Grandma’s Rocking Chair!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: BDSM Erotica

A fantasy. Rocking chairs deserve more respect.

Rock the baby to sleep...then wake up your man!

I remember Grandma’s rocking chair.

Many times where I started to sleep.

From a baby to here

Adults not wanting to hear a peep to thinking bleep.


Grandma’s rocking chair is the ultimate.

It will provide wonderment and puzzlement.

From toy to “ABOY!”

Orgasms it will provide in multiples.


Wolf will grab and bite my nipples.

While I stand

He plays with me up & down; sending triple the ripples.

Instruments, toys so huge, bands on me and his hands!


I am his slave.

He controls and whatever it is, he is in control.

Wolf, “What do you crave?”

Your goals? How will you fill all my holes?




First he explores my breasts.

Hands, pumps, clamps and weights.

Next he seizes my pussy while giving it no rest.

He makes me wait till I almost splat.


I am lubed with my juices.

Slick as his dick will be.

My clitoris, because of his play is extremely porous.

How many ways will you fuck me?  You have the key!


Please cease the torture.

You know you have lit my torch.

Hand fucked me, toy fucked me, chains and others on the borderline.


You dilated me to the size of a bottle,

Me, you sucked and pumped.

So wet I am that I waddle.

Is it now your desire to the rocking chair now to hump?


You have used your ropes to tie my legs up as high as they will go.

Gently you glide my pussy to your dick on the chair back and forth.

In and out, back and forth, up and down. Penis grows as my juices blow.

The rocking chair allows all of your penal penial girth.


Over and over you continue.

The strength of a wolf.

Ride me, ride me til no longer I can endure.

Doggie style now, Torture is next until Wolf stops by himself.





Submitted: February 29, 2016

© Copyright 2022 ThePunished. All rights reserved.

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