and all.

Tom: Bro, the same thing happened with me. Even my girl is damn pretty, rich and successful. So I am also thinking of the same. But bro we can’t meet each other in our marriages because of distance. We are staying at two different ends.

John : Yeah. But I have an idea. Are you ready to add some more spices to your story?

Both laugh

Tom : you are too cool bro. So what to do next?

John: let’s meet together at the same park where we met initially exactly two years from today.

Tom : This is mindblowing. You know what you should be a director. You frame things so well

Tom laughs

John laughs: Stop pulling my legs, you bitch.

So can I proceed?

Tom : Yes Boss.

John: so today is Jan 15, 2012. Thus we are going to meet  at Uncle Richard’s park exactly on Jan 15, 2014. But this time with our family.

Tom: that’s a long time bro. I hope we will remember each other. I don’t want to break this connection between us by experimenting with our lives.

John : I am confident about myself and I even trust you more than mine. Our bonding will last forever. Two years is nothing bro. it will pass away like seconds. Just imagine we both will meet at the same place with our family. We all will stay in one house.

Tom: That will make a complete family of wives and kids. And name of the house will change to SansburyHudson Family. That’s cool. So see you then exactly after 2 years from now.


Jan 15, 2014

Tom: Hey John!

Leaving today?

John : Yeah.

Tom: Me too. So see you at Uncle Richard’s park?

John : Yeah. I am so excited to see you with your wife and kids.

Tom : Me too.


Uncle Richard’s Park

Tom : Hey John ! My bro. I missed you so much. Where is your wife and kids?

John: Don’t try to hide your emotions. I can see it in your eyes. You got divorced again. Rite??

Tears rolled down from each other’s eyes.

Both say together “ We are fucked off again”

Tom : See John. Again we meet at the same place in same condition. Funny. Isn’t it? We have expected some change. But see in the end, everything is just the same that we went through couple of years back. We got divorced again. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Such a whimsical situation. Destiny plays amazing funny games.

John: I thought that the new one is different from previous one. With old one I felt myself like a robot with remote control on her hand. She doubted me everytime. She wanted to chained me with her forever. It’s hard to survive with her. That’s a greed of extreme possessiveness . And what the new one did? She made me a beggar. A beggar begging for love. Her greed was the greed for wealth and money. It’s hard to satisfy her. And with the passage of time I became stonned. You know what Tom?  You can never satisfy greedy people. So definitely this kinda relationship has to be ended with divorce only.


Tom listening to John’s every word attentively

Tom: John, your new one sounds like my old one.

John: What? Don’t tell me that your new one was like my old one.

Tom: You got it right bro.

John’s and Tom’s eyes lock for a moment.

They both smile and then ….

John: Swapping partners can’t change someone’s mentality

Both laugh loud and say

“Fucking greedy bitches”

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