Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



This is a short tale of two lovers and their passionate romance. This is a tale of manxboy gay romance. I hope you will like it!! please let me know your thoughts about it through comments!! I love to reply.


This is a short tale of two lovers and their passionate romance.
This is a tale of manxboy gay romance. I hope you will like it!!
please let me know your thoughts about it through comments!! I love to reply.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Carnal Need

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2019



I looked at the time and noticed it was six in the evening. Turning off the laptop, I made my way to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee. As a writer, a cup of my favourite strong espresso freshens me up and gives me relief from all my headaches after writing hundreds of pages. After preparing my coffee, I sat on the dining chair and took a sip of it. A moan escapes from my lips instantly when the deliciousness of the strong coffee hits my tongue. A knock on the door diverts my attention from enjoying my drink. I gently put the cup on the table and went towards the door. When I opened it, my eyes sparkled when I saw him standing there. 

"Hey baby" he said with his usual deep voice which was so sensual, it always made my heart flutter. 

"Vincent, you came early.. Is everything ok?" I asked with concern and surprised as he usually return home at eight. I gestured him to enter and closed the door. 

"Umm.. yeah I want to give you a surprise baby.." He says, putting the bag on his usual place and loosened his tie. 

"Oh that's great!!" I chirruped and made my way towards the kitchen. 

"Have you done what I told you to babe?" He questioned, making me flinch at the thought. I turned my head and looked at him only to find an evil smirk plastered on his lips. 

"Y-yes... I... d-did." I stuttered, getting hell nervous. 

"Good. I guess we have to check how lubricated it is, yes?" He says. 

I dropped my gaze on the floor as my legs were trembling and my hands were shaking. 

We have been in this relationship for two years. We first met on a coffee shop when I was having my favourite coffee there. I didn't know at that time he was the CEO of the famous Parker international company. Despite of the rumours and news on our relationship, his love towards me never lessen a bit, but it only increases more as day passes by. We only did kissing and oral but we never had extreme intimacy. And for a past few days, he wants me to get ready for the first encounter. The thought scared me a lot but secretly, I also want to have him inside me. I snapped out of my reverie when I felt long elegant fingers caressing my cheeks. I looked up and saw piercing blue eyes staring down at me. Those ocean eyes containing so much of passion, lust and heat that it was radiating towards me. My eyes travelled down and a blush creeps on my neck when I saw the top three buttons of his shirt were opened, giving a glimpses of his extremely well-toned muscular chest. 

"Join me in the shower"  

It sounds more like an order than a request. I nodded, he turned around and made his way towards our room. I stood there frozen for a couple of seconds and then took my coffee from the table. Drinking it up, I made my way towards the room. With each step I was taking, my heart was pounding so hard that it can just pop out from my chest anytime. The door of our room was open so I entered and closed it behind. I went to the bathroom and my eyes widen when I saw him standing there, completely naked. 

I released a sharp breath when I saw his extremely harden shàft . My owncock  twitches at the anticipation of what will happen next. 

"Come here." He orders. His voiced laced with dominance and authoritativeness. My legs, on its own, started walking towards the bathroom. I stepped into the glassed cubical shower and looked up at him as he was taller than me. Within seconds, he undressed me and dumped my clothes into the hamper, leaving me vulnerably naked in front of his heated gaze. He gently pushed me at the glass wall and rested his hand on either side of my head. I looked up at him and saw lust overflowing from those ocean eyes. My eyes involuntarily travelled down, admiring his God like body structure. His toned chest, six pack abs and his tempting V-line waist. 

"Enjoying the view Evan?" He says huskily and I quickly looked up at him only to find him smirking evilly. 

I didn't possess a good body structure like him, moreover I'm a bit skinny. Remembering back, I still doesn't know why the fùck he loves me so much. I am just a normal average writer. I snapped out of my clouding thoughts when I felt his lips on my neck. A moan escaped from my lips and I wrapped my arms around his muscular shoulders, using him as a support. He started grinding our cocks together and I screamed in pleasure, burying my face on his chest. His hand went down and grabbed my cock  while his other hand holds my waist tightly. Then he started stoking my shàft  with his warm hands slowly at first, and then picking up the speed. I was moaning continuously and he was growling. His deep growls arousing me even more if possible. 

"Oh baby y-you are so... beautiful" He groans, stroking me faster. I was so close to the climax that I had to bite his shoulder. I could feel my òrgasm started building fast with each of his strokes.

"Ah... I... am... g-gonna.. come!!!" I screamed. And then I came hard, closing my eyes and moaning as I released myself.

Just after that he came too, panting heavily. Out breathing was erratic. His hand went towards the shower knob and he turned it on. The cold water showering above us, giving instant relief from all the tension and pleasure which just happened a few seconds ago. 

"I'm s-sorry" I mumbled, staring at the newly formed hickey that I left on his shoulder.

"It's ok babe. Now that we are both wet, let's move to the next round." He breathed, causing my eyes to widen.

He turned off the shower when we were cleaned and suddenly lifted me up. He puts me on top of the marble near the sink and leaned forward until out lips were just inches away. Then he cuts the distance and kissed me gently. 

"Mmmm... " I moaned and gripped the edge of the island tightly. 

I felt his tongue on my lips, seeking for entrance which I gave him by parting my mouth open. The moment my mouth were opened, his hungry tongue attacked mine and started tasting me to the fullest. 

"Mmmmm...Espresso..." he mumbled in between the kisses. I was blushing so furiously that it would be hard differentiating a tomato and my face. We break the kiss when we were out of breath. I needed to do extra efforts to breathe every time when we kiss this passionately. He rested his forehead on mine and we stared at each other, like we were talking through mind-link. Then he backs away a little only to put my legs on his shoulders, exposing my private area completely to his view. I saw his hungry eyes travelled down and stuck on my still surprisingly harden shàft  laying on my stomach. A smirk appears on his lips and he leaned down to kiss the tip of my cock. A moan escape from my mouth when his soft lips touches my shàft . 

"I'm going to fùck you hard my love" he growls. And then I felt the tip of hiscock  at the entrance of my hole. He entered into me slowly and I immediately cried out when I felt his thick shàft  starting to penetrate into me. 

"Hold on baby" 

I grabbed his shoulders and hold them tightly as the pain was increasing with every inch he was going inside me.

"Ahhh... it hurts... it hurts so.. much.. " I cried out, tears were forming in my eyes. 

"Please baby.. you need to... hold a bit..." He groans but it doesn't helped me a bit as my virgin ass was having a hard time stretching up. 

"I... can't... oh god... it hurts..." I cried, trying my best to resist the pain. Even though I was lubricated enough but still it hurts a lot.

Inch by inch at last his ten inch got completely inside me. It gave me a sensation which was mixed with pain and pleasure. We were breathing heavily and he was giving me time to adjust to his size. 

"Are you... ok now babe?" he asked. His voice was much deeper than usual. 

"Yeah... you.. can move now..." I breathed. It was a lie that I was ok because it still hurts. But I can't back away now. He pulled himself out completely and I let out a moan when his thick shàft  left my body, but I screamed loudly when he thrust back into me. He started with his pace of thrust slowly at first. Because of his slow thrust, the pain lessen and it replaced with a different type of pleasure. 

"Oh God baby... It feels so good inside you... you are so tight... so beautiful...” he whispered as he planted kisses on my neck. 

I was moaning continuously as the feeling of the person you wake up next to, the person you love and care so much was now finally inside you, filling you completely. 

Tears were now rushing down from my eyes not because of the mixed feeling of pain and pleasure I was getting through, but the feeling of that person inside me whom I love so much.

He started increasing his pace and began to thrust fast. The pleasure escalating with every powerful thrust he was making. The pain removed completely and only intense ecstasy was flowing inside my body cell. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the extreme euphoric rushing down in my whole body. He placed a wet kiss on my neck, making shiver runs down inside me. My eyes snapped open when I felt his hand stroking my extremely harden shàft .

“Ahh!!!” I cried out when he fasten his pace of stroking.

“Yes baby… let’s come together ok?” he rasped. His breathing was heavy.

His strokes were slow and he was rolling his thumb in a circular motion on the tip of my cock. His other hand goes down and cups my loaded balls. I cried my lungs out and came hard squirting after squirting, thick liquid covers my stomach. With one forceful thrust, he came inside me too, screaming loudly.

When he was spent, he slowly pulled himself out. I moaned loudly when he leaves my hole as I was so stretched for him. We were panting heavily, our bodies covered with sweat and cum. He leans forward and captures my lips with his for a passionate and lustful kiss.

Slowly, we pulled away and stares at each other for few seconds and then we both said in a unison, “I love you”.

We smiled and I rested my head on his neck. He slowly wrapped his strong arms around my waist, hugging me tightly.

After few minutes, we washed ourselves and then dried each other. As muscular and strong he was, he suddenly lifted me up and carried me towards our bed. He gently lays me down on the bed. Pulling the blanket, he covers ourselves and I snuggled closer towards his warmth. He wrapped his arms around me.

“Baby?” he asked.

“Mmmhm?” I murmured as I was feeling so sleepy because of having two orgasm.

“Does it hurts?” he questioned worriedly.

“A little, but I’m ok” I replied honestly.

It did hurts a bit but the blissful experience of love making replaced every pain.
“Oh baby… I’m sorry” he breathed as he placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“It’s okkie… I feel sleepy..” I mumbled.

“Yes baby… take rest. You have done incredible today” he whispered.

I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling contented.

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