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Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



This book has one-shot steamy chapters which will make you needy, wet, aroused and satisfied. Each chapter has its own short story and other chapters are not related to each other. If there is a sequel of a chapter, I have already marked it as "part 2". As a novice writer, I try to write and make my piece of writing as much realistic and pleasurable as possible. But if you find any errors, please point them out and help me to improve my writing.


This book has one-shot steamy chapters which will make you needy, wet, aroused and satisfied. Each chapter has its own short story and other chapters are not related to each other. If there is a sequel of a chapter, I have already marked it as "part 2".
As a novice writer, I try to write and make my piece of writing as much realistic and pleasurable as possible. But if you find any errors, please point them out and help me to improve my writing.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Yes Master

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2019



She was sitting on his bed, wearing only a white shirt of his which was covering almost every part of her body. She was waiting for him, waiting for her master. He instructed her how to please him and also set up rules for her to follow. She always does those things which pleases her master, and in return, her master gave her rewards.

The door of the bedroom opens. She lifted her head and saw him looking at her. He was only in his towel as he took a shower immediately after returning back from the office. His eyes sparkled with hunger, lust and desire when he saw her enchanting submissive sitting on the middle of his bed, wearing his shirt and waiting for him, just how he loves. She smiled and it caused nothing inside him except to ignite the fire of lust. Her eyes travelled down, admiring her master’s chiselled body with few drops of water running down from his wet hair and trailing down over his impressive abs. Her eyes stuck at the tempting waist of his and she mentally imagined the picture of him without the towel.

He went towards the bed, taking long strides and stood near the nightstand. He looked down at her and runs his hand on top of her head, patting it a little and she mewled in response.

“I like it when you wait here for me, my kitten” he says huskily. She moans softly as an affirmation.

He pulled his hand and opened his drawer where he had kept different toys.

“Straight, hands up” he ordered as he took out silk thick ropes from the drawer. He bought them especially for her so that it doesn’t hurt her hands like cuffs does. She quickly lays on bed and placed both of her hands above her head. He tied her hands with the headboard. Then he went back to his drawer and took out a silk blindfold.

He climbs on bed above her. Then looks at her eyes which were beaming with love and obedience.

“Do you trust me?” he asked in which she nodded her head rapidly.

“You know I don’t like gestures.” He gruffs and she bites her tongue.

“I trust you Sir. I have faith in you” she says softly.

“Good” he kissed her forehead before tying the blindfold around her eyes.

He looks at her nervous face and smiled. Leaning down, he captures her lips with his in a soft kiss. Soon his tongue lost patience as he thrust it over her lips. She moaned and opens her mouth, inviting his tongue to taste her. He angled his mouth so that he could kiss her more deeply.

While kissing her, his hand moved down and started unbuttoning her shirt. Removing it, he caresses his hand on her nipples. They reacts instantly as they became hard just by his touch. She moans and jerks a little when he pinches them while rolling them with his thumb. Her moans were coming out as muffles as he was kissing her so passionately. He breaks the kiss and started kissing her jawline, going down towards her neck and biting her sweet spot. She moaned loud and arches her back which results pressing her breasts against his toned chest. He released a throaty groan which was music to her ears. He kisses down to her chest and licks her harden nipple, making her to squirm in response. He looked up to see her reaction and smirks evilly. Then he licks her nipples couple of more times before sucking it hard, rolling his tongue over the harden bud.

“Ahh!!! Sir!!” she screamed loud, pulling at her restraints while tipping her head back. Her body was so sensitive under his touch that even a slightest brush of his hand could make her aroused beyond imagination.

“What do you want kitten?” he asked while pinching her other nipple while sucking the previous one.

“I… want you… Sir… please” she begged. She want to see her master but couldn’t able to as there was a silk clothing covering her eyes.

“I told you how to beg, didn’t I?” he says, his voice was laced with dominance.

She whimpers when he touched her inner thighs. He began caressing her inner thighs which causes her to moan loud.

“I want…. you inside…. me Sir. I need…. you to… fill me” She says breathlessly as his hand slowly started moving up towards her wet core.

He smirks as he enjoyed teasing her. He loves her reaction when she quivers and squirms under his touches. When his hand made contract with her overly sensitive clit, she jerked her hips and tries to move away. This wasn’t her first time and certainly not the last one, but she gets shy and nervous every time whenever he touchs her intimate parts.

He pressed his hand on her stomach, preventing her to move while his fingers rubs inside her folds.

“Uhh… umm…” she whimpers and moans as his fingers were exploring her pussy wildly. He inserted a digit inside her wet opening and she almost came. But she held herself as she was not allowed to cum without master’s permission.

“You know the drill, right kitten?” he asked while thrusting his finger inside her slowly.

“Y-yes Sir” She moans.

She should ask him before cumming, it was compulsory. So she was trying her best to control her orgasm which was becoming more and more difficult for her as he inserted another digit inside her. By the time, three fingers were thrusting inside her wet hole and she couldn’t able to do anything except to enjoy the sensation of pleasure.

“I am… c-close.. Sir. May I cum?” she asked.

“Yes you can” he says and that was all it need to break the dam. She came hard over his fingers while screaming her lungs out. And he watches her pussy leaking with her orgasmic juices as she kept cumming. When she was spent, he pulled his fingers and licked them. He moaned at the taste of her juices as he loved it. He looked at his submissive who was panting heavily, her chest was rising and falling down.

He straighten himself and removed the towel. Then he got over her and brushes the tip of his cock on her lips.

“Open” he ordered and she followed. He slowly pushed his cock inside her mouth and moaned at the feel of her warmth mouth around his shaft. She opened her mouth wider to take more of his shaft inside. She could smell the sweet lavender scent coming from his shaft as it was his habit to put some expensive lavender oil under his balls. He knows she loves that and to remove any pungent smell, he usually put some oil there.

“Make it nice and hard for your pussy” He groans as he pushed his cock deeper inside her mouth. He pulled away only to push more, making her to gag and chock lightly.

She held his thighs for support as he was keep pushing and pulling his cock inside her mouth. When he thought it will be enough, he pulled himself out and leans down to kiss her forehead.

“Good job kitten.” He whispered before getting down between her legs.

He holds his shaft and noticed some precum oozing out from the tip. Spreading her legs wide, he rubs the tip on her sensitive clit, smearing the precum over it. A cry of pleasure erupts from her when she felt his cock on her clit.

“Uhh… Sir… p-please” she whimpered as she desperately wanted to get fucked by her master.

“Shhh… you are NOT allowed to speak until I permit.” He groans as he rubbed his tip all along her wet slit.

She whimpered and arches her pack, pulling on the restraints again as she so wanted to grip the sheets.

“I only want to hear your moans, do you understand kitten?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.” She says, nodding her head. She wanted to see him, wanted to see the feeling in his eyes. But couldn’t. So she just enjoyed the pleasure which her master was pouring on her.

When he couldn’t able to control himself anymore, he pushed his extreme harden shaft into her opening, without any warning. She screamed when her vagina stretched unexpectedly.

“Shh…” he cooed her, caressing his hands on her wet cheeks.

She took deep breaths, trying to get accustomed with his massive length. He pushed more of himself, wanting to be fully inside her.

“Uhh… mmmm.. ahh” she groans and spread her legs wider. With one final push, he was completely inside her. He released a deep groan at the feel of her tight vagina hugging his cock. Their breathing was laboured, he was giving her time to adjust with his size.

He leans down and kissed her neck, nibbling the area softly. He loves her skin as it was so smooth, like cream. She moans softly and loves when he does that.

“I am going to move now kitten” he whispered. She nodded and bites her lower lips, bracing herself.

He straighten himself and held her waist. He pulled himself out until his tip barely touching her opening. Then he pushed himself all the way into her hole. He growls deeply as pleasure runs inside his body, making him more excited. She moaned and rolled her hips when he started thrusting into her.

He was increasing his pace of speed with each thrust while she was trying to move her hips according to his pace.

“You don’t know how much…. I.. love to… ohh fuck” he growls loudly when he felt pressure around his cock from inside.

He knew she was close to her orgasm as her body was started shaking and the pressure was increasing. He wanted to look into her hazel eyes when she comes. So he removed the blindfold off from her eyes.

She blinked her eyes rapidly, adjusting the light. Her eyes landed on a pair of ocean blue ones which made her heart flutter. She could see desire in his blue eyes as she continues to stare at them. He noticed that her hazel eyes turned into a darker shade and her lips were slightly parted.

“Do you want to come kitten?” he asked her in which she nodded.

“You will look into my eyes when you come. Do not dare to close them, understood?” he says and she nodded again.

His thrust were not lessening but they were turning into more relentless. He was pounding into her, his balls slapping on her ass as he was fucking her mercilessly. His thrust were hitting all the right points inside her which brought her closer to climax with each thrust. With a cry, she came hard. Her body convulse as she came, looking directly at his aqua eyes as he instructed her. The urge to close her eyelids was so intense, but she able to keep them open as she don’t want to disobey her master. When she was spent, he lessen his thrust as she was trembling from the aftershock of orgasm. He could feel wetness around his cock as he slowly thrust into her, letting her to recover.

But soon his slow and gentle thrust turned into hard ones again when he felt his orgasm approaching.

“I am gonna.. oh.. fuck!!” he groans loudly and came inside her, shooting his load with short thrust.

She moaned loudly when she felt his orgasm inside her, filling her up. He kept cumming inside her, groaning as he filled her up with his seeds. When he was spent, he falls on top of her. His weight was unbearable for her, but at that time, she didn’t mind and kissed his shoulder.

After few seconds, he got up and untied her hands. Then he pulled himself out and saw his cum leaking out of her pussy as he came so much inside her.

He looked up and saw her massaging her wrist as red lines marked in both of her wrist due to the ropes. He lays beside her and took her wrist, then he placed kisses on both and puts them down. She smiles and snuggles closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.

“You did good kitten. I will reward you for it tomorrow.” He whispered softly as he pulled the covers over them.

“Hmmm” she hummed softly and kissed the nape of his neck before drifting off to sleep.


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