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Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



How Love making should be!



How Love making should be!


Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016





My friend Lisa confided in me that her love life had been stressing her for most of her marriage to her husband Rob.  I ask “what is it that is making it stressful”. She related that he had very little interest in fore play and when she was in need she would snuggle up to him in bed and caress his shaft until he was aroused and he would roll on top of her and without caring about kissing or touching her in a loving sexual way, would climb on her in the missionary position and within about 10 to 15 strokes would cum in her and then roll off. Having not cared about or having any interest in satisfying her needs. So as a result she was left to her own devices to reach a climax.


I told her that not all men are so thoughtless, inconsiderate and selfish.  She said tell me how it could be with a guy who truly is a kind, considerate and passionate lover putting his lady’s needs first and for most in their love making. Making giving her pleasure his pleasure.  She ask me to write a story for her relating how I would be if it were me making love to a lady.


The following story contains no vulgarity but is Very descriptive in nature as to how I would treat a woman I care about.


I will call it “The Lesson”


I hear a gentle knock on the door of my condo and when I open the door I see you standing there with a forlorn and needing attention look when I look into you eyes and soul. I take you hand in mine and caringly pull you in and close the door behind you.  You wrap your arms around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder.  I hold  you in my arms and feel you begin to relax as we embrace.  I breathe warm breath on and gently kiss your ear licking & nibbling on the lobe.  I feel you shudder in response. You turn your face to mine and we look into each others eyes searching and finding the depth  of our souls.  I kiss you softly on your forehead then your cheek, your cute nose and finally our lips meet with just a gentle caress at first. Feeling the softness of you beautiful soft lips. The kissing becomes increasingly more passionate and our lounges tease each other. I feel you starting to writhe in my arms and know you are ready for more attention.


I release my arm from around your beautiful torso and take you in my arms and slowly carry you to my bed laying you in a sitting position.  We continue kissing and caressing each other with passion. I take your hand in mine and gently kiss the back of it with softness then turn it into soft licks with my warm tongue.  I feel you shudder.  I turn you hand over and begin kissing and licking you palm. When your breath increase I gently move to licking and sucking seductively on first one finger then another licking between them as each one gets my full attention, slowly I take you thumb deep in my mouth sucking and licking it with increasing passion.  I gently lay that hand on my thigh and slowly give you other hand equal attention each digit being seduced by my oral caressing. As I do so I feel you moan with pleasure as each digit gets it’s my undivided attention.


My hands lovingly caresses you cheeks, your ears, then your beautiful neck. I pull back and look deeply into your beautiful blue eyes.  You reach down and begin unbuttoning your blouse signaling me to continue and I seductively move it off your shoulders revealing your creamy soft breasts that hide behind your pretty lacy bra.  I continue caressing you all over your arms and shoulders.  When is sense you are ready I with one hand deftly reach behind you and unhook your bra and you let it flow down from your shoulders treating my eyes with full view of your creamy breasts.  I then gently cradle them in my warm hands allowing my self to absorb how they look and feel.  As I do you look into my eyes with “I want much more!!” in your passionate gaze.  I begin to circle your now erect nipples with my thumbs but not touching them just teasing you for a few moments.  I know you can’t wait for me to have your nipples in my grasp so I lovingly caress both nipples with my thumbs and fingers.


Soon I begin to kiss and lick all over your breasts for a considerable time before beginning to nurse first your right nipple and feel it stiffen in my lips.  For a time I linger there before licking a wet path through your cleavage to you remaining waiting nipple. Softly at first it receives my warm lips nursing, then I increase my sucking it until I am sucking with and intensity that borders on being painful but not quite.  I would never want to inflict pain unless you prompt me to.  Sensing that your first nipple wants the same intense attention I kiss my way back over to it. Feeling how hardened it is from the others attention.  I suckle it with the same intense attention as the other received.  But this time as a I enjoy it being between my lips I very caringly reach a hand to the nipple I had just visited.  Fondling it over and over as I enjoy the feel of that breast in my hand.  I feel your hand on mine pushing it firmly against you I instinctively begin softly pinching that nipple as my lips remains engaged with the your other nipple driving you to moan and thrust you pelvis.


Without stopping the loving seduction of your incredibly beautiful breasts,  I trace my hand slowly in little circles down you soft torso pausing momentarily around your navel.  Then as I contact your very wet love nest I caress it through your cotton shorts.  I feel you take my fingers to the top of the waist band and invite me to  pull them very slowly off of your curvaceous hips.  As they flow into a puddle around your ankles you gently kick them away.  I lustfully inhale the strong scent of your wetness.  It being so sensual in its aroma!  I can’t wait to taste it!


I lovingly caress your soft blonde covered mons and hear you gasp as I do.  Telling my senses that you need more Much More!! I begin to abandon my suckling as I tantalizingly lay you back on the bed and commence kissing and licking my way down you tummy, pausing to insert the tip of my tongue in you cute little naval before continuing making its wet path to you pubs.


I slip off the bed and kneel in front of your legs as they dangle over the side of the bed.  I softly caress the backs of your knees and instinctively  your legs spread slowly inviting me to partake of your beautiful love nest.  I gently grasp your calves and pull your body to where your buns near the edge of the bed allowing my full access, I  teasingly kiss the inner part of one knee then the other slowly working my way up you inner thighs, closer and closer to what I know you desire, no, you so desperately want and need!!


I pause over your now distended labia and softly breathe warm air from deep within my soul over your dripping wet vagina causing a slow thrusting upward of your pelvis!  Again the incredibly sensuousness of your aroma wafts through my senses.  I love how it affects my stirring between my legs.  I slowly caress the folds of your very wet labia with my tongue and you shiver with delight. I am so enamored by the taste of you. As I tease your labia you reach down with both hands and gently spread her soft pink lips.  As you do I pick up the pace with witch I orally attack you!! I suckle your labia first one then the other.  They are so incredibly sensuous!! You are now writhing with pleasure. Teasingly I slowly advance my soft licking up to where it touches your clit causing you to gasp and jump.  I here a “yes, Yes YES” emerge from deep within your soul.  I softly lick and suck on your clit as I do so I feel you are quickly nearing your first of many orgasms but I do not pick up my pace but only continue a rhythmic sucking and licking assault on you nub.  When I sense the world crashing down on you in intense climax I slightly lessen my attack on you womb.  I do not stop completely just resume slowly licking at your juices.


Before you can come all the way down I slowly pick up my pace. I hear  “ Please don’t stop” in between panting breaths.  I circle around and around your fully dissented delicious clit, you continue to squirm and grasp the back of my head with your ever so feminine  fingers entwined in my silver hair.  Overcome with emotion I plant my face in your folds, pausing there feeling your passion envelope my senses.  The experience is  overwhelming my soul with intense passion and lust for your being!!


Your husky voice utters “Oh how I need and want you, PLEASE FILL ME!!”  I reply “The ladies wish is my command!”.  Our eyes lock revealing the passion in our souls!

I slowly rise until I am standing with my painfully engorged shaft just inches away from your sex.  You raise your legs and encircle my hips locking you ankles gently on my buns and slowly pull me and guiding me with your soft hand invite me to enter you.  It is my choice to just barely enter with my swollen head letting you folds adjust to it being there.

You can no longer resist and forcefully draw my sword to the hilt in your warm dripping depths.  I usher a guttural animal sound as the sensation totally engulfs my entire being and I feel as though I could stay there and never move. 


Soon my passion instincts take over and I begin withdrawing then again thrust in as far as humanly possible.  You moan out quite loud indicating that this is EXACTLY what you have been so desperately hungering for.  While I continue thrusting and thrusting to meet your writhing pelvic motion, I sense our souls marvelously connect as we revel in our coupling while our eyes never loose contact.  I so intensely love gazing into your soul and seeing it so fully sated with our passion.


As I slide in and out I sense your vaginal muscles contracting around me as though you are attempting to capture my manhood not wanting it to ever leave your awesome folds.

I know that you are nearing your threshold causing me to increase my tempo ever so rapidly to push us simultaneously over the edge, we violently shudder and moan in our mind blowing shared orgasms!!  I collapse on your torso trying to not impede your panting breath.  After what seems like a very long time our breathing begins to resemble normalcy.


As we feel my member start to slowly loose some of it’s rigidity I gently roll to the side and make my way fully on the bed as you move to join me with your still erect nipples pressing into my chest as we warmly embrace, arms and legs entwined!!  I can not resist caressing the side of you beautiful sexy breast as we drift into a wonderful state of bliss!


As we awaken from a soul felt slumber I ask you if you would like a second lesson soon.

You reply “What do you mean SOON you are not getting off that easy I want another lesson NOW!!”.



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The Lesson 2


First I want to make suggestions to enhance The Lesson 2.

Most genders man or woman like for their respective mates to be vocal there by letting them know what the other likes or dislikes! It doesn’t even need to be words, just vocalizations emitted from the heart.  Words are awesome as well.  Just let them come from the heart and soul!!


Lisa sat on the bed by me with that “What do we get to do for the next lesson” look in her eyes! I lay back on the bed motioning for her to join me.  I ask would you like to learn about oral sex?  She quipped back “ I thought you would Never ask!!”

I explained to her that it (as all aspects of love making ) needs to come from a heart felt desire to please you partner! I could tell by the gleam in her eyes that she was intrigued. There are two things that are a mood spoiler from a guys stand point and those are pain and being cold so a nice warm room is quite helpful. 


She says “Please teach me how to please a man!!”  I explain that men loved to be sensuously caressed just as much as gals love it.  A good place to begin is breathing soft warm breath on his ears fallowed by gentle kisses and nibbles.  Extending the action  across his face teasing his lips.  Have him lay still taking in your teasing play.  Start with gently brushing your lips on his going with the flow as his soul begins to blend with yours via the tongue dueling as it naturally ensues.  While you kiss passionately let you soft hands roam around his strong shoulders, arms, back and pecs indicating how much you desire his whole being!! As he lays there on the bed slowly cover his body with yours gently kissing his chest gently nibbling on his nipples all the while reading his body language so you begin to know what his most sensitive erogenous areas might be.

He moans as you move ever so tantalizingly lower and lower to his now erect love rod taking in the sexy musk of his groin.  Touching nothing else slowly caress his purple mushroom with your warm breath and tongue.  His shaft will undoubted bob on it’s own in a automatic reflex. 


Tease him in this manner experiencing the joy of tasting his pre cum juices. 

Letting your own saliva drool on the head so as to make your hand slide with little friction.  Progress stroking him while you move to taking him between you smoldering lips emulating the action of your wet womanhood sliding over him.  Wink at him asking him if he wants to cum while he is deep into you throat.  If he nods in the affirmative continue bobbing up and down, up and down as you caress his scrotum ever so softly.  He may decide he would rather save his load until he is within your love canal so just go with the flow.  This being the case tantalize him by sliding your body up and over his rubbing your now hardened nipples up along his chest, it is guaranteed to stiffen his love rocket to an even greater magnificent rock hard engulfment.  When you feel his manhood contact your womanhood gently stroke your folds over his pride and joy not yet allowing him full access of your inner sanctum.  He will let you know when he can’t endure your teasing any longer, he will take control of you by firmly grasping your hips in his strong hands lifting you above him and slowly lower you around him guided by your soft gentle grasp.  When he is fully engulfed by your steaming dripping hot folds hold him motionless until his hips commence thrusting upwards via automatic nerve actions that he no longer can control.  He MUST thrust his shaft again & again while your vaginal contractions strive so desperately to keep you impaled by him.  Ride him with wanton abandonment slowly then increasingly stroking up and down to a frantic pace. He is gazing into your eyes and cupping your lovely breasts in his caressing hands.

When you feel his throbbing in you it signals his eruption is pending, now it is time to let your insanely intense climax crash over you as he flushes you with gobs of his hot cum!!

You become aware both of you are dripping wet with perspiration. You both gasp again and again as you attempt to supply your panting  bodies with air.  The mutual climaxes  you have just shared leaves your souls with an awesomely wonderful glow extending deep into the soul.


As you lay there on top of his strong body he commences caressing your back and every where he can reach.  You are awakened from a peaceful slumber by his rolling you off and to his side.  He lays there gazing at your incredibly beautiful being.  Spooning with you back to him you drift into peaceful slumber.  You loose sense of time.

Finally you feel his hand fondling by circling your areola stirring you from your slumber. Shortly you become aware of his member increasing in size against your buns.  He is ready for more.  Turning your mouth to his you kiss ever so passionately fueling that now so ever familiar yearning with in your womanhood.  You want Him again!!

He wants YOU again!!  Your reach back and stroke his love member feeling it slowly returning to it’s former glory!  The aroma of your combined sex still filling the room. He continues to embrace you breasts!  You are getting Very Wet Again adding to his cum that seeps coating your labia.  He signals you to rise to you knees and elbows you extend you arms  until your nipples are rubbing on the perspiration soaked bedding.  He positions him self behind you with his knees between yours.  He teasingly rubs his cock across your labia teasing it into waning him between them.  You almost scream “Take Me, Take Me” and with that he gives a might thrust driving in to the hilt.  “YES, YES, YES!” you loudly gasp!!!  As his hands hold your hips firmly he starts slowly thrusting into your incredibly HOT depths.  Your love clam muscles griping him adding to the frenzy !!  With your nipples being stroked by the bed sheet, You thrust back against him hearing the slapping of your torso slamming against his torso.  His cock swells even more as his onslaught builds more intensely with each stroke.  The coupling burning both of you with an intense heat of passion!!  As your mutual moans increase both of you are nearing the peak.  With a final mighty thrust he Explodes within your walls filling you again with is warm fluid!!! His shaft pulsing and pulsing as you clamp down on him!!

The electricity of your coupling is overwhelmingly FANTATSTIC causing you both to shudder violently!!  You collapse with him on top of you with him still impaling in you.



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Well Lisa I sincerely hope you have loved your lessons.

May you have many many more, as described, love sessions!




Your Mentor!






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