Untamable Infatuation

Untamable Infatuation

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Katie is a lesbian, a diva and a seductress. The whole university falls on her, but only one person who doesn't. Rosaline. Rosaline is a sweet, shy and innocent girl who doesn't want to attract anyone. But unfortunately, her shy and timid nature did attracted the attention of Katie. Katie always get everything she wanted. Rosaline has caught Katie's eyes and she will do anything to satisfy her thirst.


Katie is a lesbian, a diva and a seductress. The whole university falls on her, but only one person who doesn't. Rosaline. Rosaline is a sweet, shy and innocent girl who doesn't want to attract anyone. But unfortunately, her shy and timid nature did attracted the attention of Katie.
Katie always get everything she wanted. Rosaline has caught Katie's eyes and she will do anything to satisfy her thirst.


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She was standing at front of the long mirror in her room, naked, staring at her own reflection. Cupping her blossoms, she rolls her nipples with her thumbs and moans, letting out a deep sigh. Having black hair with blasting pink strips in it, copper brown eyes, luscious lips, sculpted cheeks and a body with perfect curves, she was a woman of every man desire of. Too bad she was a lesbian.

And she got eyes on someone who was none other than her classmate and landlady, Rosaline. Katie lives in Rosaline’s home which was quite big, having three rooms, a big kitchen and a lounge area. Even after that, she has to pay rent which was way cheaper than the average one. Other classmates got jealous of this but she didn’t cared of that. She consider herself lucky to have a friend like Rosaline. She lets out a soft sigh and slumped down on bed. Picking up her phone from the nightstand, she opened gallery and started looking at her pictures with Rosaline.

Rosaline was a typical nerd with glasses. The Asian girl has plump cheeks, small brown eyes, button nose, full lips and black waist length hair which she always keeps it braided. She was a bit of chubby side which she hates it and tries to reduce but couldn’t. Doctor said it was hereditary so it will take extra efforts to reduce weight. That was the reason nobody has ever dated her. But she was used to the loneliness and kept herself busy with studies.

When Katie was swiping her thumb through the pictures, on picture got her attention. She stared at the image as it was her most favourite picture in the world. In that photo, Rosaline was wearing a black coloured Indian saree which was looking so mesmerizing with her white complexion. Her hair was down for the first time and a little amount of eyeliner and lipstick was there as a makeup. Katie remembered Rosaline told about her parent’s visit to celebrate her birthday. She went to their parent’s mansion for the party and that’s where she took this picture of hers. Katie was ogling at her picture of so long time that her eyes itches and she had to put her phone on bed. She sigh softly and closed her eyes. She started to think about how she met Rosaline.

Katie was the popular girl of the university. She had many friends that loneliness word was not in her dictionary. But the moment Rosaline got admission in that university, she got Katie’s attention. As a nerdy girl she was, Rosaline had few or no friends at all. She always sat on the front desk where she somehow felt lonely but she got accustomed to it quickly. Katie’s friend teased the poor nerd so much that one day she decided to sit beside Rosaline, which was a surprise for her friends. She remembered the first conversation she had with her.

“Hey there” Katie called with excitement.

Rosaline tuned her face and surprised to see Katie sitting beside her.

“Me?” she asked confused.

“Yes you. Can you help me with this problem? I don’t know how to solve this equation.” Katie says, pouting a bit.

“Um…. O-of c-course….” Rosaline stuttered as she became nervous all of a sudden.

She thought why college’s strikingly attractive girl would even bother to talk with a girl like her.

Taking a deep breath, she started explaining the equation.

That’s how they became best friends. Katie shared everything with her, she also told her that she was into girls but Rosaline didn’t showed much interest to it which disappointed Katie but she didn’t raised the topic again.

Katie was living a happy life until her parent’s got divorce and she had to live with her mother. The problem raised further as her mother’s home was four hours away from university campus. Her mother didn’t showed any interest on helping her daughter, so she had to take matters on her own. She told her problem to Rosaline and that’s when she suggested her to move in at her house. At first, Rosaline denied to accept any rent but Katie insisted to pay. Little does she know that Rosaline saved every penny of Katie’s rent so that she could give it back to Katie someday in future. That’s how they both started living together.

Katie was rich with looks but average on the wealth side. But Rosaline was rich on wealth side but average on looks. Not that much average but she was successful to hide her beauty behind her glasses and her choices of clothes which mostly consists of hoddies. But her true, raw and natural beauty was only seen by Katie when she accidently saw Rosaline only in her towel. But it wasn’t a direct encounter as she just got a glimpses of her when she was exiting the bathroom. That’s when she saw her plump shoulders, round small breast outlining from her towel, thick legs and wet hair which made her look more irresistible.

Her eyes snapped open when she heard a soft voice coming from the opposite side of her room. She quickly got up and grabbed a robe. Wearing it, she got out of her room and waited at the corridor when she again heard a soft moaning of someone. It was coming from Rosaline’s room. She slowly went towards her room and got surprised when the door was slightly open, giving her a good view of the room.

Her eyes wide open when she saw the scene. Rosaline’s eyes were closed, lips parted. She was lying on bed, naked and her one hand was on herpùssy while other was massaging her breast. She was pleasuring herself while moaning softly. Katie licked her bottom lips when she saw her small breast moving up and down as she was breathing heavily. Katie’s ownpùssy thobs in need when she saw her best friend pleasuring herself so skilfully.

Couldn’t able to resist herself anymore, she pushed the door open and entered into the room. Rosaline’s eyes snapped open and she lifted her head to look at her best friend staring at herpùssy with heated gaze. Panic and nervousness quickly consumed her and she jolted up form bed. Pulling the covers over her body, she scooted at the corner of the bed and looks at Katie with fearful eyes.

“W-what ar-are y-you doing… h-here?” Rosaline stuttered softly as she looks at her with horror filled eyes.

Katie doesn’t responded anything but simply removes the robe she was wearing, displaying her naked body in front of her best friend. Rosaline’s eyes widen when she saw Katie’s body. Her eyes slowly went down and stuck at her huge breast with aroused nipples. She tried to look away but couldn’t and ended up staring at her blossoms. A smirk appreas on Katie’s lips when she saw her friend’s gaze and she slowly move towards her bed. Climbing on it, she snatched the covers off from her and throws it on the ground. Rosaline gasps and quickly covers her upper portion with hands. Her shyness only frustrated Katie so much that she grabbed Rosaline’s legs and pulled her at the centre of the bed, using all her force. Rosaline lets out a low scream and about to cover her breast again when Katie quickly straddled her and pinned her both hands above her head. She looked at her one last time before smashing down her lips on Rosaline’s.

She kisses her furiously as she was dying to taste her plump lips. Rosaline didn’t kissed her back but eventually gave up and opened her mouth for Katie’s tongue to devour. They both moaned when they felt their warm tongues collide with each other. When they were out of breath, Katie slowly pulled away and breathes heavily.

“I don’t care you are straight. I just couldn’t able to control myself when I saw you in your naked glory.” Katie rasped as she was staring intensely at Rosaline’s brown eyes. This made Rosaline to blush even more and she murmured in her soft voice, “I’m bisexual”. Katie tilted her head to one side in a confused look but soon an evil smirk covers her lips.

“That’s good to know.” She breathed, removing her hand which was holding Rosaline’s hands.

Rosaline quickly looked away, trying her best to hide her embarrassment. Katie chuckled at this and cups her face, turning it so that she could look at her. Then she lowers herself and kissed her plump cheeks, biting it softly. Planting wet kisses on her jawline she trailed kisses down to her neck. Rosaline moans loudly as this was an extreme pleasure for her that she was experiencing for the first time. Katie bites her sweet spot, sucking on it which made her to quiver and mewled in response. She grabbed Katie’s hair and arches her back which results in touching her soft breast with Katie’s. This touch made Katie to growls and she got down to her tempting breast. She took her little nipple into her mouth and sucks it hard, making Rosaline to scream. She grips the sheets tightly and closed her eyes, getting more wet just by Katie’s way of sucking her breast. She rolled her tongue in a circular motion over her nipple while groping her other breast which made Rosaline to cry out.

“K-Katie… oh god… My!!.... Ah!!!...” Rosaline was moaning and screaming her name continuously and Katie loved to hear it as for her, it was music to her ears. After savouring her breast, Katie moved down, planting wet kisses on her chubby abdomen and going further down to her pussy. Her eyes glowed when she saw her clean pussy. Spreading her legs wide, she lowers her mouth on Rosaline’s throbbingpùssy and licked her clit, earning a loud cry from her.

Rosaline’s grip on Katie’s hair tighten and she arches her back as the pleasure was unbearable for her. Katie pulled away and straighten herself. Rosaline let go of Katie’s hair and fluttered her eyes open. She lifted her head and looked at her best friend.

“Uhh… w-why did y-you… s-stopped?” Rosaline asked softly, the blush from her face never lessen.

“I want to watch you play with yourself.” She ordered.

Rosaline shook her head negatively but Katie gave her a serious look in which she sighs softly. Katie got a little back from her as she watches Rosaline’s hand slowly travels down to her pussy. She rubs her clit slowly while massaging her breast with other hand. Then she inserted a finger into her dripping hole and moaned, feeling more exposed and aroused as she knew Katie was watching her with lust filled eyes. Slowly thrusting her finger in and out, she pinches her nipples and cries in ecstasy as she could feel her òrgasm growing. She inserted another finger and fasten her pace of thrusting while moaning loudly. This made Katie to growl as it would be the best scene of her life she was watching right now.

“K-Katie… I’m…. s-so… c-close…” Rosaline breathes as she thrusts her fingers faster.

Katie quickly pulled Rosaline’s fingers out and straddles on top of her. Positioning her pulsating pùssy above Rosaline’s dripping one, she parted her folds with fingers and lowers herself on her. They both moaned when they felt their wet cores touching each other. Rosaline closed her eyes and tipped her head back, gripping the sheets tightly on her little fist. Katie started grinding her pùssy on hers while parting Rosaline’s folds so that their clit could rub against each other. This made Katie to groan loudly as she arches her back and increases her pace of grinding.

“ROSE!!” Katie called her loudly and Rosaline slowly looked at her.

“Look at our pussy. Look how good it feels to see this” Katie breathed as she rubs Rosaline’s clit.

Rosaline barely able to keep her eyes open as she was so deeply lost in the ecstasy. She bites her bottom lips and tipped her head back as she wants to enjoy the sensation.

“Oh fuck!!! I’m… gonna cùm Rose!!” Katie growls as she grinds faster.

This made Rosaline to cùm hard just by Katie’s seductive moans and she screams from the top of her lungs while cumming.

Katie felt wetness on her pùssy as she looks down to find Rosalie’s orgasm. This threw her off the cliff and she came too, grinding hard against Rosaline’s pussy. Their juices mixes with each other as Katie keeps on grinding in a circular motion against her pussy.

When they spent, Katie leans forward and captures Rosaline’s lips on hers, kissing her tenderly. Rosaline retunes her kiss with same passion which Katie was pouring on her. Katie pulled away and looked at Rosaline’s brown eyes. They both were panting heavily.

“I love you Rosaline Roy. I have been loving you since the day I saw you entered in our classroom.” Katie breathed, staring at a flustered Rosaline.

“I l-love y-you… too… K-Katie. I w-was j-just…. Afraid t-to tell y-you this” she stuttered.

This made Katie to smile at her childishness and she leans down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. Then she slumped beside her and Rosaline snuggles closer towards her new lover. Katie smiled contented as she could now love her secret crush openly.

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