Welcome Back Part 1

Welcome Back Part 1 Welcome Back Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part 2 of what was going to be a short story, but the ideas kept flooding in, Kate returns home for a welcome home bbq she will never forget...


Part 2 of what was going to be a short story, but the ideas kept flooding in, Kate returns home for a welcome home bbq she will never forget...


Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014




Kate had been at uni for 6 months and it was her first visit home since moving out. She was looking forward to seeing every one and decided to come home Thursday instead of Friday when her parents had planned a quiet bbq with a few of her friends.

“Is there anything that needs to be done” she asked her mum

“Nope everything is done ready for you to come home, but since you are here early I might get you to do the last minute shopping tomorrow” Said her mum.

“Who’s coming” Kate enquired.

“Just some of your old friends and of course Mary said she had to visit while you were home so we invited her. Mary was one of her mum’s friends that had no kids of her own and she had taken a liking to Kate when she was young and she was like a second mum, but she was a few yrs younger than her mum so she was often called on as a go between.

Kate was sitting out on the back verandah when she saw Darren come home from work.

He saw her and waved as he went inside. “Have you invited him” she asked motioning towards Darren with her chin as she took a mouthful of her drink.

“No, I didn’t think you would want too many oldies here” replied her mum, besides the last couple of times I’ve spoken to him he seemed a little funny not sure what is going on with him”

“Well we should invite him he must be so lonely and I know he enjoyed the party last time” said Kate remembering the wonderful time she had with him and just the thought of his monster cock was enough to get her a little moist between her legs.

“OK then you go see him and ask, I’m sure he will be happy to see you anyway, he has asked about you every time we do see him”

Kate was sure he had asked and I bet he was anxious to see her again, but she didn’t want to seem over keen to invite him so she just left it for now.

Kate’s mum went inside and Kate and her brother and father were chatting about the things that had happened since she had been gone, but her eyes kept wandering over towards Darren’s, she knew he was usually out this time of day watering his garden with a beer in his hand, but so far there has been no sign of him and she was feeling a little disappointed.

“Dinner” mum called and the three of them got up and went inside to eat, Kate looking towards Darren’s just one more time, but still he didn’t show.

“It’s funny how good it is to have a mum cooked meal it is” said Kate smiling at her mum. “But I think I need to go for a walk and walk it off now, I might call in and see Darren before it gets too late.” Said Kate obviously planning a way to get to see Mr Monster Cock during dinner.

“OK, and you are sure you want to invite him with all your friends here as well”

“Yeah I think he must be lonely and he is such a nice man, I feel kind of sorry for him”

“Ok pet” said her mum as she kissed her cheek and smiling thinking what a wonderful caring daughter she had raised, not realising that her caring daughter was aching for a his cock, if only she could read Kate’s mind right now!

It was a short walk around the streets to come in on the other side of Darren’s house so her parents couldn’t see her go in, as she hurried on her walk the anticipation was building, she could feel her heart beating through her chest and she had to try to control herself. She reached the back gate of her neighbour and composed herself then walked up the pathway keeping an eye on her own house to make sure her parents didn’t see just when she went in. She knocked on the back door and was waiting for Darren to open it. He seemed to take forever but eventually he appeared from the darkness of the lounge room she remembers so well.

“Kate!” he exclaimed in a very surprised voice and a huge smile on his face. “Please come in” he said stepping aside to let her in and he took a look outside to see if she was on her own as she walked in.

“I thought I’d drop in and invite you to a bbq we are having tomorrow night” said Kate as she leant forward and kissed him on his lips. “It’s so good to see you” she was wanted to say daddy at the end of that sentence but thought she would wait to gauge his reaction to seeing her first.

“Oh hello Kate” she heard a voice behind her say.

“Hello Paula” replied Kate with an obvious disappointed tone. Paula was the local busy body, she made it her business to know everyone else’s business and she was glad she had decided to hold back calling Darren daddy, that would have given her more than enough ammo to start rumours.

“I heard you were coming back for a few days, how is everything going for you” Paula enquired.

“Pretty good, settling into a routine and making friends but just doing a lot of study and working part time at a restaurant waitressing, so yeah all pretty hectic, it sure is good to be back home for a break” reported Kate looking at the disappointed look on Darren’s face that he had company.

“That’s nice dear” replied Paula.

Kate didn’t want to have to feel obliged to ask Paula to the bbq so she was avoiding mentioning it again and was hoping that Darren didn’t either. “Well I’d love to catch up and see how things have been with you Darren and I’m just on my way back from my walk so I’ll keep going but I’ll definitely see you soon and catch up with how you have been” she smiled at him as she moved toward the door. “Good to see you again Paula and give my regards to Ken” Ken is Paula’s husband and thought she would mention him in case she was at Darren’s for the same thing she was and it may have made her think about what she was doing.

“I will and nice to see you too Kate”

“I’ll walk you out” said Darren as he opened the door, “I’ll be back in a second Paula” he said as they both walked out and closed the door behind him.

“I’m sorry pet, if I’d known you were coming over id have told her I was busy but she brings me a few meals, I know what she is like but she has been nice to me”

“No need to apologise silly, I just thought I’d drop in and say hi and make sure you are free to come tomorrow night, and maybe just see how things are with you”

“I’ve been fine and I’m very glad you dropped in I had heard you were home this week end and to be honest I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again, after all I’m you daddy and I care for you” Darren said taking Kate’s hand as he spoke.

“Aww you are so sweet daddy, and I’m so happy you are happy to see me, maybe we can catch up some time over the weekend” said Kate in an almost childlike voice and looking down at her feet acting like a child.

“When Paula leaves I can leave the back door open if you would like to come back and see me”

Kate was almost about to lean forward and kiss him but she noticed the curtains behind Darren move and figured Paula was watching. “Sounds good, leave the light on the back door when it’s clear” she said as she walked away not making a scene.

Darren turned and walked away and he too saw the curtains move and realised why she hadn’t given him a kiss goodbye.

“Was Darren happy to see you” asked Kate’s mum as she walked up to the verandah.

“Yeah he was, but Paula was there so I didn’t stay long, I did get to let him know about the bbq tomorrow, without her hearing I hope” Laughed Kate

“Well let’s see if he comes then”

“Oh I’m sure he will cum” replied Kate with a cheeky grin smiling to herself. They all sat out the back chatting for a while and having a few drinks, Kate made sure she could see when Darren’s back light came on so she could plan her move.

“I’m off to bed” announced Kate’s dad, “I’ve got work early” he stood up and gave Kate a kiss on the cheek, as she watched him walk away she saw the glow she was waiting for, now she had to plan her escape.

“Good night dad” she said turning his cheek for him while not taking her eyes off the light.

“You still haven’t told me about your room mate in the city” asked her mum, obviously she was not intending to go to bed yet.

“Mum I’m really tired I think I’ll make a hot chocolate and go to bed.” Knowing her mum didn’t like hot chocolate she was hoping she would go to bed with her dad.

“You sit there love, I’ll get it for you” that didn’t work, the last thing she felt like was hot chocolate she just said that to get her to leave her alone.

“No mum I just feel I want to be alone for a while, why don’t you go to bed” Kate’s mum looked at her with a disappointed look on her face, as much as it made her feel bad there was no way she was going to miss out on Mr Monster Cock.

“Ok love, sorry I just thought we could chat a while, it’s been such a long time since we could do that, but I know you have been working hard and studying.” She stood and gave Kate a kiss, “Good night pet.”

Finally she was alone, she went to the kitchen and made noises to make it sound like she was having hot chocolate, and she turned off the light and made her way to Darren’s back door.

 When she got there she hesitated, should I knock or just go right in she thought. Since he left the light on she figured she could just go straight in, she opened the door quietly and was about to say hello and then she thought she heard noises coming from the lounge room, she crept over and there to her amazement was Paula but naked besides the strap on cock and she was fucking Darren hard in the arse. The shock of what she was seeing was enough to make her hesitate with her eyes wide open, then she slowly walked backwards and went back out the door and closed it quietly behind her, shocked and very surprised she made her way back to her room and sat in disbelief.



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