Egyptian Sexual Sacrifice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

Lost Civilization? Civilized? The beginnings of our urges? Is the Priesthood really spiritual?
Working on Part II now

Harem Pyramid Introduction

Regina, a young Anthropology Grad student on a dig in Egypt could barely believe the text she was reading on the Pyramid wall. She had just made this discovery of a hidden pyramid North of Ethiopia in what had been called the Lower Kingdom. It dated back to something estimated around 22,000 B.C. Only her lead Professor Robert C. Shenzo and her knew of this discovery so far. Robert was the lead person to hear her Dissertation a year from now as well as being the Professor she was assigned as Mentor. Robert had said it would be best to do the initial research on their own, just the two of them. The two of them arrived two days ago with enough supplies for three or four months. Regina started reading this text:

"Young girls aged 10 to 13 shall be presented to the Priests for examinations, to learn how to please their Royal Gods, husbands and Priests. The Priests shall use all at their disposals from medicine, incantations, spirits or else the Gods have given us to insure their total education necessary in this service. Parents will be taught the rules of obedience necessary so the Priests can fulfill their duties to the Gods and Pharaohs that are Gods on Earth." The next wall talks about how the girls learn they cannot be touched during menses. It is their duty to wear specific clothing at this time, stay within their rooms at this time and if approached by men at this time to speak the words meaning unclean. Yet, after saying this if it is clear a Nobleman, Prince, King or Priest still desires her; then the female, unless she is of Royal Birth, is to comply with the wishes of the male. The next wall describes certain things different men may desire be done to a female body. One - A common practice required by males of female concubines is to have Priests remove the hair between the legs permanently. This can be done by burning or with medications. Sometimes males only desire temporary hair removal in this area. During training time these girls must learn not to scream. Two - sometimes men like to insert metal things around the entrance to the body between the legs and behind the legs. The girls in training must learn to endure these things without display of pain. Three - Some practices may require these girls to learn not to scream if men use burning candles or branding irons during pleasuring with the girls.

Four - During training the girls will learn to be tied and treated just like domestic animals are tied up while pleasuring their Master's. They must understand it is the will of the Gods and Pharaohs. Five- Instead of showing pain or such they should always during these times ask what more they can do to increase thy Master's pleasure. Six - if they are chosen as the sacrifice for that time, they must realize this is a high honor. This means their Master has chosen to share them in a very special way holding them in high esteem and regard. Seven - being with child is not an excuse to be left out of sexual play or say No to a Master. Eight - These girls in training are to realize they are special and have been picked for a reason. Not all get to serve as they have been chosen to serve the elite males of the Gods and most special civilization on the earth. As Regina finished reading this, she felt an arm go around her. She turned her head but the light went out too. She felt the wet of a cloth backed by a hand over her nose and mouth. Chapter One -The Realization!?

Regina wakes up with her original clothes removed. She has no under clothes on. Regina looks down her body now sporting a thin silk or chiffon covering in Toga form dress with a gold Egyptian belt in the middle. Regina thinks this is a dream. She has a mega headache. But, reality sets in when she feels cuff like devices on her hands and feet. Then on her right she sees Robert. As her vision comes into better focus she sees approximately 30 to 50 men looking down at her. Some of the men are dressed in business suits. Yet, most of the men are dressed as part of an Ancient Egyptian brotherhood right out of history. Regina tries to scream. This is when she discovers a ball in her mouth. She looks to her Mentor Professor Robert with her eyes in question. Her Professor Robert speaks, "I saw you read the introduction text. This is a process that has existed for over forty thousand years. This pyramid is hidden well underground as you know.You didn't discover the pyramid but were picked to go through training in pleasuring the elite of elite the Gods have chosen. I've been assigned as your owning Master but any man in this Priesthood can have you with my permission. You have been placed on a sacrificial table. This is your introduction ceremony. I will be blindfolding you shortly. I will give you an injection of herbs to take away some pain and inhibitions. It is all extremely civilized. You should be flattered to be picked. The ceremony also serves to desensitize you to being touched by men as they want to touch you and in ways I know are very unfamiliar to you. The blindfold will stand for three months at least. You have also been started on birth control until it is determined you should have a child and whom with and when. Yet, Regina, I think you shall be reserved to bare children for only me. Now this first ceremony of touch lasts three days. I am a little sorry for that but some things are a holdover from ancient times.!" Chapter Two-Virgin Sacrifice Ceremony

Regina feels the injection. Having never done drugs she is not sure how to categorize sensations. Regina knows that the substance has somehow made her more open to any touch a male might wish to do her, keep her from escaping but still responding to touch in a pleasurable way. Regina feels sick at her stomach. SHE responds to a voice, it is Robert's. "My pretty for the first seven hours I will be the only one to touch you since I am going to be your Master and picked you. Then any of the men you saw when you first woke up can touch you. There will be no intercourse for thirty days. For these first three days it is not part of the ceremony. After that it is to allow for the birth control method to take effect. After this ceremony men can touch you only if you are blindfolded unless it is me or a trainer for the first six months to a year. The trainers are specifically picked. You will find them very well endowed. You must be fit to perform for men. This means you have to be able to sustain the largest cocks and whatever is asked along with participating in all the Ancient rituals. This is the last of my voice or any voice you will hear in English or French for three days! You are warned now never to plead you are a victim and virgin waiting for your special man. This is known and a reason you were picked to serve by the Gods!" Chapter Three - Ceremony Endurance

Regina could not fight because of the drug. She felt hands after a long speech she was sure in the Ancient Egyptian language. It seemed to her she recognized the person that touched her first after this speech as Robert's, now her proclamed Master. The really weird feeling at first was that he was dressed in Egyptian clothing but with a head dress or mask that felt like a lion. From her Graduate studies she postulated this must have something to do with the Sphinx and such traditions. "Ooh she said in her mind! Robert's seven hours of touching had started!" Regina guessed after Robert removed her clothes he covered her with oils in a ritualistic manner. Robert talked in between the touching, it could even be considered praying. Needless to say it was all very new and uncomfortable to her. Robert first removed her clothes then massaged oils from head to toe. Robert spoke a prayer. It seemed to be a thanks to the Gods for her and her body. Robert continued talking during the next part of the ceremony but his touch was much more personal as if to say she is mine and show her she is his slave with training to start now. After Robert put the oil on Regina's body he kissed her on the lips. From the lips Robert with his mouth moved to her nipples. Here he sucked on the right nipple with his left hand bringing the left nipple to an errection. He sucked each nipple for around thirty minutes. After this he had some help with piercing each nipple drawing blood that was saved in a bowl. Robert made each nipple bleed more until he had about two ounces from each nipple. Some kind of ring was placed through the nipple that symbolizes ownership. Then he pulled Regina to a sitting position. Robert spoke more ritualistic words that were repeated by the crowd. Robert then spread her legs real far apart. Regina heard a clamping sound. Then some kind of chair was placed behind her to make her sit tall not for comfort. More words were spoken by Robert and it was clear he was shaving her pussy area. Once it was finished he piled her a second. She was forced down with her bottom going over a round area. It was lubricated with oil from earlier. Robert gradually worked her down over this round object presently inserted in her ass. Then once her pussy was shaped she felt an object on it. This was like a hand but it for sure wasn't a hand. Regina thought it felt like a metal glove for the hands and she was correct. Robert had one on each hand. Robert was basically playing with the outside of her pussy and clit using these metal gloves over his hands. Regina guessed this could have taken another hour. Robert was still talking when he guided her off the object in her ass to stand her up. Gently still using metal like gloves, he starts inserting these in and out of her ass. Robert continues talking while another man hands him a bigger round object bigger than the size of his fist. He places Regina on her stomach. Regina feels more oil wondering what it is. Robert puts the oil on this object and for the next fifteen minutes glides it into her ass. All the men begin to chant as Robert then moves the complete object into Regina's ass. Now Robert straps her legs back in chains. Regina is face down, legs spread far apart on the table with that object in her ass but invisible from sight now. More ritualistic chanting goes on as Robert's attention is on Regina's pussy. He places a few herbs sprinkled over it. Robert stops chanting as he takes off head and hand gear. Robert moves his mouth to start sucking her pussy, placing his fingers on her clit, then he licks her moving his fingers in and out to full finger fucking. Regina hears men cheering but in what she thinks is Ancient Egyptian. Robert unchains one leg. Robert does this so he can enjoy himself moving her to get the best result. After approximately an hour and a half of this Robert sits Regina up for more nipple play. A bigger object is socked in oil. The one in her ass is removed then this is inserted. Regina is uncomfortable but not in pain. Robert speaks more in the Ancient language. A few men bring out what looks like Pharaoh's staff with other older looking Ancient objects. Robert's starts speaking with the men starting to chant. All the objects are used, inserted first into Regina's vagina in a mocking way of intercourse. Robert then proceeds to use the same once washed for anal intercourse. Robert then says another prayer before starting to insert his fist into her vagina in intercourse fashion moving to the anus. Regina by this time is bleeding from both the vagina and anus. A bowl of blood from each orifice is collected. Robert then with all in ritualistic chanting pierces her pussy area four times. Half the blood from mock vaginal and anal intercourse is poured on her breasts, face and legs. Robert later actually brands her. His seven hours of the three day ceremony are finished. She is literally marked with his brand or tatoo. The last anal object he removes is eight inches long and around eight inches wide in the shape of a cow's penis. More is said in ancient Egyptian but Regina is instructed to rest for a couple of hours and eat. She must be fresh because now Robert will pick ten men to do just as he has with her over the next three days. This is her indoctrination into her new life. This ceremony is for her to understand a new priviledged status. Chapter Four - Robert's Pick Ten

Regina and the men have rested. It is time to continue the first three days of the ceremony. Robert has started the ceremony. It is clear he has shown he is Regina's Master. Yet, somehow by picking ten men to share Regina with, this further imparts his ownership but gracious sharing in her initial training. Robert moves back to the center in his full Egyptian costume. Robert speaks words in supposed very Ancient Egyptian language. Robert right hand garners a ceptor or staff that a Pharaoh would have possessed. He points first to one man then another until ten are chosen. Five will be front and center with Regina on day two.The remaining five men will have their seven hours with Regina on say three. These men will not be in a single act then next but at the same time.Since it is the next day, the first five men stand at the sacrificial table in line form with masks of various Egyptian Gods and metal hands like Robert used on Regina.A number of Ancient objects are laid out on another couple of stone tables. One can see they have pain stackingly been arranged. Robert starts the chanting ritual. These men each take off their mask but keep metal gloves on. All turn to bow down before Robert. These men are assigned various areas of Regina's body to attend in this ceremony that seems as well planned as dances, instruments are played or play/tv show would be directed.The first type of touching deals with them locking Regina in sitted position on larger ball lubricated with oil guided down upon it. First man in line is given that responsibility. Next the chair that makes Regina sit up in just the correct way falls to the second man in line. The third man in line pulls her legs apart further to chain them on the next notches.This is new in the ceremony. It is still the third man up, now going to the table of objects to hand out one to each man.Robert is still chanting with torches burning and some type of incense smoldering smells about. The men hold these over their heads as they join Robert's chants in a loud manner. As Robert continues his chants the men use their objects in preordained ways in predetermined order.The first object in the hands of the first man resembles a screwdriver which has an end like a crimper. The second man has something on his tongue with about five ends that could be used for torture. The third man has one object in each hand looking like a shaft with fist size round ball around five inches thick on both ends. The fourth man has an object resembling a horn of Ancient times used to call people to order.The last man has in hand what many people would consider an Ancient pencil in his left hand and writing tablet in his right. Robert and the rest of the crowd stop chanting to watch the part of the ceremony containing the first five men. The man with the crimping like device is up first. His part in the first half of the ceremony deals with Regina's nipples and breasts. He crimps her nipples every so often. He uses his hands to cupp Regina's breasts. During the ceremony he sucks Regina's nipples often. Throughout this time he will alternate sucking, biting and licking her nipples while the other men or engaged elsewhere on her body. The biting of her nipples will intensify to the point this man will in the fifth hour or as the ceremony terminates his part: again cause Regina to bleed enough from the nipples the blood is collected in a bowl. This time the blood is much less but a certain amount is necessary in the ceremony. The second man will only use his tongue and Ancient tool on Regina's pussy. This man during the first part of the ceremony will suck, lick and push his tongue in her vagina. The tool with various endings conveys a number of levels in pain and pleasure on this area. For part of the time all the men are continously stimulating Regina in an overly pleasurable sexual manner so she produces massive amounts of bodily sexual fluids they collect. In the ending of the second man's part, again he will cause Regina to bleed from his area too. The requirement for this section of the ceremony is enough blood to be collected in a bowl. The third man is assigned Regina's ass. He will use his object for anal dialation as well as mock anal intercourse. Enough blood must be produced such it can be collected in a bowl. The fourth man has a horn he blows when directed by Robert in the ceremony or things start to get out of hand. An example of his responsibility is if some men in the audience get excited and start to participate in a way that isn't a section of the ceremony. Finally, the remaining man records things. He is to note amount of fluids Regina produces with each type of stimulus. Also, this man notes her reactions to the other objects used in the ceremony. The blood collected is placed back on Regina's face breasts trunk and legs. This same ritual and order is repeated with the last five men on the last of the first three days. Regina is of course cleaned up given food and between this. There are twenty-seven remaining days for all these men to introduce Regina into pre-training. Each remaining man that hasn't touched Regina will be able to do so. This is done so in a more informal manner. There is no more collection of blood or demand for violence towards her. Yet, each remaining man is given half a day to play with Regina in front of the others. Suggestions are solicited by the man playing with her. The man can invite others to play with him and Regina if they wish. Or ,this man can use Regina to play with all by himself. There are three rules that apply to the last days. 1. No direct intercourse may take place using the man's penis. 2. More Ancient objects are to be employed. Each man must use a minimum of three on Regina. 3. Robert can cut short any man's time along with bestowing three with an extra two hours.

Chapter 5 Inter Month Two Regina is hand free and trying to remove her blindfold. She is thankful to gone with her her mouth device. The door slams. "Stop that Regina!" Robert says in English. Robert is rolling heavy pieces of equipment into the room. Also, he brings some other various miscellaneous items. Robert starts, "It is your special day. I will introduce you to the real world of sex instead of make believe from the ceremony. There is a little preparation though." Handy men have set up benches, a sex swing, two fucking machines, the cuff- chains and other necessary things. Robert starts, "I just removed your last clothing. For your information condoms must be used by other men but not me or my devices. Now over here for prep. Sometimes I may have others covering your nipples and clit in the prep and or mechanical devices. Today I am going to initiate this." Robert directs Regina to the bench. He cuffs her. The bench is set at a forty-five down degree angle. This will make it easier once the machines are withdrawn for Robert to have his fun. The first fucking machine is to be brought in about an hour. Robert starts sucking on one nipple and pulling the ring on the other. He changes from a nice gentle touch to hard drawing pressure. Then he pulls the ring hard and harder till Regina lets out a whimper. Robert bites the nimple he has in his mouth but gently. This pattern is continued symmetrically. Robert moves to Regina ass. Here he inserts a variety of toys gradually increasing the size until leaving one in that is about two inches wide and eight inches long. Robert fingers her pussy for few minutes. His tongue is over her clit. After sucking her clit a few seconds he uses his tongue to move it around to bring her to climax over and over with her yelling, "Robert, please please stop!" Robert knows he should repeat this movement quite a few times. He does just that. Robert gets a thought he hasn't had in awhile. He leaves her returning in fifteen minutes with more equipment. Robert hooks up each breast. This machine works off the same principle as milking a cow. Robert decides it is time to hook Regina's pussy to a fucking machine. Robert thinks " I will have the remote control to the this fucking machine in my hand!!!!" Robert starts out slow for five minutes then goes to the max for five. Robert settles on number 6 with 15 the top setting. Now Robert goes back to Regina's clit. He wants to get the previous response for a much longer time and get her juices going going going. "Robert, PLEASE STOP!" Regina moans as much as she can muster. Robert knows she is ready for his own twist on this. He clips her pussy so the vibrators have great access. He personally hooks up three to drive her clit wild on and on now. Robert cn break but enjoy visual stimulation after hooking up the anal fucking machine. Now he turns all contraptions to max. Robert can't believe this. His wildest dreams. He rests for a few minutes. He relaxes. This is heaven for him. Regina really is beyond what he had imagined. Even with everything at max she seems to be increasing her sexual fluid output. Robert thinks he may wish to impregnate her soon. He asks himself what sex could be like with her pregnant. Her breasts would get bigger while producing milk. Robert starts to masturbate. Once Robert is starting to expel seamen he goes over to Regina and showers her trunk. Next he can wait no longer he turns the pussy fucking machine and clit vibrations off. Robert says, " My darling virgin you will now be mine." Robert, already totally erect thrust his penis through to her cervix causing her to scream in sheer pain. Robert, with the previous visual inspiration still in his mind, alternates from clit play to extremely rough vaginal intercourse for two hours. The anal fucking machine and milking machine is still going. "Regina my pretty, I need a little rest and sustain. I will give your pussy a short break. I want you to imagine what might come next. I have something that can yet drive you to new heights and beyond. Think of what this could be! I must say that I impressed you still produce more sex fluid.This is very arousing. Bye. I shall return soon." Regina was scared. She was tired but saw no rest in the short future with the attached machines. However, Regina must of blacked out because she felt a pain never before imagined. Robert had returned. Robert it seems was in her pussy but this was different than before. She felt something on top of what she had felt as his dick. Robert felt so many new sensations with this Ancient object than ever before. Robert had tried it before with no results. Regina was perfect for it. This Ancient object was made of a soft gold metal to fit over the penis. On the outside it had a resach to the clit and prongs. On the inside it had lines around the dick but at the top it had an indentation with rouch edges that would stimulate the G- spot and cervix. This object did just that. Regina's screams increased to the enth degree as did her fluids until she actually dried up. Robert felt this was a signal to withdraw everything and let her rest. After all Regina had earned it. Robert had decided to stop her birth control. He desires her to bare his offspring. Plus, he must explore sex with her during pregnancy. He will stop any further training activities with other beyond the Priests preparing her with objects. He decides to give her the great news. "Regina, you impress me much. I have decided no other shall have you beyond Priests training with objects. Your birth control shall be withdrawn immediately. I look forward to your baring my child. I know you can only wish to please me." Robert tells Regina.

Submitted: April 30, 2019

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