My Own Creation

My Own Creation

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


a closet enf writer is thrown into a nightmare when the victim of her enf stories enters her life, seeking revenge.


a closet enf writer is thrown into a nightmare when the victim of her enf stories enters her life, seeking revenge.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Pizza Delivery Nightmare

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The nightmare begins when an ordinary pizza delivery turns out to be anything but ordinary. Who knew revenge was a topping?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 09, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 09, 2019



My name is Alicia Rose and I’ve got a secret to tell you. Why am I willing to part with this secret? Because I don’t have much time left. You see, all of my skeletons are about to come screaming out of the closet. My family, my friends, the entire student body and probably all of their families and friends are going to see Alicia Rose in all of her glory.


You see, right now, I am currently tied, completely naked, to a chair behind the curtain in the auditorium. I’m right in the middle of the stage, with my ass resting on the edge of the seat. My legs are tied up in the air in such a way that I am completely, one hundred percent exposed. Hell, everything from my clit to my asshole is on display!


Yes, Lucy Skye has clearly went through painstaking detail. I never imagined that I would be ruined by my own creation. Ah, right, I guess that doesn’t make much sense, does it? I guess I should help clue you in on my nightmare. Time to reveal the secret, huh? You see, this normally shy, nerdy girl with glasses who is on the honor roll and has never gotten detention or even seen the inside of the principal’s office-- this shy girl has a dark secret. I love writing ENF stories.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lesbian. I don’t even consider myself bi-curious. I don’t have fantasies about kissing other women and I certainly have never laid in bed wondering what licking pussy would taste like. What I do thrive on, however, is writing fictional stories in which other girls are forced into various situations where their naked bodies are seen by different people. I love the humiliation, the emotions of the victims, and the reactions of those viewing their naked bodies.


My favorite victim is a character of my own creation named Lucy Skye. Lucy is an amazing athlete. She has medium sized breasts, a bubble butt, and she is a total badass. In the end, she always gets revenge on the people who have done her wrong. Now that I think of it, adding that little characteristic to her resume might not have been the brightest idea.


I have humiliated her in countless stories-- every scenario that you could possibly think of. Bikini washed away at the beach? Did it. Swimsuit stolen at the local pool? Yup. It got to the point that I actually did everything that I could think of to Lucy-- there was nothing else left to do. So, I did what every writer does eventually. I retired the character.


I moved on to another character and eventually I forgot about Lucy Skye. Now, at this point, I should tell you that I have never divulged my secret to anyone. Not my friends. Not my family. I have gone to great lengths to actually keep my-- let’s call it a kink-- to myself. As far as everyone else knows, I really AM that shy, nerdy goody-good.


Then… it happened. I was home alone, my brother was out with his friends and my parents were at their country club. I had ordered a pizza and when the doorbell rang, I grabbed the money that my mom had left me on the counter and headed for the door. When I opened the door, I felt my blood turn cold and I remember the money slipping from my hand like it was in slow motion, each bill fluttering to the ground.

There she was-- Lucy Skye. I know what you are thinking-- no way. Right? I mean, one of my friends or someone from the ENF board that I post my stories on-- someone had to figure out my identity and they were playing a trick on me, right? I would have agreed that somehow that was possible-- except that some of the features that had only been made in my expertly hidden notebook were practically staring me in the face.


Every author will tell you that you will never reveal everything you know about your character to your readers. There will be reams of notes that are for your eyes only. Unless it is important to the story, your reader doesn’t need to know if your character sleeps naked with an old tattered teddy bear-- but you should know.


I never once revealed the jagged scar on the back of Lucy’s hand that she got the night she jumped the barbed wire fence into the abandoned army base. Nor did I ever reveal the tiny little scar below her bottom lip-- the result of her first real fight. Yet, there they were. What really sealed the deal was the little birthmark below her right eye, a tiny heart in shape. I had never went into much detail but the birthmark looked exactly as I had imagined it did in my mind. ONLY in my mind.


Lucy smiled at me and handed the pizza over, telling me how much the bill was. As soon as I took the pizza, I realized it was a mistake because she drew the pocket knife that her father had given her during their first hunting trip. I dropped the pizza box on the floor causing half of the pizza to come out of the box and fall topping side town on the hardwood floor.


I was waiting for some sort of explanation how this entire thing could be possible. My jaw dropped when Lucy simply uttered the word “socks”. I immediately looked down at my sock covered feet. When I looked back up, Lucy made a show of being able to handle the knife by spinning it in her hand before telling me she wouldn’t ask a second time.


With shaking hands, I reached down and removed my socks one at a time and handed them to her. She slipped them into a small bag that she had at her side-- something I hadn’t noticed until just this moment-- and pointed the blade at my chest.


“Shirt,” she ordered.


I started to pull my shirt off. The irony was not lost on me. I was being stripped by a character that I created and stripped in many, many stories. It wasn’t like I could scream out for help, was it? First of all, I did not have to wonder whether or not Lucy had the tits to actually stab me with that knife. I knew she did. I gave them to her.


Secondly, even if she didn’t stab me and let’s say I miraculously escaped unharmed. What was I going to tell my family? What would I tell the police? I’d have to explain my kink and then tell them that my own character was stalking me. That she was making me take my clothes off just like I had made her lose her own clothes? That would go over very well. I’d be fitted for a straight jacket within the hour.


I handed over my shirt and she simply tossed it in the bag before pointing the knife at my most comfortable pair of sweatpants. There was no point in prolonging the inevitable. They, too, were going to end up in that bag and I knew that my bra and panties were going to join them as well. I was going to be left standing here butt naked in my own home!


“Pants,” she said, even as I started pulling them downwards. When my pants joined my socks and shirt in the bag, I was expecting some snide comment about my choice of panties. They weren’t exactly “granny” panties but they were probably far from any choice that ANY senior girl at school would make. The only comment she made was the one that I expected eventually. “Bra.”


Now we were getting down to the bare flesh. I reached behind my back and unclasped my full white bra and pulled it free of my tits before handing it over. I shuddered in the night air, realizing that the front door was still wide open. The air tickled my nipples, making them stand out straight like soldiers awaiting orders.


“Panties,” she deadpanned. There was no emotion. There were no signs of her enjoying this or getting excited from it. I plucked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pushed them down and stepped out of them. I was now completely butt naked, in my own living room-- in front of my own creation.


My panties joined everything else in the bag and Lucy looked me up and down. Her eyes stopped at my stiff nipples before moving down to my completely shaved pussy where they lingered for quite some time before coming back up to meet my own eyes.


“149. 7,423. Do those numbers mean something to you?” she asked me.


“Should they?” I asked, shrugging my shoulders.


“149 different times you raped me of my modesty, my dignity, and both respect from others as well as self respect,” she said.


“Hey, that’s not fair…” I said, but she ignored me.


“7,423 people in total witnessed my humiliation. 7,423 sets of eyes stared at my naked body. They saw my vagina. They saw my breasts. They saw my butt,” she said firmly.


“Look, I had no idea…” I started but she cut me off.


“No idea what? That I would come searching for you? That I’d find you? That I’d take my revenge? No, I imagine you didn’t have any idea. Honey, this is only the beginning. I just wanted to give you a taste-- a tiny little taste of what is in store for you. Every time I see you, the clothes that you are wearing will be going in this bag. I’m going to make you go broke on a new wardrobe that I’m only going to take away anyways,” Lucy said with a sneer. “Eventually, you and your family are going to go into serious debt over clothes for you. I’m not going to stop. Not until you have been exposed 150 times. Not until 7,424 people have seen your naked body.”


“Lucy! I’m sorry, okay? I really am! If I could go back in time and not write those stories, I would. In a heartbeat!” I pleaded.


“I’m sure you would. What’s wrong? You enjoy other girls losing their clothes but not you? It’s called ENF for a reason. I am going to make sure your embarrassment will be legendary in your ENF community. You are going to be an example to other ENF writers,” Lucy explained.


“Please! Can’t we work something out? Can I do anything?” I asked.


“Sure. You could just start going everywhere naked. That’ll probably save your parents a whole lot of grief and money,” Lucy said before waving and walking out of the house.


I told you of my first encounter with Lucy so that I would be able to skip some of the repetitiveness of my second encounter-- which was a grand total of thirty minutes ago. I’m supposed to be standing here, in the latest graduation gown to show off to the whole school and parents. 


I don’t know how Lucy knew about this but she showed up thirty minutes ago and her MO didn’t change very much. She pulled out the knife and gave the order for each and every item I was wearing. One by one they disappeared into her bag-- even the brand new graduation gown. All of it was now who knows where.


She tied me up and the classless bitch even brought a mirror over so that I could see exactly what everyone would be seeing when the curtains parted. I’ve never had any interest in seeing my own puckered butthole but when I saw my reflection, my eyes were drawn to it. Everyone was going to see it. Every mother, father, teacher, and student were all going to be staring at EVERYTHING.


“And now, please welcome Miss Alicia Rose from Mr. Elwood’s senior class!” the principal announced.


In one swift motion, the curtains were pulled away and there were gasps heard from all around the auditorium followed by screams, laughter, and wolf whistles! The principal immediately started calling for security and was demanding that the curtain be shut.


To my dismay, the curtain wasn’t budging. I glanced over to my left and I could see why. With her hand on the curtain cord, Lucy was staring back at me. A bright smile-- a smile I had only given her on two different occasions, was staring at me and she held up two fingers.


Oh my god-- this was only humiliation number 2!


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