On Her Way

On Her Way On Her Way

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sarah grew up on a sheep station in New South Wales, but the war saw her brothers go to battle and her own life then changed in so may ways.


Sarah grew up on a sheep station in New South Wales, but the war saw her brothers go to battle and her own life then changed in so may ways.

Chapter1 (v.1) - On Her Way

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Sarah grew up on a sheep station in New South Wales, but the war saw her brothers go to battle and her own life then changed in so may ways.

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Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 16, 2012



Wanting to follow in the footsteps of the men of her families by becoming a soldier had always been a dream for her, but the only positions held by women seemed boring and mundane to the physical and also beautiful Sarah, office jobs, nursing and even cook just didn’t seem to fill the desire she had. Granted they are all very good jobs and she never once felt the women doing these jobs were below her, she actually admired them, however it just wasn’t the life she craved.

Since she was a young girl growing up in outback NSW on a sheep station she was always able to hold her own and not just against her 2 older brothers, but many of the men who worked for them.  A crack shot with both rifle and pistol, she had become the family marksmen and was often called on to rid any dingo or fox that ventured near the lambs. Her tall muscular frame with her fiery red hair, green eyes set above high cheek bones, with lips as sweet as wine right down to the way they part in the middle even when her mouth is shut, as if you could put a straw in and drink from her sweetness and of course her ample D cup breasts made her stand out in any crowd. Sarah was a rare beauty in the country and she had taken a few hearts with her in her few years she had been old enough to get out and work amongst then men. She had also been known to be able to look after herself amongst the shearers who thought they might like to see if she was a true red head and slip into her pants, there had been a couple to feel the power of her left hook for trying, without at least asking first. For now it was time for her to prove her worth, the country was at war and she felt it was her duty to help defend the land she so much loved. She had just turned 18 and her two older brothers were enlisted in the AIF, following in their father’s footsteps as he did in his fathers. Sarah didn’t think it was fair she was unable to be there alongside them.

“Sarah.” Yelled her father. He was down the driveway near the loading ramp with his truck backed up ready to load sheep.  Even though he was a good several hundred meters away she had no trouble hearing him. She immediately got up from her chair and waved in recognition to hearing him. She figured it was better than trying to yell back as he would not hear her. She started heading in his direction and he met her along the way, past the yards filled with sheep ready to be taken to town for the sales in 2 days time.

“I’m going to need a hand to load these sheep when you can.” He asked

“Why don’t you come have a cuppa and then we can get loaded and you can get going so we might get two loads in today.” She suggested.

“Bloody good idea love.” He answered, putting his arm around her as they headed back to the house where Sarah went inside as her father sat and rested.

Before the war there had been plenty of men available to do these jobs, but now, every station in the area was battling on their own front to get the jobs done. Sure they pitched in and helped each other, but there were times when everyone needed their own jobs done, such as sales, everyone had to get their stock in on time, so it was a battle for the ones who had no one to help out. Sarah’s mum passed away 6 months ago, and since then things had been tough for Sarah and her dad. Just the two of them to keep the place running, Sarah knew there were times where her dad was ready to pack it all in. It was only because of her he was able to keep the place running, but it was taking a toll on both of them.

“Here you go,” said Sarah ash she brought out two cups of tea and some fresh baked scones. “You need to keep up your strength.”  She said to her father as she sat down beside him, putting a hand on his lap as she did so. He smiled at her as he picked up his cup and looked at her as he took a sip.

“You look just like your mum, with that red hair and deep green eyes” he paused as he seemed to drift off to another place, “God I miss her.”

“Me too dad.” She said as she drifted to a similar place, a place of happiness and laughter, of a family isolated from the world in so many ways, but still having the same issues as many others of illness and with the isolation making any severe  illness that much worse, it soon turned out to be a not so happy place.

As they sat, both reminiscing, a car was making its way along the driveway from the main road.

“Hmm, I wonder who this is.” Said her father as he sat his cup on the verandah railing and peered towards the approaching car. As it pulled up near the house he walked down to meet the occupant.

“Good morning to you.” He said as the driver opened the door and was soon standing outside the tiny car stretching his back, and then offering his hand.

“And good morning to you, I’m looking for Jack Walker”

“You found him”

“Ah thank goodness, this is the second property I tried, seems my directions were a little misleading.” Said the man, who was obviously from the city.

“Well now you found me what can I do for you?” Jack had now become wary of the man, dressed in a black suit, not very tall and hands of an office jockey rather than o working man. His looks now began to annoy Jack, who never could understand why men became office workers, that was women’s work he always thought. Sarah now got to her feet and was leaning against the weathered support on the verandah listing to what the stranger had to say.

“I’m from the bank, and it seems you are having a little trouble making payments and” He was cut off by a now becoming irate Jack.

“Now you listen to me young man, if you think you have come out here to try to bully your way into making me sign over my hard worked property to a little piece of shit like yourself”, It was now jack who was cut off.

“Please sir, if you let me finish, I have not come for any such thing.” Insisted the man. “I understand how it may sound to you, but we are here to help you, if you would allow me to sit and explain.” Jack was hesitant, he had heard how the banks had come out and almost forced people to sign away their farms, all because they were having trouble finding help to get the work done since the war. Sarah, not one for interrupting, but on this occasion she felt there was something good about to happen.

“Please Dad, let him sit and rest and hear him out at least.” She suggested.

“Well you may as well come and have a drink at least.” He looked at his daughter and gave her a look that she was not used to seeing, not of disgust, not of mistrust but more of, I hope you know what you are doing. Sarah pulled a chair out from under the table and gestured him to sit.

“I’m Sarah” she said as she held out her hand for the man to shake, although he did seem hesitant at first, it was not the normal thing for a lady to do.

“I’m Phillip Small” he returned, sitting as he took his hand back and seemed to wipe it.

“Would you like tea, coffee or water” Sarah offered.

“I would love coffee, white thanks.” He smiled as she turned and went into the house.

“OK, now what is it you have to say.” Insisted Jack, leaning forward eagerly, ready to listen.

“We at the bank have to look at each case for their individual merits.” Smiled Phillip, as he looked over his glasses at an intent Jack. “And we have looked at yours and think we may be able to help you.” 

“Who said I need bloody help.” Snapped Jack

“Please hear what we have to offer.” Said Phillip. Sarah came back with a fresh tea for her dad and a coffee for their guest.

“Dad let’s just listen to what he says before we jump to any conclusions.” She suggested as she sat next to him, once again putting her hand on his lap and giving him a reassuring pat, it is something her mother always used to do and she had picked it up.

“Go on then.” He said, but thought “ya clown” to himself.

“We understand the difficulty farmers are having getting help for muster and feeding where needed and daily repairs to windmills and fences, so we have got together with other groups to provide select farmers a helping hand when it is needed, you have been considered as a prospective candidate, if you are willing that is.” He finished, sitting back and ready for an earful.

“How much” Replied Jack. Phillip, tasting his coffee was not ready for that and almost chocked.

“Oh, umm” he stuttered. “There is to be no charge up front, but after your sheep are sold we will be asking a small percentage, to help fund the scheme.” He replied

“Cut the crap and give me figures.” Demanded Jack.

“Well there is no set figure, but if you were willing I can get some for you after we assess your numbers and have an estimate of prices per head at any given sale. It would be a minimal percentage and after all we need to still pay the workers we send out you understand.” Phillip was still waiting for the backlash he had experienced at other properties he had visited in recent weeks.

“OK Mr. Banker, I actually like the idea, but tell me are there any of my neighbors you will be visiting?” A reluctant Jack enquired.

“Well I am not at liberty to say.”

“Listen mate cut the crap and answer me, is my mate up the road going to be getting the same deal as me or not, it’s a simple question and I expect a simple answer!” Jack raised his voice and sat upright, and at over 6 foot tall was a confronting sort of person, one that Phillip didn’t wish to cross.

“Not at the present, Sir.” Phillip cowered. Jack sat back, and thought for a while.

“How long would I have this so called help?”

“That depends on so many things, but you are looking at least a few months.” Jack was deep in thought, he sat right back and looked up at the roof of the verandah, something Sarah was pleased to see, knowing her father as she did, he was considering the idea.

“And I can have them do any work I see fit that needs doing in regards to farming.”

“Well yes, they will be your workers and you will employ them to carry out what farming duties you see fit.” Answered Phillip, feeling confident he had at least got Jacks attention about the proposal.

“And how soon will this happen?”

“Well, I could have someone come take a look at your stock and figures in the next few days and perhaps as soon as a couple of weeks.”

“Ok young fella, I do like the idea of having some extra help, but I need to know how much it will cost me before I commit to anything, you understand.” Said Jack as he once again leant forward and stared Phillip in the eyes. Phillip, feeling as if he had a victory stared right back at him and replied.

“That is understood Mr. Walker.” And with that sat back and gulped down another sip of coffee.

The next thirty minutes or so were taken up with some formal and informal banter until Phillip had to leave, promising he would send someone out in the next few days to get things started.

“Well.” Enquired Sarah.

“Well what.” Jack looked at her with a “I don’t know what you are talking about look”

“You know what I mean”

“I have no idea.”

“Dad, I know you too well, and I know you are up to something.”


“There you go, you see what I mean.” She laughed. “You’re up to something I know.”

Jack just laughed as he walked away.

“C’mon, we got work to do.” He headed back to the stock yards and Sarah whistled the dogs as they began loading the sheep onto the truck ready to get them into the markets.

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