Lauren Wanted Adventure...

Lauren Wanted Adventure... Lauren Wanted Adventure...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Malik's new toy takes Lauren to new heights. This is a short episode from Malik and Lauren's continued adventures. This one is heavy on the interracial and sex toys with brief cuckold mentions. Please leave feedback if you like it and see my profile for info on how to get all of my stories. Thanks for reading!


Malik's new toy takes Lauren to new heights. This is a short episode from Malik and Lauren's continued adventures. This one is heavy on the interracial and sex toys with brief cuckold mentions. Please leave feedback if you like it and see my profile for info on how to get all of my stories. Thanks for reading!


Submitted: November 23, 2015

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Submitted: November 23, 2015



Lauren left the high end downtown department store and stepped gingerly into the sidewalk shuffle of business suits on lunch break and tourists gawking up at the tall San Francisco buildings.

Her long red hair was pulled back in a bun and the tight black pencil skirt hugged her full hips. Her white blouse strained to hide the luscious breasts straining beneath the fabric.

She took tight, terse steps and her face was a stoic mask as she dipped into an alley off the main street. Anyone watching the curvy department store manager might have mistaken her for being prudish, or stuck up.

No one would have suspected that she was actually trying desperately not to come from the remote controlled vibrator stuck deep in her cunt!

As she approached the black town car parked midway down the alley the vibrations became steadily more powerful. A strong surge of pleasure shot through her and Lauren slammed both hands down on the car hood, clenching her legs together to keep from crying out in orgasm. The alley was short and right off a busy street. Anyone who walked past and looked towards them would have clearly seen her teetering on the edge between denial and sweet release.

The thought of coming in such a public place made her even wetter and she’d resigned herself to exploding right then and there, when suddenly the vibrations stopped and the evil little vibrating egg in her pussy went quite. Lauren couldn’t tell if she was more relieved or frustrated at the interruption.

The driver’s door opened and a tall white man got out, dressed in a formal black suit and driver’s hat. He didn’t acknowledge Lauren or her dilemma, but walked around to the back of the car and opened the rear door. Lauren stood on unsteady legs and tried to compose herself before sliding shakily into the backseat.

Malik sat waiting for her, smiling and looking incredibly sexy in an expensive tailored suit and white dress shirt. Lauren was always happy to see her handsome black lover, but right now, her flushed state made her want to tear his clothes off!

She spotted the small remote control sitting between them on the seat and flashed back to that morning, when this had all started.

She’d went to the door after hearing it ring to find the small purple box on the doorstep. Inside was the silver egg shaped vibrator and the simple note.

“Enjoy your present slut. But DO NOT come and DO NOT remove it until I say so.”

Even without a signature she’d known exactly who sent the package. Her pussy pulsed with excitement as she inserted the toy and reveled in the twisted imagination of the black stud she’d been secretly fucking for almost a month.

In addition to being rich, sophisticated and having the most amazing, thick 11 inch cock, Malik Masters was also surprisingly kinky. Since Lauren had shown him the large black dildo she’d been regularly fucked herself with, their play had gotten even more intense.

They’d talked about public sex but Lauren hadn’t seriously considered the implications. But as she’d sat in her office and walked the floor of the store all morning, the thrill and the danger of being so aroused in public had threatened to drive her insane with excitement.

The machine would come on at random times and intervals, always catching her off guard. A couple of times it started while she was helping a customer and had to quickly finish the sales and shoo them away before embarrassing herself.

More than once she’d considered running to the bathroom, snatching the vibe out and finishing herself off. But Malik had given her explicit instructions. And she knew better than to disobey.

But by the time she’d got to the car all she could think about was the delicious torment between her legs and was desperate for something-anything-to tame the fire inside of her.

Malik watched her internal turmoil with amused fascination.

“Hello Lauren, how are you enjoying my present?”

“Hi Malik, umm. I like it a lot.” she tried to sound nonchalant but failed as her ass squirmed against the leather seat.

“Good. I’m on my way out of town on business. I’ll be gone for about a few days and that little toy will have to hold you over until I get back. That, and your boyfriend’s little toy dick.” Malik chuckled.

“What! You’re leaving?!” Lauren looked absolutely panicked. “You can’t leave me like this! I’m so fucking horny I’m about to explode!”

“Well my I’m on my way to the airport now. My flight leaves in two hours so I’m not sure how I can help you out.”

Lauren was desperate to come and needed to feel that big dick splitting her insides.

“Please, Malik!”

“We don’t have time to go anywhere Lauren” Malik pulled his suit jacket apart and looked over at her expectantly.

“Are you telling me you’re going to jump on my cock right here, in the middle of downtown?”

Malik knew the answer to his teasing question, they both did. Almost before he’d finished asking, Lauren had scooted closer and was lunging towards the large bulge hidden in his pants.

She wasted no time stuffing his tasty slab of meat into her mouth and moaned at the feeling of fullness. Malik was already partially hard and she furiously drove her face towards his crotch over and over again, coating his massive dick with a thick sheen of spit.

The sounds of her oral lust filled the back of the town car. The driver watched through the rearview mirror as Lauren worked the thick dick with her mouth and hands. She knew he was watching but didn’t give a damn. The only thing that she could think about was getting off and the thought of someone watching made her even hotter!

Once he was shining and standing at full mast, Lauren pulled down her panties and drove two fingers deep into her pussy to retrieve the devilish device.

In one smooth motion she dropped the silver vibrator onto the seat and straddled her lover’s muscular thighs, gasping as she sunk her hot cunt onto his steel hard black poker.

Lauren came immediately and leaned forward to press her lips forcefully against Malik’s. Her orgasm surged through her and in her aroused state she was certain anyone nearby would hear her yells of release, even over the loud sounds of the busy financial district.

Kissing him passionately, Lauren ground her hips back and forth against Malik’s crotch like she was trying to smother a blaze.

After a few moments, she began bouncing and rocking on the huge cock, intent on releasing all the frustration and lust that had been building all morning.

Below her Malik marveled at his cheating little fuck puppet. After just a few weeks the geeky small town girl was proving to be quite the cockslut and he was enjoying introducing her to her new life as a cuckolding big black cock addict.

He loved how her pussy gripped like a wet vice around his cock, how it pulsed and fluttered as she struggled to take all of him. The back of the town car was rich with the smells and sounds of sex as Malik’s big hands grabbed firm hold of her full white ass cheeks and furiously fucked into her overheated tunnel.

He pulled her closer and whispered into her ear.

“You like being my public whore Lauren? You like fucking where people can see you. You want the world to know that you’re a slut. That you’re my slut!”

Lauren’s eyes shot open as she remembered where she was. She was riding his big cock facing the back window and looked out to see the rows of people filing past the alleyway. If anyone glanced over for more than a second there’d be no doubt what was going on as the windows fogged and the black town car rocked from side to side. The thrill of the situation took Lauren over the edge and her cries of pleasure tripped from her lips as she tumbled into bliss.

“Yess!!!” Lauren screamed, finally giving up all attempts at discretion.

“Yes! Fuck me with the Big Black Dick!! Fuck me hard! Yes!! You’re so much better than Casey! Oh yes daddy fuck meee!!!”

Lauren’s come squirted and splashed across Malik’s no longer pristine dress shirt. Every muscle in her body clenched as all of the frustrations and tensions of the day poured out of her in a glorious explosion.

With a howl, Malik grabbed Lauren’s waist and pulled him to her, flooding her bare cunt with his seed. He shot 6 powerful loads into her pussy and kept thrusting until her pussy was a frothy cauldron of their excitement.

They sat there for a minute catching their breath as their combined juices leaked from her thoroughly fucked pussy.

Slowly Lauren peeled herself from his chest and dismounted his still partially stiff dick before slumping back onto the seat and closing her eyes.

After a moment she opened them to appraise his bare chest as he slid his arms into another crisp white shirt. She lazily pulled on her panties as she watched him, marveling at how his chest muscles flexed as he did the buttons and pulled on the suit jacket.

“That will have to hold you over until I get back.”

“Wait a minute” She said as she leaned over towards the shiny floppy cock still poking from his pants.

Her tongue darted out to his shimmering cock head and she tasted her juices mixed with Malik’s come. She moaned quietly to herself as she cleaned his cock, tracing long strokes up the sides and twirling her tongue over the base before dipping lower to his heavy ball sack, to clean the juices that had collected there. She was growing to love the salty sweet concoction and could see why her boyfriend liked to clean her freshly fucked pussy.
As she lovingly cleaned her new master, she felt his come leaking out of her pussy and puddling in her panties. As the slick spunk coated her pussy, she felt like she wanted nothing more than the climb onto her lover’s rapidly hardening cock and ride him for the rest of the afternoon. No, for the rest of her life!

Eventually Malik’s cock was completely clean of their sex and Lauren reluctantly pulled herself together. She stood beside the town car, well fucked but still horny, as Malik prepared to leave for the airport.

“Think about me using that cunt when you fuck yourself this week.” he said as the long black car pulled off and turned onto the main street.

As Lauren stood there watching him leave she felt her lover’s come squishing around in her panties. She shivered slightly as she touched the wet crotch of her underwear and imagined Casey licking it out of her later!

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