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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Sophie is a simple, ordinary and shy girl who works in a company and lives a plain life. To her least expectation, her beauty has caught the attention of the chairwoman of the company she works at. Isabella Davis is a strong, confident and dominating woman. Everyone fears from her as she as a temper which no one wants to enrage. She had her ways to fulfill her lust but when the little Sophie caught her eyes, something inside her provoked. She will get her, and no one will stand in her way.


Sophie is a simple, ordinary and shy girl who works in a company and lives a plain life. To her least expectation, her beauty has caught the attention of the chairwoman of the company she works at.
Isabella Davis is a strong, confident and dominating woman. Everyone fears from her as she as a temper which no one wants to enrage. She had her ways to fulfill her lust but when the little Sophie caught her eyes, something inside her provoked. She will get her, and no one will stand in her way.


Submitted: March 07, 2019

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Submitted: March 07, 2019



I completed my work and looked at the little clock on my desk. I released a sigh of relief when I saw I had done my work before time. Taking out the prints, I compiled it in a folder and about to stand when I stopped. I looked at the glass cabin located at the far end of the room and saw a glimpses of her. My heart immediately stopped beating as I saw her sitting down on her chair. I clenched the folder tightly with my hands and thought to ask someone else to take this file to her room for me. But then I remembered she told me once, ‘Do not let others work for you or you work for them’. I never made anyone do my work, instead I had done many favours. But whenever I went in her cabin to give folders, I somehow get overly-nervous.

Taking a deep breath, I gathered the little amount of courage I have in my heart and stood up. My legs were trembling and hands were shaking on its own as I walked towards the frost glassed cabin. After knocking softly on the door, I heard a ‘come in’ from inside.

I opened the door and saw her writing something on the book. I closed the door slowly and went towards her table and stood in front of her desk.

“G-Good A-Afternoon M-Ms. Davis” I greeted her softly and saw her nodding her head slowly, still didn’t looked up at me.

“Afternoon Ms. Adair, please take a seat” she commanded. I gulped and took a seat.

I was trying my best to control my furiously shaking hand but failing miserably.

“Why are your hands trembling Ms. Adair?” she asked, still without looking up.

How did she noticed it?

I saw her as she slowly looked up at me. That’s when my breathing got hitched when my eyes met with her grey ones.

Isabella Davis is the chairwoman of the famous Davis International Company. She was the owner of five major companies also and received hundreds of awards and achievements for her hard work.

In appearance section, she was no less than a Goddess. Her hair was platinum blonde with few strands of turquoise blue which creates a magnificent sight of her. Her sculpted cheeks and luscious red lips were something every men and women dream of kissing. And her body, perfect round breasts which always outline from her tight fitting dress, curvy waist and round butts, giving her a body every women dream of. And she was also my biggest crush as I am bisexual.

“Ms. Adair?” I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard her.

“Y-yes M-Mam?” I stuttered, blinking rapidly.

“I asked you something.” She said with a serious tone and it took me everything to remember what she asked me at the first place.

“I n-nervous n-not” I mumbled and slapped myself mentally for loosing vocabulary.

She was silent for a few seconds before asking, “Did you completed the task I gave you?”

“Y-yes I h-have” I said and handed her the folder I was holding with my dear life.

She took it and opened the folder. It just took her ten seconds to read the whole file which was beyond impressive. She closed the file and placed it on her desk and began asking me question relating to the file. I answered them with confidence as I prepared it with full concentration and precautions. It was amazing to see that with a little glance of the folder, she knows so much about it and even asking questions! It was really extraordinary capability she had. And it was obvious, she was a chairwoman. She had the intelligence and smartness which made her successful.

“Your presentation was good and you answered correctly, so why were you nervous?” she asked.

I lowered my head and plays with my fingers.

“It’s j-just…. n-nothing” I mumbled.

I slowly looked up to find her grey eyes piercing down at me, it seems like her eyes were looking directly into my soul.

“Alright. You can leave now Ms. Adair” she says as she averted her gaze. And I was sure I had saw something in her eyes, something different.

“Have a good day Ms. Davis.” I greeted her as I slowly got up and began walking towards the door.

“You too, Sophie” She said and I stopped in my tracks. She never called me or anyone by first name, and she just did it with me. I slowly turned my head to see her and got another surprise when I saw her smiling lightly while flipping the book pages and scanning them with her hypnotizing grey eyes.

I never saw her smiling. In fact, nobody in this whole twenty storeys building ever seen her smiling. But she did. And I considered myself hell lucky for that. I slowly exited her cabin and went straight to my desk. Couldn’t able to feel my legs anymore, I slumped down on my chair and sighed.

“You are one of a damn lucky girl” A familiar voice spoke from behind and I turned to see Chelsea standing with a grin plastered on her lips.

She was my best friend and colleague.

“How so?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You would be the only person in this building who got the opportunity of going into her cabin maximum times!” she exclaimed but her voice was low so others couldn’t hear her.

“Maybe you are right” I sighed.

“Don’t you understand what this means?” she asked.


“She has a thing for you, you silly” She smacked my shoulder lightly and chuckled.

“Hey” I rubbed the area where she hits just to show her it hurt but actually it didn’t.

“And that is the reason she called you so many times. She just wanted to see you” She said.

“No, you are wrong Chel. She called me for work purposes. It is true that I went to her cabin a bit more than anyone, but it was just for professional works”

“A bit? Even my boss didn’t get the golden opportunity to step into her cabin! And I am light-years away from it’


“I get it. You will deny. But I know she too has feelings for you as much as you do for her” she says and without hearing anything from me, she went away.

I sat on my seat, mouth slightly opened.

When I thought of Chelsea’s theory, something hits me. It was really unlike for her to give me those task to do when she could give it to her personal secretary. And I am sure they can do it more swiftly than me. So why does she always choose me for it?

I shook my head to remove these thoughts and got back to work. It is true she is my biggest crush and the cause of all my wet dreams, but she is Isabella Davis, the chairwoman of her own biggest company. She couldn’t have a feeling for a girl so ordinary and out of place like me, right?


Next day


I woke up and turned my head to look at clock placed on my nightstand which shows five in the morning. I jolted up and threw the sheets to get ready for office when I remembered it was Saturday. Sighing, I rubbed my eyes and lazily walked my way towards the bathroom. Our office, unlike any others, opens at six in morning. Salary gets deducted if any employee comes late. That’s why I always put my alarm on four. That’s the reason the alarm didn’t rang as it was off duty. After taking a good bath, I went out of the bathroom and opened my little wardrobe. I took out my underwears and wore them, then I wear a simple pink T-shirt and jeans. After drying my hair, I put it as braid and scanned my room. I was living in a rented apartment with one bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom, it was really small but it was enough for me and I keep my place tidy and hygienic. I was about to pick my dirty clothes for wash when my phone started ringing. I picked my phone and saw unknown number. Swiping my finger, I put it on my ear.


“Sophie?” I heard a velvet voice called my name.

“Y-yes… who i-is it?” I asked and prayed to God it should not be the person who I think it is as I recognised the voice.

“Isabella. What are you doing now?” I heard her spoke and in instantly dropped on my knees.

She called me? How did she have my number?

“N-nothing. J-just doing s-some laundry” I stuttered and bite my tongue lightly for stammering this much.

“Oh. You must be wondering how I got your number. I have sources. I am sorry to disturb you this early morning but do you have the project details of Illinois?” she asked.

Her voice was angelic and I could spend my life just listening to her without replying anything.

“Y-yes mam, I h-have it in m-my l-laptop” I said, trying my best to concentrate on my voice but failing.

“Good. Would it be possible if you bring it to me? I will text you my address”

I became numb. She wanted me to go to her house?

No one knows where she lives and some even said that she is not from earth.

“O-of course” I replied. I can’t say no or else I will lose my job and become a beggar. And I seriously don’t want to spend my life in streets.

“Excellent. I will be waiting”

With that, she cuts the call. It took only two seconds when I received a message of her location. And I got even more surprised that it was not a street name or house number, but coordinates. Now I was sure she lives in outer space.

I got up from the floor and took out my laptop. Then I quickly transferred the Illinois project file in my pen drive and turned off the device. I picked up my scooter keys and about to set out when a thought popped up in my mind. It was my first time going at her home, should I need to look good? I checked myself on mirror and shrugged my shoulders.

I don’t need anything to look good. I am perfectly ugly.

Sighing, I locked my front door and took the elevator. After taking out my scooter from garage, I turned on maps in my phone because I am not a navigator who can reach a location just by coordinates. The map shows me the way to go there and I noticed it’s a half an hour drive. I put my helmet and drove off the destination.

When I reached at the spot, I got even more shocked when I saw an exquisite glassed mansion located right in middle of a dense forest. I had to take a dirt path to reach there. Surely I couldn’t able to find it if she didn’t texted me the coordinates.

I parked my scooter at the gate and put my helmet on the seat, then I went to the door and pressed the doorbell. I didn’t heard any sound of the doorbell but then the door swing open, making my jaw dropped on the ground.

There she was standing, wearing a translucent white shirt, I could see the black lacy bra through her shirt. My gaze travelled down involuntarily and saw she was wearing shorts. Her beautiful long naked legs were making a certain part of my body tingle.

“Enjoying the view?” I heard a raspy voice and snapped my head up to look at her only to find a smirk on her lips.

“I am s-so s-sorry Ms. Davis” I apologized and lowers my head.

Am I planning to get myself fired?

I hope she didn’t get a wrong idea of me.

I heard her chuckle and looked up to find a beautiful smile gracing her face.

“Come in” she said as she moved so that I could enter. I got yet another shock when I entered and saw the interior. It was all furnished in modern style from floor to ceiling. I stood at the middle of the living room, admiring the beauty of the interior.

“I guess you liked my home” I heard her speak and turned to see her closing the main door and walking toward the kitchen with elegant steps.

“It’s amazing” I said as I watched her go, her hips were moving seductively.

“I am glad you liked it. It tried to make it as modern as possible but I think there are still some blemishes her and there.” She says as she whisks something on the bowl. I don’t know where she find any fault. This place is just so perfect. Five of my room could fit in this living room only.

I went towards the kitchen and saw there was an oval shape wooden dining table placed. The kitchen was also excellent, furnished in all Italian style. A frost glass wall was the only thing which separates the living room to the kitchen. I lean lightly against the glass wall and adore her as she took a spoonful of the batter and skilfully spreads it on the pan.

“I apologize for bothering you this early morning” she said as she flipped what looks like a pancake.

“Please d-don’t a-apologize Ms. Davis. Its c-completely f-fine. I already w-woke up a-at five” I said, cursing myself for stammering so much.

She turned to look at me and gave me a smile, then went back to cooking. And that smile got my body tingling with the familiar sensation.

“Please have a seat Sophie” she said.

I awkwardly went towards the dining table. I pulled out a chair and sat on it as I watches her pouring another spoonful of batter. My stomach growls silently as the aroma of the delicious pancakes filled my nostrils. Then I remembered I hadn’t eaten anything.

“I know you didn’t had breakfast so I’m preparing for you too” she just read my thoughts. Now I’m suspicious.

Is she Edward Cullen?

I saw her as she turned off the stove and took two plates filled with pancakes and came towards the table. She placed on before me and the other in front of her. She took a seat and looked at me.

“Please” she gestured me to start.

“B-but Ms. Davis, I c-can do b-breakfast later” I said.

“But I want you to have this. I made it especially for you” she said with her eyes sparkling so bright in the morning sunlight.

I couldn’t able to deny her offering, so I smiled sheepishly and picked up a fork. Cutting a small piece and shoving it in my mouth, I couldn’t able to hold back a moan at the deliciousness of it.

“It’s heaven!” I groaned as I cut another piece and shoved it in my mouth.

She just smiled in response. After the scrumptious breakfast, she gave me a short tour to her home and then led me to her bedroom. I was instantly amazed by the pure white interior of the room. There was a huge bed placed in middle of it, a big window where the morning light is coming from and two night stands on either side of bed with small lamps placed on it. What made me frown when I saw a bucket of ice cube placed on the nightstand.

“It’s amazing.” I said in awe when I entered into the room. She went to the corner of the room and opened a drawer from which she took out her laptop.

“Please be comfortable” she said as she sat on the bed. I walked towards the bed and sat on it. My butt instantly got submerged into the softness of the mattress.

“You brought the data, right?” she asked as she typed something on her laptop.

“Y-yes I h-have” I said as I took out the pen drive from my jeans pocket and gave it to her.

She took it and there was a slightest brush of her fingers with mine which sends a zap of electricity throughout my body. She too felt something as she looked at me and then back at the laptop screen. Then she inserted the pen drive and began transferring the file. When it’s done, she pulled the drive and gave it to me.

“Thank you for the document, Sophie” she said and I just smiled like an idiot.

I watched her as she closed the laptop and placed it back on the drawer. Then she came around and sat in front of me, a little too close which made my heart impulses to beat faster.

“I have been thinking ways to make you come at my home. Fortunately, the Illinois project showed up and I just got a perfect opportunity to lure you here.” She says as she got up on bed on her knees. My brain was trying to process what that it means when she suddenly pushed me down on bed and got up on me, straddling on my hips.

A gasp escapes from my lips on this sudden movement.

“M-Ms. D-Davis!” I said surprised but it came out more as a moan.

She placed her finger on my lips
“Shh...Let me speak first” she says as her finger on my lips started to tracing the outline of my lips slowly.
“When I first saw you at the conference hall months ago, you were sitting at the far corner of the room. That time I got entranced by you. I saw something very different about you, unlike other people I had met.” She says as now her fingers left my lips and giving attention to my cheeks. Her grey eyes were staring intensely at me as she spoke, “I knew I had to take you sometime but I felt if things could go opposite. I felt something different towards you, something called attachment, attraction and desire. I had one night stands but there were no strings attached. But with you, whenever I see you at office, it brings happiness inside me. And that's when I understood I have fallen for you.”

My mouth was slightly opened as I hear her saying all these. I couldn't believe she is telling this to me.

“You are not believing what I am saying right? But it is true. Each and every word” she says softly.

She read me like an open book.

“B-but how c-can it's p-possible? I am j-just an o-ordinary g-girl. And y-you are s-so beautiful a-and s-smart. You d-deserve a l-lot better than m-me MS Davis.” I mumbled softly as I drown into those sensational pair of grey gems eyes.

“You don't have to change yourself for me and you don't have to decide if I deserve someone better or not. I love you for who you are. I love everything about you, your achievements, your success, your mistakes and faults. I love the way when you help others with their work or do their work even when I told you not to. I love your innocence, the way you dress so perfectly and never showing any skin. I love you humbleness and kindness. I truly love you and I will keep loving you unconditionally” she says as she placed a kiss on my forehead as sealing her promise.

If that wasn't a confession, I don't know what is. Tears came out from my eyes by the time and I lifted my face up to give a peck on her lips. The moment my lips touches her soft ones, it send a shiver all over my body.

“I l-love you too Ms. D-Davis” I stuttered. I looked at her and saw a furrow on her brows.

“I received just a peck for my long confession?” she asked.

A giggle escapes from my lips as I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her down, claiming her lips with mine again. She kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue on my lips and I opened my mouth for her to explore. It only made the kiss passionate. She pulled away and looks at me, biting her bottom lip so sexually that it turned me on so much, more than watching a lesbian scissors.

“I want to take things from zero to hundred real quick” She breathed as she leans down and kisses my cheeks.

“May I have the permission for it?” she ask and I just chuckled in response.

“Y-you may” I said and by the time, my face was literally burning from too much blushing. A smirk graces her lips and it took no time for her to undress me. I was shocked, even I couldn’t able to undress myself this fast. I saw her as she straighten herself and looked at my body from top to bottom with heated gaze. My whole body and soul burnt up from nervousness and I covered my shaved pussy with one hand and my breasts with other. This was the first time someone was seeing me naked other than myself.

Her head snapped up to look at me.

“Why are you hiding from me?” she asked as she held my hands. I didn’t said anything as I felt so exposed, moreover in front of my boss. She shoved my hands away and said, “Do not ever hide this from me. This is mine, is that clear?” she asked in much serious tone.

“C-crystal” I stuttered.

“Good” she says as she got down and kissed my pussy, earning a soft moan out from me. She got up and undressed herself completely. My eyes popped out from its socket when I saw the Goddess of extraordinary beauty straddling my hips. Her breasts were big, not huge but just too tempting with harden nipples. Her perfect curvy waist was so delectable that I couldn’t help but to lick my lips on the anticipation of biting them. And her pussy, heavens. And I was there, lying flat on her bed and gawking at her while my mouth watered on anticipation of so many unholy things.

“Like what you see, my love?” she says, making me to look up at her. I smiled timidly and nodded.

“Y-you are so b-beautiful” I said as I stared at her light brown aroused nipples.

My fingers were itching to touch them.

“Not much as you, baby girl” she said as she lowers down and claimed my lips again. This made her breasts to pressed up against mine and I moan in between the kisses, holding her waist.

Her skin was silky smooth and so soft that I couldn’t help but to caresses her waist. My hands slides down on its own and on her butts. And that was it when I lost my sanity. I squeezed her extremely soft butt, earning a groan out from her. She breaks the kiss and looked at me with a furrow.

“Someone’s getting naughty, huh?” she said.

“G-guilty as c-c-charged” I giggled. She smirked and kissed my cheeks, then she trailed kisses on my jawline, going down to my neck.

“I want to mark what’s mine” she whispered as she brushed her lips on my neck.

“Mmmhmm” I moaned and tilted my head on the other side, giving her access to my neck. She licked the area before biting there. I moaned loudly and arches my back, resulting of pressing my chest with her. As she continues to kisses my neck, our nipples were also rubbing together, along with out pussies down there. This was creating an inexplicable sensation in my body.

She slowly got down at my blossoms and started sucking on my nipples.

“O-oh Ms. D-Davis!!” I moaned when I saw her rolling her tongue over my nipple. She shifted and gave same attention to my other blossom and I couldn’t do anything except to moan. By this time, I became a quivering mess. She left my breasts and got down to my pussy.

“I have a surprise for you” she said as she got over me and took the bucket from the nightstand. Then she got down again and placed the bucket on floor. She picked up an ice cube from the bucket and placed it in between her teeth.

“W-what are y-you…. Ah!!!” I literally screamed when she pressed her mouth on my clit along with the ice cube. That’s when I understood why she kept the bucked in her nightstand when I saw it at first place. She had already planned everything.

The cold hits my senses and I just moaned loudly, helplessly. I could feel the coolness going down to my clit and then all the way up to my over-sensitive clit.

“Uhh.. oh…” I squirm and mewled when I felt the coolness on my folds. I could feel the ice cube melts and immediately replaced by her tongue.

Her warm tongue was wildly licking me up and I couldn’t able to stop my continuous moaning. My fists were tightly gripping the bedsheets as I arches my back. Her tongue was flicking my clit frequently, then again going down to my slit.

“P-please honey… s-stop” I moaned as I tried to close my legs but couldn’t as she was tightly holding my thighs, preventing me from moving even a slightest movement.

“You taste so fucking good” She says in between the process of eating me out. And I just moaned in response.

All the pain of loneliness, emptiness which I had before as I never had any relationship vanished within seconds as the person on whom I had secret crush on was eating me out so good. It was my first time and it would be the best ever. I let out a scream when I felt her tongue plunges deep inside my hole. And that was it when I lost everything. My orgasm hits me like a break failed train on a wall and I came hard inside her mouth. My legs were trembling furiously and my whole body was shaking. I could feel her drinking me up as I kept cumming shamelessly. When I finished, I cracked my eyelids open and looked at her as she licked her lips so seductively. Her lips were glistening from my juices and I was blushing so hard, just at the sight of her. She leans down and kisses my forehead before slumping down on bed next with me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her side. She also wrapped her arm around my shoulder and looks down at me.

“I l-love y-you” I said smiling warmly.

“I love you too baby girl” she said and kissed my nose.

She was my first love and I felt contentment after confessing my love to her.

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