The Master

The Master

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A sociopath who's often known only by his alter-ego 'The Master' gives an in-depth account into one of his many controlling bondage evenings.


A sociopath who's often known only by his alter-ego 'The Master' gives an in-depth account into one of his many controlling bondage evenings.


Submitted: September 28, 2015

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Submitted: September 28, 2015



I looked down at my perfectly manicured fingernails, I was meticulous to the extent of being labeled a sociopath, however, the makeup of my character, particularly my personality was a lot more complex especially when it came to sex. With a razor sharp chin and an even sharper tongue, I was often in the position where I would be able to bring a girl back to my apartment with ease. A combination of a vicious charm offensive and a particularly attractive aftershave, as well as an expensive Italian suit, was often enough to persuade someone to follow me up the marble steps into my tediously expensive penthouse apartment. I was successful in all forms of life but inside the bedroom was where I excelled. The moans, screams of a night of pleasure bounced off the walls and were small reminders of what a fun responsibility-less life that I led. I wouldn't say I had commitment issues, I was committed to sex but not to a particular girl.

There was something about sex that intrigued me, it was primal and yet so many people yearned for it, were desperate for it. I wasn't, I could go for months without even thinking about sex but there was a particular aspect of sex that I enjoyed and that was domination. Men have obsessed about it for centuries with a constant need to be in control, to have the power and be the strongest, it was a contemporary trivialised form of the evolutionary thesis of Darwin.

Inside the bedroom, there's a need to adapt to your surrounding, progress and grow with both confidence and enthusiasm. That initial flurry of adrenaline pumping through the veins was an obvious attraction, but I didn't even find it pleasurable, sex to me was like a game of chess, I liked to dictate and dominate every single moment, of course to a degree I would enjoy the inconspicuous girl that I'd lured back to my apartment pleasured and happy but control was what I sought after.

Although it's frowned upon by society, I often searched for lonely vulnerable women who would attempt to find some attention at any cost. But I didn't have morals, I was entirely amoral. I didn't have any regards for the notion of feminism. I wasn't a male chauvinist, but I was using women for a mental gain rather than a physical gain. The pleasure I received was from being in complete control of somebody else like a puppeteer, constantly pulling the strings. I was vastly experienced and I knew what worked and what didn't work. I could make anyone find my controlling dominating demeanour appealing although the occasional instance, I will demonstrate my strength and force the issue if I have to.

I left the apartment complex in the early evening, darkness was looming, but I enjoyed the evening stroll through the affluent suburb where I resided, as I breathed in the fresh air that was only available in small towns that weren’t heavily industrialised. Soon enough, I had reached my destination. It was a typical dive bar in a much rougher part of town, I looked out of place, but it didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for.

A lonely girl was sat the bar who I was almost certain had been stood up as she stirred her drink in a continuous motion. I approached her, at first she was apprehensive and I didn’t blame her but I knew that she was looking for a rebound to boost her confidence. She was in a vulnerable position, but she seemed eager to impress. I led her away from the bar and towards a cubicle which would give us more privacy. As we walked towards the cubicle, she began to sway her hips in an exceptionally tight dress, the masculine eyes of the room were on her, but there was only one person that had the gravitas to be able to take her home.

I could’ve taken her home right now and it wouldn’t take much persuading however strangely, I sought her approval. Although my personality and characteristic traits pointed towards a cold emotionless approach, this was different. I could tell that she was deeply upset, my hand reached out and gently gripped hers. There was a small comforting smile etched on her face, I asked what was wrong and proceeded to listen to the ins and outs of the ‘worst day of her life’. Soon enough, we had both finished our drinks and her hand slipped under the table gently squeezing my thigh, signaling her intent to leave as we were in high slightly drunk spirits.

There was no reason to rush or to use any form of transportation, a gentle stroll back towards my complex was pleasant and she seemed impress by the neighbourhood. I ushered her in quickly and up towards the penthouse apartment, concealing her from any prying neighbours who were looking to gossip. She gasped as she saw the sheer size of the apartment but to me it was a commodity rather than a necessity. My focus was on her and only her. I led her towards the kitchen and opened the hatch to the wine cellar, picking up a bottle of wine for us to share and placing it on the counter. I pounced like a wild predator that had lured his prey into a trap and in one smooth motion, I slammed her against the door of the apartment and kissed her, not even giving her a moment to settle.

This took her by surprise, she didn’t seem outraged or appalled but instead kissed me back. Her breathing had instantly changed as she closed her eyes and embraced the moment. I was less taken aback and I pulled away, she looked at me surprised as if she had done something wrong, but instead I handed her a drink and led her through to the living room. It was a minimalist's dream, but the very few things that I did have in there were top of the range. I was dedicating my time and effort to plan what was to happen next.

For most the exhilarating experience of having sex would be enough but it wasn't for me. I was craving to have that control and dominance over her. I returned to the room with a blindfold in hand. I playfully toyed with it before handing it to her and without even having to ask and I gently placed my fingers on her shoulders and guided her through my apartment until she reached an adjacent annex which I had installed when I first moved in. I pulled the key out of my pocket and the metallic sound of the key entering the lock filled our ears.

I had a surprise in store for her, but I was almost certain that it was something that she had never experienced before. I ushered her inside the room before locking the door once again before pulling off the blindfold. She initially squinted before looking confused. I didn't blame her, she was confronted by a room padded with sound-proof tiles and the rest of the room wouldn't look out of place in a dental practice. I had meticulously laid out all the tools in drawers and bought a dentist's chair which I was planning on using. I could've tied her to the chair whilst she was blindfolded, but I didn't want to scare her. I waited nervously, sweat gathered on my brow as I waited for her reaction and my heart seemed to be in my mouth. I expected for her to be scared, it would be the natural reaction to being confronted by being locked in this room, but she looked excited. Her eyes were twinkling and the creases in her face were ones of happiness, not horror.

I fell into the background as I watched her walk forwards towards the chair, time seemed to stand still as I watched her inspect the chair. Even though she seemed excited, I was still worried that she was going to go off the idea. My heart was thumping and I hadn't felt the thrill of taking control in a very long time. I watched as her hand ran along the smooth leather material of the seat, her hand remained on it as she looked back at me before climbing onto the chair. She never broke off eye contact and with most male pursuers, it'd be enough to get them hot under the collar, but she quickly realised that she had met her match.

I stepped out of the shadows and confidently strolled towards her. My outstretched hand squeezed the side of her knee to reassure her. I broke the silence “So do you like the chair?”. Before she could even respond, I continued “I could tell you that I'm a private dentist, I mean it would explain the affluent neighbourhood and the expensive penthouse apartment... but I'd be lying”. I said with an air of confidence.


“Well, It's certainly comfortable but why the shackles?” She asked curiously. Pointing to the thick metallic handcuffs which were attached to the chair but were delicately dangling down.

“How about I show you why?” I asked, piquing her interest and taking it a step further. I could no longer hide behind the shroud of mystery, I had lost control momentarily, but she smiled and nodded.

I breathed a sigh of relief before gently placing the shackles around her petite wrists and ankles. There was some room for movement, but she was now restrained and under my control. Her eyes widened as she realised that there was no escape. It was as if she had met another person as my dark dominant side began to take over but she didn't signal for me to stop and this meant that she was going to find out what that dark side was capable of.

My hand ran across her tight dress and I appreciated her body and the effort that she had gone to, but I disregarded it as I ripped off her tight dress with ease. I watched her reaction as her eyes widened once again and her jaw dropped. Secretly I enjoying the fact that she couldn’t stop me even if she wanted me too. In the small amount of time that I had spent with her, she knew that I wasn’t going to stop. Despite being in this vulnerable situation and practically being naked in front of a stranger, she didn't seem embarrassed or overwhelmed.

I felt comfortable in her company despite the fact that I was clearly disobeying society's code of conduct when it came to sex. The etiquette that I learned to follow for many years I no longer had to. I was free to do whatever I wanted and that started by me ripping off her dress. She hadn't made a sound yet, but I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't be disturbed. I knew the walls were sound proof but some sound still escaped and I was taking no risks. I assertively held my hand over your mouth whilst reaching backwards until I found the gag that I had prepared earlier just in case and firmly placed it into her mouth before fastening around the rest of her head. I could hear her attempting to talk but it was muffled and I continued regardless as I turned my back to her and calmly considered what to do next.

I walked out of her line of sight and stopped, there was a sadistic edge to my darker side. I enjoyed listening to her struggling to relieve some of the pressure and untighten the shackles that were keeping her restrained in the chair. I returned back from the shadows with a bottle of ice-cold water and a single feather. She look perplexed, but there was always a method to my madness, she would quickly realise that. I walked over to her slowly, biding my time.

“Lean forward” I demanded as she laid back in the chair. This was the first time I had demanded something of her and I wasn't as confidence as earlier as she seemed shell-shocked, but it was soon replaced with a warm smile behind the gag and that restored the air of confidence that I had originally.

As she was leaning forward, I reached over the back of the dental chair and unlatched her bra with ease. As she was leant forward, it fell into her lap and subsequently I threw it on the floor next to her torn dress. I was now confronted by an attractive topless young woman who was restrained in my home, it would be very easy to get carried away but instead, I decided to barely take notice. I kept my ice-cool composure and instead decided to treat her to a whole new experience. I opened the bottle of water and began to drink some of it in front of her but it wasn't to tease her, it was merely a ploy. As I stood over her with my dominant presence, I began to slowly pour the ice-cold water down over her bust and I stood and watched it run all the way down her body. I stood admiring what I had created so far like an artist in front of a complex tapestry but what I enjoyed most was her reaction. She initially gasped from how cold it was, but the main purpose of pouring this water over her body was to stimulate her. I could see that her nipples had instantly hardened and they were going to have my full attention. Despite that, I was fixated by her eyes which I couldn't read at this point which I found unusual.

I picked up a single feather from the table knowing this was going to be my main tool to tease her. As I ran the entirety of the feather along the inside of her thighs, she still had her underwear on but goosebumps had formulated and she was tingling from the sensation. I decided to slowly run the feather up her body over her stomach until I reached her sensitive nipples which remained hardened. I lingered but she knew what was coming as she tried to embrace for it, her fingers whitened as she tightened the grip but it gave her no relief as the tip of the feather brushed against her hardened nipples, she instantly moaned but was masked by the gag. I had to resist the sheer temptation to tear the gag out of her mouth and listen to her moans and desperate calls for more which would play like music to my ears but I couldn't. Instead, I increased the intensity. The sensation of the softness of the feather against her even more sensitive nipples became too much for her. Her moans were barely being muted by the gag and this was when I decided to stop and allow her to catch her breath.

I didn't give her long to recover before I began slowly pulling my trousers down and boxers stepping out of them both. I was confident and comfortable in my own skin as she was, but now her eyes were fixated on my hard long erect cock which I held in my hand. The tool that we both knew would make you cum when I decided that it was the right time. I walked closer to her and pressed a button to the side of which caused the chair to slowly decline and meaning that my throbbing cock was now level with her face, as I came closer, I removed the gag as she was more than content.

As I tossed the gag across the room, I watched as she began to slowly seductively lick her lips and I was lost in the moment as I walked towards her but as I was on the verge of giving her what she wanted. I quickly regained my focus and decided that now was the right to stamp my authority and show her who was the one in the control. As I came closer, I consciously recognised that my cock was now centimetres away from her lips and her outstretched tongue was just out of reach. As she realised she what I was doing to her. I watched her linger for a moment before beginning to bite her lip, attempting to entice me to give in to the temptation. I was far more disciplined than that and she knew it. I turned around to look at the instruments which I was going to use.

I heard two words that sent shivers down my spine, “Punish me”. Her tone of voice was gentle, but she had read me and she knew what I wanted. I stopped in my tracks, but I didn't turn to face her. I initially thought that it was a figment of my imagination, but I heard her voice ringing in my ears once again “Are you going to punish me... sir?” I could hear the glee that was now in her voice as she realised that I was warming to the idea, but I didn't respond or even show a flicker of emotion.

I walked over to her and removed the restraints. I saw all the happiness and glee on her face disappear, but I knew that I wasn't that easy to read. It allowed me to take the opportunity and keep the element of surprise as I flipped her over so that she was now on her hands and knees, but I restrained her once again in a single movement. She was now in the spread-eagle position, one of my favourite sexual positions as it allowed me to exert my dominance and she was truly vulnerable.

I broke the silence, “I am going to punish you. Every moan, every scream will result in punishment. Prove your discipline and you'll be rewarded”. I said with an air of confidence and assurance, before continuing “Now, close your eyes”.

As she closed her eyes in anticipation, I knew that her other senses would be heightened and I was going to exploit it. There was absolute silence apart from the low buzz of the electric lighting, but I turned the light off and only the glow of the light under the door was stopping us from being in complete darkness. After a minute in the darkness, it began, a rhythmic thud. There was a wooden echo to it and the sound of the stinging slap as the wooden paddles struck firmly against my hand. It caused her to be covered in goosebumps once again as she tried to work out what it was. As she realised what it was, she instantly tensed up. Even in the darkness, I could see the muscles in her thighs had tightened as she prepared to embrace the pleasurable pain that she sought for and thrived on.

I lingered and as I placed my hand on the back of her thigh, she whimpered as the fear of the unknown was now coupled with being in relative darkness but my hand was reassuring and she began to relax. I turned the light back on, but she didn't move a muscle, I purposefully strode towards her making sure that she could hear my footsteps, but she remained still and a wide smile appeared on my face. She showed the discipline that I demanded of her and in return, I stayed true to my word and placed the paddle on the counter next to the chair. I returned kneeling down and pushing my arms between her legs as she remained on her hands and knees and it allowed me to have easy access to her clit.

This was the first genuine time that she had felt me purposefully pleasure her and it seemed that the anticipation and desperation for this pleasure were too much. My fingers meticulously rubbed in a circular pattern, I could hear breathing quicken and soon, it was replaced with gentle moans. As I my fingers quickened, the moans became louder and I subtly reached over and grabbed the wooden paddle. I was disappointed that her discipline was so short lived and the reward soon turned to punishment. My fingers moved away from her clit and instead grabbed the back of her leg to stabilise her before the wooden paddle firmly spanked her. Each hit echoed around the room and soon there was a pink tinge on her ass where I had struck the same spot over and over again.

Although her moans and yelps were music to my ears. It simply wasn't enough, she remained perfectly still, but my footsteps towards her drew her attention. The cold metallic clink as I pulled my leather belt off the floor and away from trousers. She was now frozen still, but I dangled the belt in front of her face. The thick smell of leather filled her nostrils and the metal buckle glistened and shined under the light before I decided to put it to use. I went back out of sight but only for a moment before deciding to lash her with the belt. The leather belt smacked against her already reddened ass. It was now completely pink and I could a long white line imprinted into her ass that was where the belt had struck her. I waited for several moments, just listening to her heavy breathing as she recovered before striking her again. She sought to be punished and I had no problem showing no mercy and giving her a strict but warranted punishment.

I could feel her shuddering under every impact. Trembling, not out of fear but because of the adrenaline and pleasurable pain that she was embracing. I rewarded her as I used two of my fingers to begin to gently massage her clit once again, but the fluctuation between intense pain and intense pleasure was too much for her as it drove her to moan. As soon as she did it, her eyes widened as she realised what she had done. An evil mischievous smile was all she could see as she turned back to see my reaction. She didn't want to express how much enjoyment she was having, but she did, she couldn't help herself and the conflict of emotions and desires had begun to transpire in her mind. I would have loved to hear the thought process that she was going through, but instead I decided to pour the remainder of the cold water over her bruised ass. It was a soothing sensation and she sighed, but she soon realised what was coming as I began to spank her once again with just my hand. The stinging sensation brought warmth but at the same time, jolts of pain and her desperation for punishment and pain caused her moans to return. The moans only lasted a second or two, but it was a lack of ill-discipline and self-control that I was going to develop.

After all the trials and tribulations that preceded this moment. I knew what I was wanting and what she had longed for since the very beginning. Whenever she looked back at me, her eyes were fixated on my hardened cock. The blood was now coursing through it as I became more and more aroused, the veins were causing distinctive ridges to appear that she was desperate to touch and now was when I was going to allow her but not with her mouth. Instead, I flipped her back over and pushed her legs as far apart as I could so they dangled over the arms of the chair before stepping forwards. I was holding my cock in my hand and the mere thought of pushing it inside her was causing her to squirm and fidget as I edged closer to her.

The preamble had finished and I decided now was the perfect time to plunge myself deep inside of her. She was bound and vulnerable, but the look in her eye was not of fear or worry. It was one of lust and desire, she had sought this ever since she had met me at the bar and especially since she had seen this chair. I spread her lips apart with one hand and pushed my cock as close to her pussy without penetrating. The shaft of my pulsating cock was resting on the sensitive pink flesh of her throbbing pussy and I could tell that she couldn't handle how I was teasing and toying with her. I recognised the need to set the tone and I did so as my initial penetration was anything but tentative. It was deep and powerful, it seemed to shake her entire core as she felt my cock travelling deep inside of her. I rested my cock inside her once again ensuring that she recognised and appreciated the power that I wielded over her. As my cock remained deep inside of her, her moans became louder and louder, she couldn't help herself, she needed to express how pleasured she was.

I hadn't even began to thrust and she was already in an orgasmic state that was the equivalent of ecstasy. I began to thrust gently, it was a different approach to anything I had done previously. I had been bold and brash, never scared to show my power, but I wanted to show more finesse as I began gently to find my rhythm. This change in speed and ferocity took her by surprise and was as pleasurable as she could feel the speed and the fire and passion ignite inside me once again as the speed and depth of each thrust grew more and more. Despite allowing emotions to become involved, I never lost the sharp mind and methodological approach and most importantly perspective. I knew that the combination of the deep smooth thrusts with my head swelling up inside of her to maximum capacity was pushing her to the edge. I didn't want to push her to the edge, I wanted to push her over the edge.

I reached over with one of my long muscular arms brushing everything off of the counter onto the floor other than the one thing that I wanted. A small vibrator, she had her head flung back and eyes closed as there was less and less time between each thrust and it now sounded like there was one long continuous moan, but I kept my composure despite feeling the burning need to cum and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I released it. I switched the vibrator on and I felt her body stiffen around me as she heard the whir of the motor and I pressed the vibrator into her thigh to make sure that she knew what it was. I watched as the pleasurable expression on her face changed from pure pleasure and bliss to complete surprise as she felt me ram the small vibrator deep into her ass.

The vibrations coupled with my consistently hard thrusts into her soaking wet pussy were causing her to scream as loud as she could. It sounded like her lungs were going to burst, but I continued, over and over again. I could feel the warmth increase until it was practically clinging to my cock and I was getting closer to orgasming myself. I completely removed my cock, allowing her a moment to recover before slowly squeezing my cock deep inside of her again. She felt smaller this time as the muscles contracted inside her pussy around my cock and her back arched as far as it could with the restraints keeping her buckled to the chair.

As I simultaneously removed both my cock and the vibrator. It appeared that I had triggered an irreversible sequence as her back remained arched and her knuckles whitened as she held onto the chair with all her might, but it was inevitable and soon the cum began to gush out of her. She hadn't been able to keep any self-control throughout the evening but I no longer cared as the cum began to form a puddle on the chair in front of her and she collapsed in an exhausted state.

However this wasn't the end, instead I stepped closer with my cock which was now glistening and throbbing from being coated in her cum. She instantly opened her mouth and closed her lips around it. She had been admiring it all evening and she showed her appreciation as her tongue covered every centimetre, running up and down the shaft and along the surface of the head, prodding and probing it in the hope that some cum would escape but instead I pulled it out and aimed at her from a close proximity. She closed her eyes and felt the sensation as the warm thick liquid fired out in a number of bursts and covered her face in cum. I watched as the cum drizzled down her chin and her only response was a wicked mischievous smile. Finally, she had provoked a response. 


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