The Stranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

What a person said he would do...but he did not. Thank God.

A pretty pharmacist
Walking to her car.
“My, my! I have just the harness!”
I will jar her with my thing; a whole in one, par.
Her white jacket
Role play
Makes a lovely packet.
Bet she will un-frey.
What to do first?
She told me no.

I will do her until I burst.

Blow, mow and go, I will show
Her to mind
While I bind, make her to be kind.
Home to my dungeon
Lunging and thrusting
After I tie her to a wheel.
Her clothes I peel.
Spread eagle
Far far goes the bar.
Anything illegal
To make her spar causing scars.
Blindfold attached, Gag inserted 

Hood on and she scratches.

Too good to flirt with me, I now assert
Over her all.
Hard comes my prominence.
On the floor her panties sprawl.
The Full Nine Yards
She will get my regards.
Clip her tits
Excessively hard.
Pull back her vagina so I can see every bit.
Pinned with disregard.
Pull the chain, nipples ripple.
I lick her cunt til I see some cum.
Beads of pearl, spread the rectum
Good for her I have a speculum.
“Deep and wide,
Deep and wide!”
Sang once, I did in Vacation Bible School.
You must call me  “Master!”
I chide.
Her beauty almost makes me drool.
I grind into her faster and faster.
Pussy fuck is the gold standard
To warm up any prick
In and out, up and down with my stick.
Now in a good manner reply “Yes.”  With your answer.
Every had toys? Make much noise?
Time to withdraw and attach a vibrator to your clit.
Your ass needs some class
Thus, a butt plug I insert.
My instruments to be employed you will enjoy!
Come now lift your spirits.
Next comes  ribbed glass up your ass.
Invert you and I hear all your loud alerts.
Cum Cum you bitch
Like no one else has ever scratched your itch.
Time to suck your tits, pinch and squeeze the other.
Sucking with all my force.
I bring in another.
Time to watch
Another lick your crotch.
A bigger think I up your ass I jigger.
Tighten up the notches
Up pulled to a stand, step up.
Hands over head with a belt.
From behind I enter
The other goes for pussy from upfront like a gold digger.
Both of us caressing your breasts, you are acting the champ.
I have you centered for the surrender.
Years of asking you out.
It was a drought but now you are mine I shout.
Be gone
the other
Time for one on oneonly, 
More in store for you later.
Now I am vindicated.
Need my rest so I can be best.
Druggist lady, my guest feel blessed not stressed.

Submitted: March 08, 2015

© Copyright 2023 ThePunished. All rights reserved.

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Scarlett Rae

This was entertaining. The constantly-changing rhyme scheme or lack-there-of made this stranger sound kinda crazy, which worked.

Wed, March 11th, 2015 10:32pm



Wed, March 11th, 2015 6:40pm

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