Relying on Primal Instinct

Relying on Primal Instinct

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An action packed, vanilla erotic story where a businessman meets a barista.


An action packed, vanilla erotic story where a businessman meets a barista.


Submitted: December 06, 2015

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Submitted: December 06, 2015



As I stood motionless on the busy high street, I saw her through the coffee shop window. I could smell the rain in the air, I’d only been here for a week as this was a business trip, but I had spent many hours watching her through this window. Many hours pondering what could happen if I plucked up the courage to encounter her. I had travelled down from my expensive hotel to do this routine, however, today was my last day and possibly my last chance.

Despite being riddled with nerves, I confidently strode forward into the coffee shop that was fairly busy. The smell of freshly crushed coffee beans filled my nostrils as I sat down at the nearby table, studying the menu when in fact, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Unlike the majority of my colleagues who'd joined me on this trip, I didn't have a wife and a young family to return to therefore I wasn't tied down.

I had been in there fifteen minutes before I had psyched myself up to even order a drink however I waited until the other barista was busy to ensure that she was who served me. I edged closer to the front of the queue and I had butterflies in my stomach. When it was finally my turn to order, my words were short and mumbled but more significantly, we made eye contact and she began to blush.

I settled back down in my seat and gazed out the window, watching as the droplets of water raced each other down the large stained glass panes. It wasn't long before I finished my Cappuccino and I returned to the counter once again. I did the same routine, careful waiting to ensure that she was who I engaged with. This time, however, she responded, she turned away to pour in the extra milk even though I hadn't asked for it, when she returned with my coffee, she gave it me in a takeaway cup and wrapped a serviette with a note scribbled on which they used to put the names on the cup. I waited until I returned back at the table before reading the note:

"My shift ends at 4, let's go for a drink if you're interested".

I glanced down at my watch, it was only mid-day, but there was no way that I was going to leave and return and risk losing her. I grabbed one of the free broadsheet newspapers and set down with my coffee, reading the newspaper but turning to see her looking in my direction in between orders. The crowds began to thin as the busy lunch hour was over, I looked over in her to see her being unfairly lambasted by her boss and she was forced to do the less attractive jobs including clearing the tables.

She did what she was told, but I could tell that she was upset as a single tear ran down her cheek. Anger filled my veins, all I wanted to do was confront the manager, but I acknowledged that if I did do that, it would cause her to be in even more trouble. She began to clear the tables at a slow manner as she attempted to recover. I was surrounded by tables that needed clearing and this led her to pass me, her perfume hung in the air and my breathing pattern deepened. My hand reached out and connected with hers, I had done it in a subtle manner but as I squeezed her hand, it was a show of solidarity as I attempted to console her. She looked back at me with a warm smile and after that, she seemed to be feeling better after our brief encounter.

As I checked my watch once again, it was getting close to 4 o’clock. I wanted to be innocuous so I left five minutes beforehand and waited outside for her. There was now a deluge of rain and I had put my trench coat on with the collars lifted up. The time seemed to fly by and soon she came out and walked up to me however unlike myself, she hadn’t prepared for the weather, I quickly took my trench coat off and wrapped it around her.

She was the first to break the silence, “Let's get out of this rain and go have a drink” she said whilst under the covers of my trench coat. As I was only here on business, I allowed her to lead the way as this city was where she was born and raised. We walked side by side with her arm wrapped around my own as we walked towards the residential areas and out of the commercial sector. I still had the crumpled serviette in my pocket which I treasured which was our first proper line of communication.

We walked through the fleeting rain until we reached a large apartment complex, I was pleased to get out the rain, but it wasn’t the most well run apartment complex as the first thing that I saw was that the elevator was ‘Out of Order’ and I assumed that was a permanent feature with a landlord who couldn’t care less. In comparison, her apartment was anything but average. I wasn’t expecting a grand penthouse apartment, but it was clean and tidy and said a lot about her personality however I wasn’t here to analyse her like I did with potential clients. I wasn’t used to being in an intimate situation like this. I spent the majority of time living in various hotel rooms as I travelled across the globe for work and because of that, it restricted my ability to maintain a relationship for any longer than a week or fortnight.

She smiled at me once again before handing me a large glass of red wine. I was no wine connoisseur, but I was grateful sitting down at the kitchen counter as I took a sip of the wine before putting it down. She, however, had a much worse day than I had and I didn’t blame her as she downed the entire glass of wine in one go before filling the glass back to the top. I would normally tell her to slow down, but this was abnormal for me. I was cold and calculated, I had to be to have any success in my line of work, but this woman in such a short period of time had such a large effect on me. She took me out of my comfort zone and with her I sought to use my instinct rather than my typical meticulous behaviour. There was a fire and a passion growing deep inside me which was intensifying by the second and I needed to release it.

I slowly walked towards her slowly, taking the glass of wine which she had in her hand and put it down on the kitchen counter before embracing her, no words were exchanged and no words were necessary. I pushed her against the wall, tightening the grip that I had on her wrists which allowed me to take such a dominant position and I continued to use this grip to hold her against the wall. The adrenaline had begun pumping around my body and this caused me to tighten my grip on her once again.

I was now confronted by a vicious wild sexual animal compared to the innocent barista who I had admired ever since I had arrived. Despite being surprised by this side of her, I had taken control and she was at my mercy. I lingered considering what to do, but I reminded myself of my new mantra, letting my instinctive primal side out. I edged closer towards her until we were millimetres away from each other, I was much taller so I had to lean in to place my mouth next to her ear, “This is going to be the night of your life”. I whispered as well as subtly nibbling on her ear to start stimulating her.

I decided to let my fingers do the talking, my fingertips began to slowly run up and her body until I reached her thighs. I showed a lot of finesse as my fingers began to gently massage her thighs with care, but that gentleness was lost as she responded by kissing me roughly and biting on my bottom lip. As my fingers edged close to the fringe of her underwear, she began to bite her own lip as she attempted to suppress a moan from leaving her lips.

Now that I had drawn her attention, it allowed me to heavily focused on her neck, merely my presence near to her sensitive neck caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. I could feel the shivers running down her spine as I gently blew her long silky hair out of the way and exposed her sensitive neck. I initially scoured the surface with the tip of my tongue, looking for pressure points but the sensation as the bristles of my stubble brushed against her skin was quickly arousing her.

I stopped using my tongue to stimulate her neck and instead used my lips and gently used my teeth as I became rougher, it worked as I found a pressure point. As my lips hit that particular area, there was a sharp intake of breath which was my signal to move into overdrive. Adrenaline was now coursing through my veins and causing me to roughly bite the point that I had found on her neck, I was on the verge of drawing blood, but I refrained and instead soothed the pleasurable pain as my tongue acted as the coolant for the areas which were soon to become bruised.

I completely withdrew my presence allowing her to prepare for what was going to happen next but whilst she recovered, I surprised her as I returned to her neck, gently nibbling on the sensitive skin much more lightly than before. I continued to linger, teasing her as she remained pressed against the wall. Her hand reached out and grabbed mine, I expected her to squeeze it, instead it was her turn to surprise me as she slowly pulled my hand under her shirt. I instantly felt the softness of her stomach, but I could see the faint outlines of her bra and my hand felt the silkiness of the expensive lingerie and underneath I could feel the subtle hardness of her nipples.

This wasn’t the only signal of her being turned on, I felt the sweatiness of her palms as she attempted to regain some control. She firmly gripped my muscular back, but it didn't prevent her limbs stretched and contracted after each nibble. I could see out the corner of my eye that she was still attempting to suppress that the pleasurable sensation that she was enduring, I was impressed by her discipline however she had tightened up.

“Don't fight it any longer. Let out all this tension built up inside of you and relax” I gently whispered in her ear to just let it out and my words alone were enough as I physically saw her relax.

As my hand found it's way onto her thigh, I became adventurous, running my hand further up and under her short skirt. My hands circled round, firmly gripping the back of her thigh. I could still feel the tension straining her muscles, but the tension evaporated as my hand eventually rested on her underwear. I could see the trepidation and doubt etched across her face, but that soon turned to one of pleasure as my fingers began to rub through the thin material of her underwear. I wasted no time as I intensified, my fingers quickened and pressed deeper to the point where I felt like my fingers were inside of her. She wasn't expecting this change in speed and pressure that I was exerting, the response was loud moans, but there was a clear undertone of surprise as my timid shy approach had evaporated.

As my confidence grew, I also demonstrated my physical strength. The air was filled with the sound of torn material as I ripped off her skirt and threw it over the kitchen counter. My focus was now on her underwear, I could already feel her clit throbbing through her underwear. My instincts took over and my fingers danced along her throbbing clit with only her underwear saving her. I exerted pressure at different points which caused her moans to louden, the deep lustrous look in her eye was tempting and hard to resist. I retaliated as a single finger fell beneath the surface of her underwear and I keenly watched her reaction as my finger came into contact with her sensitive throbbing enlarged clit. The initial touch caused an intense natural reaction as her fingernails dug into my back. I grimaced from the pain but then I began to enjoy myself.

My fingers continued to play and tease with her clit, I could see that the mischievous look on her face, which was her planning her next move. As my eyes continued to stare deep into hers, I watched as she slowly took off her top, she only broke eye contact when she lifted the top over her head before playfully throwing it behind her as a wry smile appeared on her face. This was the first time that I could fully appreciate her body and I was going to show that appreciation in how I delicately handled her. My lips that had turned her on so much early went to work again as I leant against the counter.

I differed this time as I wasted no time slowly kissing downwards until my lips ran across the surface of her bra. I noticed that she had begun to lean slightly forwards, revealing more and more. I stopped for a moment, admiring her as her chest rose and fell gently but her attempt to make me lose concentration and give in to the temptation was foiled as my tongue continued to run along the patterns on her bra and I remained vigilant. I could tell that she was frustrated, in a split second, she had unlatched her bra and had thrown it across the room. I was in a state of shock, there had been a shift in power as she took control and pulled my face closer to her bust so I had no choice but to give her what she wanted.

As my tongue flickered against her nipple, I placed my hands on her back to support her as it began to bend. I continued to slowly run my tongue along the surface of her nipple, I could feel her tighten up and prepare to embrace the sensation, but I could still tell it was having the desired effect. I could see that her nipple had hardened, but I began to slowly kiss down until I reached the underside of her breasts. My tongue ran along the surface and all the time, I looked up to check her reaction. My lips continued to caress the underside of her breasts, but my tongue began to slowly run down in a single line towards her underwear.

As I reached her underwear, I slowly began to pull them down using just my teeth. I could feel the moisture in them as I flung them behind me, but my focus was now on her tight wet pussy. I admired her, but I began to rub her clit again, this time, there was no hesitation, I did it at such a speed that it caused the rest of her body to judder. Her hands were grabbing hold of me roughly once again as she attempted to get a grip in this situation but the pleasure flooded over her and she was in a state of pleasurable paralysis.

I watched as she slowly pulled her lips apart, enticing me to no longer taunt and tease her and instead give her what she so desperately wanted. I assessed how many fingers I should use as I judged her reactions to the initial touches. My fingers lingered on the lips and then I began to stroke the pink flesh but not penetrate it. When I did penetrate it, I showed my confidence as I placed two fingers deep inside of her with ease, followed an intense short burst of movement which ran throughout her whole body. I felt like I was reaching deep inside her and that her body constantly reacted to movements as the muscles around my fingers tightened and relaxed. I could toy with her for however long I wanted too. She was under my spell, but I withdrew my from her soaking pussy and made her watch as I sucked her cum off each of my fingers whilst all the time, I maintained eye contact. Her eyes were pleading for more, for more pleasure and for more attention.

Her eyes, however, were no longer staring back at me but instead was fixated on the bulge. I decided to give her what she wanted and I pulled the boxers and trousers down with confidence and allowed her to take over. She appeared nervous and uncomfortable as she initially ran her fingers over the entirety of it, but I watched her transform as she became more comfortable and confident as her fingers ran over the throbbing veins on the shaft. I watched as her focus turned to the head, she began to experiment with how far she could pull the foreskin down to reveal the sensitive head below. The juicy pink head had a glossed surface where some of the cum had already begun to trickle which left a white outline. I could tell that she was gagging to lick up the cum as she jumped off the kitchen counter to fall to her knees.

I watched as she slowly began to suck and nibble on the base of my shaft. As she fluctuated, I could feel her tongue moving up and down and also running her tongue from the tip of my head right down to the bottom of the shaft. She understood that the head was most pleasurable and, therefore, she left it till last. She could tell that I was deeply aroused as I pulled my forehead down for her and it was obvious that my head was considerably larger. It had swelled and filled to capacity with cum, however, I had the endurance and stamina to withstand her advances. I gritting my teeth as it was her turn to lash her tongue against my head and try to make me cum and fill her mouth.

She opened her mouth wider as she fed my throbbing cock as deep into her mouth as she could possibly handle. I could hear some gagging, but she adjusted herself and made herself feel more comfortable before I began to gently thrust. I pulled on her hair to make sure she had all of my cock deep inside her mouth, her tongue circled and teased finding points of real pressure and then attacking them similar to what I was doing to her neck and clit. She hit a point and it was too much for me to handle as some of the cum that had been storing in my head, fired out hitting the back of your neck. Although my eyes were closed, I could hear her gargling the cum in her throat and as I looked down, I saw the sense of achievement in her eyes as she tasted my cum. As I withdrew my cock, I could see that her mouth had frothed up with cum and watched as she swallowed it all before returning to lick up the remains off my cock.

?She looked perplexed as I had just released a huge load, but I still had an erection. She stroked it which was still coated in a layer of cum. I watched as she licked it off her hand and pulled me closer. It gave me the opportunity to re-take control and I lifted her. My hands were planted on her hips as she slowly rose until her legs could be wrapped around me. I ensured that she was secure as she tightened her legs around my hips and I removed my hands giving myself more manoeuvrability and in the spur of the moment, I slammed her against the refrigerator.

The aggression and power were overwhelming and she let out a continuous moan as she felt my stiffened cock pressing into her thigh, as we looked each other in the eye, we were lost in the moment. I brushed the hair out of her face and rested my hand on her cheek whilst her naked body was wrapped around me. Time seemed to slow down and then we returned to the hot passionate act.

As I looked down, I could see that she had spread her lips like she had for my fingers. I continued to tease and toy with her as I rubbed my shaft against her lips and poked her clit with my head. I could feel her edging towards orgasm as I placed my throbbing shaft on the surface of the pink flesh. I could see the desperation in her eyes, she needed this. As I slowly entered her, my cock plunged into the warmth of her pulsating pussy. I could feel her cum coating my cock, the slight lubrication was helpful as I held her against the refrigerator. I started as slowly as when I entered her, but each thrust had depth and meaning, I retreated right out before going back in again.

I was building up the momentum and I quickly found my rhythm, it felt like my thrusts travelled further and was causing louder and louder moans. I supported her lower back as her instant response was for her back to arch. I could hear her panting and the moans rose louder as she leant forward and her mouth was near to my ear. It was a catalyst and spurred me on as I picked up the pace once more, I could tell that I was close to hitting her g-spot, but I took her by surprise as I concentrated all my attention on this area that had caused her to wince. I listened to her winces and moans become pleasure-filled screams, it was like music to my ears.

I could see that she was becoming overwhelmed with the feeling of tingles running throughout her entire body, she looked almost light-headed as goosebumps broke out across her body and the hairs were standing up on the back of her neck. I knew what was coming, but I continued to continuously hit the same spot with an almost boring repetitiveness, but I knew that it was driving her to orgasm. The muscles around my cock had begun to tighten up and sweat was dripping off both of us as I felt her upper thighs begin to quiver. The slight quivers soon became her body shaking uncontrollably, all the sexual energy was being sucked out of her and she was losing herself as she clenched up and back arched to it's maximum. There was a tingling sensation that ran through both of us as you shut your eyes and bit your lip once more.

We were edging close to the end of the evening and as I finally gave into the temptation once again and allowed the cum to flood out of my cock and deep into her pussy, this sense of relief triggered her to give in and as I pulled my cock out of her, I watched as the cum flooded out of her and trickled down the inside of her legs. We slumped on the floor together in the middle of the kitchen, in a tired naked heap.  

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