Sacrilege- The Complete Journey

Sacrilege- The Complete Journey

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


In a place of worship, a true act of blasphemy and sacrilege takes place.


In a place of worship, a true act of blasphemy and sacrilege takes place.


Submitted: April 02, 2018

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Submitted: April 02, 2018



Dear Friends and Guests, may I take this opportunity to welcome you all here today.

It is wonderful, as always, to see all the familiar faces of our friends and all the special members of our congregation. I know that you all join me this morning in extending a heartfelt and sincere welcome to all our new members and any visitors who may be joining us today.

Welcome one and all.

May this Ministry and its congregation offer you the opportunity to grow spiritually. We trust that the message today will uplift and encourage you as we share together in fellowship. May your burdens be lifted, may you feel comforted and as the Lord reveals his plan and purpose in your lives, may you be inspired and encouraged to become active and involved in one of the many ministries that this body has to offer".

It was the same tiresome opening speech that I had heard a million times, the same dull monotonous voice and the same screeching feedback from the microphone. Even though I was at the heart of the congregation, it was not my choice. I had been dragged along to these services ever since I was a child. I had never admitted my scepticism about god or religion, I rather endured the mind-numbingly boring pain for an hour and a half before slipping back into the stream of life.

My eyes skimmed across the room, despite the large pipe organ dominated the room as a centre piece, I admired the architecture of the building. The enormous oak beams which supported the ceiling and arched around to the walls. The dark stone wall directly contrasting with the light perfectly sculpted marble pillars and the stained-glass windows which each depicted a scene. Just as I began to allow my mind to wander... my thought process was disrupted.

The organ began to play and the rustle of a hundred pamphlets turning to the page with the processional hymn lyrics ensued. I stood apprehensively holding the pamphlet as the words stumbled out of my mouth. I knew the hymns off by heart but they had no sense or meaning to me anymore, the spiritual side of me had become increasingly cynical over the years. The words continued to flow, however, I realised that I didn't believe a single word that I was singing.

As the hymn reached the end of the first verse, I saw a blur of red in the corner of my eye caught which my attention. At first, I thought it was simply my mind tricking itself. I lingered... waiting until my peripheral vision caught it again and this time I turned. The demographic of the congregation was wholly made up of middle aged people, however, she wasn't. I looked passed the stern-faced expression of my strict religious parents to gaze at her. Whilst the entire congregation seemed to be wearing a varying shade of grey or black, she stood proudly in a vibrant short red dress, in any room she would stand out from the crowd but in this particular room, she stood out even more. Beyond her deep lingering eyes and her distinct rouged cheeks, I could see that there was not a passion or enthusiasm to be here either.

There was a look of sheer boredom etched across her face until she turned in my direction and our eyes locked for the first time. I instantly glanced away as my cheeks began to burn, I had been caught staring and there was a flood of embarrassment. However, as I turned back she continued to stare in my direction with a warm embracing smile spread across her face. Our fixed gaze seemed to be never-ending until her long forefinger slowly stretched out, hidden from her parents, she began to coax me towards her. Every movement of her finger felt like it was drawing me deeper and deeper in until I couldn't resist the temptation. She was a siren and I was prepared to crash into the rocks to get my hands on her.

As the hymn began a new verse, I looked to seize the opportunity. I began to slowly edge myself to the end of the pew, once I had reached there, I would be able to slip behind the pillars and into the shadows. I was extremely careful and conscious that my parents could catch me at any moment, but this was my opportunity to escape mundanity and I was going to take it. I slowly began to shuffle towards the shadows but in all of the build-up to this moment, I had not noticed the heavy bibles that had been carefully placed on the edge of the pew shelf. By the time that I had noticed... it was already too late. The noise of the heavy Bibles falling to the floor seemed to echo around the vacuous building for an age, drawing the attention of the entire congregation to me. I sank into my seat and waited for the hymn to end. Luckily, despite drawing attention to myself, nobody had noticed what I was attempting to do.

The hymn finally came to an end giving me a moment of respite. I was attempting to compartmentalise my thoughts, in a desperate attempt to regain my composure. Despite my attempts, there was only one person on my mind and it was not our Lord and saviour. I fleetingly glanced over in her direction again, however this time, my view was blocked by the scornful expression etched across my father's face. I gestured apologetically, little did he realise, the fire deep inside me had awoken. My placid persona had been replaced by one that was fuelled by a desire to lose control. Specifically, to lose control here, a place of holiness and purity. Each and every thought that flooded into my brain was centred around defying the beliefs of this religion and significantly the beliefs of my parents and family. There was only one possible outcome of these thoughts: an act of disobedience.

Usually, I despised the fact that every second felt like an hour as the recycled sermons and passages were regurgitated by the same collection of monotonous voices. Not this time, the monotonous voices and long passages acted as a catalyst for my lucid imagination which already begun to plot and scheme. I began to piece together a plan in my mind of what I was going to do. It only took a few minutes before my mind wandered beyond the minor details and I began to reflect on what was going to happen, what I had planned was an unprecedented level of disrespect and disobedience.

A complete dismissal of everything that I supposedly stood up for as this act would be an abrupt departure from my supposed moral compass. Only now had I realised just how monumental this day would be. A different side of me fuelled by passion, intimacy and an open disregard for authority was going to rise from the ashes of the placid, well behaved quiet side of me. The consequences of this would be unparalleled. The repercussions of my unspeakable act would be incalculable. The most likely outcome would be a rupture between myself and my parents and banishment from the congregation.

In spite of all of this, today would be my judgement day.

Everything else fell into the background as these thoughts swirled around my mind, every rational logical aspect of me was telling me to reconsider. However, at this point, my mind was made up. The priest's monologues had become nothing more than white noise as I waited for the perfect opportunity to slip out of sight and into the shadows. My eyes scoured through the pamphlet until I found the order of service page, that was where I spotted the perfect opportunity to spring into action. There would only be a five-minute window for me to slip out of my parents' sight but I was going to take it.

The adrenaline was flooding through my veins and I was ready to go as I perched myself on the very edge of the bench, I could feel the impression of the wood pressing into the back of my thighs and my fingernails continued to dig into the wooden bench. Every morsel of common sense was telling me to resist these urges. However, I continued to glance down at my watch as I waited for the hand to reach eleven, that’s when I’d make my move, but first, I had to stand for the second hymn.

The diminutive woman who was overshadowed by the enormity of the organ began to play the tune but my mind was elsewhere. I held the pamphlet closely but it was only to mask my wandering eyes. As we reached the second chorus of the hymn, my eyes returned to her and I noticed that she was staring directly in my direction, our eyes locked once again but there was not a warm smile now. Instead, it had been replaced by a thin mischievous smirk, she lingered before allowing her tongue to slip out of her mouth and run across the surface of her plush glistening lips. Already, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and the back of my throat dry as she began to seductively bite on her lip, she knew I was under her spell and that she had me hooked.

The hymn had reached the crescendo moment and everyone instantaneously closed their eyes to recite the hymn and the subsequent prayer. At this moment, despite being surrounded by scores of people, it felt like it was an intimate moment that only we were sharing as we continued to gaze at one and other. I remained frozen to the spot, my eyes transfixed on her, my mind eager to find what she had next in store for me. I watched as she momentarily turned away from me to place her handbag on the pew beside her, everyone around her kept their eyes firmly shut as they sought spiritual enlightenment but I had found what I was looking for.

Time seemed to slow down as her hands disappeared beneath her dress, there was a look of confusion and bemusement which was replaced by mesmerism as I watched her slowly but confidently slide her lacy underwear down beyond her thighs and further down her legs before allowing them to naturally drop to the floor. Her focus remained solely on me as she quietly stepped out of her underwear and picked them up off the floor. There was an aura of almost invincibility about her, she was hidden in plain sight. The moment may have only lasted for seconds as she quickly concealed her underwear in her handbag but it was a statement of intent. I now realised… she wanted it too.

My eyes flickered back to the face of my watch, it was nearing the eleventh hour, that is when I would have my window of opportunity. First, I had to endure one of the banal readings for the last time. The screech of the microphone returned as another dull voice began to echo around each of the arches and bounce off the stain-glassed window. It was seemingly a never-ending passage. After a few moments of staring into space and rehearsing the plan in mind over and over again, I gave in to the temptation once more.

Whilst the rest of the communion focused on the reading, my attention was elsewhere. I began to scan through the crowded communion, searching for her face. But… I couldn’t find her. I checked, over and over again, but she wasn't there. The butterflies in my stomach and the adrenaline flooding through my veins had disappeared. In its place, a mixture of confusion, dread, and doubt took over. I leaned against the pew in front, my head was resting against my arms as I attempted to find a way of getting over the disappointment.

It had gone from a moment of euphoria to yet another day of absolute mundanity. From sheer excitement to devastating boredom. Just as I was about to give up all hope… I stopped in my tracks. I could sense something, a presence almost. I lingered, waiting for a signal but it wasn’t a subtle one, I felt a hand firmly grab the back of my collar and drag me out of sight, in one swift motion, I was pinned against the marble pillar and I was confronted… by her.

For the first time, the intimate connection between us was now a physical one. Even though she was slightly shorter than me, our faces were millimetres away from each other. I opened my mouth to speak but she very confidently placed her forefinger over my lips as she silenced me. The sly smile had returned as she stepped across my path ensuring that I couldn’t move before she stepped forward. I could feel the warmth of her breath on my skin which was met by the hair on the back of my neck standing on end and goosebumps emerging, she had me exactly where she wanted me to be.

There was palpable tension in the air as I felt the cold touch of the hardened marble behind me. Whilst I had fantasised about this very encounter countless times in such a short amount of time, I was frozen to the spot. Time seemed to slow down as I heard the voices but it all fell into the background as our gaze locked once again, my focus was on her and her alone. I could see from the look in her eye that her mind was beginning to work overtime and I was going to willingly allow her to lead me as far astray as she liked.

She leaned further in until our lips were millimetres away from one and other. There was an innocent angelic aura surrounding her but beneath that sweet innocent persona, I knew that there was a darker mischievous side of her that was desperate to be let out.

Even though a single word had yet to be exchanged between us, it needn’t be. It was her actions that were speaking the loudest as her hand dropped and began to run across the surface of my thigh, only the thin material of my tight tapered trousers was stopping us from feeling that intimate contact that we both craved.

Whilst a combination of nerves and sheer excitement were overriding my senses, she appeared to be growing in confidence. She was in complete control and she knew it. I glanced downwards and watched as her fingertips gracefully glided from my thigh directly towards the tightening and enlarging bulge in my trousers. Prior to pulling me into the shadows, she must have touched up her makeup as her wicked mischievous smile was framed by her freshly applied deep red lipstick. The lustful look in her eye was deepening and the mischievous smirk returned as she realised that I was descending into a state of arousal.

I could tell that she was enjoying the fact that she had me under her spell and every move that she did was corrupting every thought I had. However, she, like I, realised that we only had a limited window of opportunity. Without a moment’s hesitation, she quietly dropped to her knees. She allowed her dress to begin to ride upwards, offering a constant reminder that she was no longer wearing underwear. Only now did I realise that everything she did had a purpose, a reason and this was no different. She had shown a subtle seductive side to her but now, she was allowing her lust and desire to not only bubble to the surface but spill over.

As she knelt on the cold stone floor, her hair naturally fell over her face. Even though her hair was partially hiding her face, it didn’t hide her intentions. She stared upwards towards me through the strands of her silky hair, her deep enchanting eyes that drew me in and the sharp mischievous smile remained that sent the butterflies in my stomach into overdrive.

Whilst my focus tried to remain solely on her, I noticed a slight glare out of the corner of my eye. The clouds had disappeared, in their place, the warm early afternoon sunshine was passing through the stain glassed window to illuminate the room. My eyes weren’t drawn to the colourful depictions on the glass. Instead, my eyes were transfixed on her and the glistening crucifix which she very intentionally decided to rest on her cleavage. There was a look of delight etched across her face as she realised that she was debauching any innocence that may have been remaining.

I could sense a change in her mood, there was a growing impatience building inside of her. The look in her eye was no longer of simply desire and lust, there was a primal animalistic glint in her eye. Before I could utter a word, I felt the sharp sensation as her fingernails began to rake down my thighs leaving inexcusable scratch marks. However, despite these markings of frustration, I could see that her eyes were honing in on the ever-growing bulge.

I watched in awe as her fingers began to swirl and circle around the bulge in a mesmerising fashion, each time that she completed the rotation, she inched closer to the throbbing bulge. Finally, she delicately placed her fingers on the bulge giving it a gentle squeeze before she stared upwards towards me, this time I heard her whisper “close your eyes”. The soft-spoken instruction was the first words that she had uttered and it was all I needed to hear as I rested my head against the marble pillar and closed my eyes. 

As I descended into darkness, instantly my other senses began to sharpen. Once again, I heard the scratch of her sharp well-manicured fingernails against my trousers, however this time, it was followed by a metallic scratching as I felt her holding the metal zip between her thumb and her forefinger. Slowly, she began to pull the metal zip downwards, revealing the equally tight boxer shorts below.

There was a moment of eerie silence as the rest of the congregation fell silent, it was one of their many silent prayers but that didn’t seem to disrupt her as her fingers slipped inside my tight trousers. I remained perfectly still as her fingers began to explore, I could feel her fingers brushing against the outskirts of my boxer shorts, everything she did was deliberate and she knew that she was pushing me into a mood of irreversible arousal.

She lingered once again, every morsel of my being wanted to open my eyes and take in the full experience but I didn’t. Instead, I waited patiently, allowing the buzz of anticipation to override my senses. After an agonising wait, she gave in to the temptation herself. I felt the warmth of her palms on my thighs as her hands found their way beneath my boxer shorts. I was at my most vulnerable moment. If we were caught, there would be no innocent explanation, however, any purity or innocence that I may have had was now a distant memory.

I could sense that she was having a change of heart and soon enough, she unceremoniously pulled down my trousers and boxer shorts until were tangled around my kneecaps. The darkness remained but I could tell that she was not in the mood to linger any longer. I heard the minor scrape of her knees on the cold stone floor as she edged even closer to me. The buzz of anticipation returned, this time, it was the warmth of her breath which caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand as her pursed lips teasingly lingered millimetres away from my hardened shaft.

The warm sensation increasingly intensified as her breathing quickened, the state of excitement that we were both in was reaching uncontrollable levels and she finally gave in fully to the temptation. After a final moment of hesitation, I felt the tip of her tongue playfully flick against the hardened shaft before she asserted more pressure as she began to trace the lines and follow the ridges. Even though we were only metres away from being caught, I found myself lost in the moment and a quiet moan slipped into the air.

For a moment she stopped, she hadn’t anticipated this open expression of satisfaction but I could tell that she was taking confidence from it as the playful flicks of her tongue were now being replaced with firmer bites. Each rake of her sharp teeth across my shaft led to me desperately wanting to replace the quiet moans with louder groans but this time, I managed to consciously keep my discipline.

The sweat was now dripping off the palms of my hands as the pleasure overwhelmed me. In an attempt to regain control, I blindly reached behind myself to grip the cold marble pillar. Before I could, I felt her slightly restrained lips move as they nonchalantly brushed against my hardening shaft and the soft sultry voice returned, “open your eyes”. I did as she said, without question. As my sight returned, she remained knelt before me with one hand hidden from sight beneath her dress and the other tightening her grip around my hardened shaft for the first time. The wide-eyed look of innocence had returned even though her lustful stare had turned to my swollen throbbing head.

There was a playfulness about her persona as she slowly opened her mouth and fed my cock deep inside. Part of me wanted to close my eyes again but I couldn’t look away. To begin with, she carefully manoeuvred herself as her lips created the vacuum for her tongue to run freely and explore my hardened shaft. In just a matter of moments, it felt like every inch had been covered and she was honing in on a particular spot. She was no longer teasingly using the entirety of her tongue and instead, it was the tip of her tongue which was running across the surface of my hyper-sensitive head. Every subtle movement of her tongue was amplified to unimaginable levels as I descended deeper and deeper into this paradise of pleasure. The wicked smile etched on her face was the only indication that I needed to know that she was enjoying torturing me in this house of worship.

After spending the vast majority of the time wrestling with my conscience and the shroud of moral responsibility which I owed to my strict upbringing, I spotted an opportunity. As she deliberated how to tease and toy with me next, my hands moved from the pillar behind me. In one swift motion, I had gone from a position of submission to one of power. Now, one of my hands roughly held her jaw whilst the other grabbed a handful of hair. She seemed to be in a state of shock but if any thoughts were racing through her mind, they were now on one thing. Slowly, I began to push my cock deeper and deeper inside of her mouth as I watched with glee as it was her turn to try and grapple with a devoid sense of self-control.

Earlier, I would’ve been wary of even the possibility of someone hearing her gag but, in this state, my focus had narrowed to one thing and one thing only. As I pushed even deeper, it was almost an act of religious mortification as her muffled gags became more and more apparent. I stopped, allowing her time to recover but the respite was short-lived. 

The look in her eye was no longer one of playful innocence, I could see that her look was now one of shadowy lust and sheer desire. It was my turn to linger and toy with her as she felt my hips begin to gyrate. Slowly, my hips began to thrust forwards offering a gentle introduction. However, from her water-filled eyes to her already running mascara, I could see that she was struggling to cope. My mind began to race again. Every suppressed sexual thought was flowing to the forefront of my mind and I was taking my pent-up frustration out on her. The time between each thrust was lessening as I found a rhythm that allowed me to plunge my cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Her instant reaction was to try to and consume me. She was greedily, uncontrollably lashing her tongue against my sensitive head until she spluttered and gagged.

I could’ve stopped but the slight tilt of her head which allowed me to push even further inside of her mouth was the only indication that I needed. She had provided me with the angle to do as I wished and I continued. This time… I didn’t hold back. The thrusts returned but this time with a speed and ferocity that she wasn’t expecting, she felt the sensation as the ridges of my cock caught the roof of her mouth. Each thrust was causing her entire body to jolt but my eyes fell fixated on the dangling glistening crucifix which bounced and danced across her bust as my thrusts continued to deepen. The look of desperation was now apparent, she didn’t just want more, she needed it. However, like she had done to me, she was going to have to wait. It seemingly took an age as I slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth. The stream of saliva could be traced from my throbbing aching cock to her gaping mouth. Aside from the running mascara; her smudged lip-stick; and her rustled hair, nobody knew what she had experienced on her knees in her very place of sanctuary.

As much as I had enjoyed that cameo of control, parity resumed and after taking a moment to re-compose herself, she returned to her position of power as she shuffled backwards and out of reach. There was a wild spontaneity about us both which meant that we kept each other at the very peripheries of our comfort zones.

After my outburst of dominance, the tension cutting through the air was even sharper as we were both on edge. However, if she was deterred, the look in her eye suggested otherwise. There was a wild primal glint which came alive as she dropped forwards onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled towards me. Upon reaching my feet, she stopped. I could feel my heart-beat quickening by the second in anticipation of her response, a flurry of thoughts ran through my mind but before I had chance to process them, I watched as her primal glances and animalistic advances turned to the playful mischievous minx who in the space of an hour had managed to lead me astray from everything that I thought I believed in.

Our eyes were now permanently fixed upon one and other and the intimacy continued to grow and overwhelm us both. For a moment, I forgot that I was in the church and the circumstances of how we had got to this point, but the silence was broken once again. This time, as the prayers began to echo around the church, she responded. The deliberateness returned as she decided to put her hands together by placing them on either side of my throbbing shaft before mockingly closed her eyes and staring upwards towards the heavens, reciting the exact same prayer that was ringing in our ears from the rest of the congregation.

I was in shock, not only were we partaking in acts of blasphemy and sacrilege, we were doing so consciously, and we revelled in the fact that we were straying so far away from what was considered good and right that our moral compasses were obsolete. However, I had already picked up on her mannerisms and as she began to tug on her bottom lip like she had previously, I knew that this was far from our crescendo. The tug on her bottom lip was accompanied by her wandering hands which continued to run over my cock. A subtle glance down was all that she needed as a warm smile stretched across her face like a master of a trade admires their handiwork. She knew that every pulsation, every droplet of cum that slipped out of my swollen head and trickled down the ridges of my hardened cock were because of her.

Little did I know, she was far from finished. The gentle seductive voice returned as a whisper slipped through the air, “You know what to do”. Without question, my eyes closed again, I expected the long-anticipated wait and prepared for the milieu of thoughts that would race through my mind. However, almost immediately, I heard a very faint scratch of metal on the bare stone floor below and felt the cold sensation brush against the inside of my thigh; the combination of the noise and the sensation was enough to send me into overdrive.

Slowly, she began giving me the hints to allow me to piece together what she was holding in her hand, she once again brushed the cold metal chain against my inner thigh but it was when I began to feel the indentation of the small wooden beads pressing against my hardened shaft that I had an inkling of what it was. As she continued to run her hands all over me, she gave me the final hint as she ran the wooden crucifix across the surface of my pulsating head. The words slipped from my lips “rosary beads” and as I opened my eyes, I was met by the image of her slowly purposefully licked the cum that had collected on the crucifix from its fleeting encounter with my throbbing head. Any virtuous sanctimony that may have remained was now long gone and that was affirmed as she entangled her hands in the beads and returned to pulling on my cock, I could feel myself edging closer and closer to orgasming and we both knew… it was a matter of time.

I was about to close my eyes once again, voluntarily this time, to fully immerse myself but I could sense that something was different, in fact, something was wrong. The look in her eye was no longer that of primal need and mischief, it had been replaced by fear and the colour drained from her face as she froze. In the background, I no longer heard the monotonous voice of the priest or the collective chorus of the congregation, instead, there was a wild frenzy and a sense of panic as I heard scuttling feet behind me and at the centre of the frenzy, my parents. Their loudened distressed calls of my name cut through the air, as I realised that my disappearance had been noted and now the only eventuality wasn’t my orgasm but me being caught.

Whilst everything seemed to blur as I confronted the fact that I was about to be caught and suffer the consequences, strangely amid all the chaos, in the face of adversity, I was at relative ease. I looked across the room searching for a glimmer of hope, some would call it a perverse divine intervention. But, it was not an act of god that would save us, it would be me. Beyond the neatly decorated marble pillars and the carefully arranged wooden pews was the entrance to the church, that was our escape. I offered her a confident re-assuring smile as I lifted my boxer shorts and my trousers. Thankfully, aside from some lipstick marks and the glaring bulge that my tight trousers were attempting to restrain, I was in a somewhat presentable state. She rose to her feet, dressing down the dust and dirt of the church floor that had gathered on her dress before quickly retrieving her underwear from her bag and slipped them on.  

As soon as she was presentable, I began to lead the way. As we carefully made our way towards the exit. We remained in the shadows as we slalomed around the pillars. Each trembling step was one closer to freedom or to exposure. I could hear voices and footsteps on the other side of the pillars but we were in a seemingly forgotten part of the church and the exit was now clearly in sight.
Every passing step was moving us closer, we were now just twenty yards away from the exit. But, she stopped in her tracks, once again. As I turned back towards her, I expected to see fear etched on her face. It wasn’t fear, mischief had returned. In a single swoop, she gripped me by the lapels and pulled me towards the large wooden structure that was nestled in the corner of the church foyer.

Before I could object, I watched as she quietly opened the wooden door and pushed me inside, closing the door behind us. I was disorientated and confused but the latticed window and the gothic design gave away that we were in the Confessional. I lingered before parting my lips to speak but she firmly pressed her finger against them, our to-and-fro tussle for control was going to continue even though, we were reaching our finale. We were confined in the tight space of the box but she still found the room to manoeuvre, a gentle push was all that was needed to have me exactly where she wanted me. A subtle gesture as she glanced down towards the protruding bulge sparked me into life as my hands raced down towards my belt.

This time, however, she stopped me. Instead, she slowly pulled the zip down, a flash of white was visible beneath but she no longer had the time or patience. Rather than extending the foreplay longer, she was hurried but still showed a delicate touch as she used her petite fingers to slowly unbutton my boxer shorts, freeing my hardened cock once again. On this occasion, she carefully handled my throbbing hardened cock, feeding it through the hole of both my boxer shorts and trousers, exposing it to the cold air of the church once again. This time, there was no hesitation or deliberation. Immediately, she reached down, lifting my hand and placing it on my hardened shaft, allowing it to stand upright. Like I had throughout this journey, I did as she wished and waited in eager anticipation.

She stepped backwards, turning towards the latticed window of the box that we were concealed in. However, she was not surveying the foyer for any nearby members of the congregation. It was her prompt. She turned partly back towards me, just from the glint in her eye, I could see the determined state of mind that she was in and I knew exactly what she wanted. I reached forward, almost immediately, I was met by the soft supple nature of her thighs as her short tight dress noticeably hugged against them. I traced the contours of her thighs, feeling her tremble beneath my touch. I couldn’t resist the temptation and soon enough, my fingers began to drift upwards. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was in search for but as my fingers continued to climb, so did her dress. That was the prompt she needed.

She took a single step backward but that was enough, she was no longer just in touching distance, she was practically on my lap and that was exactly what she wanted. She continued to look in the other direction and it was now my opportunity to make the final step. There were no longer any instructions, I knew that she wanted me to take her. She wanted to be defiled in one of the most sacred institutions on the planet and I was the one tasked to do so.

Whilst all these thoughts continued to swirl through my mind, I was now working purely on instinct and impulse. My searching fingers found what they were looking for, the waistband of her underwear. Without thinking, I forcefully pulled them down and in the same motion took a vice-like grip of her wrist. I could see that her underwear remained twisted around her ankles but at this point, they were nothing more than a worthless scrap of material. She had already experienced the primal animal that is within me once and she was about to again. We had both flouted the rules, we had both overstepped the mark and it had all led to this moment. With one firm yank, she knew that I was ready. She began to lower herself, her fingers ensuring that her lips were parted. I took a moment composing myself, before firmly thrusting upwards.

As I unceremoniously plunged my hardened cock deep inside of her, I immediately clamped my hand over her mouth. I could feel the bluster of warm air hit the palm of my hand as her ear-piercing scream was muffled to the point that it was barely noticeable. I took the scream as her stamp of approval as I continued to thrust upwards, reaching deeper and deeper inside of her. Each thrust was a release. A release from the restrictive rules that I had abided for my entire life. I could feel a new lease of energy as I continued to send shockwaves throughout her entire body with every powerful thrust. I could feel her attempting to take control like she had throughout this entire journey but this time, I was going to come out on top in this wrestle for control.

I had found a rhythm and a consistency but I decided that now was the time to push her over the edge. I continued to find the power and depth for each thrust but the time between each thrust was shortening drastically. I was pushing myself to my very limits but watching her struggling to cope was all the motivation that I needed. I watched in awe as her back arched to its apex and her fingers desperately clung to the lattice windows as she realised that she was stranded in a pleasurable limbo.

I could sense that we were nearing the end of our journey as her muscles contorted and contracted and her struggle to cope with me continued. She clenched herself around my juicy swollen head as a desperate last attempt to regain some control, but, it was too late. As I continued to ensure that each and every thrust found its mark, I felt the moment that it all became too much for her. After another jabbing incisive thrust, I felt a flood of warmth wash over my hardened cock.

The sensation combined with the waves of pleasure that continued to bombard us both was too much as my hypersensitive pulsating head could take no more. There was a buzz of anticipation as she knew that I was close. As she turned back towards me, the look in her eye was one of desperation. She was desperate for me to cum inside of her. Rather than drawing it out any longer, I did the opposite and gave in completely to the temptation. Everything had led to this very moment and it was my turn to let it all out. After a momentary lull that was when she felt it, an explosion inside of her. An explosion of pleasure and ecstasy as I fired my warm thick cum deep inside of her. A place where it would linger and remain long after we had re-dressed and returned to our parents and more broadly, normalcy.

However, we had been lost in the moment. We had forgotten about the context and the situation and as the footsteps emerged, we knew that there was no place to hide. As the footsteps edged ever closer, she glanced back towards me and our eyes met for the very last time. We could have scuttled to try and make ourselves look presentable but we knew that the cause was lost. We watched in slow motion as the door handle to the box began to turn, and as the door opened and the blinding light flooded in, we knew that this journey had run its course. For all the pleasure and ecstasy that we had shared, we now had to face the severe consequences of our actions. Consequences for the sins that we had committed. Consequences for our acts of blasphemy.

Simply, it was sacrilege.

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