Birthday Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When it's your birthday you're the king. Is that the case for Lucas here? Today is his birthday and as tradition in amongst his friends, he can choose one to be his personal slave for the day while the rest set up the party. What Lucas doesn't know is that the man he chose to be his slave doesn't take it so lightly to submit to the "One Day King".

A/N- Written from my other account.

"Happy birthday Lucas!" Lucas' mum, Cydney exclaimed, giving her son a hug. His father came in at the scene and acknowledge his son's birthday with a hug and a pat on the back. Lucas withdrew from their embrace and smiled widely and thanking them. He couldn't believe he was turning 21 TODAY and his friends were throwing him a surprise but before the party could begin, Lucas needs, must have, a slave for the day.

A slave for the day became very traditional amongst Lucas and his friends, every year whenever somebody turns 21, the birthday boy or girl gets to pick any boy or girl who had or hadn't celebrated their 21st birthday and the chosen one had to be a slave for the day. It can be any type of slave. A labor slave, a sex slave, a school slave, a house slave, etc...the main job for the slave is to serve and make sure the master/birthday boy does not spoil his own surprise party.

Lucas had once been a slave, a school slave to his friend, Jason. Jason was never good in school so when he turned 21 he knew how smart Lucas was so he made him his slave, having him do his school work and tutor him whenever it got to hard, at the end of the day, they partied at Mandy's house.

After Lucas ate his pancakes that mum prepared for him, he grabbed his backpack and headed out the door to school. Along the way he thought about all the friends he had and which one of the group would become his "slave for the day" there were loads to choose from but there was only one.



Ryder used to be an archenemy of Lucas until they both decided it was pointless to keep competing against each other when it keep alternating, tying them, etc...after all of that, they became close friends. Ryder has that mysterious very lustful looking type figure, Lucas believe he be the perfect slave for the day, he can't wait.

"Hey man! Happy birthday!" His friend, Jason shouted out giving his friend a bro-hug. Lucas returned the hug with a large grin. "So, have you thought about which one of us would be your slave for the day and what roll he or she is to play in?"

Lucas knew who he choose but the roll he did not so he made a "sort of" gesture right before the bell rang for first period.

During class, Lucas couldn't help but glance over at Ryder every once in a while, though they were friends, Ryder still likes to isolate himself from other people when it comes to classes, in gym and lunch he will be amongst his friends with a small smile, small and unnoticed at times but there and meaningful.

Lucas had always thought Ryder as some sort of submissive like in a BDSM type thing, being small, innocent looking, and shy, he make the PERFECT submissive. Lucas now knew who his slave for the day is going to be and what roll he is to play in before the big celebration.


Ryder is fairly new to the game, being the youngest and the smallest of the group of friends, he is naturally shy and timid but give him his favorite food-popcorn-and he'll be all over you like a koala bear and it's tree. Ryder is 19 years old while everyone is 20, 21, and all the up until 24. The oldest is 27 because he wants to get a master's degree in teaching.

"Hey Ryder, when lunch comes, I need to talk to you." Lucas whispered in Ryder's ear. Ryder flushed and nodded both anxious and nervous as to what Lucas might want of him.

When lunch came, Ryder grabbed his tray of food and headed out into the hallways, waiting for Lucas to arrive. He waited and waited what seemed like hours until Lucas finally came, panting with his food. Ryder was surprised that he didn't spill any of his food.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Ryder asked sitting down on the floor with his trey on the left side of him. Lucas did the same but placed the trey on his right. Smirking seductively, Lucas leaned towards his friends and softly kissed his neck recieving a low moan from him.

"I choose you, Ryder, as my sex slave." Lucas whispered seductively before nibbling and sucking on Ryder's neck recieving louder moans than before.


After hours and hours of teasing Ryder with sexual facial expressions, neck kisses, chest and thigh rubs, and secret under the desk handjobs, Ryder didn't know how much he could take. He loved it but wasn't used to it. He wasn't used to being the submissive.

Ryder was born dominate and always had been. His first experience at being a dominate was in highschool, at age 15, a freshman. A senior wanted to dominate Ryder but became the submissive after Ryder and proved to him that he would never submit, only dominate. He will let Lucas dominate him for now but when school ends, Lucas will have a rude awakening.

When school was over, Ryder invited Lucas to his house knowing his parents were gone for the day thus leaving the whole house to themselves. After Ryder helped Lucas put his backpack and jacket away did his submissive demenor disappear and in it's place was a domineering additude.

"You may be the birthday boy Lucas but rest assure, I NEVER submit." Ryder said lowly and truthfully leaving a stunned and silent Lucas in the process.


Gapping like a fish Lucas counted the days when Ryder will turn 21. That day doesn't come until years later. Lucas' 21 now so therefore, by the rules of the 21st birthday game, Ryder is Lucas' slave not the other way around. Giving his friend his best glare, he walked towards him steadily, ready to punish him but the tables turned on him when Ryder grabbed Lucas' arm and dragged him to his parent's master bedroom.

Lucas could feel his throat gulp and his mouth go dry but his cock twitching into hardness, the thought of being dominated on his birthday has start to excite him, even more than dominating. Ryder grabbed his hand and dragged him into his bedroom where he's practically thrown on the bed. How is it possible that his friend, who is both smaller and younger than him be so strong and so dominate?

"Now, I know it's your birthday and you should dominate me but I cannot stand the idea, so let's pretend it's my birthday got it?" Ryder said no, commanded seductively. Lucas nodded his head but earned a slap on the thigh. "Don't nod, I expect full vocal communication."

"Yes...sir." Lucas winced at the pain on his thigh.

"Good boy. This outta be fun." Ryder said lowly and seductively as he began to work his hands up and down Lucas's chest with every stroke, teasing him to take his shirt off but never doing so.


With Lucas gagged with a strapped ball, blindfolded by oneof his ties, handcuffed to the bed wrist and ankle, he's now at the mercy of his once submissive now turned master. Not knowing what Ryder was doing, he could only imagine, breathing heavily, he imagined his master taking out a fleshlight and mercliessly using it on his cock but never letting him cum, not even pre-cum, instead, Ryder took a vibrator, turned it on to low, and held it against Lucas' balls.

"Hmmm Mmmm Herph." Lucas moaned, lifting his hips up and arching his back. Oh it felt so good to him. He wanted more power!

"Does my slut want the power higher?" Ryder asked with a grin on his face that only Lucas can imagine. "Now remember, don't cum until I say."

Lucas nodded greedily, not able to say- "Yes Master" so long as he was gagged. Ryder took the greedy nod as a yes and turned the power on the vibrator up higher and higher, making Lucas muffle and moan for mercy but knowing his master, Ryder is not so very merciful.

Taking the ball-gag off, Ryder's now able to hear his submissive birthday slut cry out for more, for mercy, to cum. A smile formed on his face as he began to finger his arsehole with two fingers as fast as the vibrator went. Now, Lucas' jumping, jumping for joy, jumping for pleasure, jumping for mercy, cum.

And he did.




Ryder wanted Lucas to see just how disappointed he was so he took the blindfold off of him and looked into his eyes with great disappointment. Lucas glanced into his master's eyes and knew. He bowed his head and begged for forgiveness, he soon felt a pat on the head.

"You will be forgiven, but I must spank you. 5 on the cock, 3 on your arsehole, and 10 on your arse." Ryder whispered in Lucas' ear.

Lucas gulped as Ryder lifted himself off the bed and went to gather a cane and a paddle. The longer his master was gone, the more anxious Lucas became. Will his punisment be in public? Will it hurt? He was beginning to hypervilliate until he felt arms wrapped around him, his master's arms.

"It will only hurt for a moment. I do not hate you. I hate that you disobeyed me but I went much too far for you to handle. You may do the same to me as I will do to you," Ryder whispered/offered. A shiver ran down Lucas' spine, his master offered Lucas to spank HIM! "Now, get into position, on the couch, we will start with the cock and I want you to count and say "Thank you Master"."

Lucas nodded his head saying- "Yes Master" and went onto the couch and positioned himself, soon, Ryder came and sat down, he placed his submissive's arse on his lap and rubbed the small paddle on Lucas' stiff cock. A chuckle escaped his lips as he rubbed it some more.

"You ready?" He asked and Lucas nodded.

The first stroke surprised him.

"One. Thank you Master."

The second stroke stung.

"Two. Thank you Master."

The third stroke burned.

"Three. Thank you Master."

The fourth stroke made him cry out.

"FOUR! Thank you Master!"

The fifth stroke, nearly made him fall off but luckily, Ryder grasp onto him tight.

"FIVE! Oh thank you so much for punishing my cock Master!"

Ryder placed the small paddle down and rubbed Lucas's cock and gave it a kiss.

"Now, onto the arsehole. Doggy style, now, and spread your arse wide so I can get a clear shot of your hole." Ryder commanded and Lucas did just that.


"THREE! Thank you for punishing my arsehole Master." Lucas screamed/huffed, grateful his arsehole caning was over but he still had 10 spankings on the arse left. Can he handle it? He was too, it's his punishment.

Ryder bent down and licked and kissed his submissive's arsehole making him moan in pleasure. A chuckle escaped from Ryder's lips as he got up and swatted Lucas' arse with his hand, just to tease him.

"Now, onto the arse spanking and if you are a good boy still, I'll give you your early birthday present and fuck you hard." Ryder whispered seductively.

Lucas wanted that. He positioned himself for the 10 stroke spanking with the paddle on his arse. His master laughed at his eagerness and called him a "birthday slut". Lucas nodded and cried out- "Yes! I am! I am YOUR birthday slut and I am ready for my last punishment. Spank me, spank me hard as you like it Master Ryder."

Ryder nodded with a broad smile and grabbed a wooden paddle. He rubbed Lucas' arse with it in a circular motion before beginning the punishment.

Fast and hard Ryder went, tears ran down Lucas' eyes and his cock stiffened, He liked it, he liked being punished, hard and merciless. He only had three more spankings and each one hurt more than the last. Master Ryder made sure of it.

"EIGHT! Thank you Master!"
Ryder hit Lucas's arse with the paddle again.

"NINE! Thank you Master!"

"Beg for the last." Ryder commanded.

"Please master! PLEASE give me my last punishment. I cannot bear not being fully punished. Please, please, PLEASE! Spank me hard!"

A smirk formed on Ryder's lips as he raised the paddle and gave it a mightly swing before it collided with Lucas' arse with a burning sting.

"OW! YES! OH THANK YOU MASTER!" Lucas cried out. No sooner than later did he moan, he knew Ryder was know treating his arse the way they both liked it.

"Good boy, very good boy." Ryder whispered giving the birthday boy a deep kiss on the lips.


With the tip of Ryder's cock at the enterance of Lucas's arsehole, Lucas wiggled and begged for the fullness of his master's cock deep inside of him. Fucking him hard and mercilessly. Ryder let out a heart felt laugh and slammed inside Lucas' tight arsehole making him scream out in pain.

"Relax my dear." Ryder said rubbing his back until he felt Lucas' tense body relax.

Thrusting him in and out fast, deep, and hard, both moaned and sweat. Both felt they were about to cum but Lucas knew he could not cum until Ryder said so.

"Lucas I am giving you control now. Tell me, no command me when to come." Ryder moaned/said as he continued to thrust Lucas.

Lucas couldn't believe his eyes, for this very moment now, HE was the master! He let Ryder fuck him a little longer until he knew they both needed a relase.

"Cum inside me NOW!" Lucas cried out, commanded.

"Yes birthday master!" Ryder cried out as he filled his seed inside Lucas and Lucas exploded his load onto the bed from his cock and creamed Ryder's cock from his arsehole.


The party was held in Jason's house and all were having fun. Jason ran towards his friend with two red plastic cups in both his hands each containing alcohol in them. The two did a small toast and drank, coughing at the strong taste of the alcohol before laughing.

"So, was the day with Ryder worth waiting until the party?" Jason asked with a smile, fulling thinking his friend Lucas dominated Ryder.

Lucas laughed and turned his head towards Ryder who was talking to Milia, a friend. Soon, Ryder turned his head towards Lucas's direction and smiled a genuine and dominating smile. Lucas smiled back.

"Oh yes, it was worth it." Lucas said still smiling at his master, Ryder.

Submitted: December 13, 2014

© Copyright 2023 TheSubmissiveScottish . All rights reserved.

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Quil McKay

Feels like chapter 2 is missing!!!!!

Sun, December 14th, 2014 12:20am


It's a short story not yet finished, hang in there lad.

Sat, December 20th, 2014 10:14pm

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