Bedtime Confessions

Bedtime Confessions

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A story of girl who has a wild hidden side which surfaces in a hot passionate night which is full of risks, thrills and close calls.



A story of girl who has a wild hidden side which surfaces in a hot passionate night which is full of risks, thrills and close calls.


Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



As the sun began to dim and the surroundings darkened, I aptly slipped through the shadows. There was only one thing on my mind as I slalomed between the houses of unsuspecting families and vaulted their fences to travel through their back gardens, it was the path that I always took to keep obsolete and keep our secret intact. After a few minutes, I began to approach the destination as my eyes sharpened in search of the sign. My fingertips ran across the rough splintered fence, each individual plank had a different texture but my fingers settle on the distinct ridges and markings which brought back fond memories. It was markings from the first time we had met, her fingernails raking across the surface of the wood as her inconspicuous parents laid awake for her return as they collectively prayed before bed. The markings were more than a figment of nostalgia as I gently knocked and listened to the hollowed out wood ring throughout my ears. It was my entrance. Before entering, I peered through the fence, surveying my surroundings. As my eyes scanned across, I noticed the single light at the top of the house which masked a curvaceous silhouette, instantly, I knew it was her. I hesitated for a moment double-checking the brief text message that I had been received early in the day:

“Hurry! My Parents have gone out. How quickly can you get here? We won't have long!”

It felt like I had re-read the text message hundreds of times throughout the course of the day but now was not the time to deliberate or hesitate. I vaulted the fence, crouching in the shrubbery of her garden. The light was drastically beginning to fade but I found what I was looking for, a smooth curved stone which fitted comfortably in the palm of my hand. I strolled forward, as I left the shadows before releasing the rock from my hand, a single throw sufficed as it noisily clattered against the window of her bedroom and a flurry of movement inside of the house resulted in her emerging at the concealed side door to her house.

I tentatively approached her house before darting across her garden, ensuring that none of her prying neighbours spotted me. My focus narrowed to her. She casually leaned against the wall beside the door, her forefinger stretched and rigidly pointed in my direction before a slow deliberate beckoning as she bent her finger drew me towards her. I was under her spell as she slowly slid the glass door open and firmly grabbed the lapels of my shirt, dragging me inside and at the same time pulling me closer towards her.

I was lost in the moment. As our eyes met, I admired her large all-encompassing eyes, her decision to put on a distinct smokey eyeshadow which darkened around the peripheries of her eye added to her deep smouldering look which brimmed with lust. I gently stroked her rouged cheek which was met by a reciprocating warm smile. As I slowly lifted my hand further, I watched as her eyes began to flutter and close as she embraced the sensation of my fingers running through her silk like hair. However, whilst her eyes were closed, my attention turned to her lips which were slightly pursed, I noticed the freshly applied ruby red lip gloss which caught the light and enticingly glistened and drew me closer. I could only manage to resist the temptation for moments before our lips to meet. It was the first kiss of the evening but it would be far from the last.

After a moment her eyes flickered open and the mischievous glint was now clear to see, in one swooping movement she broke the kiss and changed the dynamic of the situation as she playfully pushed my chest causing me to fall into the nearby chair. I sat startled and slightly confused as I tried to figure out what she had planned but it didn't take me long to realise as she gave me a moment to admire her short silk robe that she had elected to wear. She was in her element and the confidence was flooding out of her every pore, she slowly untied the large knot that kept the robe tightly clinging to her body, as the robe was undone, she revealed that she was only wearing the matching lacy lingerie that she had bought and hidden from her strict parents.

Before I could even react, she began to saunter into the hallway with the confidence that she knew that I would follow her. I noticed the sly smirk etched across her face as she acknowledged that my eyes were drawn to her and her alone, the surroundings were irrelevant as my eyes were fixated on her curves. As she began to swing her hips, I watched as she intentionally allowed the silk robe to ride up revealing her tantalising toned thighs that were hidden below. I felt like I was in a hypnotic trance as I began to follow her instinctively without a moment's hesitation. As we reached the end of the hallway, we were at crossroads. I could see from the angle of her body that she was looking to lead me upstairs to the comfort of her bedroom, however, little did she realise that I had a completely different plan in mind.

I waited patiently, deliberating and contemplating exactly what I wanted to do as I continued to follow her. As she began to turn I took her by surprise, my hand reached out and wrapped around her wrist in a vice-like grip, at the same time I pushed her against the front door. It was a demonstration of the sheer power that I had and the ease that I could overpower her. More importantly, it was symbolic of what was on my mind and the mood that I was in. There was a provocative smirk masked by a look of shock, she wanted me to reassert my dominance in a primal animalistic manner. I did as she wished even though a word wasn't exchanged, there was almost a telepathic connection between us.

I stepped forward pinning her against the door ensuring that I had regained full control before lingering for a moment, allowing the tension and suspense to rise. I leaned towards her ear as if I was about to whisper but it was merely a ploy to allow me to listen as her breathing became shallow and quickened. I could see that her mind was overthinking what to expect, she expected a fast relentless bombardment of pleasure, when in fact, I purposely decided to start in an uncharacteristically slow manner. My lips skirted across the edge of her ear, each flick from the tip of my tongue caused a gentle gasp to escape her mouth. I purposefully fluctuated between the softness of my lips and the sharpness of the tip of my tongue as her moans began to increase in noise and frequency. As I briefly glanced down, I saw that the adrenaline flooding through me had led to my knuckles whitening and the grip that I had on her wrist tightened as I clamped it firmer against the door. The dominance was now flooding over her and it was empowering me with the confidence and freedom to do as I wished.

As my lips fell from her ear, my focus naturally turned to her soft sensitive susceptible neck. Just the sensation of warm air blowing against it was enough to cause a gentle whimper to leave her mouth. I began to plant kisses on the surface of her neck, the moans were loudening and spurring me on. I quickly scoured the surface in search of sensitive spots noting any changes in her breathing. However, as the passion and desire grew within me, the soft tentative deliberate kisses made way for rougher firmer bites. The raking of my teeth across the sensitive surface of her neck was causing screams to echo around the empty lifeless hallway. Although I knew the bites would eventually reveal themselves as inexplicable bruises to her strict religious parents, I was not even considering the circumstances, I was functioning on pure instinct. The look in her eyes was now a blend of sheer lust and utter desperation, I realised each bite and flick of my tongue was pushing her deeper and deeper into a state of arousal.

Time slowly passed and the tension continued to build before I began another sweeping wave of bites, licks and gentle nibbles causing moans to ring around my ears and her perfectly manicured fingernails to claw through my shirt as she attempted to somehow get to grips with the intensely pleasurable sensation I was inflicting on her. I was about to swoop in once again when I saw a flicker of movement through the stained frosty glass of the door's decorative panes. As the silhouette emerged and grew with each and every step, my eyes widened and blood chilled. I stopped abruptly. Waiting and anticipating for the dreaded noise of the metallic key entering the lock and turning to expose us. The dreaded sound never occurred, instead, the silence was broken by the sound of a heavy fist knocking on the door. We both were startled as we stared deep into each other's eyes. Whoever was on the other side of the door didn't realise we were a matter of metres away from them but our hearts were collectively in our mouths. She realised we had one of two options, wait and ride it out or slink away into the darkness. She nodded in the direction of the stairs and the decision was instantly made. I released my grip on her wrist which had left a white imprint in the shape of a ring which showed just how tightly I was gripping her wrist. We lingered for a moment before she scuttled away from the door and began to scale the stairs, dragging me along and out of sight. A look of sheer relief was now lighting up her face which was followed by a mischievous giggle as she dragged me into her room.

The look of sheer relief remained as she gently closed the door behind her and proceeded towards me, I had perched myself on the edge of my bed, as I waited in anticipation of what was to come. This time, it was my turn to coax her towards me as I stretched my finger out and lulled her into a false sense of security. She confidently began to approach me, however, just before she reached me, I watched as she tilted her head on a slight angle as the mischievous smile returned. Her hands disappeared behind her back, I watched in awe as she unclipped her bra before flinging it behind her without a care in the world. I was taken aback as I admired her, not only her body but her self-confidence. As soon as she was in touching distance, the dominant nature simmered to the surface. This time, I didn't entertain her slow seductive advances towards me, I decided to be proactive and take complete control of the situation. I reached out and took her by surprise. I hooked my arms around her toned thighs and lifted her with ease, demonstrating my strength and power as I swivelled in one swift motion and slammed her onto the bed.

The mattress absorbed the impact as she bounced into the air before I pinned her down once again, this time it was against the softness of her duvet and mattress rather than the firm nature of the front door. As my lips returned to her neck, I was no longer concerned about any potential disturbances or distractions, my sharp flicks of the tongue were now replaced by the even sharper sensation as I caught her sensitive skin between my teeth and allowed her to feel the intensifying pleasure as my hands ran across her thighs, flirting with the outer edges of her lacy underwear. The look in her eyes was one of impatience, she was desperately hoping that I would lose my discipline and give in to the temptation. I did give her a moment of hope as my fingers skirted across the surface of her lacy underwear, instantly I was met by a dull pulsating sensation and a layer of moisture that clung to my fingertips even though there was a layer of material between my fingertips and what lied beneath.

After giving her that moment of hope, my fingertips returned to the extremities and focused on her thighs. As I painted the invisible lines along her thigh, the moans were escaping her pursed lips and echoing around the room. The moans were cut short as they were replaced by cries of desperation for more. My fingertips returned to the surface of her underwear, however, this time, I turned my focus to where the centre of the pulsation was. As I began to apply more and more pressure, I watched as her back began to arch instantly, I watched as her hands helped my fingers and pushed them down, my fingers were now directly on her throbbing clit with only the thin layer of material preventing her from feeling the full sensation. 

As well as the intense pressure, I focused even more on her clit, I began to rub in a circular motion freely. The moans were becoming louder and clearer, the noise rang through my ears and my patience and discipline were noticeably waning. I watched as her perfectly manicured fingernails began to run up and down her own thighs, leaving the distinctive white lines as she attempted to get a grip on the situation. She didn't have the patience nor endurance as she moved her hand over from her thigh to the outer fringes of her underwear, she instantly pulled her underwear roughly to one side as she invited me and attempted to entice me to give her what she desperately craved.

I gave the impression that it was too much to resist as I leaned closer and was confronted directly by her tight pussy, I noticed the droplets of cum that were clinging to her lips. My lips were millimetres away from her pulsating pussy as I opened my mouth and began to gently blow, the warm air gushed out and hit the already hypersensitive surface of her pussy. The reaction was precisely what I was looking for as she began to pleasurable groan. However, before she could recover, my lips came into physical contact with her pussy. I planted kisses across the entirety of her lips which was soon replaced by gently sucking and nibbling on sensitive parts of her lips as she continued to scream and her back continued to arch. I remained completely composed as I began to run the tip of my tongue from the base of her pussy, all the way up to her clit. I momentarily, reverted my gaze to her but my eyes were drawn to her hands, her knuckles had whitened as she firmly gripped hold of the duvet.

As I was on the verge of plunging my tongue deep inside her, I heard a harrowing noise outside of the open window, the sound of tyres crunching against the soft pebble drive. The car doors shutting firmly, before I knew it the keys jangled as the lock on the front door turned and they entered. We were no longer home alone. 

The footsteps continued onto the cold wooden floor, they were directly beneath us now as the voices began to talk and she froze, startled as she came to realise that we were no longer alone. Only a ceiling was now dividing us and her unsuspecting parents as I turned back to face her, she seemed to have gone into a state of shock, completely paralysed with the fear of being caught by her religious strict parents. Everything that I was in the midst of doing was against their beliefs and values as she reached up to hold her golden crucifix which dangled enticingly between her bare breasts.

There was a look of horror etched across her face as she realised what the consequences and possible implications could be. Instantly, she pushed me off of her and scurried across the room in search of her clothes, the clothing that she was pulling out of her wardrobe was far more conservative than what she had been wearing to me. At this moment in time, I felt like I was in the midst of a dramatic scene, it was a surreal experience as I watched the flurry of movement happen all around me. The panic had set in and now she had the difficult task of attempting to regain her composure and normalise her breathing pattern as she looked to behave as innocuously as she could.

I bided my time, lingering and lurking like a vicious predator waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As she walked across my path, I sprung from the edge of the bed and caught her wrist in my vice last grip once again. There was a genuine look of shock as I drove her across the room until her back slammed against her bedroom door. The noise alone could've been enough to alert her parents but after a few anxious moments, there were no footsteps or calls of her name.

Instead, I wrapped my hand around her throat exerting my dominance and used my knee to pin her against the door, I was taking a risk. As I looked behind me, I noticed the window which reached a very accessible drainpipe that I could scale down but the dominance was now overflowing dispelling any logical or rational thoughts that I was having. I could clearly see that she was conflicted by a mixture of emotions. There were signs of both fear and lust in her eyes. I could tell that she was petrified of being caught by parents but her natural attraction to my dominance and physical power was too much for her to dismiss. Her brain was screaming for her to fight me off and get dressed to limit any damage that already been done but her heart knew that she needed this. She craved the vulnerability of being controlled and held 'against her own wishes' even though, we both knew this was exactly what she wanted. She recognised that I had the strength to completely overpower her so there was no reason to even attempt to struggle and break free but I quickly came to realise, she didn't want to.
I showed my physical capabilities to squat and remain in that position as I stared upwards towards her with a wide mischievous smile etched across my face, I was at eye level with her already soaking wet pussy. As I transitioned from the squat position to my knees, I chuckled as she slowly closed her legs followed by a playful smile spreading across her face. Even though she wanted this... she wasn't going to make it easy.

I shuffled a few more inches towards her until she was trapped between my muscular physique and the firm oak door. As my hands eased their way between her thighs, I then showed brute strength to prise them open and spread her legs completely. I then demonstrated my sheer upper body strength to lift her even from a kneeling position, she knew what I wanted and reluctantly albeit happily wrapped her legs around my neck as I pinned her against the door again. As the tip of my tongue edged closer and closer to her dripping wet pussy that I so desperately sought to taste... I heard a noise again. This time the bannister began to squeak and the loose floorboard creaked underfoot followed by footsteps which were edging closer and closer towards us. I could see the shadow beneath the wooden door. Once again, there was only a single door between us and being caught, however, this time... there was no lock.

Unlike last time, I didn't retreat and wait for the sound of the footsteps to vanish. Instead, I pushed the boundaries and pushed her to the very limits as I spontaneously plunged my tongue deep inside of her. It took her by surprise as she let out a loud distinctive moan to slip out into the airwaves. It seemed to echo endlessly and the footsteps returned. Someone was stood right outside of the door.

“Are you alright in there dear, what was that noise?” A shrill high pitched voice filtered through the door. 

There were a few moments of silence before she found her voice and offered her response. “I'm fine, it was just the Televisio-”. Before she could reply, I interrupted her and took her by surprise and retracted my tongue from within her which was met with a sigh of relief. However, it was only a moment's respite as I lashed the tip of my tongue against her clit. It almost caused another loud moan to leave her mouth which would have definitely got us caught, instead, she firmly bit on her lip. Somehow she managed to hold in the satisfactory moan that was ironically on the tip of her tongue as my the tip of my tongue continued to send her deeper and deeper into a deliriously pleasurable state.

“Dear, you sound distressed. Are you sure you are fine? We can always take you to the family doctor if we need to” The older shrill voice was growing with concern.

The time, I allowed her to reply uninterrupted. “Honestly mum, I'm fine, I just tripped and hit my knee against the bed post,” she said sincerely. I was impressed by her ability to lie and we lingered in angst for what seemed an age for her response.

Okay dear, your father and I will be downstairs if you need us. If your knee gets any worse, please make sure you tell us” She said softly before the footsteps departed and we were safe for the time being.

As soon as the coast was clear, we moved once again, this time I lifted her and placed her onto the bed, weary that any suspicious noises could draw attention to us and this time. I lingered in anticipation of what her reaction would be, the annoyance that I had almost got her caught and the spontaneous actions that I made her endure in the midst of talking to her mother, instead, she turned and scurried beneath the duvet. She waited a few moments before peeking out like a rabbit poking its head out of its warren as she gestured for me to join her.

I remained at the other end of the bed but as soon as I had accepted the invitation, I disappeared beneath her soft cotton bedsheets and began to crawl slowly up the bed towards her. As her head remained above the surface of the bedsheets, she could only sense my presence, she couldn't see what I was doing or what was going through my mind. As I ran the tip of my tongue from her kneecap all the way up her thigh in a swirling uncontrollable spontaneous pattern, once again, the action was far more effective than words as her legs parted for me.

My eyes were drawn back to her pulsating soaking wet pussy, as I began to blow hot air on her sensitive hypersensitive clit, I watched as the shivers began to run down my spine. even though I was in a confined space, I managed to drag her lips apart before running the very tip of my tongue in the shallowest regions of her pussy. All the teasing and toying and unexpected distractions had led to this moment as I plunged my tongue inside her completely and began to lash the pink flesh over and over relentlessly. At this moment, I could've been a feral wild animal with no boundaries or control as I continued to drive my tongue deeper and deeper inside of her without any signs of slowing down or stopping.

Using my peripheral vision, I could see that the bedsheets overhead were stretched and every so often they would be firmly pulled. I took a moment's respite as I allowed my tongue to rest deep inside of her, as I looked up, I saw that it was her that was causing the bed sheets to stretch as she held the thin cover between her teeth as a desperate attempt to gag herself. All the moans and screams had been caught between the covers as she showed her impressive discipline to hold in her urges even though, the sweat dripping down her face suggested all she wanted to do is let it all out vocally.

As I stared deep into her eyes, she instantly realised that I was far from finished and in fact, the intensity was about to increase tenfold. As I ripped the bed sheet out of her mouth, I replaced it with my hand which was sealed tightly over her lips, there was an even more intimate connection between us as I physically gagged her. What she didn't notice was my stronger left hand had edged closer and closer towards her without her paying any notice.

This gave me the element of surprise as I sharply jabbed three fingers between her lips and deep inside of her without any prior warning, the impact seemed to cause her entire body to react to the sharp firm impact. Every single one of her muscles was contracting and convulsing from the presence of my fingers deep inside her. A single twitch or slight movement caused the muffled moans and screams to become harder and harder to control and muffle beneath my hand. I could already feel the warmth flooding over my fingers as she lost all control and gave into the temptation but that wouldn't be enough to stop me. More and more power was being generated in my strong muscular arms which were now being directed directly inside of her. Her fingernails scratched at the wooden posts behind her head and her pupils continued to dilate and fill with a craving for more. I lingered momentarily before adding the fourth fingers, instantly, it felt a lot tighter. Rather than my fingers slipping inside of her, she was now having to accommodate me as her pussy began to stretch allowing my fingers to push deep inside of her whilst my other hand remained permanently fixed over her mouth. If I had taken my hand off her mouth as I jabbed with four fingers, her ear piercing screams would have alerted the entire neighbourhood, never mind her parents.

I knew that I had her in a quasi-orgasmic state, the submissive gaze in her eyes was allowing me to do whatever I wished. I could see the mixture of pleasurable and pained facial expressions that I had her on the very boundary of pleasure and pain. I had found her threshold and I was now pushing her to the very edge of her capabilities. I could tell that she was already very close to orgasming but the stern expression on my face was symptomatic of the control I had over her, she would only be allowed to orgasm when I deemed so and we were still far far away from that.

As much as I enjoyed using my fingers, I was craving, even more, control. I wanted her to feel me deep inside of her. My very presence was enough to cause her back to arch and the pleasurable sensations and feelings to flood through her system and overwhelm her. My fingers remained deep inside of her as I dragged her to the edge of the bed using one hand. I withdrew my fingers from within her slowly, one finger at a time, prolonging the agony as she became increasingly desperate for more and more. I did stop to allow her to admire my handiwork as my hand was drenched in her cum which glistened and caught the light of her artificial overhead lighting. My mind was full of ideas but I was still in the mood to taunt and tease her. I took the very hand that she was fixated on and began to run it up and down the stiffened shaft, slowly and intentionally. The droplets of her cum were being caught on the ridges of the shaft, the sheer invention to use her own cum as a lubricant was turning her on even more. As I began to stroke my cock before her and the sound of the trapped cum beneath the head squelched, I could see that she couldn't resist the temptation any longer. Her fingers dropped and she began to fiercely rub her clit in a circular motion. She was lost in the moment and must have forgotten just how sensitive she still was as she clamped her own hand over her mouth, just in time to prevent a loud distinctive scream leave her mouth and alert her parents.

I moved forwards with my hand firmly wrapped around my shaft as she anticipated what was to come and gleefully pulled her lips apart. I pulled her even closer and wrapped her legs around the back of her neck before proceeding to build the tension even more as I started to run the tip of my cock which had a layer of cum caramelised to it across the surface of her lips. I looked up and enjoyed her reaction as she instinctively threw her head back in the hope of surviving this torturous treatment. The tip of my cock which had now begun to swell up was cum was resting on the flesh of her pussy, any form of pressure or forward momentum would have caused me to penetrate her. But I didn't.

Once again, I heard a suspicious noise, we had built up to this moment for so long, I wasn't going to rush it. The footsteps returned, however, this time they were noticeably heavier and there was more than one set of sounds. I still lingered with my cock resting on her pulsating pussy, waiting for the footsteps to disappear. They did stop but it was outside the door again, this time, there was no voices or conversation. Instead, the door handle began to turn and there was no way of stopping it.

I instinctively dropped to the floor whilst my boxer shorts remained entangled between my ankles whilst at the same time I threw the bedsheets over her, concealing her naked soaking wet body which had been toyed and teased with. As her parents entered the room, I rolled beneath the bed and laid perfectly still. I could see the Italian suede shoes of her father and the even more expensive designer high heels of her mother. There was an eerie silence as I laid directly beneath where she was laying on the mattress and my breathing seemed to have stopped completely as I held my breath and prayed that they would leave before we were discovered.
The conversation overhead was muffled and unclear but what I could make out was not what she was saying but her persona. There was no nervousness or shakiness in her voice, there was a cool calm composure to everything that she was saying even though I knew that she was lying. I knew that beneath the duvet, she was completely naked and dripping wet and there would be no way of her explaining that to her parents. I should've stayed perfectly still and patiently waited for her parents to leave but my impetuous nature took over and I peeked out, as she continued to explain to her parents what she had done today going through every minute mundane detail that supported her story which was built on a foundation of lies, I saw something out the corner of my eye which instantly drew my attention.
It was, in fact, the lacy expensive bra which was caught on the top left hand corner of the door, one of the parts of the luxury seductive lingerie she had opted to wear for me and hidden from her parents ever since she bought it. As her parents remained stood in the doorway talking to her, the elasticated bra was hanging overhead. If either of them looked directly upwards at any moment, then it would be over and she realised that as there was a hurried edge to her voice as she attempted to usher them. She could see that the elastic was stretching and eventually the bra would fall right in front of them if they didn't leave in the next few minutes.

Every second that passed seemed to feel like a minute, the agonising wait for us to eventually get caught. It seemed that our luck had finally run out and it was a matter of time before we faced the consequences. At that moment in time, it felt like it was merely a stay of execution. My eyes were not fixated on her parents but the bra, my eye seemed to be playing tricks on me as I thought I could see the bra slide closer and closer to the edge of the door. A single blow of the wind from the open window would be all that is needed to send the bra down from its lofty position. Just as the agony seemed to continue, we were saved. A sound began to ring out throughout the house as the beep of their house phone filled all our ears. Initially, I thought that her parents would remain stood in the door frame ignoring the phone call until the girl above me falsely reminded them that she had received a letter explaining that they were getting an important phone call sometime today. This last lie was enough as they slowly left the room, slamming the door which caused the bra to float to the floor. We had been rescued by a complete stranger but now I knew we were living on borrowed time.

As I climbed from underneath the bed, we collectively breathed out a sigh of relief as we caught our breath and regained our composure but unlike her... I was far from finished. As she went to climb out of bed to hide her lingerie, my large muscular physique stood in her way, blocking her path. I nonchalantly kicked the bra beneath the bed before I slowly approached her. She was still shaking from the close call but we hadn't finished yet. As I threw her onto the bed with one arm and swiftly stepped onto the bed, feeling the springs accommodate the weight beneath my feet, the dominant streak within me was alive once again. She was already on her hands and knees as she faced away from me, I could tell that she dare not move. She could sense my presence especially when I began to edge closer to her but she remained disciplined as she stared at the bed-board vigilantly, I knew that without any way of anticipating what was to come next, every reaction was purely natural and spontaneous.  I watched as she slowly parted her legs in anticipation, inviting me to give what she so desperately wanted. Without a word or warning, I ran the juicy pulsating head up and down her thighs as she shivered in sheer anticipation of what was to come next. 

This time I didn't taunt or tease her, I gave her what she wanted as I pushed myself deep inside of her which caused her to naturally stoop allowing her to bury her face in the floral pillow and let out her muffled moans and screams. After all the build up and anticipation, every thrust seemed to be intensified tenfold as her body struggled to cope. I gave her muscles no time to relax as the time between thrust shortened and shortened. I was finding more depth and more rhythm with every gyration of my hips. The result was clear to see as her back began to arch and her desperation to let it all out grew even more. The muscles contracted and twisted around my shaft and the sensation was enhanced by pulsating swollen head being nestled deep inside of her. 

Although there was a burning sensation to climax deep inside of her, it was nowhere near as intense as her desire to orgasm. Her fingernails clawed at the bed-board as every thrust seemed to reverberate throughout her entire body. Every thrust was rocking her bed and knocking against the wall, causing the pictures to wobble and some to even fall to the floor. The noise we were making was almost certain to be attracting the attention of her parents so there was no longer any reason to tease or toy her. Instead, I used the little energy I had to left to somehow find even more depth and speed which caused her entire body to shake and the warmth began to flood over me as she gave into the temptation and allowed the pleasure and satisfaction to take over. Although I couldn't see the cum begin to trickle out of her, I felt it as it washed over my cock and the sensation alone was enough to trigger a chain reaction. No longer did I need to hold it in, instead, I decided to leave her a gift. During the entire commotion of her orgasm, I allowed my sensitive head to also give into the temptation. The warm thick liquid shot out of my head and the blissful sensation we shared together just for a moment was worth all the risk and aggro. My orgasm seemed to simply add more to hers as my cock rested deep inside of her as her orgasm continued for before finally she collapsed. At the time, what we didn't know was that her parents had quietly opted to reside to their room and were reading a book on the other side of the wall to us. As they remained completely oblivious to what was going on, I was ruining the image of their obedient religion-abiding daughter. No longer was she being sweet and innocent, she was now, in fact, acting like a filthy primal animal desperate for sex.

The evening wasn't completely over yet as I still had to get out, as she slipped on a silk nightdress and remained in the bed in a state of sheer pleasure, I was hurrying around the room picking up any clothes I had taken off and rectifying any signs that I had been here before I stepped over to the window looking back at her. She looked so peaceful and completely relaxed as her entire body reacted to the sensations and experiences that she had gone through, however, there was no time to wait as I climbed out and used the conveniently placed drain pipe to scale down the back of her house.

Just before I left, I decided to turn back and peer through the bushes back towards her room, this time, there were the silhouettes of her parents as they closed the window and drew the curtains. I could only imagine all the lecturing and interrogation that she would face. However, If they had looked at the inside of her legs, they would've seen my gift. As the mixture of both mine and her cum was running down her legs as it flooded out between her lips and trickled down to cause a puddle in her bed. For me, I simply disappeared back into the darkness, back into the night without a trace.

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