Her American Puppy

Her American Puppy

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



When his wife comes home tired and stressed, a loving husband does his best to ease the tension. But when it turns out she's also horny, that comes with some new challenges.


When his wife comes home tired and stressed, a loving husband does his best to ease the tension. But when it turns out she's also horny, that comes with some new challenges.


Submitted: December 13, 2018

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Submitted: December 13, 2018



Yeva released a heavy sigh as she stood at her front door. A week-long business trip, combined with the hassle it took to get home had left her exhausted. The brunette fiddled with her keys and unlocked the door. She walked in and took her shoes off in the foyer.

Out from the kitchen came her husband, Conner. He was a bit shorter than her and was wearing a bright green apron. His blue eyes lit up when he saw the very professional-looking woman before him. “Welcome back! How was the return trip?” He asked.

“Not great, traffic was pain in ass.”

“Ah, I thought you were running a little late. Well, dinner is ready so you can just set your suitcases down there.”

She sniffed the air. “Is that beef stroganoff?”

“Yeah. You’ve been gone all week, so to celebrate your safe return I thought I’d make your favorite!”

She smiled and leaned in to kiss him tenderly. “Always so thoughtful.”

Once they ate their fill at dinner, they decided to relax in the living room for a while. Yeva walked in with a glass of vodka. She’d taken off her coat and had loosened her tie. “I didn’t know you’d bought Russian brand vodka.” She commented.

“Well,” Conner replied. “I understand you don’t like the American-made stuff. It’s more expensive but I thought it’d be worth it.”

Taking a sip, a smile crept its way onto her face. “More than worth it. I assume you bought it from Nikolai’s shop, how’s he doing?”

“He seems to be alright. Doing well enough to go on a tangent in Russian, anyway.”

“Oh no,” She laughed, imagining what kind of rant her poor husband had been subjected to. “did you understand anything?”

“Not much. All I picked up was ‘why’, and something about cabbages.”

“I…see. Well, no matter.” She took another sip and pointed to the tv. “What should we watch?”

“Uh…anything’s fine with me. What are you in the mood for?” He asked, logging into Hulu.

“Hmm…maybe some more of that show we started watching before I left. Brooklyn…something. What was it?”

“Oh, Brooklyn 99? That’s fine with me.”

As the episode started playing, Yeva tapped Conner on the shoulder and his gaze met hers. “I just realize that you have made mistake.” She said, leaning her head back.

He tilted his head slightly. “What do you mean?”

“You sat down on couch as if meal was finished, but you are not done yet.”

“Oh,” His face began turning red from embarrassment. “I see now…”

There wasn’t any point in playing dumb; he’d been with her long enough to know what she was referring to. “Alright, then.” Yeva unzipped her pants and Conner got down on the floor. After she slid down her pants, he was greeted by the sight of her privates.

He wasted no time to begin eating her out. She ran a free hand through his black hair, as she watched the tv and continued drinking. All he could smell was the thick scent of her privates, mixed with the faint smell of alcohol. His face was tickled by her hair, as his tongue twirled around her wet slit. He stuck his tongue out and licked around her fleshy walls, leaving an acidic taste on his mouth. His mouth moved to her clit and he sucked hard. She shuttered and tightly gripped his hair. “Fuck, such good boy.”

He raised his head. “Thank you, mommy.”

In response, she simply pushed him back down. “No need to speak, keep going.” She firmly kept her hand on his scalp and closed her thighs on his head; he wasn’t going anywhere until she came.

She’d been craving this. As her faithful husband, Conner knew what pleased her and could make good use of his tongue. Yeva laughed at the show, then let out a sudden moan. She could tell he was getting turned on and was really beginning to go at it. She smirked, “Getting a little excited I see” She pulled at his hair. “Naughty puppy…” This negative reinforcement made him ease up a bit and she let go of his head.

Taking a swig, she wrapped her legs around his body like a spider capturing its prey. “I’m getting there, keep it up.” Her legs trapping him in, he sucked on her clit again. This was the breaking point. She came on his face and let out a loud moan.

He rose to his feet, now with a visible bulge in his pants. Conner sat back down on the couch beside Yeva, and she patted him on the head. “You did well my cute little puppy, but you realize this won’t be enough to satisfy mommy.”

“I suppose not. Say, it’s been a while since we’ve done it on the couch. Maybe,”

Before he could finish, she put a hand to his lips and shook her head. “We do it later in bed, not now.” She gestured for him to leave. “Now go wash off your face”.

Later that night, after the sun had set, they headed up to the bedroom. She closed the door behind them and wasted little time undressing him. “Diving right into it, are we?” Conner laughed as she took his shirt off.

“I wanted to tease you by waiting,” She replied. “but it seems my kinks have gone against me: now I’ve gotten very horny.” Stripping him of his clothing, Conner’s naked body had been exposed for her. She took a second to admire him. His thin, frail body and his pale skin. His cock, which was more than adequate but still not so big that it was uncomfortable. She made a good choice marrying him. “Turn around.” She commanded. When he did so, she saw a butt plug in his bum. “You’ve practiced like I told you to…you are obedient as always.” She carefully took the plug out, since it was no longer needed. For the short term, anyway. Setting it aside, she had him turn back around. “Now undress me. I undressed you, so is only fair.” His turned red from her request, but he reluctantly agreed.

He unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her ample bosom which was now only covered by her red bra. He unhooked it and tossed both garments aside. He then kneeled and unfastened her belt. He pulled down both her pants and undergarments.

Now with Yeva naked in front of him, Conner was starting to get excited himself. She rummaged through their nightstand and pulled out a dildo, lubricant, and handcuffs. His heart raced as he wondered what she had planned out for him. Conner looked to Yeva and was met with her lustful, slightly sadistic gaze. She beckoned him over to the bed.

“You remember safe word?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s Ghana. But something’s been bothering me: you aren’t feeling tipsy from the vodka, are you? Doing this wouldn’t be right if you were intoxicated.”

She snickered at his concern. “Oh, there is no need to worry about that. I had only small glass, it will take much more than that to get me drunk. In any case, I think we can begin now.” She took the lubricant, squirted some into her palm and then rubbed it on the dildo. He groaned as she gently pushed it into his rectum. He’d practiced, yes, but this was bigger than the plug he’d used. His dick got hard as the phallus shoved against his prostate.

Yeva had Conner sit on the bed, his back resting against the pillows. She handcuffed him to the headboard, then lovingly kissed him on the forehead. “I’m going to do it now…are you ready?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good…” She grabbed his swollen penis by the base and lowered herself onto it. He let out a high, girlish moan as his privates were swallowed up by her own. She sat on his crotch with his whole cock inside of her. “That was cute moan you just let out.” She observed, before looking down. “Sometimes I think this dick is too big; it feels a little unfitting for an adorable puppy like yourself.” She cupped his face. “Ah, but do not worry. I love you regardless.”

She began riding on his dick, her boobs bouncing to her movement. She matched with his rhythm as he bucked his hips. He tried desperately to stifle his erotic noises but was failing. His cock was going so deep inside, he felt like it would melt in her hot juices. The thing in his ass was doing him no favors, either. He could tell he was making a perverted face, he wanted to cover it in embarrassment. But with his hands cuffed, he was left vulnerable to her gaze. She couldn’t help but smile at his struggle.

“You are sensitive boy…I’ll just have to silence you myself.” She gestured to her chest. “Suck them” Her command was so simple, yet so enticing that he could only obey. His mouth attached to her stiff nipple, and he began sucking like a hungry baby. She raised her head and lightly bit her lips. Now with Conner sucking her tits, she continued riding on his crotch. She would raise her hips, then slam back down with a satisfying slap. She let out soft, pleased groans which were accompanied with an occasional “good boy”. Her hands ran through his soft black hair as his cock rubbing up inside of her.

As he switched and began sucking on her left boob, she grabbed a small remote next to her. “Did I mention that this was vibrating dildo?” His eyes widened and he briefly stopped sucking. She pressed the button and as the toy activated, he let out a moan which was muffled by her breasts. It stirred up inside of him, stimulating his prostate. He felt like he was going into sensory overload. She resumed moving her hips up and down, only now more roughly.

“Are you getting close?” Yeva inquired.

Conner leaned back and answered. “Yes, mommy.”

“Good, so am I.” Yeva moved her hips more quickly and roughly than ever. She embraced Conner, pulling him into her chest and burying his face in her breasts. She climaxed, as his cock spurt out its hot milk inside her.

Yeva panted heavily, as she got herself off his cock. She turned off the vibrating toy and asked, “How was it?”

Once he’d caught his breath, he replied. “It was amazing.”

“Good. Perhaps we can play again tomorrow. I think you could be overdue for pegging.” She kissed him on the cheek. “You are feeling alright, aren’t you? I know I can get rough sometimes.”

“No, I’m perfectly fine. I…I really enjoyed that actually.”

After they’d finished their fun, they both got showers and began settling down for the night. Yeva turned off the lamp and turned to Conner, who was already laying down. She spooned him from behind, her body pressed against his.

“You were wonderful tonight, you made mommy feel very good.” She whispered. “Being married to you makes me glad I moved to America.” She kissed the back of his head. “I love you”

Her soft words made him smile. He quietly replied, “I love you too”. Together they drifted off to sleep, with Conner in Yeva’s arms.

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