Stinging Palms

Stinging Palms

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An intense encounter about domination and submission, pushing to the extremities in the pursuit of the unusual combination of pleasure and pain.


An intense encounter about domination and submission, pushing to the extremities in the pursuit of the unusual combination of pleasure and pain.


Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



The room was a blur as I watched her step outside of the shadows. My eyes narrowed and focused solely on her as she stood before me. The drab surroundings of a basic hotel room now faded into the background as she received the attention that she so desperately craved. There was already a palpable tension in the air but I refrained from getting emotionally invested. In fact, I was emotionless as I sat with my arms crossed, perpetuating a stern authoritative image which she longed for. I only had to give her a particularly look and a raise of the eyebrows to show that I acknowledged her existence and that was enough to bring her to life.

As she began to make her way towards me, slowly seductively swaying her hips showing a certain amount of confidence and swagger, there was no fear or apprehension in her eyes, they were fixated on me. My breathing shallowed and I felt the nervousness take a hold of me for a moment before my lips slowly parted before a succinct straight to the point question left my lips, “So... what should Sir call you?” I barked with a distinct authoritative undertone.

Before answering, she seized the initiative revealing that she was only wearing lingerie and a pair of high heels as she dropped the trench coat to the floor before continuing to confidently stride towards me. She stopped, millimetres away from me, in touching distance as she pressed her forefinger against my pursed lips. She leaned forward, ensuring that her expensive perfume clung in the air whilst her rouged lips edged closer to my ear. A gentle whisper followed by a subtle bite on her lower lip was enough, I had a name for her.

I could see that she was looking to fall into my lap and playfully wrap her arms around my neck in an attempt to seduce me but I now seized the initiative and took control. Instead, I reached out, forcefully tightening my vice like grip on her wrist, exerting my physical dominance over her from the very beginning, I was in no mood for fun and games as I yanked her so that she was bent over my lap.

There was a buzz of anticipation in the air as it was unknown in her mind of what was to come. I could feel the adrenaline flooding through my veins. I had her exactly where I wanted her as I held complete control. As she leaned over, I couldn't see her reaction and I cared even less. I stopped momentarily as I was confronted by her perfectly rounded toned ass. It was partially covered by the lacy underwear that she had decided to wear. “Well, I can certainly see why these childish boys were attracted to you. But I'm a completely different animal to what you'll have faced before” I snarled but I could see movement out the corner of my eye as I saw that she was craning her neck to look and feel involved. She was desperate to embrace and experience that dominance as it was clear that she desired it so badly. However, I immediately blocked her view and roughly pushed the back of her head so that my focus returned to her body.

I did momentarily catch the lustrous and almost desperate look in her eye but it made no difference as she laid appetisingly before me. “You know, I can do whatever I want to you, you can't stop me. In fact, you don't want Sir to stop, do you slut!”. Just the mention of the phrase seemed to make her stiffen up, as soon as the words left my mouth, she knew exactly how dominant I was and how I perceived her. There was a sense of vulnerability and a clear ease of access which could have been enough to allow me to given in to the temptation but I was patient and I instantly knew that this was driving her insane. As each minute passed, the colder and more sensitive her ass became. I watched the goosebumps begin to appear as she began to naturally relax, it was only for a moment as I made her tighten up again as I began to firmly run my fingertips across the surface of her ass. Forcefully tapping it with my forefinger and leaving an imprint as I continued to tease and torment her.

As I meticulously ran my fingers over her, it appeared at first to be creating a lull but she was yet to realise that this was only the beginning. My fingernails scraped and scratched as they danced across her ass leaving faint red lines as one of my many marks of dominance. Until I reached her thighs, I could feel her trembling and shivering under every touch. The yelps bounced around the room but as I began to roughly massage the inside of her thigh, I listened intensely to the moans, an exasperated “MORE SIR” departed from her lips. I fluctuated between my fingernails which painted an invisible labyrinthine pattern on the inside of her thigh, and the rougher sharpened grabs using my large callous hands. The anguish moans that echoed around the room were a combination of genuine pain and blissful pleasure.

My focus turned to her underwear as my fingers naturally drifted from the softness of the inside of her thigh to rest on her firmer lacy underwear. As I ran my fingers over her underwear, I exerted enough pressure that I could feel her pulsating under my touch. “Oh you're throbbing for me already slut” I smirked as I slowly edged closer to the epicentre of pulsation, responding by slowly rubbing in a circular rhythmic fashion, all the time, resting my other hand on her ass and occasionally squeezing and pinching it to remind her that I was there.

It didn't take long for me to feel a moisture beneath my fingertips which was followed by me breaking the silence, “You're soaking wet for Sir slut...!”, I exclaimed with some enthusiasm as I showed her the layer of cum that glistened and clinging to my fingers before returning to the same spot and replacing the rubbing sensation with sharp penetrative jabs that seemed to be having a similar effect as I felt how her underwear had now dampened. However, this time, I differed slightly, as my fingers slowly reached around, pulling her underwear to one side before slipping underneath. I felt constrained and instantly met by immediate warmth but as my fingers skirted across the surface of her pussy and brushed against her clit, I felt her freeze, waiting, wondering as her mind raced and her expectations grew but the only thing that mattered to me was her moans that filled the air whenever my fingers twitched.

“Now, now. Behave. Don't make Sir punish you Slut” I smirked as I felt how she was under my control but I craved, even more, control over her. My hand slipped out of her underwear and beneath the chair. I could see her head begin to lift to look in my direction but a nonchalant shove on the back of her head kept her in check. I could see her arms resting by her side but she knew what was coming as I purposefully ran the ropes through my fingers and dangled it in front of her face, instantly she placed her arms behind her back surrendering herself to me. I showed my experience and authority as I used the rope to create a thick knot, my fingers loosened the rope enough for me to ensure that it wasn't cutting the circulation to her hands but it was tight enough for her to be completely under my control. I ran my fingers from the top of her neck along her spine and watched as her back began to arch and tremble beneath my touch.

“No moaning Slut or else!” I authoritatively stated, I could see that she was already aroused and I had given her an impossible task to follow as fingers ran beneath her underwear once again. This time, I didn't show any mercy or subtlety as my fingers glided past her clit and instead I decided to plunge two of my fingers deep inside her and instantly felt her back arch and a moan slip out of her lips. It was only for a second, a moment but it was enough. The sound of my tuts echoed around the room before I reached beneath my chair, this time, I pulled out something from beneath the chair but this time, I gave no indication or clue to what it was. Instead, my hands showed a moment of delicacy to tuck her hair behind her ears before returning to dominance as I pulled on her hair and watched as the outline of her jaw dropped and I forced the rubber ball deep into her mouth, I could only imagine the look of shock on her face but I did show care and delicacy once again as I made sure that I did not catch any of her hair beneath the leather strap as I tied it to the back of her neck. I decided to test the gag and the additional restraints as I ripped the underwear off from beneath her.

I lingered for a moment, admiring her underwear as a trophy in this game of domination but the momentary lapse in concentration was only momentary. I nonchalantly threw the underwear behind me as it was now just an irrelevant scrap of material. She was now in a completely vulnerable state and as she laid before me, completely under my spell, my attitude changed. My attention returned to her ass, however, rather than teasing and tormenting her, I decided to be more active. There was a wide array of toys and stimulants laid before me out of her sight, each one could've amplified and intensified the sensation but instead, I opted instead to use my bare hands, I had been building up to this moment as I chased the tingling sensation of stinging palms.

Unlike earlier, I didn't hesitate for a moment, my already raised hand swung through the air and connected sweetly with her ass. As the contact was made, I closed my eyes and allowed my other senses to intensify. I heard the sharp crisp sound of the slap echo around the room which was quickly accompanied by a high pitch yelp which somehow escaped the gag. I could feel the sharpening pain in the palm of my hands but it was an irrelevancy in the back of my mind as my focus remained on her. I could tell that I took her surprise as she wasn't braced for the impact, her stiffened body convulsed and her back arched beneath my touch. I could feel her shallow breathing as my hand continued to rest on the base of her back, as I opened my eyes to inspect my handiwork, I noticed that her ass was a slightly darker shade of pink and there was a faint white outline of a handprint.

As I gave her a moment to relax and recover, I once again took advantage of my dominant hold over her. I lifted my hand once again, intentionally fanning some cold air onto her ass before showing my strength and endurance and hand-eye co-ordination as I slammed my hand firmly against her ass once again, this time, I watched closely as I saw the ripple from the impact and the goosebumps were now visible. The cold air had met the hypersensitive area which was now a distinct shade of pink and her muffled moans and screams brought a mild sadistic smile to my face.

As the adrenaline continued to filter through my veins, my patience was lessening and I gave her seconds to recover before bringing my hand down sharply and forcefully slapping her sensitive ass, I savoured the sound of the slap that echoed around the bland room and the high-pitched yelps that slipped out from beneath the gag and chimed like music in my ears. Each of these slaps were symbolic of my dominance over her. My confidence and dominance was becoming increasingly visible as I straightened and stiffened my hand upon impact. I was relishing the opportunity to feel the stinging sensation that had encapsulated my reddening hands which each and every slap.

I enjoyed feeling the burning sensation and her body squirm beneath my touch after every slap, I noticed the movement out the corner of my eye as she attempted to anticipate what to expect next, a firm assertive bellow “Don't turn around” bewildered her before she resumed the position that she had grown used to. I enjoyed having the ability to use the element of surprise as I lifted my hand once again to spank her, however, this time, I watched in astonishment as she turned completely and faced me, disobeying my every order. A mischievous smile was spread across her face which was coupled with the glazed look in her eye, she had suffered a combination of pain and pleasure but she was desperate for more.

I felt a sense of anger and betrayal, as the adrenaline and testosterone flowed through me, the primal dominant instinct within took over. I roughly turned her over before reaching behind me blindly and grabbing the first toy that I found. As I familiarised myself with the curved wooden surface and the handle, a sadistic smile etched across my face as I realised that I had picked up a wooden paddle as she remained completely unaware. I began to gently waft the paddle above the base of her back and above where I had already struck, I could see the shivers run down her spine as she shuddered and the goosebumps arose as the warmth from the slaps met the cool air that was intentionally falling, leaving an intense hypersensitive surface. I could only imagine the confusion etched across her face as she attempted to identify what I had firmly grasped in my hand. I decided to torment her and give a clue as I dug the edge of the paddle into her already sensitive skin, a distinct indentation was left behind with an instinctive muffled wince. As I ran the cool surface of the paddle along the back of her thighs, I watched as she stiffened once again as I reflected briefly on my ability to cause her to constrict and contract her muscles with a simple flick of my wrist. I slowly raked my fingernails across the surface of the wooden paddle and the sound alone was enough to cause her back to begin to gently arch.

I could tell that the curiosity was getting the better of her but I wasn't going to allow her to figure out what I had been using to tease and torment her with. I held the hefty paddle above her for a split second before crashing it down and listened to the rasping thud that echoed around the room. I felt the vibrations of the impact reverberate through the paddle until it reached my stiffened wrist. I lingered for a moment before slightly adjusting and swinging again, the sweet connection was met by a muffled scream that could've pierced eardrums without the restraint and a sudden lurch forwards. “You like that feeling, don't you Slut” I snarled as I wiped off the beads of sweat that had dripped onto the surface of the paddle from my forearm. Before giving her even the chance to provide a muffled response, I struck once again as the signals of pain and pleasure ran throughout her body and overwhelmed her. “One more time, Slut?” I could tell that she was entering the dangerous comfort zone as she was beginning to grow a resistance to the pain. All my strength and power was channelled into this final slap, the echo seemed to be never-ending as the telling blow landed, the sheer impact was enough to cause her to lose her balance and fall off my lap.

I sat motionless a steely glaze in my eyes as I peered down towards her, I could see that she was attempting to recover despite remaining tightly restrained. The gag remained with her legs enticingly jarred in a spread eagle position as she remained suspended in a vulnerable but pleasured state. The wooden paddle that I had already used to spank her remained in my hand. I rhythmically slapped the palm of my hand with the paddle and the simplistic sound echoed around the room causing shivers to run down her spine. She looked up from her lowly position staring deep into my eyes, she was far from afraid, if anything she was driving for me to do more. She saw the darker sadistic animal within me that was desperate to be let off the leash and unleashed on her.

I dropped to my knees, for the first time, we were eye level with each other. I showed some affection as I reached out, gently tucking her hair behind her ear which had fallen out of place before softly stroking her cheek and for a moment, intentionally allowing her to fall into a false sense of security. This, however, was all a ploy to allow me to exploit her true vulnerability. My stronger left hand remained tightly wrapped around the handle of the wooden paddle. I showed my sleight of hand and swiftness as the paddle connected sweetly with her lips and the edge of her clit. Her response was a gasp of surprise and her body jolted from the impact. “Do you like feeling that stinging sensation of me spanking your clit Slut, it's nothing more than you deserve, is it?”. As the words left my mouth, the sadistic smile edged around the corners of my mouth as my eyes narrowed, I saw her mouth began to open but instead of entertaining her muffled pleas, I swung the paddle again which slapped against her pussy once again. It reverberated throughout her entire body and send jolts of pain which seemed to send her almost into a paralysed quasi-orgasmic state, the pleasure and pain were sending mixed signals and her body was struggling to cope. I slowly wiped the cum that had ebbed out of her and settled on the surface of the wooden paddle off, before returning my focus to her. I cherished the wooden paddle like a master craftsman cherished his tools. The difference is, my tool was being used solely to push her into an overwhelming state of pleasure.

I was feeling fully absorbed and immersed in the moment as I remained standing over her as an imposing physical presence but I took her by surprise as I stopped and took a step back, allowing myself the opportunity to admire my handiwork. She was kneeling but I was still able to detect the slight tremble as the adrenaline continued to flood through her body. The weakness in her knees and her jagged breathing as her chest rose and fell at a rapid rate showed that she was subconsciously beginning to recover. Although she was naked in a spread-eagled position and completely under my control, that wasn't what had caught my attention. It was her eyes. The look in her eye was more telling than any words that could've left her lips. I could see that her feelings were complicated as there was a blend of apprehension of what was to come and a desperate glance of lust as she sought for more.

For most people who deemed themselves to be dominant, to have her in this pseudo-orgasmic state as she continued to pulsate and pant as a result of what she had been put through would have been enough but I wasn't most people. I broke the silence through an angled mischievous smirk “Well... it seems that you're ready Slut”. As soon as the words left her mouth, I felt her muscles tense and freeze up as shivers ran down her spine. I could see that there was an internal conflict as her body attempted to cope with what she had been put through whilst her desire and lust for more grew ever stronger.

I lingered for a moment, allowing the tension to continue to build. I could see that she was lulling herself into a false sense of security as it seemed that I was allowing her to recover but in fact, I remained completely in control. I could see that she was keenly anticipating what was in store for her next. My dominant nature was now brimming at the surface and with the confidence that had been growing throughout the evening, I was now working on sheer primal instinct, there was no longer any pre-meditated thought as I hooked my muscular arms beneath hers and lifted her with ease. I stepped across the small hotel room before throwing her onto the fresh bed sheets. I noticed the translucent liquid continued to run down the inside of her thighs as I stood over her at the end of the bed.

I noticed the tightened ropes cutting into her wrists and leaving distinct black and blue bruises. I slowly untied her, giving her wrists time to breathe as she gently ran her fingertips over the indentation marks that the rope that had been left, I remained standing over her at the edge of the bed but within touching range. There was a deep stare as my every movement caused her to marginally flinch, the high pitched screech of my metal belt buckle being undone caused shivers to run down her spine again before listening to the clatter of the belt hitting the floor as I nonchalantly threw it behind me. “Now Slut, I've untied you but I still expect you to behave” I assertively stated as I began to unbutton my trousers before allowing them to drop to my ankles. I stepped out of them whilst at the same time, intentionally stepped towards her. She soon realised what I had done as she was now eye level with my tight blatantly bulged boxer shorts, the restrictive underwear seemed to be stretched to their limit as her eyes widened before recognising what I had said.

I lingered before intensifying her desire and focus as I placed her hand on the boxers and watched as there was a conflict of emotions. At any moment, she could've ran her fingers over it and gave into the temptation but I was impressed by her initial discipline. I could tell that it was now pulsating against her hand and I felt the pressure as her fingers began to close around the enclosed bulge. I showed my delicate touch as I unbuttoned the boxers and allowed the tip of my cock to rest outside of the hole but the temptation was too much for her as her fingers brushed across the surface of it.

The was a sly sadistic smile re-emerged as it dawned on her the mistake that she had made as I tore the boxers off and joined her on the bed, this was the closest we had been to a humane intimate moment together but it was only for a moment as I lifted her arms above her head and held them there. I had simply replaced the rope with my hand as I pinned her down. Despite all the unique sensations and acts that she had endured, I was still a traditionalist at heart as I opted for the most vanilla position, missionary. I could see the dubious expression spread across her face as I took the gag off but at this moment, she had no idea why.

I looked down and saw that her naked body was writhing as she tried to cope with my power and dominance, I repositioned myself as I placed my knee between her legs to help me roughly prise them apart before she felt the sensation as my erection began to dig into her thigh, her body was trying to cope but it was what she desperately sought for so her fighting was in vain. She widened her legs giving me a free reign to do whatever I pleased and I wasted no time taking advantage of it. Unlike earlier, I had lost my patience and discipline as I manoeuvred into the ideal position. I could have teased and tormented instead, I confidently eased my cock deep inside of her, it seemed to take her by surprise as she had expected me to build up to the moment. I enjoyed feeling her body attempting to fight back as her back arched but she remained pinned against the bed. Just the mere presence was enough to cause her already over sensitive and overworked pussy to be vulnerable to any movement I made inside her.

At that moment, time seemed to stand still as I saw the agonising expression etched across her face as she longed and showed her desperation for more. I could feel her body beneath me begin to squirm as she felt the thrusts begin to reverberate throughout her body. There was no forewarning before the thrusts began which seemed to take her by surprise once again. I could feel her body reacting as the thrusts found more depth and a more natural rhythm. As I found a particular spot, I could feel the muscles contract around me and the sadistic smile returned as I turned my entire focus to that single sensitive spot. Each thrust had the consistency to find that spot as I felt her wrestle to regain some form of control which resulted in her fingernails raking across my back in a desperate attempt to cling to some control but in fact, it reasserted my dominance as I stopped momentarily to lift her arms above her head and hold them there before returning to the depth and rhythm which had pushed her to the edge.

I could see the pained expression on her face as she attempted to cling on and refrain from giving me the ultimate sign of submission which would be her orgasm. Each thrust was met by a louder and longer moan, in between the thrusts was her seconds of recovery before she felt the sensation intensifying as my energy was now running off pure adrenaline. I knew the temptation to orgasm growing and the fact that she was tantalisingly close but that was when I changed. I wasn't going to give her what she wanted so easily. I stopped momentarily as our eyes met and I broke the silence once again, “Now Slut, I can see how close you are but you're not allowed to cum without my approval, do you understand?. As soon as the words left my mouth, I could see the agony etched across her face as she realised that she had to resist the temptation to orgasm.

She was slipping closer and closer towards the pleasurable release that she craved for but I remained in control as I found a second wind and even more depth and speed to each and every thrust, the moans were beginning to merge into one long continuous moan as her back attempted to arch and her voice began to quiver. As the muscles continued to contract and squeeze against me, I kept my composure and consistency with the thrusts before dropping one arm which allowed my fingers to run over her hypersensitive clit once again, it was still sensitive to touch and the screams rang around the room as my fingertips ran across her clit coupled with the relentless thrusts that were pushing her to the very edge. Only sheer willpower and resilience prevented her from releasing the orgasm that had been building up ever since she had fallen over my lap many hours ago.

The thrusts slowed once again signalling that I was going to allow her moments to recover whilst I toyed and tormented her once again “So are you ready to cum for me Slut?” I provocatively asked with a sly smile creeping across my face. There was a notable confidence almost an arrogance as I held the ultimate control over her, even the desperate look in her eye wouldn't be enough to persuade me to give up any of that power. As the head of my cock began to slowly swell up inside her, the sensation was too much for her to cope with and the momentary lapse in concentration led to the warm sensation flooding over my cock for a moment. As soon as I felt it, she realised the mistake she had made and lingered in anticipation. “Now then, have you just disobeyed my instructions Slut?” I said, unable to keep hide my joyous expression. I not only had her exactly where I wanted her, I now had the opportunity and freedom to do as I pleased.

As I released my vice like grip off her wrists, she looked puzzled and bemused, the complexities were visible across her face as she attempted to decipher what comeuppances that I had planned for her act of disobedience. She quickly realised what that it would be as I moved quickly and wrapped my hands around her neck, feeling the adrenaline continue to flood throughout me as I tightened my grip, I could almost feel the blood circulation to her brain slowly being cut off and my dominance over her was growing even more. The high octane act was alien to her and there was a momentary look of shock but the look turned to lust as she felt every sense and sensation intensifying tenfold, each thrust was driving through her and I realised, although she had partially released the sexual pressure that I had built up inside her, it was far from the full orgasm that she still desperately sought for. As I applied more pressure to the choke, she fell further into this state of pleasurable paralysis, her limbs became limp under my touch as the emphasis was purely on pleasure and her brain. I knew that if I applied the pressure for too long, she would lose consciousness but I was pushing it to the very limit of both of our capabilities. There was very little time between the thrusts as both our aching bodies realised that we were coming to the climax. 

Through a panted breath, as each thrust reached as deep inside her as I could possibly go, “I want you to cum for me RIGHT NOW!” an exasperated yell travelled through the air and pushed her once again into a state of shock, as I remained on top of her and retained my dominance, she didn't expect these instructions of a forced orgasm as the pent up sexual frustration and seemingly agonising wait had come to an end. I slowly released my grip from around her neck and allowed the thrusts to continue but to remain a slow rhythmic source of pleasure for her to enjoy as she allowed herself to give in to all the temptation that she had been attempting to hold back. There was a loud satisfactory yell as the warm sensation began to flood over me once again, this time, it seemed that it was a never ending stream as her muscles convulsed and contracted to the point that she began to shake. I could feel the warm liquid flow over my cock and instantly begin to drip out of her and down her legs until it eventually rested on the bed covers but it was the last thing on either of our minds. I somehow managed to keep a constant rhythm of regular thrusts throughout the commotion. However as her orgasm encapsulated our attention, my own orgasm had quietly crept up on me. I could've held on and showed my own discipline but instead, I used it to push her into a completely orgasmic state, as we came together all of the build up and all of the infliction of pain and pleasure as dominant and submissive had manifested itself in this pleasurable state of bliss that we were suspended in, as one.

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