Punishment Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: BDSM Erotica

Another poem therapy about getting 2+years of sexual trauma to deal with

My bitch,
You have been bad.
Playing a witch
For another lad.
Time to face the punishment.
Judgment time in my dungeon.
Your sentence to serve is six days.
New trails too will be blazed.
You must deal with what I crave.
So suck it up and be brave my bitch.
I will start with a switch.
Like Grandma’s made of nettle


A fine kettle of instruments made of metal.


Nettle stings of mint.
Causing my eye to glint,
What will I use to bring
You to orgasm that leaves my imprint?
Let me see your breasts!


I will make no requests but for a while here nest.
I spank your nippples,
Your ass and pussy.
Nippples now as big as nickels.
Ass is red and pussy ozzing, very juicy.
Before we go to metal toys,
I clamp your tits with wood clothespins.


Erect your nipples stand.


Ready for closer pinching.
Many things I have planned.
First I winch
Clamps tight.
Your face shows the pain.
Time to suck and bite.
Reserve the licking
Until your begging.
Ropes binding n pushing
Your breasts closer to me,
Your face is flushed.
More spanking that stings
With your body all over springing.
More and more till you are spent,
Ready to be bent.
Time to jump into the vagina and clit.
Finger fuck and what else is at hand?
Let us try a clothespin!
A wink from your slit.
Tis now the next day.
Up your butt
A plug.
Spread the vagina until it juts
Forward for my nutts.
Suck my cock until I am hard.
Remember you are a prisoner in my yard.
There is no one to be your guard.
Try to escape and you will be ripped to shreds.
Okay bitch,
Time to glide
Over my penis so ripe.
Excite me or else.
Good my bitch.
Faster so I melt.
Next I pinch your clit
Excellent movement from the vibrator.
Liquids pouring with the thick white creamy cum.
Flow until there is no more from my skyscraper.
Striking you with my belt,
What sensations from me have you felt.
My hands going all over
You glow because I make you aware.
Closer and slower I enter again.
Deeper and deeper in you I assend.
My tip touches your cervix
Making you nervously jerk with my verdict.
Step up to your anus
Vagina set with lush implant.
Each size dialates
This is your fate.
To be my slave is great.
Slave create
For me a day of vacation
In my dungeon
Involving rape fantasy.
Remember your station
This can’t make me a phantom.
Returning later if I like,
Release you I might.
So think
As best you can
And maybe forego more fight.


Submitted: March 08, 2015

© Copyright 2023 ThePunished. All rights reserved.

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