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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: BDSM Erotica

What a person misses by being self this series of sex, erotic, love poems,,,,Monday to Friday.



Week is coming to a close.
Was a time wanted to do anything for you I could.
You’ve been telling me to stay on my toes.
Now I think you misunderstood
Somehow you think I am still yours.
You say you gave me to the others, brothers.
Truth is you no loner deserve,
My creativeness, loving, touch of obsessive passion that crushes!
Fact is I long for someone and something different.
Sent me out for learning.
Given plenty of discernment.
No longer will I to you adhere
My former blank.
Adversity made me strong.
Stating frankly,
I will be gone cause you done me wrong.
Dreaming up Friday, 
Me you will hate,
You will miss it all, as I share my summary tidy.
Years you stated it was me.
If only like them I would or could be.
Called me no good.
Thus, for shame you put on me a hood.
Yet, seems you knew every nasty dirty act.
In my memory I have kept track.
As I walk and listen to your talk,
All I hear is words blurred.
Outside the marriage and home,
Absurdly, many often preferred
You for honesty, I see an unclean ball of loam.
Christian you named yourself.
For all the things you did, might as well kept your Bible on the shelf.
What husband likes wifely raping?
Tries without permission?
Believes women aught obey in the spirit of forsaking
Others, to worship a husband giving no attention and lacking cognition.
Did you ever cherish me like the writing’s dictate?
You pronounce labels,
Just assuming authoritative stance without such traits.
You will be sad, a great fable.
Had a person willing and giving, 
Wanting to please, no tease.
Friday’s event described,
Being only for me prescribed,
Shall leave you alone, torn and worn.
Missing me for content, wishing you could circumvent while being left only with dissent.

Submitted: March 13, 2015

© Copyright 2023 ThePunished. All rights reserved.

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