Ecstasy- A Selection of Short Stories

Ecstasy- A Selection of Short Stories Ecstasy- A Selection of Short Stories

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A selection of short stories for those who love a bit of 'spice' in their life! The first story is about Isabella, a young woman who has just come out of a serious relationship which ended with her boyfriend cheating on her. She enters a coffee shop and meets Rachel, a vivacious red head, who would love nothing more than to show Isabella that she doesn't just have to look to men for satisfaction.


A selection of short stories for those who love a bit of 'spice' in their life!

The first story is about Isabella, a young woman who has just come out of a serious relationship which ended with her boyfriend cheating on her. She enters a coffee shop and meets Rachel, a vivacious red head, who would love nothing more than to show Isabella that she doesn't just have to look to men for satisfaction.


Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



The wind teased her hair, sending chills running down her body. Her eyes closed, her lips parted, she breathed in, letting the sensation run all over her body. Like finger tips caressing her skin. Soft, enticing. A cough interrupted her thoughts. She'd almost forgotten that she was in fact sitting in a coffee shop, not laying on a beach with a gorgeous stranger. Heat rushed to her face.The gentleman looked at her curiously and she hid her face into her coffee cup.

It had been a long time since she had been with a man. She'd been with the same guy all through college, they broke up last year after she discovered that he hadn't been faithful to her for at least half the time they had been together. She didn't trust men anymore, but that didn't stop her lustful daydreaming. She was so lonely, there was an aching in her, a raging storm that needed to be quelled.

Urges, wants, needs.

She knew that sooner or later she would have to give in but she wanted it to be with someone special with someone that loved her for her. But there were times when she could feel herself letting go.

A man walked into the cafe, she watched him go to the counter out of the corner of her eye, he was tall, broad shoulders, dressed in a smart suit that hugged his body. She turned for a better look. He had a ruggish and confident charm about him, something she had always found attractive in a man. His jet black hair short, a chiseled jaw and gorgeous green eyes that sparkled. Her imagination began to run wild with the things that she would love to do with him given half a chance.

Again a small cough brought her crashing to reality, but this time not from the man seated across from her but the waitress.

'I'm sorry I was just asking if you wanted a top up on that coffee?'

She felt the heat rush to her face again, but this time not because yet again she'd been caught out day dreaming, but because as she'd turned her head her eyes had landed on the waitress' ample bosom lined up perfectly in front of her face.

'Oh.. gosh... ummm.. I'm so sorry I was miles away.'

She couldn't stop staring at the waitress, she had never felt attracted to another woman before. She felt her eyes follow her jawline to her full lips, the corners of her mouth teased upwards into a coy smile. Before she knew what was happening she was blurting out nonsense.

'My name is Isabella, what's yours?'

The waitress seemed taken by surprise, but smiled and let out a small laugh.'

'Rachel, it says so on my tag.'

Again heat shot up Isabella's face, Rachel gave her a reassuring smile.

'Dont worry, you seem very distracted today.'

'Uh...yes.. sorry. My mind does seem to be elsewhere. I don't suppose you know of any good bookshops around here do you? I've almost finished this novel that I'm reading and would like something else to read in my free time.'

Isabella knew that she was making ridiculous small talk but she couldn't help herself, for some reason she felt strangely attracted to this woman. She could feel her heart racing, her mouth had gone dry, but everything lower than her belly button was on fire.

Rachel gave her a wink and said 'I know a great place, if you don't mind waiting I get off in five minutes.'

Isabella smiled and nodded, every part of her body was tingling, she had never felt like this before.

Five minutes were going to seem like an eternity...


Rachel hadn't been lying, the bookstore was a very short five minute walk away from the coffee shop. Isabella was glad for the short distance as she was having trouble thinking of intelligent or even coherent things to say, this was so unlike her.

As they walked Rachel talked animatedly about some of her favourite authors and how she was so glad that there were still some people out there who still read actual books. Isabella nodded at appropriate points but all she could do was stare at Rachel's beautiful face, her long eyelashes surrounding her perfect almond shaped green eyes,her flaming red hair glistened in the sunlight. She had to stop herself from reaching out to run her hands through the perfect ringlets that fell down her back.

Once or twice Rachel caught Isabella staring and gave her an inquisitive smile, Isabella found herself blushing more than once. Her mind was racing, taking her to far away places where she was running her hands, not only through Rachel's soft hair, but over her soft skin, their lips touching.

She swallowed hard not daring herself to continue with the fantasy in her head. She would surely lose control and that could not be done, Rachel probably thought that she was just some wacky customer looking to be friends.

'Here we are!' Rachel's voice cut through Isabella's inappropriate thoughts.

'Oh gosh, you're right it is close. I thought that it would be a lot further. Thank you so much.' she smiled shyly, if Rachel only knew the thoughts that had been going through her head.

The thing was though Rachel did know, for she was having the same exact thoughts. In her head she was running her hands over Isabella's breasts, taking each nipple in turn into her mouth, licking and sucking until they were both hard.

Rachel had been attracted to women for as long as she could remember, but she was getting mixed signals from Isabella.She'd caught her staring at that guy but then as soon as she had noticed Rachel she appeared to have become flustered, almost as if she'd discovered something she shouldn't have.

'I told you it wasn't very far! Shall we go in?' she said with a smile.

Isabella again appeared caught off guard, 'we' she thought 'we' , the very idea of spending more time with Rachel was both very appealing and terrifying at the same time. But she knew that she wouldn't be able to say no to spending more time with her, every fibre of her being was pulling her towards Rachel. So with a smile she nodded and Rachel took her by the hand and led her into the dusty book shop.

It was a small building and old, very old. The bookshelves appeared to be made of sturdy oak and they were filled to the roof with hundreds upon hundreds of books. Each section labeled with a hand written notice at each end of the bookcases.

The musty smell of books, wood and the unspoken secrets that hung in the air like Christmas lights excited Isabella. As if she had walked into her very own secret world, where she could be whom ever she pleased.

She'd always loved book shops for as long as she could remember, but this one had something special that she couldn't quite place. Rachel had left her to browse the shelves to return a book she had borrowed, some of the more expensive volumes were kept hidden but Rachel knew the shop owner and he had let her borrow a book for a paper she was writing at Uni.

Isabella followed the bookcases her fingers running across the countless spines, until she got to the far corner where the Erotic section was located. She looked across the titles, there were some fantastic ones in there. She felt herself becoming aroused again, just thinking of the delicious things that these books contained.

She turned to see Rachel behind her.

'Oh, um, you scared me. Again. Um.. you're very quiet you know.' she could not hide the blush that crept up her cheeks, she tried desperately to look anywhere else but where she had been looking.

Rachel caught her eye and gave her a sly smile, her eyes sparkled mischievously.

'May I be blunt with you Izzy, is it ok if I call you Izzy?' a nod from Isabella 'Well Izzy, I want to know, are you attracted to me?'

Isabella gasped, had she been that transparent, she mumbled and stumbled over her words. Finally giving in to just nodding. Rachel smiled triumphantly.

'You've never been with a woman before have you. I can tell. You're so shy. Don't worry I'm attracted to you too.' she smiled.

Isabella could have exploded with joy in that moment but before she could say anything, Rachel had closed the distance between them, cupping Isabella's face in her hands. Placing her lips softly against Isabella's, Isabella moaned, Rachel's lips were so soft. She felt her hands wrap themselves around Rachel's waist pulling her in closer.

Rachel's left hand fell away from Isabella's face, trailing down her neck, tracing the outline of her breasts, gently cupping one then the other. Again Isabella moaned, her hands exploring the small of Rachel's back.

'Take me.' was all she needed to say, Rachel grinned a wicked grin and then took her hand and led her from the bookstore.


Rachel had gotten a taxi to take them to her apartment, the sexual tension in the air was thick, it was intoxicating and both women had trouble keeping their hands to themselves.There were flirtacious glances and tentative touches exchanged the entire 15 minute drive.

The closer they got the more nervous Isabella became she didn't know what Rachel expected of her, she didn't know what she herself was capable of doing it was all so new.

When the taxi pulled up outside the apartment both women jumped out quickly, Rachel took Isabella by the hand and led her to the front door. Rachel could tell that Isabella was nervous, she wanted to put her at ease but wasn't sure how.

'Look before we go in, I want you to know that we can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. I don't want to pressure you into doing anything that you don't feel comfortable doing. I want you to trust me and I know we've only just met and I don't want you to think that I am merely leading you home to have my wicked way with you!'

Isabella laughed nervously, although she was unsure of herself, she knew one thing for sure. She wanted Rachel to have her wicked way with her.

'I just don't know what I'm doing, I don't want to be a disappointment. That's all.'

It was Rachel's turn to laugh, she brushed away a stray piece of hair from Isabella's face.

'I don't think you could be a disappointment if your tried Izzy. There is something about you that says that I am in for one hell of a ride.'

Rachel's apartment was small, as you came through the front door there was a toilet to your left and a small cupboard to the right. The living room and the kitchen were adjoined as was the bathroom and the bedroom.

As soon as they were through the door Rachel was tugging Isabella's jacket off her.

'I want you to feel comfortable and you wont feel that if you are wrapped up in a jacket and scarf!'

Isabella took off her scarf and handed it to Rachel who was putting their items in the small cupboard.

'Your home is cosy. I love the colours.' Isabella said as she looked around the room, the kitchen and living area was a bright blue color. As she turned to peek into the bedroom it was a deep purple shade, Isabella loved purple, it was her favourite color.

Rachel came up behind her, sweeping her hair to the right side of her body, tracing small tender kisses down her neck. Shivers went through Isabella's body. It had been so long since someone had held her like this, kissing her neck. A moan escaped her lips and she felt heat rising in her.

'Shall we take a bath together?' Rachel suggested.

Isabella nodded weakly, it was taking her every effort not to collapse on the floor in a sexually frustrated heap. Rachel walked through the bedroom to the bathroom door and opened it.

The bathroom was lime green in color, a complete contrast to the deep purple walls of the bedroom. Inside was a luxurious corner bath, one of those with jets in. Like a personal jacuzzi.Rachel began running the water, she added a herbal bubble bath, the scent of jasmine and lilly's filled the air.

She pulled her sweater over her head revealing a hot pink bra with black lace trim. Isabella was enthralled, watching Rachel's every move, she ached to go over, to touch her, to hold her, but she refrained. Unsure of what to do and what to say.

Rachel unhooked the bra revealing her large pert breasts, her nipples were like toffee coloured droplets on soft milky white mountains. Isabella longed to touch her, the fire that had been in her abdomen was creeping up her, she felt her muscles tense. She wanted so badly to taste those delicious nipples, take them in her mouth, cupping those magnificent breasts in her hands.

'Are you just going to stand there all day? Or are you going to join me?' Rachel teased giving Isabella a sly wink.

Isabella's face began to burn red. She didn't like her body, she'd had hang ups about it ever since the break up. But at the sight of Rachel unbuttoning her jeans, she couldn't resist it any longer.

Rachel watched as Isabella pulled off her own tshirt, she had on a sheer purple bra. Rachel squirmed at the sight of Isabella's hard nipples underneath the material. She wanted her so badly, she wanted to take her and give her the pleasure that she deserved. She wanted her tongue to trace Isabella's fantastic figure, nibble her hips down until she reached Isabella's core.

Rachel moved forward to help Isabella undo her bra, the sensation of her nipples touching Isabella's made her moan. But the sound of Isabella moaning in response was what really turned her on. She kissed up Isabella's neck as she removed the bra, flinging it away into the corner.

Isabella's hands moved up Rachel's side, over her ribcage to trace the curvature of her breasts. Her hand easing upwards to stroke Rachel's hard nipples.

Rachel unzipped Isabella's skirt letting it fall to the ground, her hands wandering over Isabella's firm buttocks. She let her hands grip each cheek pulling Isabella in closer for a kiss, Isabella's lips were moist and soft. Rachel loved kissing her, loved touching her. The noises that she made were delcious and drove Rachel crazy with lust.

Finally Rachel could take no more and proceeded to take off her lace thong before slowly sliding Isabella's down. The sight of her shaven womanhood made Rachel very hot and very wet.

'I think it's time we got into this bath don't you think?' she said with a seductive smile.


The water was warm and the bubbles felt soothing on Isabella's body. She still could not believe that she was now sitting in a bath, naked, with a beautiful stranger. She had only ever had fantasies about sexual encounters with strangers, never had she ever imagined that she would ever go through with it.

'What are you thinking about?' Rachel enquired as she tenderly stroked the back of Isabella's neck.

'I was just thinking.. that I wouldn't normally do something like this.' She replied with a smile.

'Which part? Having a bath with someone you hardly know, or doing it with a woman?' Rachel asked.

Isabella smiled shyly, unsure how to express her feelings.

'Both to be honest. I've often thought about it but never would I have actually thought about doing it. It's so exciting but i'm so nervous.'

Rachel laughed and kissed Isabella letting her hand fall from Isabella's neck down into the water, letting it brush across the sensitive skin of Isabella's right breast and down her stomach. Isabella moaned, her legs opened slightly in response. God how she yearned for Rachel to pleasure her.

'It feels good doesn't it though? Although you're unsure, it does feel good?' Rachel asked her.

Isabella nodded, too taken in with the tingling sensations that were running up and down her body. She moaned as Rachel's hand began to caress her inner thigh, her back arched as Rachel's hand got lower and lower. But Rachel didn't want to give in just yet, she wanted Isabella to really want it first.

Rachel reached for the jet that was just below Isabella's ass, she turned it so that bubbles came erupting out of it, aimed at Isabella's exposed womanhood. Isabella gave a sharp intake of breath and clutched onto Rachel. She'd never experienced something like this before, it was like waves of vibrating pleasure kept hitting her.

Rachel reached forward, supporting Isabella, with one hand placed on her arched back and the other cupping Isabella's right breast. Rachel leaned in and began to suck and lick Isabella's already hard nipple, causing Isabella to moan loudly, her breathing was so fast and heavy that Rachel was sure that the poor girl was going to climax any second.

But she didn't care, all she wanted was for Isabella to relax, to let go, to give in to her emotions. Whilst she continued to suck Isabella's right breast she let her hand begin it's work on the left one, rubbing and pinching the nipple until it was standing to attention.

Isabella had lost control of her body, she was squirming and moaning. She let her hand run down Rachel's back, along the curve of her hips. She wanted so badly to touch Rachel, to make her as excited as she was. She found what she was looking for, the hot core that she had longed for.

She let her fingers part those sensitive lips and felt for Rachel's clit, Rachel began to moan as she sucked on Isabella's nipple. It made Isabella more light headed with excitement to know that she was pleasuring Rachel. She let her fingers slide up and down, rubbing the now hard little piece of flesh.

But all this excitement was proving too much for Isabella as much as she longed to please Rachel, she could feel herself burning, her entire body felt like it was on fire, and her head began to spin, she could feel all her muscles tensing and then it was like falling over the edge and she felt herself explode, a cry escaped her lips and then there was darkness.


When Isabella regained consciousness she was disorientated. For a split second she didn't know where she was, she looked up at the white spiralled ceiling and then the memory of what had just taken place came flooding back.

'Oh thank god you're alright! I had to half carry you, half drag you out of the tub to the bed!' Rachel exclaimed. Her face was a picture of concern.

Isabella began blushing fiercely, she felt as if her face was on fire with embarrassment. She had just passed out in a strangers bathtub because of the pleasure she had just received.

'I am so sorry. I really am. Oh god I feel so embarrassed. God you must think i'm so ridiculous. I am so very sorry. Perhaps I should go.' Isabella said quickly. She could not believe what had just happened, she felt like running from the room crying.

Rachel clutched Isabella's hand to stop her from leaving and looked at her seriously.

'Please don't leave me. Don't be embarrassed. I am just happy that you are ok. Was that the first time that you've been able to orgasm?' she asked tentatively.

Isabella felt her face heat up again, as she nodded. She wanted to look anywhere but Rachel's beautiful face, she must think that she is some little prude girl or something like that. And she couldn't bare to see resentment in Rachel's beautiful green eyes.

Rachel cupped Isabella's face in her hands and gazed into her eyes, so that Isabella had no choice but to stare back. She smiled before softly kissing Isabella, slowly this time, the sexual hunger although ever present, had subsided a little. This was more sensual than sexual. It still made Isabella catch her breath though, when Rachel finally let her go.

'Do not feel ashamed Izzy. We all have our first times. It is nothing to feel bad about! I want you to feel good! How about I take it slow this time? Or would you rather we did something else first?' Rachel whispered, he lips barely touching Isabella's.

Isabella didn't know what to say, she wanted to go further with Rachel ,she wanted to pleasure her, not the other way round. But she was also afraid that she would let her emotions get the better of her and fall over the cliff of sexual heights too early and be a disappointment. But looking into Rachel's beautiful big eyes, she knew that she wanted to know more.

'I'd like us to go a little slower, I'm sorry, I'm just not used to someone pleasuring me. I've only ever had to give the pleasure. I'm not sure I'll be able to last as long as I want to.' she bit her bottom lip and looked up at Rachel through her dark lashes.

Rachel smiled and pushed Isabella gently onto the silk sheets of the bed. She opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet and produced a blindfold.

'I want you to just concentrate on the pleasure, I want every sensation to be heightened. I don't want you to worry about me, and my needs, I want you to just concentrate on you.' Rachel said as she tied the blindfold around Isabella's head, making sure that her silky ebony hair wasn't entangled.

Isabella didn't know what to expect, she felt the dressing gown that Rachel had put her in, fall away from her body. Exposing herself completely to Rachel.She felt something soft and light caressing her skin, it wasn't Rachel though. Isabella hadn't a clue what it was but when it traced the outline of her nipples, she breathed in sharply.

The sensation was causing her breasts to tingle, she knew her nipples would be getting harder, with every circle the object made. She moaned, biting her bottom lip to help control herself.

'Is that a feather?' she asked Rachel.

'Mmmmhmmm.' Rachel replied, before bending down to let her tongue replace the feather tracing the outline of Isabella's hard nipples. She let the feather trace it's way down Isabella's abdomen, enjoying every second of watching Isabella moan and arch.

She began to kiss slowly across each breast before she opened Isabella's legs, trailing the feather across each inner thigh, gazing lovingly at the moist rosebud before her.


Isabella's breath began to quicken, she could feel the tingling sensation of the feather tracing her inner thighs. But it was all mixed together with the burning lust that she felt forming in her lower abdomen. She could feel herself becoming wet with excitement and anticipation. She had never been touched this way before. Her ex had never taken the time to please her. She didn't know what to expect.

She gripped the silk sheets in her hands, she could feel herself slipping into pure bliss. Her head felt light and her whole body was screaming for attention. She felt Rachel part her lips slowly, and then before she knew it she could feel Rachel's probing tongue on her throbbing rosebud. It was pure ecstasy. She had never felt anything like it.

Rachel allowed her tongue to explore every inch of Isabella's womanhood. She licked and teased, she slipped one finger inside her. Causing Isabella's moans to become even louder. Rachel could feel her own excitement rising, she had pleasured many women in her time. But this time was different. Every movement, every noise that Isabella made was driving Rachel crazy. She didn't want this to end, she wanted to make it last as long as she could.

Rachel stopped using her mouth and concentrated on using her fingers. Isabella moaned, her back arching to take more. She didn't know what was happening all she knew was this was the most mind blowingly fantastic experience of her life. She no longer cared about how she may look, she was lost in the emotions that were controlling her body.

Rachel kept teasing Isabella's swollen rosebud with her thumb whilst burying her fingers deep inside the moist haven of love she had created. Her own moistness was now exposing itself on her upper thighs. She had never been so close to paradise without anyone even touching her before. The sensation thrilled her.

Rachel shifted on the bed so she was now crouched on Isabella's left side, she took Isabella's clenched fist from the bed sheets. And made her relax it so she could place it against her own womanhood. Rachel moaned as Isabella's eager fingers slid in easily and set to work on her. She knew it would not be long until she climaxed.

And so both women moaned and played until together they reached dizzying heights of pleasure. Rachel fell back onto the bed beside Isabella, taking off the blindfold she looked into her beautiful eyes. And there she knew she had found someone very special.


Isabella and Rachel began seeing each other regularly after that first day, as Rachel promised they started off doing very simple pleasurable activities so that Isabella would become more comfortable. But it wasn't all about the sex, the pair discovered they had a lot more in common. They had the same taste in music and loved the same movies.

They spent most of their weekends together, Rachel worked a lot of shifts at the cafe, and Isabella's career in law meant that she was getting busier and busier. But they always made sure that whenever they could, they would make time for each other. There were stolen kisses and even a rather naughty passion driven encounter at Isabella's office.

A man in the top floor of the opposite building had had a very nice view that evening. But so lost in their desire the two women hadn't noticed until they were wet, exhausted messes on Isabella's bosses desk. Even in the janitor had caught a peek but had the good grace to step out of the room and leave the women to their screams of pleasure.

Isabella had never been happier, never before had she felt so loved. She felt as if everything was falling into place. She had someone to love her and that was all she had ever wanted. Although neither one had said the l word yet as it had only been three months since they first met, she knew, deep down she knew that Rachel loved her. And that was enough.

There was one hurdle that they had not encountered yet though, Isabella's family. Rachel's family back in Ireland had known of her sexual orientation since she was 15. Isabella had never even contemplated being with a woman until she met Rachel, as far as her parents knew she was as straight as they came. She'd told them that she had met someone and that she was very happy.

And until now that had been enough, but her father had begun to insist that he meet his new 'son in law' and that he would be taking 'him' golfing. Her parents seemed genuinely happy that she had found someone, so why should they care who it was. Why should she care?!

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, Isabella was lazing across the sofa, her head in Rachel's lap. They were watching a romantic comedy. Isabella's phone began to ring. It was her mother. Rachel paused the movie to allow Isabella to answer.

'Hello? Mamma? How are you?' Isabella said

'Bella my love, i'm fine, how are you?' her mother, Patricia says.

'I'm fine Mamma, how can I help you?'

'Well your father and I are going to be in the area tomorrow and we want to have a family meal with you and your boyfriend. Are you free?'

Isabella's voice caught in her throat, they wanted to meet. Tomorrow? That was not enough time to prepare herself mentally for telling her parents! How was she going to explain everything. Rachel could feel Isabella's body tense and she looked at her concerned.

'Ummm... tomorrow Mamma? That's a bit last minute...' Isabella finally said.

'Oh go on Bella, your father and I haven't seen you in months. You never come home, so we are coming to see you. That is the end of this conversation. Now we're going to go to that nice restaurant round the corner from yours, you know that place you took us last time. We will see you tomorrow lunch time. Love you.' and with that Patricia hung up.

Isabella's hands were shaking and her mind was racing. What was she to do now? She couldn't not go, and she couldn't turn up alone, but if she took Rachel. Tried to explain. In a restaurant.

'Whats wrong Izzy? You've gone awfully pale. What did your Mom want?' Rachel asked.

'Ummm... they want to meet us tomorrow. For lunch.' Isabella said quietly, biting her lip, deep in thought.

'Oh... and that's a bad thing...because you haven't told them about me have you?' Rachel said.

'No... oh I'm so sorry Rachel! Please don't be mad at me. It's not that I'm ashamed to be with you, it's just I'm scared. I worry about my parents reaction.' Isabella managed to stammer out.

Rachel wrapped her arms around Isabella and held her close.

'I know Izzy, I know. It's really tough when you come out. Especially to friends and family. Look it will be ok. If you rather I didn't go. If you don't feel ready then I understand. It doesn't make me feel any differently about you.' Rachel said softly.

Isabella clung to her. Unsure of what to do. She did love Rachel with every fibre of her being, and if her parents just wanted her to be happy, then they should be fine with her choice. They should be happy that finally she is happy. She looked up and into Rachel's beautiful green eyes and smiled.

'Let's do this.' she said, before leaning in for a passionate kiss.


Isabella was nervous, she had changed her outfit six times in the last half hour. Her palms were sweaty and the uncontrollable urge to cry kept overwhelming her. She did not understand why she felt this way, introducing Rachel to her parents would be no different to when she introduced James. But it was the fact that her father was looking forward to meeting a 'he' and Rachel was most definitly not a 'he'.

Rachel hadn't arrived yet and Isabella was glad, she did not want Rachel to see her this way. This emotional wreck. Isabella didn't want Rachel to think that she was ashamed of her, because she wasn't. She loved Rachel with every fibre of her being, she loved the way she felt when she was around her.

They wouldn't be meeting her parents for another two hours, why she had gotten ready so early she didn't know. There was a knock on the door and Rachels voice floated in.

'It's only me love, where are you?' she called out.

'In the bedroom.' Isabella replied.

Rachel came into the room, she only had to look at Isabella to know that the poor girl was terrified of the outcome of today. She wrapped her arms around Isabella's waist from behind, sweeping Isabellas lucious dark hair to her left shoulder. She began to kiss tenderly down Isabella's neck. Isabella moaned, it was if Rachel was kissing the nerves out of her. She was lost in the moment.

Rachel let one hand trace it's way up Isabellas stomach, moaning in delight as she felt Isabellas skin tighten with pleasure. Isabella's breath quickened. She knew only too well what would happen next, and she was grateful that Rachel could see that she needed to relax. Isabellas hand wrapped around behind her to grasp Rachels pert bottom, pulling her closer.

Rachel's hand had finally reached Isabellas breast, she pulled down the bra, exposing Isabella's erect nipple, so soft and supple. She began teasing it, stroking and pinching it. Isabella moaned, squeezing Rachels ass in response. Rachels other hand undid Isabellas jeans and slipped inside her little silk panties, probing for the wet centre she knew lay inside.

Again Isabella moaned, she spread her legs a little wider to allow Rachel's fingers inside.

'Good girl, just relax, let me make you happy.' Rachel purred into Isabella's ear, nibbling on her earlobe, before continuing her way down Isabella's neck. Isabellas back arched in response and she titled her neck to allow Rachel easier access.

This excited Rachel and she could feel her own panites begin to stick to her excitement. Her fingers were drenched with Isabellas lust, they slid easily in and out, stroking the hard little rosebud, working their magic.

Isabella was beginning to feel light headed, she knew what would happen soon, and she longed for it. For the release of all her worries. She wanted to float on clouds of ecstasy with Rachel by her side. The tingling anticipation was slowly creeping up her abdomen, and she could feel all her emotions rushing to leave her. Rachel could sense it too and so she worked harder and harder, flicking, rubbing, teasing until Isabella let out a loud moan and her liquid lust released itself all over Rachels eager fingers.

Rachel grinned she took her hand out from Isabellas panties and licked her fingers clean. It tasted so good. Isabella turned around and pushed Rachel onto the bed, that release was what she had needed and now she wanted to do the same to Rachel. She tugged at Rachels skirt until it came off, then she pulled Rachel's underwear aside, to reveal the wet little present inside.

Rachel moaned at the sight of Isabella's hungry eyes, knowing that she wouldn't stop until Rachel was over the edge of pleasure too. Isabella began to stroke and tease, just as Rachel had done to her, before she leaned in and let her tongue slowly caress Rachels petal. Slowly flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Gently sucking and licking whilst letting her fingers slide in deep.

Rachel pushed herself towards Isabella's mouth, she wanted more, she wanted it all, and she wanted it now. Pleasure was soaring through her and she wanted Isabella more now than ever, she could feel it coursing through her, she wanted to lose control. Isabella could sense this, so she slowed down further, really teasing Rachel. She wanted her to be overcome with desire.

Rachel squirmed and moaned with pleasure. She could feel herself beginning to explode just as Isabella's tongue entered her for the first time so she pushed Isabella in further, holding her head there with her hand until her release was over. Once Rachel's body had stopped pulsing and she had let go of Isabella's head, Isabella crawled up the bed to kiss her.

Rachel wrapped her arms around Isabellas body, and they kissed passionatly. There wasn't anything that felt better in this whole world, than how she felt right now looking into Isabella's beautiful big eyes, filled with desire and love. Isabella felt the same. And it was in that moment that she stopped caring what her parents would think of her and Rachel. She loved Rachel with all her heart, noone could make her happier.

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