Friday For Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

Completion of poem series.

Friday For Us

My ex, definitely not my pet,
Had spoken of boredom in our erogenous zones.
Spoke, reaching for a titillating tone, of commands or threats
Insisting of my entertaining his old bones.
Constantly the totalitarian
Wanted sex in the pain lane. 
Disregard, after our wedding, became alien.
Simplicity, means asking.  If so, almost any way I’d have lain.
Therefore ex it is time for me to explain
What this Friday might have been.
Caringly I’d inquire fantasies; each n every detail imparted.
Due to sexual staleness, recovery prescription weekend
Shall be greeted.
A hotel close downtown, thus the fun soon added.
On the route, two or three stops to be made.
Sporting goods, Hardware and PenVus Connection’s Store.
“What?”  To my lover I reply, “Of course,
we can take our own special toys; which cause noise and joy.”
Amenities of our hotel include, restaurant, pool and hot tub.
Sport’n Goods, include balls, glove or whatever gets you hot.
Fight worth couple rounds; going back n forth, a rise as we rub.
Purchase few sticks, balls; wanting things to hit the spot.
Next stop Hardware. Minds running amuck.
Plenty of gear, some elicits fear.
Old stuff plus new stuff from PenVus.
Steering us to many good fucks to bare, including penis and vagina.
Lean on the specifics, bit more I can tell.
My lover (husband) gives me inserts to wear, firing ever dendrite.
After unpacking, down to eat; evening’s cast a spell.
Public places on the list he insists.
Minding I comply.
After dinner, we swim then retire in the hot tub. Comfy.
Marching and running to the room. 
All the goodies we have squired 
Imagined another girl with which to boom.
Called an order for a stripper.
Allowances are bantered.
Only so far can she join.
Better not touch your groin.
Okay this could read worse indeed.
Imagine the rest
Knowing your partner (and/or more) best.
This vacation stunned.
How do you like my Friday?
My ex, for you all I have left are clots.
Sad how relationships rot.
My final word?
Define it precise.

Submitted: March 14, 2015

© Copyright 2023 ThePunished. All rights reserved.

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