Replenishing the Fire

Replenishing the Fire Replenishing the Fire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


With a relatively young couple's marriage in the balance with a boring mundane existence. Something had to change. Something to reignite the fire.


With a relatively young couple's marriage in the balance with a boring mundane existence. Something had to change. Something to reignite the fire.


Submitted: October 21, 2015

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Submitted: October 21, 2015



Time seemed to have slowed down as my eyes were fixated to the clock on the wall amongst the peeling paint, I always did this at this time. It was part of my daily routine, my boring mundane daily routine. This was not what I had planned when I graduated from university. I was young, sprightly, and incredibly ambitious but it had almost been 10 years since I'd graduated and I'd been lumbered with a boring, dead-end office job inputting data for a pharmaceutical company.

All my hopes and enthusiasm had been crushed quickly after the first six months. I felt so old; I'd married as I hit the age of twenty and I was in a mediocre job by the time that I'd hit twenty-five. It was a nightmare, I was counting the minutes until my shift ended, but I wasn't looking forward to going home. The passionate fire of love had already been extinguished, I couldn't put my finger on it, but inside the bedroom, there was no chemistry. It was awkward and uncomfortable and it often felt like I was with a stranger. It was an awful situation. I had considered cheating, there were a few lingering stares with some of my female colleagues and there'd been some close encounters at office parties, but I maintained my loyalty. Something needed to change.

My shift ended and I slipped out of the office and into the street where hordes of office workers piled into the street and soon I felt invisible. My life wasn't spiralling out of control, it was lost, which came to me as I evaded the puddles on a cold, wet, typical British afternoon. I needed sex. Before I was married, I was dominant in the bedroom, but like my ambitions,that had been extinguished after I got married. However, I felt that burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew that my wife was submissive and I was going to make the most of it.

Her schedule was almost as tediously boring as mine and I knew that she always went to the same bus stop and got the bus back to our apartment in the centre of the city. I acted out of instinct and decided to spontaneously meet her on the way there. I wasn't in the mood for romance, my libido had taken over and there was only one thing on my mind. One thing that I desired, that I had been yearning for months, years even.

The rain lashed against my face and I initially grimaced at the impact but I soon got used to it and I knew this city like the back of my hand. Soon enough, having evaded groups of people who were attempting to shelter away from the rain, I reached the bus stop. It was derelict and the floor was littered with rubbish, but I brushed it out onto the curb and patiently waited. It wasn't long before I saw her walking down the road with her matching red coat and umbrella. She was blissfully unaware that I was here, and for the first time in months, I got to see her completely relaxed. She had her headphones in and she looked like she didn't have a care in the world, the bus stop was filling up now mainly with senior citizens and it was perfect for what I had planned.

As she reached the bus shelter, she saw me, and her face was one of both confusion and shock. She pulled down the headphones so she could hear the rain hitting the plastic panes which were the only thing protecting us from the torrential rain. Gangs had vandalised it with tags marking their territory, It wasn't a romantic setting, but then again this wasn't a romantic gesture.

I firmly placed my finger over her mouth, asserting my dominance early and the face of shock continued as her eyes widened. Although she was wearing her red coat and holding her umbrella, she had misjudged the weather and she was wearing a dress and stockings under the coat with her high heels. I was used to having awkward silences with her recently but this silence was one of shock and awe. I pushed her against the plastic pane, nobody else noticed or cared as their only concern was getting out of this dreary miserable weather.

My arm was extended and my hand was planted on the plastic pane which prevented her from moving and I kissed her passionately. All my sexual frustration and desire had changed into adrenaline pumping through my veins. I could see her eyes darting around to see if anyone was watching us but I didn't care, I was now pressing my body against hers and her neck looked vulnerable to me.

My tongue lashed against her neck like the rain had done to my face. I was closely shaven but my stubble ran across her sensitive neck, quickly followed by my lips brushing against her neck. She could feel my breath on her neck, followed closely by my tongue racing along her skin. I could feel her react as her back arched to the point that her head rested on the plastic pane. 

She gently nibbled on my lip and her large round eyes turned to me showing an inquisitive look but I wasn't in the mood to respond. Instead, I decided in my mind what I wanted to do. Despite this being a spontaneous act, I was being careful, plotting each step and movement with measurement. My hand ran up her leg and rested on her stockings, and she shook her head, but I pinned her to the shelter wall. She couldn't overpower me even if she wanted to. My fingers began to roughly rub her clit through her panties.

She was now incredibly aware of the other people in the bus shelter and the embarrassment that would come if we got caught, but that was part of the fun and a mischievous smirk was now masking my face. I was used to seeing that concerned expression on her face but it soon changed to one of surprise and then of pure pleasure as I hit a sensitive spot over her clit. Although the spot wasn't being directly stimulated, it still had the desired effect.

My sexual frustration had been building and brewing to the point where I exhibited my strength by tearing a hole in her stockings which would allow me to have direct access to her soaking wet underwear. However, as I was about to rip the material, I noticed two blinding lights coming into view - it was the bus.

I had to stop for the moment. The crowd of people slowly dispersed as each got onto the bus and shuffled through their wallets and purses which meant that we were the last on the packed bus and last to get out of the atrocious weather. As we stepped onto the bus, we were instantly hit with the smell of body odour and the warmth of the bus was uncomfortable, but it appeared that everyone had wanted to get out of this extreme weather and the bus service was one of the few forms of public transportation still running with all the trains delayed.

Although I wasn't surprised to see the bus was crowded, I saw a spare seat and I gestured for her to sit down. However, she was still trying to get her head around what had already taken place. As the bus began to set off, I sat down and took the umbrella that she was holding in her hand which gave her more space. I was sat in the aisle seat, but the person that I sat next to was staring out the window, watching the raindrops race down the window as the rain continued to come down in stair-rods.

There was an element of privacy as I looked around and noticed that most people were on their phones or were listening to music with headphones in. The back of my hand nonchalantly brushed against her ass, which was understandable due to the bus jolting and the fact that there wasn't a seatbelt, but there was no reaction from her as she was stunned by what had happened previously. My hand purposefully brushed against her ass again and this time, she didn't ignore me. She mouthed for me to stop, but as soon as she did that she knew that my rebellious side was going to come to the fore. It wasn't a part of my personality that I often portrayed, except when I was given strict instructions to not doing something. I instantly rested my hand on her ass and she felt as I slowly extended my fingers allowing me to cup and squeeze her firmly toned ass.

My confidence continued to grow as I gently slapped her ass. I briefly glanced around to make sure nobody was watching what I was doing, however, I wasn't particularly worried about being caught even though I knew that she was wary and extremely precautious about anything that could damage her reputation. The poster in front of me warned that 'CCTV cameras were recording' and the only thought that crossed my mind was that whoever checked the footage later would be in for a treat.

I was getting to a point where I decided to move down from her toned ass and I rested my hand on the back of her thigh. I was in constant contact with her now and my hand slipped underneath her dress. This gave me a little more freedom as my hand found itself in-between her legs. I lingered, waiting, allowing her to feel my constant presence so she could gauge a reaction of what was going on. I knew her better than anyone else and with the facial expression that I could see from a seated position, I could see what her thought process was. There was a huge amount of anxiety and nervousness about potentially getting caught, but the main feelings coming across were anticipation and a desire for more. My hand continued to rest in-between her legs and I could feel her beginning to tremble from the combination of sheer anticipation and the adrenaline rush from this happening in public.

My fingers began to gently massage her clit through her underwear once again, returning to what I had done at the bus stop. I could feel her tingling under my touch and her breathing pattern instantly changed. She hadn't been put in this situation before and she was doing everything in her power not to let out any noise. I could feel a layer of moisture on my fingers which had seeped through her underwear and was now clinging to my fingers. This was the perfect time for me to stop, but instead, I added a second finger and began to stimulate her clit with two fingers because I liked to keep an element of surprise.

I stood up and offered her my seat, and her face of pleasure turned to one of confusion and disappointment, but soon after she sat down she realised why I had done this. Her eyes were now level with the bulge in my trousers, which was in touching distance from her. She was biting her lip attempting to resist the temptation but there was no holding back as I began to gyrate my bulge against her arm and even brushed against her chest. I knew that when I did that, it'd cause her nipples to instantly harden. Her breasts were sensitive to touch, and in this current situation, any movement or sensation that she felt would be amplified by the fact that this shouldn't be happening.

I took this one step further, I manually put her hand on the bulge and her eyes widened. She instantly retracted her hand as she took in her surroundings, but most importantly she was ensuring that nobody was watching was unfolding. Only when she knew that everyone was in their own little world, did she respond. She ran her fingertips down my trouser leg and up the inside of my thigh, as though she was expecting me to flinch - I didn't. She reached the bulge and I could tell that she was unsure how to deal with it or handle it, despite the fact that we'd been together for such a long time. She mouthed 'wow' before a mischievous grin came across her face, one that I hadn't seen in a very long time. Her hand was still resting on my bulge but she now assertively grabbed the shaft and I felt her hand wrap around it, slowly and discretely moving in an upwards motion before letting go completely and then grabbing it once more, repeating the action and extending the foreplay.

She was using the pleasurable anticipation against me like I had done to her before. Her face was getting closer to the bulge in my trousers and I felt her pull down the zip of my trousers before extending her tongue. I felt it flick against my throbbing cock, and despite there being a layer between her tongue and my cock, it was just as stimulating. Her eyes continued to dart around to check that nobody could see what was happening, but I was making sure that we wouldn't be caught.

I noticed whilst she did she was using her tongue to pleasure me her hand disappeared under the coat and I could only imagine what she was doing to her herself. All of this could be a figment of my imagination, however as I felt her hand tighten around my muscular thigh, I realised it was reality.

We were both rusty, but this exhilarating experience was breathing new life into our sex life. I moved closer to her once more, practically on top of her as she felt my erect cock brush against her arm. I could see from her facial expression that she wanted to respond. She licked her lips and moved her head closer to the unfastened zip. I made the hole larger giving her more room. It was more adventurous and we were running the risk of being caught. This was also running through her mind as her eyes widened from what was about to happen and what we were about to commit to. We'd gone too far to not carry on.

I subtly pushed her head closer to the hole and she was now consumed by what was underneath. She'd seen it hundreds of times before, but not in this capacity. She became carried away as she could see the tight white boxer shorts more clearly now and she responded to this sight by putting her petite fingers through the hole. Her fingers were cold and when they came into to contact with my hardened shaft, I winced. This was the first time that I was truly under pressure not to give away the suspicious, sexually deviant activities that we were currently partaking in.

There wasn't enough room for her entire hand to fit through the hole so I allowed her to explore without being able to see my cock. I knew she could feel my cock begin to throb as her fingertips ran across the tip and I was almost certain that her pussy was pulsating in unison. She felt the grooves and ridges of the veins running the length of my cock, which she gently massaged with her fingers. She could feel the sensitive head beginning to inflate with cum, and anguish was etched across her face because she would give anything to wrap her lips around the sensitive head when she was unable to. She looked up at me, her lips turning up in a mischievous grin as the bus slowed to a halt. I covered my blatant erection with my raincoat, but I was envious of her as she walked out in front of me, swaying her hips. Nobody even had a suspicion that she was incredibly turned on.

As we finally got off the packed bus and into the blusterous wintry conditions, I could still feel the sexual connection between us. Although we had another short bus journey before we'd eventually get home, I couldn't wait that long and the look on her face suggested the same. We waited for the bus to go before huddling underneath the bus shelter and waiting for the next bus to come. She rested her head on my shoulder as she caught her breath from our adventure, but my mind was working overtime. I scoped the street, looking to see if anyone was watching us too closely. I noticed something through the sheets of rain, there was a dimly lit entrance that led to the back of the high street department stores.

I hesitated for a moment, my heart in my mouth as I deliberated if I should follow through with my gut instinct, but it took over. I got to my feet without saying a word and began pulling her. As I firmly gripped her wrist, I didn't look back. I could already picture her confused expression behind me. I didn't turn around. Instead, I flung her into the dimly lit alleyway like a rag doll so that we were facing each other. I could see in a puddle on the ground my reflection; there was a lustrous intensity in my eyes that I hadn't had for years. There was a fire inside me, a burning desire which had led me to be in this alleyway with her.

The passion inside me manifested physically and I pulled her closer to me so that the warmth of my breath comforted her in such cold and dismal conditions, but that comfort lasted for moments as I pushed her against the wall. We weren't entirely in the clear, metres away, there were unbeknown commuters who could at any moment catch us in the act, but they were too busy on their phones like on the bus.

My hands were resting on the cold, wet brick walls and I saw the droplets of water running down over them, but my focus was firmly on her. The large bulge remained from earlier, and I made sure that she realised that by pressing it against her thigh through her dress. As she felt it, she couldn't resist slowly unbuckling the belt before slipping her cold hands underneath my boxers and gripping hold of my hard warm shaft causing a strange tingling sensation.

As much as she was enjoying it, her eyes continued to flicker towards the main high street. We could hear the intimate conversations and discussions of commuters and as she was distracted by the prospect of being caught, I took control. Her fingers continued to run up and down my shaft, feeling the veins throbbing. Some of my cum had drizzled down onto her fingers from the excitement of what was happening and how long it had been since we had done something like this together.

I held her against the wall and I could tell that my mere presence was turning her on. I let my dominant side out of its cage so infrequently, and I knew it drove her crazy. Right now was one of those moments. She was craving my control and dominance and I stepped closer and, in doing so, pinned her to the wall. It concealed us if anyone was to confront us, but in that very moment, that was the last thing on my mind. I began to slowly and deliberately hike her dress up, which revealed the sophisticated stockings and underwear that I knew she wore for work. I would normally enjoy seeing the lingerie that complimented her figure, but I didn't have the time or patience that I usually had. My hands ran down her legs until I reached the latches of her stockings. I could've unfastened it with ease, but instead, I snapped the latches that left the stockings dangling precariously down the sides of her thighs and gave me access to her underwear. I wasted no time tearing them off and throwing them across the alleyway, as in my mind she wasn't going to need them.

I wasted no time as I spat on my hand and began to rub her pussy. The sensation of this alone began to make her moan and it forced me to put my hand over her mouth to divert any attention being brought to us. She pulled my cock out of my boxers and into the open and I could feel the instant temperature change, but I didn't mind feeling the bite of the cold wind. I could feel it throbbing in her hand and even in the dimly lit alley, she could see how juicy it was. The look in her eye was one of intense lust. The only thing that she wanted was what she held in her hand. I pushed my cock closer, and it allowed her to guide it inside her as I lifted her off her feet and she wrapped her legs around my waist. It was unusual for me to be one spreading her lips whilst she was the one guiding it in, but at that moment, the role reversal was easily ignored. We were at one together and we had reconnected.

I hesitated for a moment before plunging my cock deeper inside her. As my cock throbbed inside of her, I could feel her body quivering against me. I returned to her neck, biting and nibbling on her soft, sensitive skin. I smirked as the quivering continued. I wondered whether it was the pleasure, the adrenaline of the possibility of being caught, or both. Harder and harder I went, listening to her try to hide her blissful moans of ecstasy. My hand continued to cover her mouth, but I couldn't resist savouring my favourite sound.

As I reached further inside of her, I hit a sensitive spot and I felt her crumple underneath me. This dominant side of me was showing no mercy as I continued to hit that spot relentlessly. I could feel her fingernails digging into my back as she tried to get a grip on the situation but I had no intention of giving her any control. I responded to her desperation by shortening my thrusts and quickening the rhythm. This change in pace and technique was causing her to linger on every action, every movement that I made. I could physically feel her breathing pattern change but then she completely stiffened. It wasn't a reaction to what I was doing. Instead, it was a reaction to the sound of footsteps approaching us.

I could've panicked like her and be caught, but I reacted quickly instead. I pushed her tightly against the wall and squeezed as close to her and the wall as I could. I was unsure if it was concealing what we were doing, but as I remained inside her, I could feel her muscles tensing and contracting around me. I could see her facial expression was one of intense pleasure and that she was about to moan - she couldn't control herself and I couldn't control her without raising suspicion. I could've stopped and pulled my cock out, but the look in her eye told me that she wanted more. As the footsteps approached, I began to gently thrust again. I couldn't put my hand over her mouth as she began to tremble and pant, but the look in my eye told her that she needed to recover and act inconspicuous. As the footsteps reached us, I held my breath, but all the angst and all the pressure had been for nothing. The badly shaven man stumbled past us leaving the stench of alcohol in his path.

It was a lucky escape and I was expecting her to stop, but instead, this drove her on and she was pushing me deeper inside her. It felt like she was driving herself up the wall, but I could see and feel her back arching against the wall. I couldn't risk taking a step back to allow her to fully arch but I knew what was coming. I could feel a second wind flood over me after that close encounter and every thrust had purpose and meaning. There was a fire driving me on.

She hadn't been anticipating this new lease of life and her hand was running up the wall to try and cope, but she couldn't. All the energy that she had used to prevent herself from moaning earlier had sapped the fight out of her and I could feel her burning desire to orgasm. Each thrust pushed her ever so closer. Each time, she somehow clung on, but her muffled moans and screams under my hand were once again becoming louder and longer. I could feel the warmth beginning to pass over me as she came, it was staggered but the look on her face was one of pleasure as she let go. Her involuntary movements knocked over one of the tin dustbins.

I froze, it had seemed to alert everyone on the high street. I pulled her to her feet, withdrawing my cock entirely before quickly re-dressing her. She was in no fit state to be seen in public and I quickly wrapped my trench coat around her. She was still in an orgasmic, almost delusional state. What we'd done today, which was so out of sorts from what we'd done in months, had taken its toll. She could barely walk and I physically guided her, almost carrying her into and through the swathes of onlookers who were attempting to understand what was going on.

Suddenly, my heart dropped as I saw the high visibility jacket of a police officer. We retreated to the bus stop, seeming to have perfect timing. Our bus arrived and as we got on, I saw the police officer stepping out of the crowd. The panties were in his hand and he was staring at us through the bus window. Before he could apprehend us, the bus started to pull away.

Once again, I sighed a collective breath of relief as we retreated to the back of the bus. The buses were still extremely busy, but we were able to sit in separate seats. She was two rows ahead of me on the left-hand side and I kept a close eye on her, but it seemed to be from afar. I could see the stockings dangling out the side of the large trench coat, but nobody was paying attention as closely as I was. I could see that the fire and passion inside of me had manifested itself physically. She sat relaxed in her seat, enjoying the bumps and vibrations that added to her hyper-sensitive pussy. But there was something I could see that nobody else could, I could see the large droplets of warm opaque liquid running down the inside of her leg and formulating a small puddle in front of her chair. To any onlooker, the puddle would be nothing more than excess rain running down off the trench coat but only I knew what it really was. Only I. 

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