An Unexpected Encounter

An Unexpected Encounter An Unexpected Encounter

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A hot and steamy encounter between a sweet innocent babysitter who is seduced by the mystery of the older male.


A hot and steamy encounter between a sweet innocent babysitter who is seduced by the mystery of the older male.


Submitted: August 04, 2015

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Submitted: August 04, 2015



These thoughts running through my mind were so wrong, but I couldn't resist. Here sat in front of me was a sweet innocent girl who was just trying to make her way in life. She was only here to look after my son whilst my wife and I was out wining and dining however I had returned early after finding out that she was stuck at work. I was frustrated, we agreed that we would go out as a couple at least once a week to maintain a healthy relationship but over the past couple of weeks, work had taken over her life leaving a gaping hole in my love life.

She looked uncomfortable as I stood over her and she began to shuffle in her seat. My son's head resting on her lap where he fell asleep as I stepped closer towards her, I put my finger over her lips. She did as she was told and it allowed me to lift up my son taking him to his room and settling him in his bed. As I returned to the living room, she was now stood up uncomfortably, I gave her a warm smile.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked as she continued to squirm from the awkward situation of having to communicate with someone else face to face, not through some electronic device.

“I-I don't want to impose,” She said sheepishly. Her face was now a bright shade of red and she was playing with her hair as she stared towards her feet.

“Oh come on, you can have a drink! The night is young and there is no rush. You'll still be getting the agreed amount despite my early return”. I said jovially and she seemed relieved and reassured by our brief conversation, I wasn't as intimidating as I came across when I was with my wife. I left the room, returning with two bottles of imported beer before gently tapping on the seat next to me on the sofa and inviting her to join me.

Every fibre of me knew that I was completely in the wrong, taking advantage of this poor vulnerable girl. She obliged as she sat next to me and began to drink the beer and due to her petite nature, I knew that it wouldn't take long for her to become drunk. She finished the first bottle and I handed her my own, she was young and reckless and drank the second one as quickly as the first. I could stop, these fantasies weren't realities and there was still time for me to sober her up and leave no trace of any wrongdoing, but I opted to continue.

My hand moved along the sofa until it reached her thigh, I lingered hesitantly before placing my hand on her thigh. I knew whatever her response was would dictate which direction this evening went. She hesitated. My heart was beating faster now and I began to question myself. Had I read the signals wrong?Was I too imposing and domineering and not giving her a chance to say no?

“You do realise you can tell me no if you're not enjoying it!” I muttered sincerely.

My hand and the soft-toned riposte caused her to stop and look up to me, our eyes met and this caused her to blush, but she didn't object or tell me to stop. I edged closer, I could smell the beer on her breath, but I focused on not breaking eye contact. My other hand found itself on her cheek gently stroking it as well as brushed her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. My breathing began to become more shallow as butterflies flew around in my stomach, it was a sensation that I hadn't experienced in a long time and it was now obvious what my intentions were now.

My hand moved from the face of her smooth thigh to the inside of her thigh, running my fingertips down her thigh, this caused her breathing to quicken and a shiver to run down her spine in sheer anticipation of what was to come. I decided to make the most of the opportunity and I brushed my lips against hers. Her initial response was a gasp followed by her kissing me back whilst running her hand ran through my hair.

She fell back pulling me on top of her on the sofa. I could easily overpower but there was no need to, she appeared to want this as much as I did. As I remained on top of her, I felt the bulge in my trousers continuing to expand and soon it was pressing into her thigh. It seemed to take her by surprise.

“Don't be afraid, explore if you want to”. I said invitingly.

I stood up and allowed her to inspect and explore the bulge which was level with her eyes. She was getting hot and flustered. I slowly removed my belt and began to delicately unfasten the buttons on my trousers. I was purposefully slow allowing her to become more comfortable in my presence and also for her to get her bearings. It had been a whirlwind of an evening so far, but she seemed even more determined as enough her fingers danced along the outside of the boxers.

She was constantly growing in confidence and the tentative timid girl who I had originally been engaging with was now a whole different animal. There was a wild reckless side to her as she knelt up on the sofa and pulled down the boxer shorts without a second thought. Her primitive eyes were now widening and she licked her lips like a predator preparing to capture its prey.

Instinctively, her soft hands reached out but as she wrapped around the shaft, I could feel the adrenaline and confidence flowing through her veins particularly as she could feel it throbbing under her grasp. Although I was in the presence of a wild sexual beast, she still showed finesse and appreciation as her soothing touch ran over the veins. I was renowned for a cool and calm attitude, but she was drawing the animistic side out of me, This took me by surprise and my usual calming attitude was replaced with a burning need to give her what she desires.

I had no reason to hold back now as she invitingly opened her mouth, her luscious lips were enticing. I tried to resist, but the temptation was too much as I placed my cock in front of her and she assisted in feeding it deep inside of her mouth. Her eyes began to water and I could hear her gagging echo around the room. Despite her gagging, she kept her composure as I felt her tongue was delicately running along the sensitive head causing my breathing patterns to fluctuate.

She was eager but I wasn't willing to rush it, I continued to let her run her tongue over my cock, but I was always in control. I found her muffled moans oddly arousing however I didn't let it distract me as I focused on remaining both disciplined and determined. My control over her was subtle, more psychological than physical. There was no power struggle as I knew that she thought that she wielded it and that she found it comforting, but I was subliminally telling her and guiding her to do what I wanted.

I offered her small tips as her inexperience began to be revealed as we reached more complex and advanced experiences, but these tips were personal and would only be effective in pleasuring me. The intense look in her eye was one of gratitude. She enjoyed having the entirety my attention and I decided that I would take control.

I removed my cock from deep inside her mouth and allowed to admire as her saliva caused it glisten under the bright lights of the lounge. My focus was now solely on her as I slipped to my knees and lifted her shirt up slowly revealing her slightly toned stomach.

“I am going to pleasure you an extent that you couldn't even imagine... starting with your stomach” I announced with the utmost confidence. She didn't seem so sure and looked nervous, but that was soon going to be replaced with a sensational feeling that would overwhelm her.

“You're going to feel my soft lips and sharp tongue, running along your stomach, playing and toying with you before slipping further down” I explained and moments later, I did exactly that. My lips gently brushed against her smooth stomach and she appeared to be already overwhelmed as her knuckles whitened as she gripped hold of the end of the sofa. I knew that she hadn't been in this situation before and the fact that I was announcing exactly what I was going to do was making the experience even hotter. I wasted no time as I began to run my lips downwards until I reached the top of her jeans, I lingered as I decided what I wanted to happen next.

I eventually broke the silence as I whispered faintly, “Unbutton them for me”. She looked reluctant but she nodded and I watched as she unbuttoned the brass buttons on her jeans and then waited for further instruction. “Relax, lay back and close your eyes and embrace and enjoy” I instructed and she did so. She was now laying flat on the sofa with her legs dangling over the edge as I remained knelt on the cool wooden floor and shuffled so that I was in-between her legs. I gracefully pulled down her trousers and placed them to one side and despite having her eyes closed, she began to blush once more.

I lingered again, building the tension within the air and the anticipation alone was causing her to be aroused. The excitement of the relative unknown and what was going to happen next. I had seized entire control now before breaking the silence once more, “My tongue craves to taste more of you... Let it”. The comment alone caused her to begin to spread her legs in anticipation, but I demonstrated my strength as I gripped the inside of her bare thighs close to her knees and spread them through sheer strength. There were white marks left on her thighs from where I had firmly held her, but there would not leave a lasting impression.

I made sure that she could feel my presence as my tongue edged closer to the surface of her thighs. The tip of my tongue felt razor sharp against the soft muscles of her thighs as it danced over them. There was very little noise in the room, other than a grandfather clock ticking from the hallway and the sound of her breathing becoming louder and quicker each time my tongue ran close to her underwear. I teased her, slowing down as I closed in on her underwear before returning to the inside of her thigh. She shuffled forwards slightly and I was now confronted by her underwear which I was eye-level with.

I could tell that they were slightly moist as there was a darker shade of pink at the bottom of her underwear than anywhere else. I remained in a mischievous mood as my tongue ran along the frilly outer edges of her underwear and I continued to tease her but every so often, I did run the tip of my tongue along the surface of her underwear, it was accompanied by a moan and whimper. I seized the opportunity and without prior notice, the tip of my tongue began to massage her clit through her panties. I ran my tongue in a circular motion and she couldn't help but moan loudly as she longed and craved for my tongue.

I delicately moved her panties to one side before I decided to tease her once again, “I do wonder how sensitive your lips are and how long you can endure my probing”. I could sense her muscles tightening at the thought of my tongue causing her to enter a pleasurable state once again. I didn't loiter or linger as I ran the entirety of my tongue against her lips and she instantly moaned as soon as I made contact. The moans were music to my ears as I decided to take it up a notch as I used my teeth to run along her and lips and gently nibble on her which caused an even louder moan.

The loud moans triggered my primal side of me to come alive once again. “I hope you don't particularly like this underwear” I snarled as I tore them off using just my teeth and threw them to another side of the room where they dangled over the television however I no longer cared. She was ill-prepared for what was going to come next and she was now there for the taking. I was confronted by her tight shaved pussy and I took a moment before discretely licking my lips. As my tongue moved ever closer to the pink flesh below, I felt her fingers ruffled my hair as she attempted to gain some control.

I smirked as I looked up at her, but her wrestle for power failed instantly as my fingers slowly massaged her clit in a circular motion. She stopped, paralysed by pleasure. Her only physical reaction was to arch her back as she attempted to combat my pleasurable pursuit however there was no underwear to protect her. Before she could recover, my fingers quickly spread her lips and I plunged my tongue deep inside of her. The mere presence of my tongue inside of her was causing the muscles surrounding my tongue to begin to contract, I knew she wasn't going to be last much longer so I needed to make the most of it.

My preferred style was a slow build up with foreplay but as glanced over at the clock, we only had half an hour before my wife would be coming home. My tongue remained inside her, small strokes of the tongue was stimulating her combined with the sensual massaging of her clit was driving her into an orgasmic state. I stopped however withdrawing my tongue completely. The look on her face was one of confusion, but she didn't need to understand. She felt my fingers move slowly down from her clit until they reached her lips. She voluntarily stretched her lips open with her own fingers, but I batted them away as I rubbed her lips between my thumb and forefinger. Without warning, I plunged two fingers deep inside of her, moans were once again echoing around the room and once again, I could feel the muscles tightening around my fingers just resting deep inside of her.

As my fingers remained inside of her, I felt a synchronicity and connection between us, I could feel that I was causing her to pulsate through a combination of adrenaline and pleasure. I enjoyed the feeling of moisture clinging to my fingers. I began to slowly move my fingers deeper inside of her, pushing myself to the limit before completely withdrawing my fingers before once again pushing my fingers deep inside of her. She had to go through the experience of her pussy being completely filled and each time received the same response, a sharp intake of air and a gasp.

Despite my spontaneity, there was a lull. The build-up was complete and I wasted little time as I manoeuvred and manhandled her, pushing her further up the sofa until she was in the perfect position. My cock had been dormant for a while, but it rose up once more. I waited, with my experience, I'd come to understand that the initial penetration was the most important. It had to take her breath away and leave her wondering. I didn't rush this because of it's importance but I waited to see if there was an element of doubt on her face, she reached out, holding the shaft gently and guiding it towards her tight pussy. All this foreplay and build up had reached this pivotal moment.

As I squeezed my cock deep inside of her, I knew that she was going to scream, I quickly put my hand over her mouth to mute the screams. I didn't want my son to wake up and catch us in the act nor for my neighbours to hear our dirty deeds. I looked around before handing her a nearby cushion for her to use to ensure we remained undetected.

I looked at her face for the initial reaction, at first I thought she was in pain but then her eyes lit up and she was now staring deep into mine. The connection between us was at it's strongest as we combined as one being. Her fingernails were digging into my back however the pain was my self-acknowledgement that I was doing it right. She could no longer hold it in as her back began to arch. I knew that this wasn't the time to stop and admire what I had achieved but to strive for more.

My hands gripped her hips for support as I began to thrust, each thrust was accompanied by muffled moans which soon became muffled screams. I felt my head begin to swell as cum gushed into it and the sensation that she felt as it inflated inside of her was making the hairs on back of her neck begin to rise and she was now covered in goosebumps and her muscles had relaxed however I wasn't finished.

I continued to thrust deep inside and even with the cushion, the muffled screams became louder as the decibels rose. They were driving me on and I sensed that I could make her orgasm again. I glanced over at the clock and realised that I only had a few minutes before the wife would be heading home. I should have been in a blind panic, but it was now a race against time. I quickened the speed of the thrusts and the intensity went up a level. I could feel that my cock was sore and would soon become to blister despite her juices acting as the lubricant. I maintained my composure and now the question was how would I finish this, “Please... Inside of me, I beg you” she moaned.

However, I lingered for too long. I had enjoyed the desperate tone of her voice as she begged for me to finish inside of her too much and I craved to hear it again but then I heard the keys jangling in the front door. The metallic scratch of the key entering the lock was the only noise that I could hear and I was frozen to the spot. There were no explanation or excuses for this and I knew that she would use this as leverage to manipulate our relationship to getting whatever she wanted.

As she walked in her first response wasn't one of shock or disgust, a smug smile came across her face. She was almost pleased to see me deep inside this young innocent girl. The babysitter was understandably horrified as she attempted to beg and reason, but I placed my finger over her lips. My wife was highly intellectual, but two words that I would never use to describe her are conventional or orthodox.

In any normal relationship, you'd stop, take stock and attempt to reconcile and not make the situation worse. I, however, wasn't going to lose face or reputation. I stared deep into my wife's eyes as I gently eased my cock deep inside her once again, the began to slowly fuck her once more. The babysitter was being used as a pawn in a complicated sexual game of chess. Even my wife look confused at first but she soon began to see the mind games being played and after a long hard frustrating day, she was beginning to think that this wasn't the worst thing to happen.

She was dressed smartly and her two piece suit showed off her figure well. She stood in front of us both confidently as she began to slowly undress until she was merely in the silk matching lingerie which I had bought her for Christmas as well as the stockings. Whilst my long thick throbbing cock was deep inside of a soaking tight pussy, I was seeing a whole new side to my wife.

"Can she really compete with this?" She snorted as she pulled the straps of her bra, her bra dangled off her and her large firm breasts were now in clear sight. She knew that she was attractive and she had an air of confidence as she walked around the room. She was swaying her hips and unfastening her stockings at the same time until she reached the sofa. She leaned over the babysitter and her eyes had widened. "Open your mouth my dear" she said, the first time she had properly acknowledged the babysitter's existence and when she did, she placed her hardened nipple inside of her mouth carefully like a mother feeding her infant. The babysitter began to suck on her nipple whilst I continued to slide my throbbing cock deep inside of her, each thrust caused her body to judder. The combination of both was causing her to moan, but they were stifled by my wife's hardened nipple.

My wife's hand slipped down her stomach past where my lips had originally seduced her until she reached her clit. I expected her to be hesitant but I was wrong as she began to rub her clit in a way only a vastly experienced woman would know how to and both the babysitter and herself began to moan in loud unison. My wife pulled the babysitter's hand towards her own clit and she began to rub it with two fingers, she was back to her tentative state as the alcohol had worn off and she was also in a strange situation. Despite being fixated with what was unfolding in front of me, my cock remained resting inside of her. I could feel my legs were beginning to ache and cramp, but I battled through the pain threshold.

My wife was now sat beside her, her eyes continuously fixed on mine, "Fuck me" she demanded. I withdrew from inside the babysitter and she collapsed to the floor recovering from the ordeal so far. I was preparing as I edged closer to her, but she retorted, "Not you". I was taken aback and the babysitter was as surprised. I was now the spectator as I watched the babysitter struggle to her feet and fall onto the sofa. I watched my wife slump to her knees and the babysitter wrapped her legs around my wife's neck, she then continued to run her tongue along the lips and after a few moments of teasing, she decided to her tongue was a soothing welcome relief for the battered and bruised pink flesh which I'd be pounding for almost an hour. The facial expression of the babysitter showed that my wife was obviously experienced and understood the mechanics as she made the babysitter reach her climax much sooner than when I was in control. I was in awe, this was a completely different side to my wife, I was merely watching, but I was enjoying not being in the spotlight.

The babysitter began to grow more and was feeling more comfortable as her hand reached out and wrapped itself around my throbbing cock. She began to run her hand up and down my shaft to attempt to distract herself from climaxing again however I decided that I wanted to become involved once again. I took a step back and allowed my wife and babysitter to continue to pleasure each other as up I was now directly behind my wife. She was on her knees whilst her tongue continued to reach deep inside of the babysitter's pussy but I decided to take advantage as I pushed her back causing her to be on her hands and knees and in the same motion, I spread her legs.

Before she could react, I plunged my cock deep inside her. This time she was the one to gasp and her back to begin to arch, I roughly pulled on the back of her hair so I could see her facial expression and I could tell that she had longed for this, that she had missed it. The sensation of being deep inside of my wife was the perfect retribution for months of sexual exile, I was now releasing all that built up sexual frustration and it felt exhilarating. Time seemed to be flying now and I had recovered enough to find my second wind. My thrusts had real vigour and purpose as they were now going deeper and the time between each thrust had lessened. The wife's response was to also take it up a level as her tongue ran over sensitive spots within the babysitter, she was again moaning and the wife only stopped to moan and screams herself. I pulled my wife to the centre of the room and as I hit a particular spot, she screamed and her fingernails clawed away at the wooden floorboards. This allowed the babysitter to catch her breath and regain her composure but in the grand scheme of things she was no longer important: This war was now between the king and the queen.

I could no longer see her face as her hair covered it, but I didn't need to her. She was reaching her climax as the muscles began to tighten and she began to beat the floor with the palm of her hand, beads of sweat were running down my body and I felt like there was tension building in the air which was going to be released in a single moment. We were on the verge of that moment as my thrusts became shallower but even more frequent. It didn't matter what pace I went as I could feel that I hit a tender spot and she was screaming a mixture of profanities and compliments. This was the perfect moment. My fully inflated head began to squirt out all the cum that had built up throughout the evening. The burning sensation which I'd been holding in for so long was now gone and at the same time, her back arch and screamed as she came, with the cum running down the inside of her thighs and onto the wooden floorboards below.

As this intensely pleasurable moment finished, I saw out of the corner of my eye of the babysitter had began to get dressed when she'd finished getting dressed as my wife and I laid together on the floor completely naked. My wife pleasantly smiled reaching over to her handbag and handing her the money that she was owed before she headed into the darkness of the night like nothing unusual had happened. We smiled at each other and rested in each other's arms after an exhausting eventful evening.

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