Victoria goes to Wimbledon

Victoria goes to Wimbledon Victoria goes to Wimbledon

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Submitted: February 04, 2016

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Submitted: February 03, 2016



It had been several monotonous months of project work back in the states and I was excited to finally be heading back to London. Fed up with all of the antics of my US employees I couldn’t wait to be at our corporate headquarters.  I always hosted our company’s annual internal review in England. Not to mention I had planned on spending an extended period of time in Europe.

I booked an early flight back to England, business class. A few minutes after taking my seat a young woman sat down next to me.  I introduced myself and she said -- “Hi I’m Victoria, I guess we’re going to be spending the next few hours together” as she sarcastically giggled. She was a smaller girl, probably in her 20s. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked. She was wearing what appeared to be a work outfit – a white blouse with a black skirt and strawberry red lipstick. She wore it well that’s for sure. Her dark brown curly hair draped over top of her large breasts.

We began chatting during our flight and I felt a bit hypnotized, staring at her bright red lips while she was talking and at her breasts when she looked away. It was a little cold in the airplane so I could see her nipples starting to poke through her top.  I felt myself starting to get hard through my jeans. “This is my first time in England” Victoria explained.  We laughed over some small talk. Victoria had a way about her. She moved her body gracefully, crossing and uncrossing her legs in that black skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose, but I was getting a vibe that she wanted me to look.

Victoria turned to me -- “I can’t wait to visit my friends and go to Wimbledon.” My face lit up. “Ah you’re going to Wimbledon? So am I, you should come with me I have a couple extra seats for the matches later today.” Victoria was a little taken aback initially….however she quickly exclaimed “yea that sounds great!”

We were getting along and having a few cocktails. I was pretty tipsy. I don’t know what got into me but suddenly I blurted out…..”—do you ever watch porn?” Victoria sat still, staring across her seat at me in an almost sexually tense silence, slowly running her index finger up her thigh. Unsure of what her reaction would be…she suddenly smirked and began to blush – “well that’s a question. as a matter of fact I do, though I’m a bit embarrassed. sometimes a girl’s got to bust a nut you know.” Victoria put her hand on my shoulder and began laughing as she said this. “haha. wow. that’s hot” I said -- god she was attractive. I wanted to fuck her right then and there across seats 9A and 9B.

Suddenly an announcement over the loud speaker – “Folks we are beginning our descent into London. Please buckle your seat belts and return your trays to their BLAH BLah blah….”

We landed and I turned to Victoria “my ride is waiting outside to take us over to the All England Club.” – “Your ride? Oooh that sounds nice.” We got into a limo and I poured us both some libations. I moved in close to hand Victoria her drink. She smelled amazing and I took in a deep breath. We started talking about the upcoming tennis matches. Victoria put her hands on my thigh. I felt my cock start to move and get hard. I just put my hand around her soft neck and pulled her in to start kissing her warm lips. I could feel Victoria start to inch her hand up my leg, stroking my cock over my pants. I moaned a little, and she smiled “you like that baby?” – “hell yeah I do.” Right as Victoria reached for my pants zipper we pulled in to the tennis center and parked. “Come on we should head up to our seats.” Victoria looked at me in some puzzlement, “don’t you want fuck me?”…….. “I most certainly do, but trust me, you are going to want to come with me.”

I took her hand and we exited the limo. Little did Victoria know that I had some pre-match passes to meet the players. We headed over to the players lounge so that she could meet some of the pros. Right as we arrived I immediately introduced Victoria to Novak Djokovic. “Wow Novak I’m such a huge fan. Im Victoria,” she blurted out. “Haha why thank you. Nice to meet you Victoria. Want to sit down for a coffee and a chat?” asked Novak. “Sure” she said, so we took a seat at a table across from Novak to talk about his tennis preparations for the tournament.

We both were staring across at Djokovic as he explained his training and post match recovery routines during a Grandslam. I was enjoying myself but couldn’t help feeling super horny from the make out session and dry humping in the limo. I started to reach my hands on to Victoria’s lap. I looked at her face and could tell she was shocked and excited. Luckily she was wearing a skirt so I slipped my hand in and started to rub a few of my fingers up and down on her clit over her panties. Victoria’s eyes gave a long blink and her head tilted back slightly. I reached into her panties and began to finger fuck her and rub her clit right in front of Novak. I could feel her warm pussy getting wet. She struggled to keep a straight face but it was clear that the only tennis she was thinking about was me acing her deep up the ‘T’ with my hard cock. And with that I took my fingers out of her wet pussy and put them in my mouth and licked them dry as I stared right at her. “Novak I appreciate everything but I think it’s time for us to find our seats. Good luck with your match today.”

Victoria and I headed up to our suite area that I had reserved for the matches.  When we got upstairs I made us both cocktails. “God that was so fucking hot when you fingered me in public,” she said. “I am still wet.” I walked over to her, picked her up, and threw her on the couch. I started to play with her nipples over her blouse while I rubbed her clit with my other hand. I started to message both her breasts firmly and then began taking her blouse off so I could put my face in her large and soft breasts. I slide one hand in her panties where I could feel her tight pussy still wet from before.

I ripped her panties off her body with my hand…… “Well Victoria I am going to need you to pull up your skirt and come over here and sit on my face. And I am going to need you to do that RIGHT NOW.” I lay on my back on one of the couches and forced her to come over. “I want you to rub your clit and pussy on my mouth and cum all over my face.” Victoria mounted me and began to ride my face. I could feel her wet pussy dripping in my mouth. Her face was beginning to turn red as she groaned and moved her hips back and forth. I could barely see because I my was starting to become covered in cum. Just when she was about to climax, there was a knock at the door……

A sexy latina woman with a light brown complexion, big ass, tight waist, and huge breasts walked in. You could see her areoles through here thin white dress shirt. Victoria turned at me startled, “who is this? what’s going on?”…. “Victoria this is my wife Brooke. Brooke this is Victoria, I met her on the plane.”  ….... “Your wife? What the hell?”….. Victoria was confused and stood up ready to storm out. Several moments of silence passed that felt like an eternity. All of the sudden Brooke unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor …. “what, am I not allowed to join? Victoria I would love to lick your pussy dry and watch my husband fuck you with his hard cock.”

The two of us walked over to Victoria and took off what remained of her clothes. Brooke started to tease her and finger her little cunt while I sucked on her sensitive nipples. My cock was getting erect watching my wife finger another girl. We put Victoria down on the couch, her pussy starting to soak from the thought of being double fucked. Brooke started licking Victoria’s pussy lips while Victoria took my erect penis in her mouth. I was so hard and she was giving such good dome. Brooke’s long tongue started to slither deep into Victoria’s cunt forcing her to uncontrollably let out pleasurable moans. The couch was soaking wet as pussy juice was leaking out of Victoria’s cunt. Victoria began shaking and tightening her muscles as Brooke continued to eat out her pussy and massage her clit with her tongue. Victoria’s pussy was exploding. All of this felt so good for me too, as she gave amazing head while her little cunt was getting destroyed. I leaned in, as she continued to deepthroat my cock, and whispered into her ear “after this I am going to bend you on your knees like the dirty slut you are and fuck you from behind.” Victoria couldn’t respond. Her mind was obviously fixated on the pussy juices squirting everywhere and my erect cock was still deep in her gaping mouth. She could barely keep consciousness. Brooke looked up from Victoria’s cunt and said “that’s a good girl. are you going to cum for mommy?” At that moment Victoria began to climax. Cum started squirting all over Brooke’s mouth and the couch and onto the floor. Victoria’s gaping pussy was soaked and so was Brooke.

Right then and there I grabbed Victoria’s flesh and flipped her around onto her knees on the couch. I could feel my big hard cock start to touch the rim of her gaping pussy lips…and she could feel it too. Cum was running down her leg from before from Brooke, who was now masturbating on the couch while she watched me fuck Victoria. I spread her legs open and without warned pushed into Victoria. My hard cock went deep inside of her tight pussy and she let out a grunt as her muscles contracted. She was not expecting this much deep dick.  My swollen cock kept sliding in and out of her soft moist pussy like a relentless ramming fuck machine. Victoria started whispering “fuck me daddy, yea fuck me daddy” and as my big hard rod pumped deeper and deeper those whispers turned into loud screams.

At this point Brooke had cum several times from masturbating at site of Victoria get dominated and ravaged doggie style from behind. She was starting to feel like she was missing out and wanted to join in the action of fucking Victoria. She went into the closet and grabbed a special vibrating toy. Brooked walked around around us, slapping Victoria’s ass as she passed by. She lay down underneath Victoria with her head below Victoria’s dripping pussy. Brooke began rubbing the vibrator against Victoria’s clit as I continued to ram my cock deep inside her. Victoria clearly loved this. “That feels so good,” moaned Victoria as she pushed backed and consumed my cock with her ass. She loved getting double teamed by Brooke and I and you could measure it in the volume of cum starting to drip on Brooke’s face. The slapping noise of a drum continued from the sound of my pounding hips against Victoria’s juicy ass.

Abruptly, Brooke shouted, “I think we should fuck Victoria spread eagle on that chair” as she pointed to the soft fluffy white chair in the corner. I pulled out of Victoria’s cunt and the two of us forced Victoria into the chair. Brooke bound Victoria’s hands behind the chair and tied chains from her ankles to the walls to keep her tight pussy spread. To top it off Brooke tied a gag around her mouth and brought out a paddle to start whipping her when she was a naughty slut. Seeing Brooke do all of this to Victoria was getting my cock so stiff and swollen. The second she was bound, gagged, and pussy spread wide, I slammed my cock deeper and harder into her than I had before. I pumped so hard Victoria wanted to scream but she couldn’t because of the gag. I turned to Brooke “I want you to fit your fingers inside of her cunt and finger fuck while I’m fucking her at the same time.” Brooke started to do this and Victoria couldn’t control the pussy juices from coming out. It felt like she was being fucked by the biggest widest dick she could ever imagine. She was exploding. She was cumming, and so was I. I couldn’t control myself once I felt like I was about to cum. I thrust harder and harder and harder and deeper. Victoria was grunting, and I could feel her warm cum starting to make her pussy even wetter. This just made me cum even faster. Victoria’s cum was gushing all over as I ejaculated everywhere inside her pussy. All the muscles stiffened in my body. We unbound Victoria and the three of us fell to the floor out of breath. Boy was this a day I never wanted to end.

All of the sudden a sharp noise….beeP….beEP…bEEP….BEEP….BEEP…BEEP….I slammed the snooze on my alarm. It was time to start my day. What a dream.

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