Passion in Public

Passion in Public Passion in Public

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An act of exhibitionism in a very public place that will get the heart and mind racing.


An act of exhibitionism in a very public place that will get the heart and mind racing.


Submitted: September 08, 2015

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Submitted: September 08, 2015



It was beginning to become a very boring routine. Although I was new to the job, it was apparent that I was being paid to stand beside the Women’s’ changing room, looking awkward and out of place. It wasn’t to man the cubicles for security reasons as they were never used in the first place. I often stood for hours at a time where nobody approached me and I often counted down the time until my shift finished. A very dull and mediocre job where if asked, I wouldn’t be able to actually explain what I do.

I wasn’t always this pessimistic, when I first started and was told that I was situated in the heart of the Women’s lingerie section and in charge of the Women’s changing room. It was any man’s dream, prior to working there, I fantasised about who I could meet and the stories that I could tell but my fantasies were nothing more than fictitious and since then my spirits have been dampened. I only ever encountered middle aged women who were looking to spice up their marriage.

Today was no different, I stood and waited patiently on the off chance that someone would approach me asking for directions or for me to give them my ill-informed opinions on what they should wear for their partner however I was three hours into my shift and I had yet to interact with anyone other than fellow associates telling me that they were going on their lunch break. As the new recruit, I wasn’t offered the same privileges and instead, I continued to work through the busy lunch hour.

I was about to sit down rather than waste energy standing up when I spotted someone across the store. She was a new customer. There was a number of other customers buzzing around the store, but she caught my eye, there was something about her that was alluring and enticing, but there was a sense of danger at the same time. She caught my eye and a small smile spread across her face before returning to choose which clothes to buy. In that split second, I decided that to talk to her on a professional basis. I knew that I was breaking company policy and going way beyond what my job description labeled as my responsibilities, but I no longer cared.

“Can I help you?” I asked tentatively. I was nervous and lingered, almost squirming on the spot to begin with, I was well within my rights to ask her, but I still felt intimidated.

She stopped and looked up with a wry smile appearing on her face. “Yes thank you, I would like to use a changing room cubicle to try these clothes on. Can you show me where they are?” She said with an air of confidence but as our eyes met, she began to blush and play with her hair wrapping it around her forefinger.

I began to walk in the general direction of the changing rooms, with each step I seemed to find myself to be more and more comfortable in her company. As I reached around the back of the counter, I handed the token for the cubicle.

“Well here is the token to the cubicle, if you need any help at all, then all you have to do is ask”. I said, praying that she would ask me for assistance so I could spend more time in her company.

“Funny you should say that I need a man’s touch”. I was unsure if she meant to say such a loaded double entendre, but the adrenaline was already coursing through my veins as I got more excited.

She carefully placed the clothes in my arms as I led her down to the final cubicle on the row. My heart was in my mouth and butterflies were fluttering in my stomach as we reached the final cubicle. I was used to having a boring mundane pattern, this spontaneity and uncertainty was exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time.

I purposefully chose that one as it was the largest and there was also spare seat which I could sit in waiting for further instruction. I could see her silhouette as she began to pull off her clothes in a frenzy and drape them over the side of the cubicle. The silhouette now revealed a curvaceous outline in the shadows, a curvaceous outline that I so desperately wanted to run my hands over, but I managed to keep my distance even though there was only a curtain between us.

The changing room was a separate annex to the main shop floor meaning that we were slightly out of the way and although I could hear noise down the corridor, my focus was solely on her. I could see movement behind the curtain as she put on one of the tight dresses that she had selected, but I could hear her struggling before I heard a voice from the cubicle.

“Can you get in here and help me please?” she said with a hint of agitation in the tone her voice.

I was hesitant to begin with and I remained outside of the cubicle before I saw one of her long slender fingers beckon me towards the curtain. I tentatively approached the cubicle, only a piece of cloth was keeping us from being in each others company. Her hands slowly ran up my torso until she reached my collar. She firmly gripped them with both hands and in a flurry of motion, she pulled me into the cubicle and pushed me against the wall. I expected to see her in one of the tight dresses with the zip on the back being stuck. Instead, I was confronted her by her wearing lacy pale blue matching lingerie. She continued to take control and pushed me down onto the wooden bench next to the pile of clothes that I had handed her.

I went to stand up but her hands held me to the bench and as she looked down, a much broader mischievous smile spread. She had noticed that in the dinner suit trousers, that were compulsory uniform, that there was a large bulge that had become obvious. There was a teasing smile on her face and she walked closer to me, slowly running her fingers through my hair before ripping open my buttoned shirt revealing the muscular physique below. She didn’t seem overwhelmed though as she maintained eye contact and took a step back, swaying her hips and running her hands through her own hair. She approached once more but this time, she landed in my lap and straddled me ensuring that she was sitting on the bulge that continued to grow. I watched as she showed her flexibility and rhythm as she began to slowly grind against the bulge. I reached out to run my hands over her body, but she slapped them away before tutting and wagging my finger. It was mesmerising to watch as her fingers ran along the contours of my muscular body and then down to playfully squeeze on the bulge when she wasn’t grinding against it. It was becoming increasingly hard to resist her and as I was about to reach out to touch her again, she instead decided to get off and stand a metre away from me.

I initially thought that I had offended her, but it soon became apparent that I hadn’t, instead she decided that she would take the teasing to another level. She stepped forward playfully placing her finger over my lips to keep quiet as I watched her unclip the lacy bra with ease and threw it so it dangled over the edge of the cubicle. Anyone could see it but that was part of the fun, she held her arms over her breasts covering them and teasing me at the same time as the urge to take control continued to grow inside of me. She had all the control up to this point, but I was waiting for the right moment to surprise her and take control myself.

As she looked down to slowly seductively pull down her underwear, that was the opening for me to take advantage of. I jumped off the bench and picked her up in one smooth motion, I was roughly gripping her thighs leaving indentations of my fingers and marks that’ll be there long after we had finished, but I preferred this laissez-faire mentality. I pushed her up against one of the walls of the cubicle and hoisted her up allowing me to pin her against it. She seemed shocked being manhandled this easily but I could tell that she was enjoying it.

Now that I had her pinned to the wall, I could focus on her neck. I slowly moved her hair out-of-the-way and I could hear her breathing deepen in anticipation. I could hear the whir of the air conditioning machine that was beyond this cubicle, but it helped me to focus, as I began to stimulate her neck in a meticulous fashion. I began to blow hot air across her neck searching for a weak point for me to attack. I watched in amazement as the hairs rose on her neck however as I reached a particular spot, I felt her leg muscles contract and then tighten around my waist and I now knew where to focus. I bypassed it at first, but it was a ruse and allowed me to hit her with the element of surprise. I ran my tongue along the outskirts of the sensual spot, getting my revenge for when she teased me however when my tongue struck on the spot, I watched as her eyes widened and she physically had to bite her lip to stop her from moaning out loud and revealing what was happening to the other customers.

Her moans, however, acted as a catalyst rather than a deterrent, my tongue flicked against the spot on her neck with real ferocity and her back began to bend. Her body contorted as it attempted to deal with the pleasurable sensation that she was facing but as I saw that her eyes remained open, it became obvious that she was also getting aroused from watching herself through the full-length mirror. I, however, remained focus and she could now feel the bulge pressed up against the inside of her thigh. I watched as her hand dropped down until she reached the belt, slowly unbuckling it with the sound of the metal unclipping filling both our ears. It was my turn for my breathing to deepen as she delicately unbuttoned the trousers and allowed them to fall to the floor.

They were still around my ankles, but I knew that although we had some relative privacy, I knew that if I was gone for too long then that would raise suspicion amongst the managerial staff.

As she saw the boxers fall, she unwrapped her legs from around my waist and dropped to her knees meaning that she was now eye-level with my cock. She gently rubbed the shaft with the palm of her hand, only using her fingers to pull the foreskin back revealing the sensitive head. The cum had already began to gush into the head meaning that it gave off a shiny reflection under the intensity of the powerful shop lights. Some of the cum had come to the surface and her attitude instantly changed as she licked her lips and her eyes were now fixated on the bulging head and she wasted no time as unleashed her tongue lashed against the sensitive head and I instinctively groaned despite the fact that there was still a risk of getting caught.

I was unsure what to expect next but she had already decided as she opened her mouth invitingly, constantly keeping eye contact and running her tongue along her lips in a seductive manner that I had already encountered earlier. Usually, I would attempt to resist her and build up the moment but the urge to cum was too much and I succumbed to her advances, sliding my cock deep into her mouth with her guidance. The warmth of her mouth was pleasant as I felt it enter deeper into her mouth with relative ease revealing that she had as much experience as I expected. Although my cock now had a coating of saliva, her tongue added another pleasure dimension as my resistance was wearing thin.

The pressure to orgasm continued to increase and I knew that I needed to take charge if I was to last longer, the burning sensation remained, but I had taken control now. As my hand firmly grabbed her hair and I began to gently thrust, I could see that her eyes had begun to water, but she wasn’t signaling to stop.

Regardless, I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. She looked puzzled as she rose to her feet but as I pushed her towards the wooden bench, she quickly realised what was happening. She flaunted her curvaceous physique as she bent over maintaining her balance by firmly gripping hold of the bench. I stepped forward and she could feel my presence behind her, slowly looking back, I could see from her facial expression how desperately she wanted this. She voluntarily spread her legs apart in expectancy but rather than pulling her underwear down instead, I pulled her panties to one side revealing her pussy.

There was a mixture of excitement and tension in the air as I deliberated what to do next. I dropped to my knees and moved closer, the cool air of the air conditioning and the warmth of my breath on her pussy was giving two contrasting sensations before I had even touched her. She continued to look forwards at the wall in a disciplined fashion, but it allowed me to tease her. I began to gently nibble on the lips which had become slightly wet from her already being aroused and this prompted her to willingly stretch her lips wide for me. I knew what she wanted but I wielded the power and I slowly pressed my outstretched tongue against her pussy which already some cum running down onto my tongue, but I didn’t move my tongue. I rested it on the pink flesh in between her lips, waiting for a response. Her breathing had become much shallower and clearer to hear, I waited for the opportune moment before penetrating her with my tongue. I could see the pleasurable facial expressions through the reflection of the mirror and I continued with even more ferocity as the majority of my tongue being inside her. She responded by biting her lip even more but it didn’t prevent the muffled moans from becoming louder, her knuckles had whitened as she gripped the bench even tighter as her back began to arch.

We were lost in the moment, but I was quickly brought back to reality as I heard voices echoing around the room. I stopped, my tongue was still deep inside of her, but I could hear the distinctive sound of high heels approach us. I was frozen to the spot and I could feel my heart racing at the prospect of being caught. I knew there was an element of risk, but now I was preparing to be caught. However, the footsteps stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief but it was only momentarily, I could see our curtain behind to ruffle of our curtain and I could see the shadow through the gap but it stopped.

I heard the metal rail move to one side as the curtain of the cubicle next to us was opened and then closed and we had got away with it for now. I realised that now was the time to stop, I could still leave through the staff access doors and there would be no trace that I had even been there, but the excitement and risk of being caught were too much.

I could see that she wasn’t far away from orgasming and now that she was soaking wet, I could give her what she clearly wanted. She couldn’t see what I was planning and I was hoping to take her by surprise, I lifted one of her legs up onto the bench giving me a better angle. I had my throbbing cock in my hand and I slowly guided it into her saturated pussy. The sensation of when I entered it caused the head to swell up even more and I placed my hand her over mouth to prevent the moans and screams from alerting anyone.

As soon as she felt the presence of my cock inside of her, it caused her back to arch and for her to fling her head back closing her eyes. I rested my cock inside of her for a moment before beginning to find my rhythm and reaching the right spots. I had reserved a lot of energy for this very moment and decided to make the most of it. Unlike with my tongue, my thrusts reached deep inside of her and I could still hear her moans despite my hand covering her mouth. I could feel her cum beginning to slowly down my shaft and over the ridges, but that didn’t deter me. I continued to slide my cock deep into the warm soaking wet enclosed space, listening to each thrust being encountered with squelches and moaning. I enjoyed seeing her squirm as she tried to cope with my persistent thrusts, but I could feel her muscles contracting around my cock as she tightened up and I knew what was going to come.

Every thrust was now having a big impact and soon enough, I felt the incredible sensation as she fully orgasmed and I felt her cum gush over my cock and soon dripping down onto the changing room floor. The sensation of her orgasming was too much for me and just as she was taking a breather, I took her by surprise as she felt the bulging head begin to squirt my load deep inside of her. I could feel her pussy quickly filling up with my cum as her back arched once again but this time I pulled my cock out and got dressed.

She had initially teased me, but now it was my turn as I disappeared through the staff access door before anybody could see and she was now on her own. I spent a couple of minutes checking the prices of items before returning to my station near to the changing rooms. I waited in eager anticipation for her to leave the changing rooms and as she did, I noticed that she could barely walk. As I saw her, I pulled out the soaking wet underwear that I pulled off the floor of the cubicle before I dashed. A wry smile appeared before placing the underwear back in my pocket. The fact that she was limping raised attention with a few other staff members noticed it, but I rushed over and assisted her. Only we knew that I was the cause of her state in the first place.

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