Hail The King

Hail The King

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Julie is a half-wit genius of our time, with dreams of finding utopia. Believing the future holds those hopes, she spends years developing her very own time machine. When the story begins, she travels ten thousand years into the future, seeing astounding technology everywhere. Unfortunately, utopia is nowhere to be found. Worse yet, this world's culture still practices some of the most primitive ways of life.


Julie is a half-wit genius of our time, with dreams of finding utopia. Believing the future holds those hopes, she spends years developing her very own time machine. When the story begins, she travels ten thousand years into the future, seeing astounding technology everywhere. Unfortunately, utopia is nowhere to be found. Worse yet, this world's culture still practices some of the most primitive ways of life.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Utopia

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She was looking at me in just the way I had predicted; like I was utterly insane. I could only grin, tweaking this and that, talking fast and like the maniac I was. “It will work, Ophelia. I'm telling you, it's gonna work.”

She took a step back, hugging herself now. “Julie, you need help.” She said it softly, and when I looked up, there were tears in her eyes.

I set down my tools, adjusted my black cowboy hat and sighed. “I know it seems insane, but it works, O. You and me, we've been best friends our whole life. I know I haven't seen much of you lately, or anyone for that matter, but I promise you it works.”

She shook her head. “I can't watch you kill yourself. I won't.” She turned and ran to the garage door, flinging it open then disappearing into the house.

It had been a mistake to show her, I knew. I had to leave now, or else Ophelia would be back, with my family and doctors. I had no choice. I would never get to test my life's work if I didn't go now. So I stepped into the machine. “I'm doing this for us, O.” I whispered as the doors encased me inside. Fear mangled with excitement as I programmed it, and the visions of utopia flashed before my eyes as I was launched ten thousand years into the future.


Nothing could have prepared me for the side effects of that cursed machine. Blindness, vomiting, chills, partial deafness, enhanced neurological pain... When a sharp pain pieced my neck I screamed, then choked on my own vomit. Within ten seconds my vision cleared, my stomach stopped cramping and I felt better than I ever had.

I looked up, and my eyes met those of an extremely fit, elderly woman. “Where...” I breathed. “Where is my hat?”

She gave me an amused grin. “It's covered in your stomach contents, child.”

“You got a hose around here?”

“I can clean it, if that's what you mean.”

I nodded once. “I'd be much obliged. Thank you ma'am.”

“What year are you from?” she asked.


“I know a Flex Tube when I see one, although I've never seen one quite like that. You're not from here, that's for sure.”

“What's a Flex Tube?”

“It's that thing you rode here in.”

“My time machine?”

“That's the generic description. Horribly constructed. Not even the first models were that bad.”

“Man was sent to the moon in a tin can so kindly kiss my ass.” I retorted. “All due respect, that thing took me six years to build.”

“Then where are you from?”


Her eyes went wide. “Oh my. We'd better get you to the King. He'll want to meet you.”

“King? Where am I? What country is this?”

“I'd tell you but I'm not sure you would understand. By the looks of that thing, I imagine it only moves in time, not in directions. Where were you to begin with?”

“The United States of America. Tennessee.”

Now her eyes narrowed. “I see. Yes, you'll definitely have to come with me.”


It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was bound, and it took only moments to realize that I was a prisoner, not a welcomed visitor. At least my hat had been cleaned and was back on my head. It was my lucky hat and it had gotten me out of trouble before, why not now? I was being led by the elderly woman, and some kind of robot droid was behind me. I had the feeling if I tried to run I would regret it. The woman turned and walked though the wall, but I stopped short, until the droid tried to force me through it as well. I was slammed face first into the metal, and tasted blood.

The woman came back through the wall, and put a collar of sorts around my neck. It was oddly comfortable and was black, satin textured and decorated with round onyx stones. She shoved me through the wall and this time it took. On the other side a man in a long, black leather coat was standing with a younger man. The man in the coat wore a traditional, silver band of a crown on his head, also decorated with round onyx stones. He wore a black, button-up shirt and a black pair of jeans...and some kind of shoe that looked cool as hell, almost like a boot, but I just couldn't classify it. He was a stunning man, with dark auburn hair, gray eyes and a fit frame. I had yet to see anyone overweight, as if unhealthiness were a crime or simply non-existent.

He looked me over, circled me, then gave a nod to the elder woman. “She'll do.”

The younger man began chanting in some language I had never heard, then handed his majesty some kind of gun. He walked over to me and stuck the fucking thing right in my neck and pulled the trigger.
“Son of a whore!” I shouted, putting my hand to my neck. “Did you just tag me?”

“Gene.” The king murmured and waved his hand in “off you go” manner.

The young chanting man took my arm and led me through yet another wall and into a room. I stopped short and looked around. The bed was bigger than any I'd ever seen, with four posters and sheer white curtains draping down from the top. The room was seemingly bare aside from a love seat tucked against the wall. The young man made several hand gestures at me before turning away and walking back through the wall. When I tried to follow I got another face full of hard metal. It took a moment for the pain to dissipate, and realize that the gestures the young man made somehow disabled me from passing through the walls as they did.

Escape was a moot point, even if I could figure out how to get through the walls, I had undoubtedly had a tracking chip of some type inserted into me. This technology was beyond me and I was way out my league. So much for utopia. I settled for a shower in the adjoining bathroom instead. There was no soap or shampoo of any kind. I rinsed off best I could. However, despite the lack of supplies, I felt very clean when I toweled off.

I decided against dressing back into my dirty clothes, primarily because they had vanished from where I had tossed them on the floor. My hat was all that remained, so I carried it with me back to the bed, laid down, and set it over my eyes. I had yet to see a light switch, and the “clap on, clap off” method hadn't worked, so I settled down on the ultra soft mattress and figured a nap always made things clearer.

Oh how I came to regret that decision.


I was the type of person who could sleep anywhere, especially in a comfortable bed, but being ten thousand years in the future and held captive by only God knows who...the slightest noises woke me. I pulled the hat from my face just in time to see the king walking from what appeared to be an elevator at the other end of the room. He was alone, and I sat up to face him.

As he walked toward the bed he pulled his crown from his head and tossed it onto the floor, followed by his coat, then his shirt. I might have appreciated his well-toned body in any other scenario, but the look in his eyes wasn't one I was completely familiar with. Yet somehow I knew it all too well.

“Just hold on a minute there cowboy-” I began, holding up a hand.

He outright ignored me and grabbed my hips then threw me back on the bed with such ease that I had to be a little impressed by it. He was over me then, and I'd never felt like such a helpless female in my life. I put my hands against his chest, but he simply entrapped them in one of his own and forced my arms over my head. His free hand slid under my back and in between my shoulder blades. He made my chest arch and his mouth latched onto my right breast.

It's difficult to explain, but it was like he barely noticed I was there. It took far too long to wrap my mind around the fact that this man saw me as his property to do with as he pleased. Despite the reality of the situation, I couldn't ignore the intensity building between my legs. The man sucked and bit at my nipples until I was writhing beneath him, gasping in pleasure.

A part of me wondered why he was participating in giving pleasure rather than immediately taking it. Then it occurred to me that it was his way of asserting his dominance. I began to wonder how I could be so far in the future, yet the victim of an act so primitive. He pulled his arm from beneath me and slid it between us, to his own pants.

I expected to hear the snap of a button and the sound of a zipper, but all that followed was the king spreading my legs and pushing into me with assured practice. I suppose it was silly to think that zippers and snap buttons were still a part of the everyday wardrobe. The king took hold of my jaw and looked into my eyes as he sank into me. More show of dominance.

I wanted some explanation as to why this was happening, but life was never like the stories. Everything was always so confusing and difficult- I cried out once he completely buried himself deep in my belly. I felt so owned, so out of control. Agonizingly, he pulled back, then pushed back in. I'd never had a man inside me, not that it really mattered, aside from the fact that it hurt so damn much.

He began stroking inside of me with more speed, making my breaths shudder with pain and arousal. Suddenly he pulled out of me, then flipped me onto my stomach and came back inside from behind. It felt like he was deeper than before. He wound his fingers through my hair and pulled my around so I could see him fucking me.

I couldn't help myself and I came, suddenly and almost violently. He pulled out of me, and I caught my breath for a short moment. My orgasm settled down almost as quickly as it came, and his hands were on my hips and pulling them back up. I didn't see the point in fighting him, until I felt him place his cock against my ass and begin to push in. I pulled away in refusal, swearing at him. He again ignored me and took back control of my hips.

He pushed in, catching the arm that was swinging back at him and pinning it to my back. Feeling utterly hopeless, I clutched the pillow with my free hand, then bit down on it as he moved in further. His hand moved around the front of my waist and his fingers found my clit then rubbed it slowly.

“Who owns you?” he demanded.

Thinking he might stop if I told him what he wanted to hear, I replied, “You sir. You own me.”

He only pushed in further, now more than halfway inside my ass. I sobbed now, so confused by the mixture of the pleasure from his fingers and the pain of his cock. Once he sank fully in, he began to move as he did when in my belly, his fingers still working their rhythm. To my utter surprise I felt another orgasm coming on as he began to fuck my ass harder.

I screamed as I came, and I felt him come with me. As we both finished he finally pulled out of me, and I collapsed onto the sheets. He crawled up the bed until he was next to me, then laid down and pulled me into his arms. I was much too exhausted to even think of pulling away. His fingers went back to my clit and rubbed it, and it helped ease the tremendous pain my ass was in.

 I fell asleep with but a shred of dignity left in me.

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