The Boss Complex

The Boss Complex

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A director of a transnational company has the tough decision of cutting his close ally and personal assistant due to budget cuts. She reverts to risque tactics in an attempt to maintain her job.


A director of a transnational company has the tough decision of cutting his close ally and personal assistant due to budget cuts. She reverts to risque tactics in an attempt to maintain her job.


Submitted: June 24, 2015

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Submitted: June 24, 2015



This is the toughest part of my job. I am the director of the second highest division in a multinational corporation, the Eurozone crisis has affected costings even as high up as my division and I need to make contingency cuts. Usually, under the direct orders of my bosses for me to fire somebody, I would be ruthless. Business is a dog eat dog world, and without a cold, severe edge you’re left behind. However the situation this time is different, considering that the person who needs to be fired is my personal assistant. We’ve been in this situation before, but I’ve always found someone else to get rid of. My department is now the most effective it has ever been, and she is the only person whom my management deemed disposable.

I laid back in my large leather chair and watched as the ceiling fan whirred and the sound of the clock ticking filled my ears. I was surrounded by luxury leather padded wall panels and a crystal decanter laid in front of me with the finest single malt whisky that could be bought. I lost myself for a moment and it was bliss, no stress or life-changing decisions to be made.

That moment left as quickly as it arrived as I heard a tentative knock on the door; I had been putting off this meeting for so long. Despite how much difficulty I faced since I’d been informed I had to make this particular cutback, it was only when confronted face to face with her that I realised how wrenching this conversation was really going to be.

I slowly begrudgingly reached the door and opened it with a fake corporate smile that I had perfected over the years. She came in with a warm smile on her face; this was just another day for her. She probably expected to be discussing the minutes of the meeting that we wrote together, the innocence etched on her face and the fact that she was oblivious to this cutback added to the difficulty.

This decision was a lot more complicated than the fact that we worked well together; I knew that there was a certain chemistry between us. I instantly thought back to last year’s Christmas party where she’d drunkenly kissed me and threw me in the storage cupboard before we were interrupted by a new intern looking for a toilet. It was a pleasant thought but also a saddening one, this decision would destroy our friendship and ruin the memories we’d shared over the recent years.

I returned to my chair and drew it closer and we were now centimetres away from each other. I could feel her warm breath hitting the exposed skin on the lower region of my neck. It caused me to have to subtly unbutton my shirt not as a means of seduction but due to the fact that even with the air-conditioner on and the ceiling fan going full speed, it was still hot and humid. She felt the same as she used the spreadsheets of the quarterly figures as a fan to cool herself down. Once again, the warm smile spread across her face but it soon turned to one of concern as she could tell from my expression that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered as she broke the silence, I could tell that she was worried as she twirled her hair around her finger and gently placed her hand on my thigh which she always did when she was stressed and worried.

"I don’t know how to tell you this,” I was one of the smoothest talkers in the office, normally brimming with confidence and assertiveness, but I was struggling to get my words out and I couldn’t even look her in the eye.

"What is it? Please, tell me,” She said with her hand moving a bit further up my leg.

"I’ve been talking to the President of the company all morning, and as the head of this office, I need to let someone go. When I presented him with the list of employees, he saw you as the only disposable asset. I’m so sorry,” I said, as gently as I could. It really was a heartfelt apology, and I expected a more hostile response as I waited to see her reaction. It turned out to be one of desperation.

"Please, I need this job. Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I can work harder, stay later, I can work on weekends if you need me to. I won’t be able to make rent without this!” She pleaded, looking at me with huge eyes and tears brimming.

"I really am sorry,” I replied. "I tried to talk him out of it, but there’s no one else we can lose and still function properly.”

"It’s my livelihood, and you know I am a good worker. How else can I prove to you I am willing to do anything to keep this job?”. She had a look of desperation in her eyes, her hand ran further up my leg before resting on the bulge in my trousers, "Anything.” I felt uncomfortable, this wasn’t what I was expecting and I didn’t want to take advantage of her, no matter attracted to her I was.

"I don’t know, maybe I can persuade the director to fire someone else,” I said quickly, my eyes darting around the office to see if anybody could see us.

"Hmm that sounds a little promising,” she said in a murmur as she stood up and slowly walked over to the door, swinging her hips as she walked. She locked the door, she could obviously tell that I was feeling very paranoid and extremely cautious.

As she turned back and faced me, she began to slowly undo a few of the buttons of her tight shirt which allowed me to see the fringe of her lacy bra. At this point my jaw dropped and she began to giggle at my reaction. Her eyes were fixed on the blatant bulge that was made more visible by my tight trousers. She reacted to this by dropping to her knees and crawling towards me until she reached my feet, her hands ran up my calves until her hands gripped my muscular thighs.

Her hands moved to my belt, slowly unbuckling it, tugging on the buckle end, and sliding it through the loops. She, threw it underneath the desk, both of us listening as the metal buckle loudly struck against the wooden oak desk. By this time, I was no longer worried about being caught so I stood up, my still clothed hard-on about face height. She took control and unbuttoned my trousers allowing them to drop to the floor; her eyes widened and she licked her lips as her entire focus was now on the large bulge that my tight boxer shorts were constricting. She began to gently nibble on the sensitive head of my cock through the boxer shorts, I was gently moaning now, as my reaction threw me off guard, and although there was a layer of fabric between her flickering tongue and my sensitive head, it still was exceptionally sensual.

She carried on with her spontaneous actions and kept me guessing as she delicately undid the small buttons of my boxers, blindly slipped her tongue through the small hole, her tongue subtly lingered on the surface of my shaft. The look in her eyes suggested that she wanted to rip off my boxer shorts then and there, but she remained disciplined and instead decided to slowly feed my cock through the hole and out into the open. It was now pulsing and fully erect, and she took a moment to admire it but then she opted for a new plan of action: she ran her tongue along the entirety of my shaft,making the blood fully circulate around my body, which caused the veins to stand out and be clearly visible. This was the hardest I’d been in forever.

She obviously noticed, as she remained on her knees and allowed her fingers to freely run along the ridges of the veins. She continued to show me her wide array of techniques as her lips opened and she placed my cock inside her mouth, her eyes staring directly at me, trying to gauge my reaction as her tongue skirted across the surface of the sensitive head; I did my best to hold my composure. I winced but I quickly acclimatised to the sensation and began to enjoy it more.

I attempted to take control of the situation as I pulled on her hair, allowing me to push my cock much deeper inside her mouth. There was a momentary power struggle between us but she was the one who initiated this encounter and I allowed her to regained control.

Just as I began to relax, I heard a stern knock on the door followed by the handle turning. Although the door was locked, I heard a key slide into and unlock the door. The metallic sound echoed around the room as my heart was in my mouth. I was literally going to be caught with my pants down. I ushered her to crawl and hide under the table before pushing my chair in concealing the fact that I was half-naked.

It was the deputy director enquiring about the latest budget cuts. He looked at me unusually but before I could even muster a reply, I felt the sensation of her tongue snaking out and playing with my exposed head again. I was on the verge of letting out a moan, but I managed to stifle it, before briefly explaining that I had locked the door so I could do some number crunching in peace prior to the meeting. I continued to attempt to have a normal conversation but I had a hard time concentrating as her warm breath hit the sensitive skin just under my cock head and causing it to tingle. The deputy director left looking bemused but I was almost certain that I’d gotten away with it.

She emerged from under the desk with a mischievous look on her face, I couldn’t help but laugh before pulling her up onto her feet. I turned her so she was facing away from me and forced her to bend over before playfully spanking her. The noises that filled the air and echoed around the room were mainly the blunt sound of my hand striking her from behind but also some satisfyingly high-pitched yelps. Then again, there were also moans of pleasure and the utter satisfaction that she so desperately desired.

As much as I wanted to rip off her top, I had to be discreet which lead to me slowly unbuttoning it. I was renowned for my strength but I could be gentle and discreet if necessary. She preferred to see herself as flirtatious and a bit of a tease, but she rarely let anyone past her guard–I felt lucky to have this opportunity. She was facing me, gently biting her lip as she was getting more and more aroused.

My eyes slowly ran up and down her body. I knew from our previous Christmas party experience that she liked it rough and because of that, I didn’t waste any time. In one swift movement, I lifted her up and she obliged wrapping her legs around me before I walked slowly towards the window and pushed her against it.

My handprints had already marked the glass as we were both pressed against it however my undivided attention was on her. I had pictured this many times before in my head, but in reality I was far more cautious as my fingers gently ran through and combed her hair. I leaned in and was met by her distinctive perfume which always drew my attention. It filled the air and I inhaled it as I slowly blew her hair out of the way, which allowed the tip of my tongue to expose the sensitive sensual spots on her neck, similar to how she’d gone about treating my sensitive head.

I could hearing her breathing beginning to become more laboured as she attempted to calm the mixture of endorphins and adrenaline threatening to carry her away. But as I sank my teeth into her neck, she couldn’t take it anymore and I heard her mutter under her breath, urgently begging me to give it to her.

I was always more favourable of actions speaking louder than words so I unwrapped her legs and took a step back. I watched as she slowly unfastened the knee-length pencil skirt that she was wearing and it drifted to the floor, revealing the toned shape she often flaunted. She had complete confidence in her figure and whilst this situation where we could get caught at any moment was daunting, it was also exhilarating. I found that this experience that we was sharing, made her even more attractive.

She was wearing stockings which she knew I found sensual as she had asked for my opinion about it the week before, but it was presumptive to assume she was wearing them for me. It was my turn to show my experience as I unfastened her stockings with one hand, whilst my other hand gracefully ran along the outside of her thigh. My confidence continued to grow and anxiety about getting caught lessened as my hand glided across the face of her thigh. My fingertips danced along the surface playfully before residing on the inside of her thigh, and I looked up for her approval, as she remained in control. She replied with an assertive nod.

I could tell that by running my fingers along the inside of her thigh, lingering and acting almost hesitant especially as I moved closer to her underwear was stimulating her. The tension and anticipation was growing, however eventually even I couldn’t resist her. This is what I had wanted ever since the encounter last christmas. The wild lustful gaze that we gave each other and my need to have her regardless of the situation or circumstance was what was driving us on.

I had already decided that I was going to fight for her to stay at the company, this went far beyond her wanting to keep her job. The chemistry between us and the sexual attraction had became more apparent every time we were in each other’s company. This was bound to happen and now that it had, we were both relieved and pleased.

I eventually regained my focus and rested my fingers on her underwear but I was delicate and my fingers skirted over the smooth silk just covering her mound. I exerted more pressure as my fingers reached a particularly sensitive area causing her breath to catch I continued to focus on her clit, massaging it slowly in a circular motion, like a pebble in oil. I could hear the moans becoming louder and more frequent. I was no longer worried about us being caught, it was lunch hour and the office was practically deserted.

However I had made a fatal mistake, as I had got caught up in this whirlwind experience, I forgot that the window cleaners were cleaning our floor from the platform outside. I had been so fixated on her that as I glanced beyond her, the window cleaner had seen an intimate encounter unfold before his eyes. I panicked and quickly closed the blinds and tried to forget what I had just seen, I once again was mesmerised by her. I could only imagine that the window cleaner was now only capable of seeing silhouettes performing this intimate acts.

I should’ve contacted the window cleaner and made sure that he wouldn’t let out the secret but I had reached a point where there was no turning back. I somehow regained my focus and whilst one hand massaged her clit, my other hand found itself under her shirt and my fingertips rested on the base of her spine. It was causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up, as my hand slowly travelled upwards until I reached her lacy bra.

Although I could feel my fingers trembling; I was unsure if it was the adrenaline coursing through my veins or if I was nervous. Luckily, it was quickly masked by my experience, as this wasn’t the place or time to begin second doubting myself, and I easily unhooked her bra and drew the straps down her shoulders and let my eyes feast on her magnificent breasts.

I slowed down though and decided that rather than immediately reaching her breasts that I’d place my hand on her chest and I could feel her heart was racing and as my other fingers ran underneath the edge of her silky panties, it seemed that her heartbeat had quickened even more, however I retracted once again. I couldn’t help but smile at how easily I was pleasuring her; rather than making me feel complacent, it gave me additional incentive.

I quickened what I was doing with my fingers, sacrificing the gentle approach to be more direct and abrasive. I decided to leave the underwear on as a precautionary measure in case we were disturbed once more in case there were still a few people left in the office. I lingered, waiting to hear her inevitable objections, as although I wanted to feel like I was in control, I knew I wasn’t.

The objections never came, in fact quite the opposite as she urged me on with a vengeance. I quickly found my bearings and my finger glided back over the surface of her clit fleetingly. My attention now focused on opening her; I slowly stretched her lips apart with my index and ring finger allowing my middle finger to merely rest on the surface of her sensitive pink flesh which already felt very moist under my touch. I stopped briefly as I could feel the pulsating sensation under my fingertips, but rather than giving her what she wanted, I withdrew my hand completely and showed her the moisture on my finger before placing it on my tongue and savouring the taste.

This was driving her insane so she stopped me, voluntarily taking off her underwear, not worrying about the repercussions, as she hopped up on my desk in front of me. I was usually dominant but her eagerness was mesmerising and drew me in. he showed her flexibility as her legs wrapped around the back of my neck and physically pulled me closer. She licked her lips seductively and this ‘come hither’ signal was too much for me to resist. It was too enticing as I was now centimetres away and staring into her moist pussy.

She was there for the taking and I was no longer going to tease her. Instead I decided to take her by surprise as my tongue lashed against her lips. I could feel a tingling sensation deep inside of her pussy every time my tongue came into contact with it, she pulled her lips apart begging for my tongue to reach deep inside her. I waited momentarily, slowly building up the tension and anticipation. A look of desperation was in her eyes, no longer was the desperation about keeping her job. It was about me giving her what she really wanted.

Suddenly she felt the entirety of my tongue being used which caused shivers to run down her spine and her back to begin to arch. I was now using the tip of my tongue to be more accurate and direct, thrusting harder into her tight hole. Her response was to contract her pussy muscles around my tongue. I didn’t stop; I could see out of the corner of my eye that her knuckles were whitening as she tightened her grip on the end of the desk. Her body language signalled that she wanted more than my just my tongue.

She was already mounted in a natural position on the desk in anticipation. Her long smooth legs were spread as wide and her fingers had stretched her lips apart waiting. I was on the verge of penetrating her, and as I held my throbbing cock in my hand, the phone rang. Initially, I ignored it. It was the last thing on my mind, but the phone continued to flash and as I glanced over towards it with disdain having ruined the moment, I noticed the caller identification. I realised it was my boss who I simply couldn’t ignore. He would come looking for me and I didn’t think he’d like finding me in this position.

As I answered the phone, she once again allowed her mischievous side to take over as she began to run her fingers up and down my hard shaft, playing with the sensitive head once again. It was juicier than earlier as the head was inflated due to being seconds away from heaven, and I could tell that she enjoyed toying with me,wielding her power. She took my hand and began to run it down her body, my concentration evaporated instantly and I put down the phone mid-conversation. I already knew why he was calling, to make sure we would be present at the 2:00 meeting upstairs. I had more important things to attend to in front of me.

The phone began to ring again but I unplugged it at the wall. She seemed shocked as we both knew that I’d get into trouble for openly disobeying the president but it was a moment of realisation. An epiphany where I realised that for far too long, work had dominated my life and now I had her to help me feel alive again. I was bored of the corporate sellout that I had became, I had enthusiasm and vigour which had been drained from me but now she had brought out the best in me.

There was a reluctant realisation that we had to face the music as I helped her down from her mounted position and we quickly re-dressed. As we were walking out the door, I cheekily spanked her as a gesture for her to run along and she looked back with the same mischievous look that I had grown to lust for.

I was still erect so I followed immediately behind, using her to cover the blatant bulge in my trousers. We needed to use the elevator to reach the top floor which was the executive offices, however before that could happen I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the photocopy room.

The urge and the fire burning inside me was too much and I mounted her on the photocopying machine, she hadn’t put her underwear back on and this allowed me to roll up her skirt and look at her sexy stockings as I spread her legs. In the meantime, she unzipped my trousers and pulled the boxer shorts down quickly as we were racing against time.

She was lying on top of the photocopying machine, presenting herself to me as she spread her legs as wide as she could before guiding my cock with her fingers until I reached her warm welcoming pussy. I took my time and told her to close her eyes, she did so making the initial penetration even more sensual I lingered, however this wasn’t the time to have a moral dilemma. I knew since the start that there was no guarantee she would maintain her job, but I took advantage anyway. She, however, made the decision for me as she looked back at me and told me that she needed this.

As my cock squeezed into her tight hole, I instantly felt the warmth of her juices trickling down my shaft. She was doing everything in her power not to scream as people began to return to their workstations after lunch, however I had now found my rhythm. There was a combination of short deep thrusts and long shallow strokes, each welcomed by a moan and the occasional groan of my name.

Although I knew that were going to be late, I didn’t stop the thrusts, in fact I increased in power and depth as I enjoyed the sight of her breasts bouncing with each thrust. She began to squeeze them enticingly, but she was the one who realised that if we were both late then we would be both be risking our jobs, so she convinced me to stop and that we could continue later. We both straightened our clothes, looking around to see if anyone had noticed anything, but it seemed we were in the clear.

We walked down to the elevator, constantly glancing at each other with heated expressions along the way. It was only the two of us inside, and as we ascended towards the top of the building she hit the emergency stop button. My eyes widened and she turned and looked at me. With a mischievous look in her eyes, clearly she felt that we hadn’t finished what we had started. There wasn’t time to undress again and there was a limited amount of time before somebody would realise that the lift was out-of-order.

There was a rail to hold on to when the elevator was in service, but we were using it for a much kinkier purpose. As she held onto the rail, leaned backwards and spread her legs, my hands rested first on her ass and then moved around until I had hold of her hips. I lifted her skirt and began to roughly spank her as she looked at the wall and I could see her open her mouth to talk, but before she could reply I pulled her underwear down until they were around her knees, I licked my fingers and used them to rub around her ass a little. Then I plunged my still erect cock deep inside her ass, it was an even tighter fit than her delicious pussy, and just feeling it throbbing inside her was stimulating. Each thrust was firm and deep and she begged to me go harder and faster as we had the freedom of not worrying about the noise.

I did as she wished, grunting as I used all my power in each thrust, which caused her body to reverberate. I gave it everything I had and I saw her legs buckle underneath her as they almost gave way.My cock was hitting the same spot over and over until I saw her cum beginning to run down her leg. I slowly withdrew my cock from deep inside her and in the same motion turned her around and lifted her up, demanding that she wrap her legs around my waist again. This time however, I used it to find the right angle and I knew I’d found it. I used the rail as leverage before I rammed my cock deep inside her tight ass again and I felt the moisture and the muscles contract instantly around it. I found the rhythm I had used earlier, it was a fast smooth motion which caused her to be overwhelmed by a mixture of pleasure and adrenaline. Her fingernails were digging deep scratches on my back, but I enjoyed the pain and persisted.

Unlike earlier, I had more time and this allowed me to thoroughly pound her ass, and having found a spot she liked, her back began to arch. She couldn’t resist and gave in to the temptation as her ass muscles contracted once again, followed by juices almost squirting out of her. There were droplets of her juices on the metallic wall of the elevator, the sensation of feeling her orgasm acting like a trigger for my own. I finally let out a shout as my cum shot up inside her, taking her by surprise and causing the loudest moan of them all. We stayed there like that, my spent cock still embedded in her tight ass as my cum slid out and down her thighs, catching in her stockings.

Finally, we realized we had to get tidied up, so we slowly got dressed attempting to act nonchalant. I noticed the button flashing for a while which meant somebody was trying to contact us, but I reset the emergency stop button and we headed up to the meeting however when we left the elevator, I realised that I had gotten carried away and she could barely move without holding onto a rail. As we went into the meeting, I explained that she had tripped on the stairs, to explain our disheveled appearance and her limp. As we sat next to each other, legs and hands tucked under the conference table, I could feel that she was still dripping wet.

We sat there, barely listening to the formalities of the company’s finances and the realities of needing to make personnel cuts, however after the experience I’d just had and clearly hoped to continue having, I wasn’t letting her leave. She’d managed to persuade me with her initiative and ambition that she deserved to remain at the company and in return, I fought tooth and nail to ensure that she remained by my side.


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