The Commute

The Commute

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


The unlikeliest of journeys in the unlikeliest of places leads to the most eventful commute.


The unlikeliest of journeys in the unlikeliest of places leads to the most eventful commute.


Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



My sharp piercing eyes scanned the carriage as the monotonous rhythmic sound of the wheels passing over the tracks filled my ears. It was deep in the heart of the night but it had been a late night in the office. I was faced with the inevitable strange scenario that often faces the commuter. I began to search but I wasn't at that moment, sure what I was looking for. As my eyes continued to glance from side to side, taking in the entire surroundings in with my peripheral vision, I realised how bare and empty the carriage truly was especially at this time of night.

I was used to the hustle and bustle of a busy train where there was little room for comfort or for personal space. However, at this time, there was only a handful of people on in this carriage. Deep in the bowels of the train, in a run down economy class carriage, there was no scenery for me to enjoy other than the people in the carriage. As I turned to my left, I saw an ageing middle aged man fast asleep with a book about 'Narcolepsy' ironically resting on his chest, drifting slowly upwards and downwards mimicking his lungs. The man himself looked like a caricature of a chemistry professor, wild whitened hair sticking up but he was not who had attracted my attention.

At the far end of the carriage, a relatively young couple peacefully were asleep on one and other's shoulders, their breathing almost rising and falling in unison whilst the backpacks laid beneath them. A tiring adventure had led them to this carriage but they weren't who had attracted my attention.

At that moment, I think I've found what I was looking for in the most unlikely of places. Directly opposite me, perched on her seat with a positive open demeanour was the girl. I didn't know anything about her, even her name but I already knew at that moment, I wanted her. She was dressed only in a short dress and had an obscure book in front of her that every so often, caused her to raise her eyebrow and a gentle smile to etch across her face. I could feel the desire grow within me. The desire to consume her, to overwhelm her and most significantly control her.

Every so often, I watched as her head to peered out from the pages of her book and her eyes flicker around the carriage in my general direction. I waited and anticipated for her to do it again, this time, however, I moved away from the subtleties and our eyes met. The gaze was locked and she instantly closed the book. She managed to find her page and slot the bookmark in without breaking eye contact as she continued to stare deep into my eyes. At that moment, I could tell already that she was submissive and a singular raising of my eyebrows would be enough to trigger a reaction.

She briefly looked around, examining the carriage and where everyone was to see if anyone would spot that we were signalling to one and other but there was nobody looking in our direction. As the length of my hand ran across my tight trousers, the blatant bulge was apparent for to anyone to see but there was only one person who wanted to see and she was staring right at it. I gave it a gentle squeeze and watched waiting for a response. Anyone could've seen what we were doing as she began to bite her lip, looking away for a moment but she couldn't resist. Her eyes were fixated on the bulge and what she would do if she got her hands on it. I watched as she continued to bite but she was desperate for more.

My hands worked quickly and quietly as I slowly unbuckled the belt and undid the buttons of the trousers, revealing for a moment, the equally tight boxers that were hidden below. I could see her hunger and desire grow, even more, licking her lips as well as biting her bottom lip as she tried to cope with this sudden risky situation. I could see her mull over the options but really, I could see her mouth watering at the prospect of getting on her knees in front of me.

It was her turn as my hand was now continuously gripping the boxers in a way that only she could see as I hid it inconspicuously underneath a newspaper. I waited patiently as she continued to look around nervously. She wasn't used to this spontaneity and the adrenaline from the thrill of the risk was now circulating through her veins. She leant forward to put her book in her bag but mid-way down, she stopped. Lifting her head slightly and showing me her mischievous playful smile. She placed the book in the bag quietly and whilst her eyes remained fixated on the bulged boxer shorts. She lifted her hair out the way and revealed the provocative cleavage that she wanted only me to see.

How she was positioned, only I could properly see what she was doing as she ran her well-manicured fingernails over her chest and across her breasts, she looked down to purposefully leave faint red lines across her chest whilst only looking up to gauge my reaction and seek for my approval. I could feel the bulge growing under my hand making it more and more difficult to hide it. As I lifted the newspaper to show her, what she had done, the devious side of her took over once again.

She was no longer looking around to see if anyone was watching as she shuffled in her seat, her hands slipping underneath her dress and I could only watch in awe as I saw her panties falling down to her ankles and she confidently, stepped out of them whilst remaining in her high heels. I watched as she quickly gathered the panties off the floor, stuffing them in the bag and biting her lip once again as she slowly pulled her legs apart and lifted the dress slightly revealing what was below. For a moment, she flashed and I was awe-struck again. The mysterious girl that I had initially merely wanted to attract her attention was doing things for me beyond my wildest dreams.

It was my turn to take things to the extremity as I began to unbutton the boxer shorts, I was shaking as the adrenaline flooded through me. It was unusual as I was normally rational and well composed but right now, rationality was the last thing on my mind. As the final button was undone, the hole was there and her reaction as she placed her hand over her mouth out of anticipation and a willingness for me to feed my cock through the hole. I lingered, waited. Feeling the tension build between us and there was a sense of sexual chemistry in the air crackling like electricity.

I gave her what she wanted as the tip of my cock left the warmth and confinement of my boxer shorts and as soon as the cold air of the carriage brushed against it, I felt the tingling sensation begin. I gently pulled down the foreskin and aimed it towards her. Although she was ten feet away from me, I saw her lick her lips once again. There was a shine to the head as the pre-cum coated the surface and the natural light of the moon reflected on it. My dark sharp eyes were once against piercing as I watched her reaction, her hand slipped beneath the surface of dress and her arm began to move whilst being met by a pleasurable expression etched across her face. I had her where I wanted her.

I left my cock dangling out of the boxer shorts and my confidence in such a risky situation was driving her to an even more aroused state. My fingers were gliding over the throbbing shaft which was now clearly visible whilst my other hand was cupped with my forefingers outstretched beckoning her towards me. Her pleasurable expression turned to one of sheer shock and bewilderment, this was the pivotal moment. If she would do what ask, despite the fact that every thought process running through her brain told her not to. My finger remained outstretched and I made the signal again. I had regained control and composure and waited patiently.

She looked around anxiously but this time, she couldn't resist the temptation of what I was beckoning her towards. She dropped to the floor realising the noise of her high heels would raise attention and began to crawl towards me. Each movement as she crawled towards me was fulfilling my desire and need for dominance. In public, at that moment, she had no right to be doing what she was doing but she already kneeled before me. The intense look in my eye and the beckoning finger was enough to have her weak at the knees and prepared to do anything.

There was now a thin smirk that masked my face as she remained on her knees, I waited to see if she'd pounce on me but she remained vigilant and as I pulled off my belt entirely, it was a signal of intent. I took the belt and wrapped it around the back of her neck carefully allowing myself to pull her towards me and closer to the open boxer shorts and what was within that she so desperately craved for. I watched with sheer glee and satisfaction as she fed my cock back into the boxer shorts and threaded the buttons up carefully. This was to allow her to pull the boxers down fully until they were entangled beneath my knees. I watched as her eyes began to widen and her pupils dilated as they turned to one of lust. Her fingernails were carelessly tearing into my muscular thighs as she pulled herself towards it. Towards what she so desperately craved.

My hands were now tightening around the metal frame of the seat as I began to embrace the impact that she had as she leaned forwards, her tongue swirling underneath the tip of the foreskin in constant contact with the sweet nectar that had already begun to dribble out and the surface of my sensitive head was coated in the warm cum that she was hungry for.

I enjoyed the sensation but I wanted more, this wasn't enough to satisfy my growing quench for power and dominance over her, I needed more. My large rough callous hands began to take charge of the situation and my first meaningful touch was one to exert my dominance as I firmly pulled on her hair that she had put up for her long day at work.

I watched with a small sadistic smile on my face as the pain etched across her face but it soon turned to one of pleasure as I watched as the opportunity arose as her mouth opened out of anguish. I pounced taking the opportunity as her facial expression changed to one of surprise and sheer bliss as I forced my cock deep into her mouth. Closing my eyes for a moment, allowed the intensity of my senses to wash over me, the strange burning sensation of my fingers firmly gripping the metal seat frame, feeling my knuckles whiten as she slowly fed more and more of my cock into her grateful mouth. 

The response was the muffled sound of her gagging as she tried to cope with the size of my cock deep inside of her mouth, it could've alerted the passengers but I was beyond caring about anything other than taking control. I offered her no respite, no time to recover. I could feel the dominance flood over me as her muffled moans were the only things I could hear, the wheels moving over the tracks and the sound of the carriage moving were merely inconspicuous noise as her muffled moans continued.

Each lash of her tongue against my the firmly rigid cock was met with a nonchalant grunt of approval and as my hand firmly tightened its grip on her hair again, I could physically feel the power shift from her to me. Any control she had was now mine as I pulled her closer, feeling each inch of my cock and every throbbing vein and ridge reach further inside of her mouth. I was pushing her to the limit but that was she wanted, my eyes flickered for a moment and I saw the lust and desire for more in her eye growing ever clearer.

Although I was in complete control and I had her exactly where I wanted her, it wasn't enough. The desire for more control and more dominance had chemically materialised as adrenaline began pumping through my body. Every moment that passed, the more dominance I desired and the more in turn that she wanted. I leaned forward, taking my hands off the metal frame that had felt the power of my hand and instead, my hands wrapped around her neck. I could see her eyes widen but not out of fear but that she was getting what she so desperately wanted.

As my hands closed around her neck, this was the moment where I didn't let the dominance and adrenaline take over me and I instead was cautious and careful as I stroked her windpipe before deciding to bypass it until I felt her carotid artery underneath the palm of my hand. I knew even then in the heat of the moment and the intensity as we stared deep into each other's eyes that I was playing with fire. Our eyes did not break but it felt like I was physically witnessing the oxygen being cut off from her brain. I realised the danger I was putting her under and I knew that if I slipped in concentration, in five seconds she would've been unconscious. As I became more comfortable, I eased the pressure on and as I made the conscious decision to begin to squeeze more vehemently, I listened and anticipated. I waited to hear if she began to cough or splutter, muffled as my cock remained deep in her mouth but it never came. Instead, I could feel myself controlling her breathing and giving her moments of utter blissful pleasurable ecstasy before giving her time to recover.

I knew that what I was providing her with was a sensation that was incomparable to anything she had experienced. As I continued to look deep into her eyes and watched as hers got lost in mine, I could see had been taken over by a curious mixture of adrenaline and pleasure, swirling through her, intensifying every second that my hands were clamped around her neck and feeling her body attempt to cope with what she was experiencing. I could feel every little movement in her neck and mouth, I could feel her clawing for each and every gasp for air. Any change in her breathing pattern, I instantly recognised and adapted to accordingly. Even the slight changes I made would change the dynamic of what she was experiencing. The subtle changes would seem small and insignificant but in fact, it added another layer of spontaneity and doubt that made me impossible to read.

I continued that trend as I made the impromptu move of leaving my seat for the very first time and immediately standing before her. I towered over her as she remained on her knees, her eyes permanently fixated on my long throbbing erect cock that every so often flexed on its own but I decided to demonstrate my power and physicality that I wielded and show her just how easily I could overpower her. My hands reached down under hooking her arms pulling her up off her knees and leaving her suspended in mid-air. At that moment in time, she was merely a rag doll that I could do what I wished with.

I lingered as my mind was racing to consider what to do next but she decided for me as she pushed me back onto the seat and instead climbed on my lap. I could feel that my cock was concealed trapped beneath her, it provided some cover but my mind was focused on the unusually enjoyable sensation of her soaking wet pussy resting against my throbbing cock as she manoeuvred into position. She perched on my lap facing away from me in anticipation of what was to come.

We were limited to what we could do without alerting the others, although, in my mind, my drive and determination were solely on her. As she looked back, I saw a glimmer of fear in her eyes about the idea of potentially getting caught. I didn't plan on getting caught and I placed my trench coat over my lap as a precaution giving us momentary privacy if anyone was to look over. I watched as she breathed a sigh of relief and began to relax but that was the last thing on my mind as I felt my throbbing pulsating cock twitch and brush against the inside of her thigh causing a shiver to run down her spine. I continued to tease and taunt her, pressing my hardened throbbing cock against her and she could do nothing about it. I could feel the desperate desire for more grow inside her again as her hand slipped beneath her dress once again, I could feel her on my lap rhythmically running her fingers over her clit as my cock continued to nestle in between her legs.

The contours of my throbbing hardened cock were leaving impressions on her soft supple skin on the inside of her thighs but my patience for the teasing and taunting was over. In one swift movement, I took control once again as I roughly pulled her legs apart. All I wanted to do was plunge my cock deep inside of her and as I pulled her lips apart roughly, the opportunity arose. 

I waited to see how she would respond, I was expecting her to bat my hand away but instead, I felt her fingers skirt over mine, pulling her lips apart for me and submitting fully to me. I didn't hesitate for a second to reflect on the moment and instead, plunged my cock deep inside her with the might and ferocity of the pent up dominance that had been festering inside me. I instinctively firmly clamped my hand over her mouth as her instant reaction even though she knew what was coming were loud moans and screams of surprise and pleasure were muffled by my hand. She couldn't control herself and it felt like I could feel the decibels rebounding off the palm of my hand. I fleetingly looked around the carriage but nobody had even moved. 

However, we remained perfectly still. We collectively realised there was no turning back as I felt her muscles contort and contract around the mere presence of how deep inside her I was. I began to gently thrust upwards but as the train passed over each train track, the vibrations and shudders of the train carriage reverberated through us and caused her to bounce. Each reverberation and shake was causing her back to arch and pushed her even closer to the edge as her moans loudened and became more difficult to control. They were muffled but I could tell that as she edged closer to the blissful paradise of pure pleasure, she was caring less and less about getting caught.

As I glanced to my left, I noticed something, a movement out the corner of my eye. It wasn't a person but it was a distinctive building which I saw on the commute home every day. We were close to the end destination and I was at a crossroads. She hadn't noticed and I could've told her but instead, I persisted but there was now a time limit.

My lips skirted across the back of her neck and her shoulders whilst I remained inside her. Each bounce was pushing my swollen throbbing juicy head deeper inside her and now I began to thrust as we were running out of time. There was no time to compute what was happening and as my thrusts were met by muffled cries of pleasure. I continued, pushing her further up and seemingly closer to the carriage roof. Her back continued to arch and it felt like we were at the breaking point as her moans loudened once again.

I could've stopped, gave a breather and time to recover but I didn't. I was relentless with the thrusts and although I couldn't see her facial expression, I knew it was one of pure blissful pleasure. I continued to put any remaining energy had into each and every thrust as and soon I got my reward as the warm sensation flooded over us both. It felt like I could feel every single droplet running out over and down my throbbing shaft before falling to the floor. There was a distinct dripping sound as a small pool gathered below the seat.

As I felt her orgasm whilst I was inside her, it was symbolic. The experience was over. The eventful commute had reached its end destination.

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