Royal Assassins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

What happens when the elite of the elite of the elite is gathered from every known dimension and is made up of royals and nobles?

You get a very efficient and eclectic army who can save the world, and even all of existence.

Thea is just a girl who knows her way around a work bench, and after meeting Milo, she's a girl who also knows her way around every weapon known to mankind. She doesn't particularly belong in this crowd, but through a series of odd happenings, Thea has become a servant of Milo's.

Of course that's putting it gently. A life-servitude slave is far more accurate. Yet, it wasn't orders that brought her to serve in the greatest army no one would ever know about, but loyalty and love for her Master.

The only problem is that the threat they face is powerful, malevolent, and no one is quite sure what this force is capable of. The most they know about this enemy is a name- which also happens to be Thea.

It also looks a hell of a lot like her, leaving Thea to realize that her role in this war is bigger than she ever realized.

Table of Contents

The Characters

  Here are the characters, which were inspired while I was using Hope you enjoy the visual, as I don't make a habi... Read Chapter

Meet The Army

(If you came here through Polyvore, welcome to BooksieSilk! I hope you enjoy your stay!)  Three years ago, Thea would have sworn... Read Chapter

Duels and Demonstrations

Milo knew that look of determination on his beloved’s face, and he knew no threat of a sound whipping would stop her now. He battled wi... Read Chapter

Special Treatment

Milo stood over Theo’s unconscious body, watching as his shredded back slowly healed itself. It would take a few weeks to completely he... Read Chapter

Now and Then

Aliah stood over Thea as Milo peeled back her bandages. Her eyes went wide at what she saw. “Mother of God,” she breathed. “it does... Read Chapter