Making Love

Making Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short romantic erotica based on hedonism and pleasure


A short romantic erotica based on hedonism and pleasure


Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



At that very moment in time, she was the only thing that mattered. The only thing that was on my mind, the only thing that I craved and yearned for. Standing behind her, my mere presence was enough to cause her to gently smile as she partially glanced back in my general direction and she felt the soft outer edge of my hand along her equally soft cheek as the warmth and affection grew between us. 

We were stood together, in the centre of her bedroom. There was no theatrics or distractions as the focus was solely and entirely on each other's company. At that moment, silence filled the air but it was not of awkwardness but of awe. We had longed for this moment together, sharing memories and the tender embrace of each other's touch.

I stepped forward with confidence and vigour but only to begin to gently stroke her long silky hair as I tucked it behind her ear. My lips began to slowly edge closer to her neck, allowing the hot air to begin to slowly exit through my pursed lips, watching closely as the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up, one by one.

I could feel the conflict of emotions as her neck loosened and relaxed under my touch but as I gently placed my lips on her neck, I could feel her tighten up in anticipation. I began to glide my lips across her neck with no real sense or purpose. There was no rush, I enjoyed watching her reaction to the slightest of sensations, every twitch of my lips and even the slightest movement seemed to have intensified and reverberated throughout her entire body.  My lips remained in constant contact as they slowly glided over her neck and soon I heard the blissful sound of her gentle moans leaving her lips.

My lips slightly pursed once again but not to allow hot air to coat her sensitive skin but to allow my tongue to slip out. I remained behind her and she was unaware as the tip of my tongue faintly ran across her neck in a similar manner to what I had done with my lips. There was no need to lash with my tongue or get carried away, instead, I continued to fluctuate with the tip of my tongue and the deep lingering kisses that were causing for moans to escape from her lips and play like music in my ears.

I could see that she had begun to gently bite her lip to suppress the moans but I continued regardless, I could see the pressure she was exerting and the quickness of her breathing increasing with every kiss and lick. I allowed my teeth to slowly but gently rake against her neck and the element of surprise made a genuine moan manage to escape her lips. Her instant reaction was to blush but as she turned back, her eyes revealed the intense sensual desire for more. In response, my fingers began to gently run through her hair and each stroke was one of care and compassion. 

My focus switched momentarily as my kisses led me to her earlobe, I could still see the warm smile spread across her however as I began to gently nibble on her earlobe,  I could feel her shivering from sheer pleasure. She was willing to embrace anything and although she was attempting to anticipate what I had in mind, she was constantly one step behind. Ultimately, I wasn't planning what was to happen next. Instead, I was allowing my passion and growing desire to flood out. 

I could see the metal zip glisten under the light and it was tantalising and appetisingly within reach, I  held onto the zip in a way that would ensure that she knew I was holding onto it. I waited for an objection but it didn't come. Instead, I began to slowly unzip it, pulling it down to reveal the matching lacy underwear underneath that she had decided to wear for me. As the dress fell to the floor, I watched in awe like an inexperienced teenager as she stepped out of it and for the first time, turning to face me. 

She fell backwards and landed on the bed, I was left to admire her. I could see her playful persona come to life as she enticingly stretched out her forefinger and beckoned me towards her. However I stepped forward, she closed her eyes allowing me to take control as she gently rested her head on the pillow and her hands rested upon each other on her stomach as she lied patiently. I could see her fingers playing with the neat bow at the top of her underwear as she anticipated what was to come. 

I could feel her body tensing up in anticipation of what was to come as I begin to kiss her once again. However, this time, I was biding my time, building the anticipation as she expected for me to return to her neck where I had had so much success but instead, I decided to move on beyond her neck, turning my attention to her shoulders. As her eyes were now closed, every touch and movement were intensified tenfold. 

My measured approach was agonisingly slow but my desire foremost wasn't to make her orgasm, instead, I wanted to physically express our intimacy. My shallow kisses covering her shoulders were fleeting and frequent but it had the desired effect as it took more and more effort for her to not show how pleasurable each and every kiss was. I deepened the kisses with more purchase and the moans became louder, a broad smile began to spread across her face despite her eyes remaining closed. She could sense the transition as the slow lethargic approach was replaced as I began to pick up the pace but it was just for a moment as I returned to the slower pace which would build up the desire and pleasure with every moment that passes.

I felt the lustful desire continue to build inside her and as my lips dropped down from her shoulders but my focus turned to my fingers that took over as I began to gently massage her spine, I could hear the element of surprise in her voice as she yelped and began to gently moan. My fingers exerting varying amounts of pressure and despite the slow approach, I had given myself enough time to sensually pleasure her whilst not allowing the night to stagnate or for her to grow bored.

My fingers continued to massage her spine and work the knots of tension out of her back whilst returning briefly to her neck with my lips, I could feel this sensual pleasure was flowing through her veins and I listened intently to her breathing change as she attempted to deal with what my fingers and lips were doing in unison. My hands floated up and down her spine, occasionally slipping off to give her ass a gentle squeeze or slip in between her thighs for a moment but I kept my discipline and my hands stopped wandering. 

I could feel her finally beginning to relax and I decided not to disrupt that but to contribute, my fingers delicate danced down from her back all the way to her calves. I could still feel the tension within them and my hands began to gently squeeze and massage them and there was an appreciative moan in response and quiet whisper for more. I could feel her loosening up beneath my touch as my fingers went to work and the brush of my fingertips across the back of her thighs caused her to quiver under my touch. I decided to move slightly further up and my fingertips were now painting imaginary patterns on the back of her thigh but that was only to tease her and build up the anticipation for more. I could feel the lust continuing to build up inside her. 

She was now desperate to let it all out but instead, I kept my composure and calmness and my fingers continued to massage the back of her thighs before turning my attention to the inside of her thighs, I could see the finger impressions left on her thighs as my firm but sensual massages continued to push her closer and closer to an orgasmic breaking point but I took my time and showed patience which I knew that she'd eventually appreciate.

I lingered deciding what to do but I made my decision and began to slowly pull off her lacy underwear and throwing them behind me whilst she slowly sat up to stare deep into my eyes, this was the first time she had opened them since she had laid and I watched as she confidently unfastened the bra and took it before throwing it over my head to join her underwear. I was in shock and awe at how incredible she looked, I took a moment to regain my composure as she laid back and waited once again.

My soft supple lips began to glide up and down her smooth shaven legs, appreciating the effort she had made for me before turning my attention to the inside of her thighs, I could tell that she was eagerly anticipating what was to come as her calves stiffened beneath my fingers. I could feel that my gentle approach was causing my kisses to float and from her expression, the butterflies had begun to flutter in her stomach. As my lips left an area, I saw it replaced with goosebumps and desperate cries for more. 

My lips began to progress further upwards until  I stopped momentarily. I was confronted by her pussy and this was my biggest test yet to maintain my composure and not be overwhelmed. My lips edged closer to her pussy and I could see how wet she was already with cum dripping out of her lips and as the hot air left my mouth and caused the tingling sensation to flood over her. She was begging for me to lose my discipline, pulling her lips apart and enticing me to take what I wanted but I resisted, leaving a single gentle kiss before moving further up which was encountered by a pleasurable groan.

My lips ran further up despite her reaction until I reached her stomach, my lips covering them in a series of kisses and subtle licks which seemed to take her by surprise and her hands running over my back and ruffling my hair told me that she wanted more. I continued to use my lips and gentle touch to build up the tension and apprehension of what to expect and what to happen. 

My lips began to progress back down her body and I could feel her tensing up again but I was merely teasing her as I double backed on myself and continued to work up until I reached her breasts. I once again was challenged to keep my composure and discipline as I was eye contact with her breasts. My lips brushed against the softness of the underside of her breasts and ran my lips and the tip of my tongue around the edge of her nipples, she knew what was to come but I tricked her once again. Deciding to kiss in between her breasts before moving further upwards.

She seemed horrified that I had neglected her sensitive hardened nipples but I continued to kiss upwards until I reached her collarbone. It had settled but I had a good memory and it also seemed Deja Vu as I ran my lips and tongue along the sensitive spots and listened to your moans and groans act as music to my ears. I could feel the desire for more growing within us both but for now, I resisted that temptation, putting it to the back of my mind and concentrating solely on her collarbone, as the moans continued, so did my lips.

I continued to progress upwards with my kisses and licks moving laterally to her shoulders. I decided to briefly move away from the combination of kisses and licks and intense use my teeth, grinding them across her shoulders and gently nibbling, pinching at the skin and listening to her moans escalate quickly and turn into yelps. 

This, however, was only the preamble as I moved slightly further up and focused on her neck, I knew how much she enjoyed my treatment of her neck as my lips ran across them and the kisses and licks were met by begs of more and desperate pleas that this is what she wanted. I could feel my lips beginning to become sore but I persisted, running my lips over her neck, feeling the goosebumps with the tip of my tongue and listening to her moans become more and more pleasurable by the second and the lustrous look in her eye growing deeper and more ingrained with every flick of my tongue.

I could've continued to focus on her neck but I decided to keep spontaneous and instead my lips ran up over her chin until they connected with hers. I could see she was surprised that all this build had led to kissing her although she desired more and made that clear. I felt the connection between us growing stronger as I stroked her cheek and continued to passionately kiss her despite her being completely nude. I could've done anything but instead, I showed her how much I appreciated her.

She appreciated the gentle sensual approach she had taken but it was her turn to take control as she pushed me onto the bed, straddling me gently and beginning to sensually pull off my clothes. I could feel the connection growing between us before she was confronted by the bulged boxer shorts. Like me, she could have lost her composure and discipline and tore the boxers off but instead, it was her turn to show her coolness and calmness as she carefully unbuttoned the boxer shorts, slowly feeding my cock out as a warm smile crossed her face, knowing that, in the process of me sensually pleasuring her, it has resulted in my own arousal.

I waited to see what she would do next as her lips swept down and a fleeting amount of soft kisses coated the warm throbbing shaft and it was my turn to feel shivers running down my spine as she found a particularly tender spot. Her lips continued to glide along the shaft and fleetingly running across the surface of the head, however, I quickly realised that this was just a moment as her hands pressed down on my chest and pinned me down once again.

This time, she showed her true intent as in one swift smooth transition, she slowly eased herself down onto my hardened throbbing cock. As she eased downwards, I felt the blissful sensation ride over me but she had other intentions than letting me sink into the pillow and closing my eyes. 

Instead, she stared deep into my eyes. Completely consuming me and I felt myself getting lost in them as she continued to ease herself up and down the shaft, feeling her tightening around me and the lustful look had taken over. Despite that the sensual connection was at our strongest as we felt almost united as one and the connection was now manifesting itself as a physical one.

Every movement was intensified for both of us and I could feel her beginning to lose control as it got harder for her to resist letting us the primal desire to orgasm take over. Each gentle thrust was accompanied by a loudening moan, the long drawn out foreplay and build up had caught up with her and the desperation was now stricken across her face. Her hands remained firmly fixed to my chest but as I reached further inside her, the first time there was a deepening intensity rather than a heavy focus but my sharp eyes were telling her to give into the temptation.

Every thrust was my met a pleasurable appreciative moan as I sent her into an orgasmic state over and over again, it was a hedonist's paradise. I could see she was still unsure, I wasn't sure if she was nervous or if she wanted this to last longer. I took it as the latter, withdrawing completely and careful manoeuvring until I was on top now.

As I pinned her down, my hands wrapped around his wrists and the sheer intensity in my deep dark eyes stared into her eyes, I knew what she wanted. It was what I wanted as I firmly gripping my erect cock, trying to carefully place it inside her but I felt something else as her soft hands were now holding mine and gently guiding me inside of her. There was a satisfying sigh as she felt me linger deep inside of her. I didn't need to thrust, my sheer presence was enough. I could see her hands beginning to run back up her body but I stopped her, pulling her hands back down, I could see how confused she was but it was my turn to hold her hands controlling them as I began to gently rub her clit with my fingers whilst at the same time, I began to move inside of her.

I could see the pleasure etched on her face as her own fingers ran over her throbbing clit and my cock continued to reach deep inside of her. I could sense how close she was to orgasming as the euphoria flooded over us both, I pulled her closer as I pushed as deep as I could, masking her moans with deep meaningful kisses. We were centimetres away from each other and I could feel the sweat on her palms and her back arching beneath me. As I found one particular spot, she clung to me and at that moment, I realised that this was where it would end. Every thrust and every movement had even more vigour and purpose, I felt like I was pushing her further and further into a pleasured orgasmic state which she wouldn't recover from. My lips were now firmly against hers as her moans became screams and suddenly time seemed to slow down as I felt the muscles around me contract and expand, followed by the sensation of her letting out all the pleasure and satisfaction out as she orgasmed whilst she tightly hugged me.

We collapsed onto the bed, a layer of sweat covering us both and watched as she slowly found her way onto her feet and headed towards the bathroom to presumably freshen up. I laid, my arm behind my head admiring her swaying her hips as she left the room. It wasn't long before she returned, looking as beautiful as always before she slipped back into bed. I watched as she shuffled up towards me, laying on her side as she waited for me to tightly cuddle her from behind, I obliged, smelling the perfume on her hair as I tightly hugged her. A fulfilling satisfied smile etched across my face as I watched her fall asleep before me.

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