A marriage of convenience

A marriage of convenience

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



The tale of when one couple married purely out of convenience meets another and the evening that ensues.



The tale of when one couple married purely out of convenience meets another and the evening that ensues.


Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



A relationship can be the most the beautiful thing in the world, the intimacy and companionship are incomparable to anything else and it is purely blissful. However this wasn't that type of relationship, we didn't love each other, not anymore. There's no doubt that we did once but it was a marriage of convenience now, we were in far too many powerful positions in our respective careers to have our image tarnished by a messy divorce which could be seen as a sign of weakness to our competitive rivals.

We didn't even sleep in the same room anymore and there was a cold calculated edge to every conversation we had and yet there were sacrifices that even functional healthy couples dreaded having to do. It was even worse for us that we had to do these mundane tasks. The intoxicating fake smiles and fake laughs to massage the egos of people we didn't even like, followed by a dose of fake enthusiasm to seem interested when really, it was the last place on earth that we wanted to be.

However, tonight was the worst of the lot. Dressing up in our most expensive clothes to go to a dinner party which neither of us wanted to go to see people who didn't want to be there either. It was unusual to be actually meeting a couple that is as unhealthy as we are. Another marriage of convenience was that the sacrifice needed for success? Maybe.

Time seemed to fly by as every hour felt like a second, what I would've given for an emergency at work that would've got me out of this dinner party but there wasn't to my disappointment. Before I knew it, I was in the car with my wife by my side. Although we were hardly on amicable terms, she looked beautiful like she always did.

There was an awkward silence as we pulled out of the drive and drove through the long winding country roads until we had reached the city. The couple we were meeting lived in the heart of the city, a penthouse apartment in an expensive building but like the marriage, again this was out of convenience rather than necessity. We stepped into the foyer, slaloming between the marble pillars until we reached the elevator. Stepping inside, we were the only people in the lift, the awkward silence resumed as we rose through the floors until we reached the penthouse.

The rich aroma of freshly baked bread filtered through the large oak door and into the corridor where we waited. A single ring of the doorbell sufficed, followed by loud whispering and the door opening moments later. They had been waiting by the door for a while and the loud whispering and the sweat on his brow suggested that they were nervous. This formal social event was more important to him than it was to me, someone from our firm had to act as the middle man, this time, it was my turn to pick the short straw.

The banal small talk was lost on me as I stood politely smiling as I pretended to listen and put my well-polished and well-practised fake laugh to good use listening to his bad jokes. His wife, on the other hand, was intriguing, she didn't get involved with his pitiful attempt at humour or the horrific small talk that accompanied that, instead she looked at the bottom of her wine glass.

The evening’s entertainment was already predetermined and as it was announced that we would have home-made bread and cheese followed by wine tasting. As soon as the words left his mouth and his smug obnoxious persona took over once again, I rolled my eyes. It was the first true facial expression of the evening and his wife spotted me. I froze in the moment, how would she react? I had let my guard slip for a moment and that could be enough.

I lingered as my wife and her husband continued to chat but our gazes were locked to one and other, her lips twitching but she remained motionless but it was quickly followed by a giggle and a step towards me but as she went to open her mouth, she turned to her husband instead.

I didn't know what I was expecting to happen, I could feel some form of connection between us but this wasn't the time or place to push my luck. Instead, I had to intently listen as I was told for the tenth time that this was home-made bread made in his personal bread oven. The torture hadn't quite finished however as he decided to give us a potted history of the thirteen different varieties of cheese he had carefully selected with his decisions being based on texture, smell and how they mix with his home-made bread.

My urge to yawn was growing every second as I listened to his boring mundane monotonous voice. The sheer boredom was compounded by the actual content of what he was saying. Although I didn't drink wine, the temptation to start was growing more and more. I could see his wife eyeing the same bottle of wine and we made eye contact once again.

I was hoping the obnoxious self-centred consuming personality of her husband would simmer when the cheese remained untouched and even his own wife was unable to stomach his failed attempt of home-made bread which was so bland that it caused my throat to be dry and I had to make the drastic measure of leaving to go to the bathroom to gather the water in my hands and rehydrate myself.

I could've asked for a glass of water but that would've raised even more questions and I wanted to keep a low profile. He instead decided to tell us about a 12 week course he took on wine tasting with him travelling around the vineyards of Palermo and how he had a natural talent for wine tasting. I sat back and smiled nodding whilst my concentration was dropping and waning, my focus was on anything other than what he was saying.

As the evening progressed, he found himself sitting closer and closer to my wife, as he desperately sought for attention. I could've taken offence but instead, it allowed me to take a back seat as he passed me a glass of wine for me to smell before returning his entire focus to my wife.

The deep rich burgundy liquid was my only saving grace from listening to him any longer but instead, I remained attentive or so it seemed as I fell back onto the sofa and waited for instruction. I hadn't noticed his wife had dropped out of the line of sight but soon she returned as she sat next to me.

This was the first time that we had been in touching distance even though I had felt the intimacy between us and the burning fire of desire reignite inside me every time she looked in my general direction. The smell of her expensive perfume clung to the air and lingered in my nostrils.

I wasn't a very talkative person, I preferred actions to words. My line of work and personality dictated, the last thing I wanted to do was warm up to people with benign small talk and over-exaggerated anecdotes.

Her husband, however, was the antonym of me as he took centre stage once again as his booming voice demanded we all put the glass to our nose and smelt the wine. He placed the glass in front of my wife's face demanding that she told him what she could smell. It could've been anything and her awkward pause followed by deathly silence did anything but deter him.

Instead, he decided to put his training to good use as he closed his eyes and inhaled the fumes of the wine and began to recount how the musty heavy smell of the wine infused with the sharpness of the lemon peel made this one of his favourite bottles of wine before adding the caveat that each bottle was over a £1,000.

As his and everyone else's eyes were closed as they smelt the wine, I took the opportunity and placed my hand on the inside of his wife's thigh, running it up until I could see her underwear, time seemed to slow down as I did. Any moment I could've been caught, destroying my reputation and most likely losing my job.

I made my presence felt, it was the first time that we had made physical contact with each other and it broke her concentration. Her look one of befuddlement and bewilderment, her husband and my wife were less than ten feet away from us and I was making advances. I detected a slight smirk beneath her masked face of shock and surprise as my hand remained their lingering.

I watched her immediate response and felt as our breathing seemed to shorten and quicken in tandem, a synchronisation of the experience we were currently sharing. Her breathing shortened to the point that she was panting, I wasn't sure if that was the situation and the risk of being caught or her desire for more. I didn't stop to wait for an acknowledgement. I could feel the hardened suspension of her stockings beneath her dress. I had a sly mischievous smile etched across my face and butterflies fluttered within my stomach. I hadn't been more alive and the excitement was comparable to when I was a teenager sneaking around behind my parents' back.

However as I looked up expecting to see a similar response from her, I was sadly mistaken. There was a look of surprise followed by disgruntlement as she slapped my hand away. The sound itself could have given us away but it didn't and instead I watched helplessly as she placed the glass of wine on the wooden floorboard and in the blink of an eye, she had left the room.

I could see as I looked in the reflection of the glass, the pent up frustration that I could be humiliated and get it so wrong. All the signals were there and the seductive glances, trigger points and facial expressions and yet I was wrong. How could I have made such an enormous oversight? What was I thinking?

I had already begun to question myself and I felt lost and spiralling out of control. I quickly asked her husband where the bathroom was, I needed a breath of fresh air and the privacy to recollect myself. I could see his confusion about where his wife had disappeared too but he quickly gave directions before diverting his attention back to my wife.

I quickly opened the lounge door and stepped out, shutting it behind me and instantly breathing a sigh of relief. Finally, I had some privacy but I stopped in my tracks. Stood in front of me leaning against the wall was his wife.

A sly mysterious smile etched across her face as I noticed that she had reapplied her dark red lipstick. She had been expecting me. As I emerged, I noticed the sense of delight and glee etched across her face when she had realised that she had tricked me and managed to draw me out of the room and out of my comfort zone. I was the one normally in control but not at this moment, I was in her territory and she had me exactly where she wanted me.

As I looked around, I noticed how narrow the corridor was with only a few selective pieces of art hanging as part of the minimalistic décor and also how thin the walls were. I could hear her obnoxious husband's voice and the crackling of the fire even through the door and walls and she placed her finger to my lips. I watched as her leg stretched across my entire corridor revealing the stockings that I had felt and the garter belt that was attaching it all together. I listened and heard the spring and the loud unclicking of the latches as she allowed her stockings to dangle unattached on either side.

A lone outstretched coaxing forefinger was enough to trigger the primal animal within me as I showed my speed and agility to spin and in the same moment press her against the large oak lounge door. There was an unexpectedly loud thud and I lingered, waiting for the door to open and for us to expose but whilst remaining alerted, I continued. For the first time, we were in physical contact with each other and all the build up and foreplay had led to this moment.

I could feel her under my control even her breathing fluctuated depending on what I decided to do. As she remained pinned against the rich oak door, her eyes were desperately crying out for more. Our bodies being pressed against one and other was simply not enough, her seductive whispers for more, to have my way with her and give her what she deserves drove me on.

A blend of passionate desire and adrenaline was flowing through my veins and I decided now to give her what she wanted. In a split second, the sound of material stretching and tearing filled my ears as I ripped the top of her dress to reveal the expensive lacy bra that matched her sophisticated lingerie. I could see the expression of shock return to her face followed by a subtle bite on her bottom lip but the lustrous look in her eye was craving even more.

I leaned forward and felt our lips meet for the first time, it felt like a momentous moment as the physical manifestation of our desires and cravings. Each and every kiss that I placed seemed to have a purpose and meaning. The passion was flowing through us and at that moment, we were connected as one. I could've remained in that moment but we were restricted to secrecy and a tight window. My lips tentatively dropped further and although I would've liked to spend time exploring her and finding exactly what made her tick instead, I allowed myself to flow and stop attempting to calculating what to do.

My attention turned to her neck. Just a single stroke of her neck with my fingertip caused shivers to run down her spine. I replaced my fingertip with my lips and allowed the tip of my tongue to freely run along her neck, noticing the goosebumps that appeared moments after my tongue had passed over the sensitive area. Each lash of my tongue was accompanied by a flurry of kisses and the unpredictable nature of both the speed and intensity was too much for her to cope.

My ears were constantly intensifying to listen for any fluctuation in her breathing and every moan that left her lips. Each kiss was met with moans which initially were muffled as she buried her lips into my neck but I could feel her slipping out of control and the moans loudened and seemed to echo around the corridor but I no longer showed any concern about making noise or being exposed.

I was caught in the moment and allowed it to take over. I could've stopped, I had her where I wanted her, a constant state of pleasure but it wasn't enough. I wanted more, I needed more. My desire had grown through the evening from simply wanting her to overwhelming and consuming her.

Although I had shown my brute physicality and dominance to rip her dress, I now showed my gentle touch and delicate finesse as my fingers began to work down her back. My kisses continued to fall upon her as my fingers ran in between her shoulder blades and trickled down her spine. I could feel her breathing become jagged once again, the combination of the firm rough kisses landing on her neck and the gentle sensation as my fingertips were pushing her closer to the pleasure paradise that she so desperately sought after.

I enjoyed the position of power as she remained pinned to the door, I could do whatever I wished. If I wanted to, I could've ripped her dress and her expensive lingerie off completely but I resisted the temptation. Instead, she took over in this constant power struggle pushing me to arm's length.

I stood diligently as the mischievous sly smile returned to her face once again. I watched in eager anticipation as her hands slowly ran down her body and began to slowly hike the dress upwards and at the same time dis-attach the garter belt. The bulge in my tight dinner trousers grew as her legs began to slowly widen and she lost her seductive subtlety and instead showed me exactly what she wanted.

She remained as the main instigator as her hand reached out and stroked and squeezed the growing bulge whilst at the same time, her other hand slipped beneath the surface of her expensive lacy underwear. At this moment in time, I could only imagine what she was doing but the intensely pleasurable expression etched across her face and the movement of her arm suggested that she was rubbing her clit whilst we remained stood across from each other in the narrow corridor.

I responded in kind as my hands dropped to my belt and slowly unbuckled it before placing it carefully on the floor. I continued with my fingers unbuttoning the trousers and allowing them to fall to my ankles. The enlarged bulge that was initially hidden beneath my trousers were now blatant with the tightening boxers constricted around the distinct bulge.

I allowed her eyes to wander and subsequently her arm movements became more vigorous as the moans continued to ring out, I stepped forward, clamping my hand over her mouth as I muffled the moans that could've alerted my wife and her husband. I could see her hand reaching forward and squeezing on the more refined bulge before pulling on the boxers causing them to fall to my ankles. I could've stopped her but I had the confidence to not only allow it but I thrived on it, I could see her eyes widen and her hand slipped out from underneath her underwear to place both hands on the hardened throbbing shaft. My eyes closed as her hands continued to run over the shaft and tugged on the shaft causing cum to seemingly instantaneously flood into the head and begin to swell.

I had let her take control but now my desire to regain the power and control over her returned and the lustrous look in her eye was telling me that there was an inevitable end to this evening. I stepped out of the trousers and boxers giving me the freedom to move freely before showing a steely determined look in my eyes.

As I stepped forward, this time, I lifted off her feet and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed her against the wall and she voluntarily held her arms above her head as I returned to her neck but not to kiss but to bite, each bite was met by a yelp and muffled scream as my hand remained clamped over her mouth but this time I didn't wait for her acknowledgement and desire for more.

The foreplay and sensual build up had led to this moment. We both looked down at the same time, one of my hands was hidden underneath her hiked up dress firmly gripping her thigh supporting her weight as she remained against the wall. My hardened throbbing cock stood proudly alone in front of me and I watched as her fingers gently ran over it again, she began to pull me closer and guide my cock towards the lips of her pussy, with a single hand, she pulled her lips apart and manually unceremoniously plunged my cock deep inside her. She didn't waste any time and if my hand hadn't been clamped over her mouth, an ear piercing scream would've left her mouth and alerted everybody in the building never mind the apartment.

I hoisted her further up the wall attempting to find the right angle and watched as her entire body twisted and contorted under my touch. I hadn't even had to move and I could feel her body reacting to just my mere presence. Her fingernails began to rake down my back and the sharp nature have led to the shirt ripping and the stinging sensation of her clawing my back but it drove me on. I began to thrust, the power that I possessed was flowing through me and each thrust seemed to find more power and depth. I was desperate to hear her moans and screams but if I gave in to the temptation, we would get caught.

Each thrust was pushing her closer to an orgasm and the hard thuds against the wall was causing the pictures to fall around us but we continued regardless. I could feel the muscles tightening and constricting around me. I watched as she flinged her head backwards and rest against the wall as her back arched then I knew that she had slipped completely out of control and she was on the verge.

I stopped in my tracks as my cock remained deep inside of her, I had her under my spell and on the verge of orgasm but my ears were twitching and I distinctly heard the sound of voices, the clink of a glass being placed on the wooden floorboard followed by footsteps. The heavy footsteps were of her husband and they were edging closer and closer to the door. My right hand reached out to the door handle and firmly gripped it as my knuckles whitened around it. I was prepared to wrestle to keep going if I had to, I saw the door handle begin to turn but it was her husband's turn to stop in his tracks and he retreated back as my wife called for him to show her even more attention than she was already receiving.

We were on the verge of being caught, it was inevitable but I didn't stop, I was relentless. The thrusts continued and the lustrous look in her eye was enough to inspire me to continue. The thought of being caught and our respective partners being merely metres away didn't deter me, in fact, it was an additional motivation. I allowed all my frustrations out as my energy began to drain, each thrust deep inside of her had its purpose and her back arched to its apex as the orgasmic sensation flooded over us both. we collectively decided to let all of our frustrations and desires out as we orgasmed together which led to us collapsing together in the narrow corridor, savouring our single moment of pure bliss in all its glory but it was cut short.

I heard voices and murmuring once again and as I glanced down at my expensive watch, I realised how time had flown and just how late it was. We quickly re-dressed before returning to the room sheepishly attempting to attract as little attention as possible. If they had have glanced over they would've noticed all of the markings of what we had been doing. His wife was wearing a partially ripped dress and her neck was now covered in blatantly visible love-bites which she would have to make excuses about after we left. The biggest concern that we could get caught was that she struggling to walk which caused her to clumsily fall onto the sofa.

As I looked down at myself, I noticed the marks of her dark red lipstick was still on my collar which I hid as I quickly turned up my collar. I could feel sweat running down my forehead and my breathing remained noticeably short and as close to panting as I had been all evening. The stinging sensation of the scratch marks that seeped through my ripped shirt was causing me to wince but I had my dinner jacket to conceal it. Her husband glanced over for a moment, puzzled but not by myself nor his wife but why we hadn't finished our expensive wine.

Our gaze met once again like it had at the beginning of the evening but as the evening came to an end only we knew how close to being caught we were, what we had done and how it wouldn't happen again. 

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